10 reasons you should drink Coconut Water daily.

Pure coconut water health benefits

1.  Weight Loss : One cup of coconut water (200 ml) has only 48 calories. There is zero fat in this water. It’s a perfect weight loss drink which you don’t even need to carry. Absolutely fresh coconut water is available at the corner of most streets.

Having a glass of this lauric acid rich water before meals, helps to prevent overeating too. 

Pure coconut water health benefits


2. Hypertension : Being high in potassium (480 mg / cup) it’s a boon for hypertensives to balance their electrolyte ratio and control high blood pressure. Eating more Potassium Rich Foods will flush more sodium from your body through urine. However do not overboard it, else you might experience low blood pressure. Chalk out it as a part of your meal with your doctor or dietitian. In accordance with your medications for high BP, s(he) will let you know the frequency of including coconut water in your weekly chart.

Pure coconut water health benefits


3. Heart Disease : Due to the presence of potassium and calcium in Coconut water, it is believed to lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart beat. 

Pure coconut water health benefits


4. Detox Diet : Coconut water provides the hydration and electrolytes to detoxify our body. Food toxins are built up in our body due to junk food, pollution and as a result of biological process in our body. A glass of coconut water is a detox and  will help cleanse the toxins and rehydrate the body while making you feel refreshed.

Pure coconut water health benefits


5. Low Carb Diet : if you are on a low carb diet, this is a perfect healthy low carb  drink as 1 cup of coconut water contains only 8 grams to Carbs. Most importantly, these are healthy carbs and good for everyone.

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Pure coconut water health benefits


6. Diabetes : Since it has a very low glycemic index of 3, its a healthy drink for Diabetics. However it is recommended for diabetics to check with their doctor or nutritionist before making it a part of their daily diet. We don’t suggest it as a drink to be included daily for those with high blood sugar levels.

Pure coconut water health benefits


7. Kidney Stones: When you have kidney stones and have been advised to include at least 12 glasses of water daily, do not miss on adding coconut water to your list. It’s quite pleasing in taste and beneficial to health too. 

Pure coconut water health benefits


8.  Urine Infection : Coconut water is considered to be a diuretic. It helps flush out toxins by way of urine. You might urinate frequently upon drinking coconut water, but that’s Nature’s way of helping you cure urine infection.

Pure coconut water health benefits


9. Fatigue and Stress : Feeling very low, tired and exhausted and don’t feel like eating instantly? Sit down and sip on a glass of coconut water… You will feel absolutely relaxed. The pleasing taste of coconut water often relieves stress and calms your mind.

Pure coconut water health benefits


10. Endurance Athletes : Those who train for an hour will find the recovery of the hard training faster by having coconut water which gives you the necessary electrolytes. Coconut water carries nutrients and oxygen to cells and naturally replenish your body's fluids after exercising. That’s why you see lots of runners and bikers lined up at coconut water stands. But having coconut water immediately after an event might not be able to make up for your carb requirement. Keep this in mind too.

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Pure coconut water health benefits


Pure coconut water health benefits

When and How Much Coconut water to Have?

Coconut water is a nutri-packed miracle drink which can actually be had at any time of the day that suits your body. However it is best recommended as a drink to be had in the first half of the day. While you can have it in the evening and night too, some have complains about bloating then. If you experience the same, avoid it at night or bed time.

Well how much to have? There is no appropriate dosage of coconut water to be consumed per day or week. It all depends on your body needs, age, health and other health conditions. But it’s a natural sugar-free drink which we have learnt from above has more health benefits than other sugar based drinks. Make your choice wisely…

Know the Benefits of Coconut Water in 5 different stages of life….

1. Kids : If you are concerned about maintaining the water and electrolyte balance of your juniors who are always busy running around and playing, offer them a glass of coconut water to keep them going till they have their next nourishing meal. 

2. Adults : Adults too can benefit from its water and potassium content. It is a must for those on field jobs as it helps them prevent dehydration, especially in summers. 

3. Pregnant Women : Mums-to-be also reach out for coconut water as it helps fight dehydration. It’s a boon for those women who often feel nauseated as it’s quite pleasing to the throat and stomach. 

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4. Breastfeeding Moms : Since Coconut water is packed with electrolytes it helps nursing moms stay hydrated which helps produce more breast milk.

5. Senior Citizens : Senior citizens who often have issues with chewing and making up for their water and potassium requirement, can definitely  include coconut water to their daily menu.


SIP… SIP and SIP…. What and why??

On a day that’s hotter

Devour a glass of Coconut Water,

Without a bite

Get your electrolyte

No Carbs

Few Calories

Just a pure DETOX!!