11 Awesome Google Benefits and Perks for Employees

If you are researching companies with competitive talent packages to guide your own offering, Google is likely on your radar. The Google benefits and perks it offers to employees rank among the greatest in the world. It’s part of the company’s strategy to pull out the stops and attract the best and brightest.

Google’s goal to create the happiest workplace in the world is evident in its rules, unique office sites, and the wide array of benefits it offers its employees (or Googlers). The tech giant believes in looking after its talents’ wellbeing and creating a positive work culture to improve job satisfaction and productivity. 

So, let’s dive into some of the top perks and benefits that Google employees love.

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Eleven Google Benefits and Perks that Employees Love

1. Healthcare Benefits

Google offers its employees medical insurance. Googlers have the option to customize comprehensive medical coverage for themselves, their spouses, and any dependents they have.

With Google health insurance, basic vision and dental care are already included. This means there's no need for employees to acquire additional coverage outside of what the company pays for. 

An annual $1,000 deductible covers hospitalization for any reason. Whether you’re a contractor, temp, full-time or part-time employee, you will have access to complete healthcare. 

The cherry on top is that Google has onsite medical staff for those working on campus. So when an employee falls ill, they can simply schedule an appointment.

2. Work/Life Balance

Google offers a variety of learning, social, and development programs to help employees achieve a good work-life balance.

For example, employees can devote 20% of their time to pursue other interests or focus on projects that matter to them. 

Employees can also receive up to $12,000 in tuition support per year, and the Education Assistance program can help them pay for any educational pursuit, such as learning a language or coding. 

Google also welcomes world-renowned professionals for seminars, talks, and conferences on a regular basis. The company has a diverse range of people give thought-provoking and enriching talks to Google employees.

The Google employee benefits for a healthy work/life balance don’t end there! Googlers can also take up to three months off work to pursue interests outside of the office. 

Although this time is unpaid and must be committed to specific activities to qualify, Google does allow for up to three months of ongoing healthcare insurance. Many employees choose to take advantage of this benefit by donating their time to a community, political campaign, or nonprofit.

3. Parental Leave

People have a legal entitlement to time off when they welcome a new child through childbirth, adoption, or fostering. Google makes sure that it gives both parents time off at home before returning to work.

Google provides fathers with a 6-week parental leave and mothers with an 18-week parental leave. For reference, Twitter gives new parents up to 20 weeks of paid time off.

In some offices, this perk extends to cater to both parent and child. There are high-quality onsite daycare facilities with tailored learning plans for the children.

4. Paid Time Off

Most salaried employees are entitled to paid time off (PTO), although it is usually limited to sick and vacation days. Google provides a lot more to its employees, including bereavement leave. 

Vacation and sick time, as well as paid holidays, are all included in PTO. 

The amount of PTO an employee receives will depend on their job title, the number of hours they work per week, and how long they've been with the organization.

5. Financial & Retirement Benefits

To ensure the financial wellbeing of its employees, Google provides financial incentives, such as a 401(k) matching program. 

The company matches its employees’ 401K contributions dollar for dollar up to $3,000, and matches 50 percent of contributions up to $8,250. 

If an employee decides to leave the company, they can keep their contributions and matching contributions by rolling them over or withdrawing them. However, there's a penalty of 10% plus taxes.

The company also offers stock options and Google Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) as a part of its compensation package for employees. 

6. Flexibility

Google uses a hybrid work model that gives employees (in most roles) two work-from-home days every week. The company also offers four “work from anywhere” weeks per year.

Having this type of flexibility is becoming more and more critical. It gives people a little more control over their schedule and everyday tasks and admin.

7. Food & Snacks

The free lunches provided on the company's office campuses are one of Google’s most popular perks. The Google Office Campuses have various cafes, restaurants, and well-stocked micro kitchens that give free meals to Googlers. 

Employees at Google are rarely more than 200 feet away from food. They can also choose snacks to save for later. If free food isn’t enough, employees can also learn how to prepare delicious dishes with free cooking classes.

