10 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrew East

Andrew East is best known for his professional football career in the NFL. East started his professional football career with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2015, and since then has been on teams like Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, and the Washington Redskins. While he was in his football career he met and married his now-wife, Shawn Johnson.

Recently he and his wife Shawn Johnson has welcomed a little girl into their lives. So if you want to get the inside scoop on this new dad you need to keep reading to discover ten things you didn’t know about Andrew East!

10 He’s Married To A Olympic Gold Medalist

If you were reading our introduction and you were wondering why the name Shawn Johnson sounded familiar it is because she is a USA Olympic Gold Medalist for her performance in gymnastics. According to People, Andrew married Shawn Johnson on April 16, 2016, in Franklin, Tennessee.

We bet this is a match made in heaven since both are very athletically inclined and they can work out and go on hikes together. Not only are they both athletes they also look so happy when they are together, so make sure you are following their Instagrams for cute couple pictures!

9 He Has Four Siblings

Something that many people do not know about East is that he comes from a large family. The Famous People reports that East has four siblings, three brothers, and one sister. We can only assume when he has that many brothers he ended up playing football with them a lot in their backyard. But there is no better way to find a sport and hobby you love then discovering it with your siblings. With East coming for a larger family we wonder how many children he and Shawn Johnson are going to have.

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8 He Was In The Boy Scouts

An activity that may parents like to get their kids involved with when they are little are scouts and East’s parents were no exception. Vucommodores states that East was in the boy scouts when he was a child. The boy scouts can teach children a lot of skills they will need in life.

Some of the things they teach their scouts are responsibility, teamwork, and discipline, all things that East needed when he was playing on a team in the NFL. We would not be surprised if East and Johnson signed their daughter up for girl scouts when she gets older.

7 His Family Was Involved In Sports

East’s love for sports did not come out of nowhere, he gained his love of sports from his parents. When his dad was younger he played football and his dad’s encouragement to keep playing a game that they both loved. His mom used to be a cheerleader too, Married Biography reports. So with both of his parents being into sports, it makes sense why they encouraged him to follow his dream to the NFL and do what he loves as a living. We know that East and his wife are going to want their kids to follow their dreams and go into a profession that makes them happy.

6 Daily Videos

YouTube has become more than just people recording videos of themselves talking in their bedrooms. Now many celebrities are creating their own YouTube accounts and uploading videos to be able to connect with fans.

Some celebs that have joined YouTube are Will Smith, Jack Black, and Kylie Jenner. East and Johnson have also recreated their own channel called The East Family. On their channel, they post daily videos of their lives now raising their little one. Head over to their channel to see what their life of an ex NFL player and Olympic gold medalist looks like.

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5 He Suffers From Anxiety

Millions of people suffer from some type of mental health conditions. One of the most common conditions that people have is anxiety. In one of his YouTube videos, East sat down and talked a little bit about his anxiety and how he’s anxiety lead him to end up needing to get released from his NFL career. Speaking out about anxiety is still something that many people are afraid to do, but with East being honest he is going to help a lot of people end up getting the help they need.

4 He Has Two Podcasts

Now that East has left his professional football career behind him he has now transitioned into becoming a podcast host. He hosts two podcasts called Couple Things (with his wife) and Redirected (which he hosted by himself). Couple Things is his podcast with Johnson where they talk about their relationship and how to find and be a great partner to your significant others.

His Redirected podcast is about business and many times he likes to bring people on his show to interview them. His Redirected podcast is perfect to listen to if you are looking for a new direction in your life and you don’t know where to start.

3 He Printed Out Maps To The Hospital

When East and Johnson were getting prepared for their daughter, East talked about what he packed in his bag for the hospital. In this video, East mentions how he printed out maps that showed three different routes to the hospital. East did not want to leave getting to the hospital up to technology just in case he couldn’t get service or his phone’s GPS was to glitch. So East went online and printed out Google maps to make sure he can get his wife their safely. And this is something that other people need to think about when it comes to getting directions to the hospital.

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2 They Picked A Meaningful Name For Their Daughter

Picking out names can be difficult for many people, but East and Johnson had an easy time picking out a name for their little one. On Youtube the mentioned why they named daughter Drew Hazel East and how they picked it out. They took the name Drew after Andrew so she can be named after her father.

Also, Johnson wanted her daughter to have a gender-neutral name like she had when she was growing up. Then the middle name is after Johnson’s great-grandma. We are happy to hear that they had an easy time picking out a name for their child and where able to make it meaningful for them and their family.

1 He Was Caption Of His High School Football Team

East has been playing football when he was young, and he played for his high school football team. According to The Famous People, East was captain of his football team when he was in high school. Being the captain of a football team in high school is not an easy task. East had to work hard to get that honor. But being dedicated to his team and to the sport throughout his whole high school career was what got him the honor of becoming captain of his team.

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