Google’s goal is to bring different departments together and allow its employees to meet each other and mingle. 

8. Fitness Facilities 

With its focus on its employees’ health and wellness, it comes as no surprise that one of the top Google employee perks is access to fitness facilities. 

The company has fitness centers at nearly every office. These gyms provide a variety of activities, including fitness classes, equipment, and swimming pools. For offices that don’t have onsite fitness facilities, Google pays for its employees’ gym memberships.

This is a great way to keep teams motivated, as working out is proven to relieve stress. It’s also convenient for employees as it means they can work out at a time that suits them and their schedules.

9. Mental Wellbeing

Google cares about the mental well-being of its employees. It provides employee assistance programs that are focused on mental health. 

On top of that, it provides access to mental health apps to help employees struggling with their mental health. 

Resources like this show that the company cares for its people and wants to help in any way it can. This initiative also looks great to prospective employees as mental health awareness is becoming more and more relevant these days. 

10. Onsite Services & Conveniences

Google’s perks and benefits exist to make life better and easier for the whole team team. As such, the company also offers a range of onsite services. 

One example is the company’s onsite laundromats, where employees can do their laundry and not have to wait until after hours to do it at home. 

Google also offers its employees free haircuts to save them a trip to the hairdresser!

11. Other Incentives

Google has its own gold star system, in which employees are rewarded with massage credits for a job well done. Employees can also donate their massage credits to coworkers in the spirit of giving. 

The merit-based system, and incentives like free meals, games, and services, create a pleasant environment for Googlers. It encourages employees to come to work happy and motivated every day.

Final Thoughts

Google has established a reputation as a visionary leader that is always paving the way for other companies. The tech giant is famed for its generous treatment of its employees, from its opulent campuses to its excellent work-life balance. 

Google’s benefits and perks offering sits right up there with some of its biggest tech peers, including Facebook, Bloomberg, Airbnb, Visa, and Tesla.

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While not every company can afford to be as generous, it’s a good idea to learn from Google’s benefits and perks and do what you can to keep your employees happy!

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More so than Amazon, Apple, or any other name in big tech, Google is notorious for its employee perks. Woven through its company policies and its unconventional office campuses is the central aim “to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world”. As such, Google offers a dizzying array of perks for its employees, who call themselves Googlers, that serve to elevate everyone's well-being and productivity. To quote one employee, “It's like a glorious hippie engineering commune.”

To prove our point, we've gathered a list of notable employee benefits offered by the company.

Insurance you'll feel covered by

Benefits of working at google

Photo credit: India Today

Google offers incredible health insurance

Google provides extensive insurance and death benefits to its employees and their families.

Google offers top-notch healthcare, with $0 premiums and a deductible cap of $1000 annually including any hospitalization for any reason. Google will also pay $1000 into an HSA to cover expenses.

One Googler remembers the times when Google's healthcare meant everything to him and his fellow employees.

Comprehensive life insurance you can count on

In case the worst should happen, Google will provide life insurance as well as half of your current salary to your spouse for up to 10 years. Further, each of your children will receive $1,000 per month until age 19, or age 23 for full-time students.

These perks extend to all Googlers, meaning no matter your station at the company, your family will be taken care of.

One of the best time-off policies

Benefits of working at google

Photo credit: Metro UK

Generous PTO

Google recently increased its vacation policy for all employees to 20 days of PTO per year, plus an additional day for each year of tenure up to 25 days. This is in addition to unlimited paid sick days and 12 paid holidays. Google truly makes WLB a top priority.

Your family is allowed to come first

Google offers 18-week paid parental leave for non-birthing parents and 24-week paid parental leave for birthing parents.

After the leave ends, Google also offers high-quality on-site daycare facilities with an excellent student/teacher ratio, individualized learning plans, and a focus on emotional development. One Googler praised the daycare center’s care for her child, complimenting the teacher’s attention to the individual personalities of the children in their care. 

On-site perks you'll love

Benefits of working at google

Photo credit: Metro UK

Googlers are now expected to come back to the office 3 days per week. Here's what you can expect.

There's free food, snacks, coffee and juice bars

One notorious perk at this tech giant is the free meals offered on their office campuses. Google Office Campuses are strewn with a variety of cafes, restaurants, and well-stocked micro kitchens that provide food for Googlers, free of charge. At Google, employees are rarely further than 200 feet away from food. One employee jotted down a sample menu from two cafes at the Googleplex in San Francisco you can access here.

Google employees are a huge fan of this perk. For example, one Googler loved how the free food and laundry services left him with all his “chores.. taken care of so [he] can focus on work”.

Free fitness classes and facilities

At Google, the company’s commitment to encouraging a good work-life balance extends to wellness. Google offers a wide array of classes at its exercise facilities, even martial arts classes taught by highly qualified instructors. The Googleplex at the Mountain View campus offers extensive fitness centers, but if your location does not have a large gym, Google will offer a gym reimbursement so you can find your own location to work out. 

One Googler’s favorite perk was the on-campus showers. 

You can even bring your pet to work

Googlers can bring their pets to work. One Googler estimated that 1 in 4 Googlers bring their dog to work. Bringing your dog can work can be a great opportunity to catch some air, and many of your coworkers will want to share your best friend’s love. Dogs make appearances everywhere, from the campus grounds to meetings.

If you’re not a fan of dogs or have allergies, not to worry. Google’s commitment to employee wellbeing extends to Googlers before their pets. Pets are expected to be trained before coming to the workplace, and are kept out of food areas and away from coworkers with allergies.

Take a break whenever you'd like

Need a break? Book a nap pod. Googlers are evaluated on the work they do over the course of long projects, so taking a break is encouraged if it helps you perform better at work.

An Innovative Environment

Benefits of working at google

Photo credit: Fortune

You have access to top-notch 24/7 technical support

Even Googlers run into technical difficulties, and when they do, Google offers 24/7 technical support to help its employees get their jobs done. TechStop is Google’s in-house technical support shop, offering hardware and software support every day of the week. One employee found TechStop particularly helpful because they offered “extension cords, plugs, screen wipes or you name it, all the accessories we would want are available in the office Techstop.”

You're the first to beta-test Google's products

Googlers can participate in eating their own dog food. That is to say that Googlers often are early adopters or beta-testers of the products developed at their company, long before they are widely available to the public. About the practice, one employee commented “I get a sneak peek at the future, and if I give good feedback or get even more involved, I can shape it as well.”

You're encouraged to pursue passion projects.

At Google, employees are encouraged to “spend 20% of their time working on what they think will most benefit Google”. This time spent outside of their typical workday is expected to facilitate creativity and innovation. 20% time has resulted in many of the technology company’s flagship products, like Gmail.

Google takes this one step further by providing a dizzying array of facilities to ensure their employees can reach their goals. One employee’s favorite perk was the large workshop at Mountain View, which had a machine shop, wood shop, welding shop, electronics shop, sewing machines, 3D printers, laser cutters, and more.

A Lifelong Community

Benefits of working at google

Photo credit: Insider

You get to meet all kinds of interesting people

Googlers often state that “the other employees are [their] favorite part of working at Google.” Google is notoriously selective, with several rounds of interviews and an acceptance rate of 0.2%, with a significant portion of the interview process selecting candidates who fit well into the company culture. One Googler praised the talent of his coworkers – “It's amazing to get to work with these people and learn from them.”

Googlers value teamwork, with “most Googlers rate the amount of help they get from other teams very highly.”

Another Googler pointed out how the offices deliberately facilitate getting to know your coworkers. “There are no private offices, even for management – the CEO and VPs all have shared offices. The point is to encourage lots of discussion and collaboration.”

You're a Googler for Life

The perks of working for Google extend even after you leave the company. Aside from the obvious perks of having such a well known brand on your resume, Xooglers (read ex-Googlers) make up some of the largest alumni support portals in the world. One Xoogler had to say, “If you're a Xoogler, you'll know someone in any country you visit.”

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Google is a tech giant with a wide array of products that you probably interact with everyday, as a consumer. Google has various missions and a huge workforce to achieve its objectives. This company takes the happiness and satisfaction of its employees very seriously, offering them far more than just fair wages in this competitive economy.

Google employees are compensated with an excellent benefits package. In this article, you’ll find out about the attractive benefits of being a full-time employee or contractor for Google. You’ll learn about the Google bonuses and Google perks that allow this tech giant to retain a talented workforce.

Google Overview

Google, one of the Big Five companies in the American tech industry, specializes in Internet-related services and products. Google is looking to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. It has many opportunities and offers great benefits that you can learn about in this article.

You may use one or more Google services in your business, education, or personal life, including Gmail, Google Search, Google Docs, Google Maps, and Google Store. You might use Google Ads, Google Partners, and Google Cloud in your professional career or business.

Google Average Salary, Benefits, and Employee Perks

Google employees enjoy more than just a good salary, according to Levels.fyi. They are offered a great comprehensive package with a variety of benefits. Depending on your employment, location, and role with Google, you can expect additional benefits alongside the minimum benefits enjoyed by most employees. Below are general standards that show how Google typically rewards its employees. 

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Google Salaries

Google pays its employees very competitive salaries. According to PayScale, Google employees earn an average annual salary of $120,000. Google employees share on Indeed that they consider their pay rate at Google to be fair. They also record that the average annual salary at Google ranges from approximately $40,000 for basic roles to $250,000 for high director-level roles.

Google Employee Benefits

Health Programs

Essential health benefits at Google include emergency and lab services, maternity care, preventive care, rehabilitation services, and prescription drugs. Google cares for the health and welfare of its employees and offers a bunch of wellness benefits along with medical coverage.

The main health benefit offered is insurance coverage. Google employees and their dependents have medical, dental, and vision insurance, along with access to a health savings account. Employees also have access to mental health support. 

Google offers workplace accommodations for people with disabilities and other health concerns. In most Google offices, you will have access to onsite wellness centers and a fitness center to stay in shape. Google ensures that its workers have the opportunity to maintain all aspects of their health. 

Financial Programs

Beyond ordinary wages, Google offers a retirement savings plan, a generous 401k plan that typically matches 50% of the IRS contributions, or other regional retirement plans. All the money from this match is fully vested. 

To support new employees saddled with college debt, Google can offer student loan reimbursement. If you are still struggling with finances despite good compensation, Google offers direct financial coaching to help you manage your money smartly. There is also a $5,000 tax-free tuition reimbursement available each year to help Google employees learn internally or externally for career-building purposes.

Flexibility Programs

Google understands that employees need flexible work models to maximize their productivity and efficiency. At Google, you can benefit from a hybrid work model, remote work, or job-sharing to work better around your schedule.

Employees also need rest to ensure their wellness and work at their best. They have paid time off for vacation and holidays. During your working experience at Google, you get eight days of sick time and 12 weeks of parental leave that also works for adoptive parents and baby bonding.

Family Support

One of many Google benefits is support for growing families through paid parental leave. New mothers can get maternity leave of 22 weeks. This allows workers to better balance their work and home obligations. Family benefits help employees to feel that their families and dependents are taken care of and let them feel appreciated for their work.  

In addition to parental care, Google employees enjoy benefits such as death benefits, access to fertility benefits, and an adoption assistance program, meaning it offers some of the biggest benefits compared to those offered across all of the best companies in the US. Plus, Google often offers $500 in baby bonding bucks to cover basic costs after a baby is born. 

Personal Development

Through working at this tech company, you can take advantage of free opportunities to learn new things. During your work at Google, you can invest in yourself through volunteering opportunities, access to peer learning, and coaching platforms. There are also internal resources for marginalized groups to have all the tools necessary to succeed in their careers.

Google Bonuses

According to Glassdoor, employees at Google have reported receiving a cash bonus and stock bonus, profit sharing, commission sharing, and tips to make up additional benefits. For example, software engineers at Google get an additional pay of $25,000 and a stock bonus that averages $65,000.

Tech companies have had to be responsive to the Covid-19 pandemic. Their bonus packages have had to be adjusted to support employees working from home and to retain struggling employees. According to PayScale, Google pays an average of $16,000 in annual employee bonuses across the many jobs it has, ranging from $8,000 to $50,000 annually.

Google Employee Discounts

Google employees can expect five percent off as a discount when buying anything from any major store. The rate of discount can vary between five percent to 15% on corporate products, including stocks.

Other Google Perks

Google offers a bunch of miscellaneous perks designed to create an ideal workspace. It has top-class technology, including high-speed Internet and phone services. Plus, Google has become a dog-friendly workplace.

What’s It Like to Work at Google?

Benefits of working at google
Google has a good working environment and lots of exciting daily tasks to maintain and improve the many products and services it offers.

Working at Google is exciting due to all that you can do within your specific role. It offers numerous benefits and perks that come with the opportunity to work at a successful company. On a daily basis, you will enjoy your work and have the space and flexibility to take time off when you need it. 

If you work at Google, new paths will open up to you, letting you learn new skills and enjoy many perks in the office. Below, you’ll find out more about the Google working environment and you’ll learn how Google can support your personal and professional needs as its employee.

Google Working Environment

As a Google employee, sometimes referred to as a Googler, you will be part of a team, such as the business strategy, legal, or engineering and technology team. Your peers will likely be enthusiastic and highly diverse. They will help you out as peer tutors and coaches. Plus, if you need to relax in a comfortable space or have a snack, the office provides these things.

Google supports diversity, inclusion, and equity accommodations as needed.  In any case, you can count on this hugely successful company to recognize and praise your hard work. It has an environment that supports and encourages underrepresented employees and their allies.

Google Work/Life Balance

Working at Google might keep you on your toes, but it knows that employees need a break from work to achieve balance. Google appreciates that you need a healthy life outside of the office to be energized for work. However, according to employees on Glassdoor, there is room for managers to communicate better or provide more support when there is pressure to meet deadlines in a workday. 

You can step into fitness classes, swimming pools, or culture clubs to stay lively. Flexibility and stability will help you achieve a balance between life and work. The working environment at this company affords you many opportunities to learn and open your mind to new ideas. There are ample opportunities to interact with professionals in the tech industry and other fields to network and learn.

How to Work for Google

As part of its mission to make information globally accessible, Google has clearly stated its hiring process. If you want to work at Google, follow the steps below to get hired by this tech company.

You can apply for a maximum of three jobs at Google across a 30 day period. If you don’t get the job you want, don’t shy away from applying again. It’s probably not because of your lack of qualifications, but rather the timing and the sheer number of applicants.

  • Self-assess. Assess your skills, passions, and experiences to determine how you would fit into the job roles at Google, as well as its culture and philosophy. Reflect on career goals and look for job opportunities that align with them.
  • Select relevant jobs. You want to apply to jobs that match your portfolio and appeal to you. Applying to multiple posts that are not relevant to your experiences or future goals will not benefit your application.
  • Learn about Google. Research everything you can about the company, including its history, employee reviews, and work environment. Social media and blogs about Google are great to familiarize yourself with useful information for interviews, letting you show your interviewers how you’ll easily fit into their team.
  • Design an impressive resume. Google suggests that you start with your resume. Align your projects and leadership roles to the specific job post you’re applying for. Include school projects if you lack professional experience. Keep it short. The recruiters don’t really need a cover letter.
  • Prepare for the interviews. Recall your past experience and projects. What were some of your successful strategies? What would you do differently? Think about situational questions for the interview stage.
  • Google loves data. Use numbers and measure the outcomes from your roles in your resume. In your interview, include data about your accomplishments and impact. You can say that you achieved something through your actions, as measured by a number or key performance indicator (KPI).

Jobs You Can Get at Google

Job TitleAverage Salary
Software Engineering Manager$170,440
Senior Software Engineer$158,163
Technical Program Manager$143,770
Research Scientist$140,000
Data Scientist$136,909
Security Engineer$136,276
Data Analyst$101,016
Systems Administrator$91,500
Software Developer$85,147
Data Center Facilities Technician$60,936

Should You Get a Job at Google?

You should definitely look into working at Google as it offers an impressive set of benefits to its employees. There are a variety of engaging job opportunities available and you will be well compensated for the job that you land at Google. If working at a successful tech company that recruits thousands of happy employees sounds attractive to you, then you should apply to get a job at Google.

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Google Benefits FAQ

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Benefits of working at google

I love Google as an employer. I think they’re fantastic.

They run a great recruitment process, and they look after their employees.

In fact, in recent years they’ve become increasingly famous for their company culture.

It’s not hard to know why since everyone’s talking about it.

And if you’re not much of a reader, you should check out the film “The Internship”.

They show off a good few of Google’s employee perks in there (it’s actually quite funny, too).

So, without further ado, here’s an insight to the perks you’ll receive working at Google…

Warning: you may get a little bit jealous

Let’s talk food

We’ll start with the most well-known and most sought after perk.

The food.

It needs little introduction really so here’s what’s on offer.

Free food

Quite a few companies offer some sort of food perk, so it’s not uncommon.

At Coburg Banks, we offer free fruit to our employees to encourage healthy eating.

Although, we’ve got nothing on Google.

All of their onsite cafes and canteens provide free meals and fruit to the employees.

You can also pick up a snack and keep it for later.

Benefits of working at google

Free cooking classes

If free food wasn’t enough, you can also learn how to cook fantastic meals too.

But they’re not just trying to improve your cooking skills.

Oh no, in fact they’re trying to allow different departments to work together and meet new people who they may not usually work with.

Sneaky, but a great idea.

It’s always great to improve teamwork.

Health and family

It’s really rare to find a company that cares so much about an employee that they care about their family’s well being too.

There was one lady that actually cried when she heard about Google’s “death benefit” (as morbid as it sounds).

Keep on reading to find out more about it.

Free onsite gym/gym classes

Benefits of working at google

A lot of health care providers give incentives such as reimbursing gym membership costs to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

That means that it’s not uncommon to find this perk in a workplace.

Although, it’s less common to actually have a gym inside of your workplace.

Did I mention that it’s open for use whenever the employees want?

Exercise is a great stress buster so getting involved in classes can really help Google boost their employee’s morale.

Massage therapists

If the Googlers injure themselves in the gym, or just fancy relaxing, they can also head over to the onsite massage therapists.

Yep. You read that right!

Why book a spa day when you can get a treatment at work?

Onsite medical staff

Perhaps the injury is bad and getting a massage wouldn’t help, or maybe the Googler just feels a bit under the weather recently.

In that case, visiting a masseuse probably isn’t your best bet.

Instead, Google provide onsite medical staff which employees can book appointments with.

No more irritating call-queues or waiting days to book in with your doctors!

The “Death Benefit”

This perk really is a touching thought on Google’s part, especially since it’s a no-win for the company.

So, what is the death benefit?

If a Googler dies whilst they’re under the employment of Google, their spouse will receive 50% of their salary in a cheque for the next ten years.

And if that didn’t take your breath away, any (and each) of the children of the deceased will also receive $1,000 a month until the age of 19 (or 23 if in full time education).

The spouse will also see all stocks vested immediately.

Plus, most of Google’s 34 thousand employees qualify for this perk.

That’s a company that really cares about its people!

Paternity/MaternityBenefits of working at google

Anyway, let’s move to the other end of the life cycle.

Paternity is a sore, and difficult subject for some companies.

In comparison to the UK’s 2 weeks (qualifying) paternity leave, Google offer 7 weeks paid paternity and 18-22 weeks paid maternity leave.

That’s not all though. Whoever the primary caregiver is, regardless of gender, can claim up to 12 weeks of paid leave.

This is also true for adoptive or surrogate parents.

Oh, and they throw in a little cash bonus to new parents too!

Decompression Capsules

Didn’t get the best sleep last night? Coffee not doing it for you?

Good job Google have the “decompression capsules” on hand!

These little pods are sound and light proof, so you can catch a few zeds even during the busiest hour of the day.


Google believe that it’s important for their staff to take time to do what they enjoy.

Let’s be honest, you enjoy work more when you have a good work-life balance.

That’s why they offer these little perks…

“20% time policy”Benefits of working at google

This policy goes by the ratio of 80% work, 20% play.

Google give their employees the chance to go out and invest their time into a side project.

Whether that’s learning to code, or something else that will spark creativity, they’re more than welcome to take 20% of their time to do so.

Turns out a lot of the side projects have turned into something much bigger. Gmail is only one example of many.

Discounts for events

Google offers discounts for their employees to attend events where they’re likely to learn something new that would help them in their job.

They also offer discounts to their employees for a selection of museums.

Oh and, get this, Google will sometimes arrange events so that their employees can meet the people who inspire them.

Some of those people include Ryan Reynolds, Lady Gaga, and Josh Groban who discussed their recent or previous successes and experiences.

Charitable events

Another perk available for Google employees is giving them the choice of dedicating 20 hours of work time to volunteer every year.

They also put on a day called “GoogleServe” which is where Googlers get together to volunteer in their communities.

Google also will match any donations their employees make to charities, too.

Food for thought

It’s not all about the physical perks Google offers, their employees also benefit from…

Working with future technology

That’s right.

Google employees get the honour of working with technology that we can’t even comprehend!

In fact, they’re probably creating flying cars as we speak… (Just kidding, sort of).

They also get the feeling of being part of something much bigger. Their input to projects can help millions of people worldwide.

If that’s not rewarding in a job, I’m not sure what is!

Working with some of the most diverse people

I wrote a blog a while back on how Google recruit.

Looking at that, I know full well that they have a variety of people working for them.

Humans learn from interacting with other humans, so working for Google there are endless opportunities to learn.

Plus, Google has some of the brightest and innovative minds in the tech industry, so working alongside them must be amazing!

Home away from home

There are a lot of basic stresses at home, all of which can add up and cause stress at work, too.

Need that outfit washing? Need to get your hair cut before that night out? Want a pet dog but can’t leave it at home alone?

Maybe you should consider working for Google…

Laundry dayBenefits of working at google

Google have their own onsite launderette where employees can take their laundry and make sure it’s done.

Turns out, that’s a free service too!

The money saved on bills must be great, plus you’ve got your time at home to relax.

Fresh trim

Since you’ve got your laundry done, you may fancy tidying the mop on your head up too.

It’s all good, Google offer free onsite haircuts for their employees.

Actually, it’s a really good way to ensure employees look smart for meetings, too!

Dogs are welcome

Yep, you read that right!

Pups and dogs are more than welcome on the premises so that they aren’t left at home all day alone.

Although, there is a rule that goes hand-in-hand with this: owners are solely responsible for cleaning up their dog’s mess.

Fair enough though, right?


Google offer shuttle buses to certain HQs.

This means that employees are able to hop on the bus into town, or make their way to and from work for free.

The shuttle bus is also kitted out with fully working air-con and WiFi too, which is great if you have a few loose ends to tie up on a project.


This is the one we’ve all been waiting for.

The rec room!

They also have a swimming pool onsite too, in case you fancy a quick swim.

As the saying goes, work hard – play hard!


Well, even I’m feeling sorry for myself now.

Google offer amazing perks for their employees and are rewarded with great output.

There’s proof in the pudding that good employee benefits result in higher employee satisfaction and lower turnover rates.

If you fancy checking out some other weird and wonderful perks, have a read of these.

Anyway, I’ve got to go now, I have an application to Google I need to finish.

Just kidding, I’m not sure I’d make it since I’m often referred to as a technophobe, but happy Friday in any case!

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