15 Fun Things to Do in Claremore, Oklahoma

There are so many fun things to do in Claremore, Oklahoma. It is a great day trip destination with or without kids. Keep reading for things to do in Claremore, free things to do in Claremore, and a few things to do in the surrounding area.

Things to Do in Claremore, Oklahoma

Claremore is a great day trip because of its variety of attractions, rich history, and plenty of delicious dining options.

1. Visit Will Rogers Memorial Museum

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

The famed cowboy humorist Will Rogers grew up around Claremore before Oklahoma was even a state. Even though he spent much of his adult life in California, he chose his hometown to be his final resting place.

The Will Rogers Memorial Museum beautifully displays the life of this beloved American icon. The exhibits highlight the different aspects of Will’s life including his Cherokee heritage, his many entertainment pursuits, and his final flight.

Statues, paintings, dioramas, and memorabilia are all on display.

A movie theater plays a variety of Will’s movies. Will’s trick roping is a personal favorite.

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

Check out the downstairs children’s area if you have kids with you. Black and white cartoons, old toys, and dress-up clothing will keep them entertained.

Step outside to see Will’s final resting place and the beautiful grounds that surround the museum.

Click here for more information about the Will Rogers Memorial Museum.

2. Visit J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

The J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum is the largest privately-held firearms collection in the world with over 12,000 firearms. If firearms are not your thing, there are other exhibits to see including saddles, beer steins, WWI posters, and local history.

A new addition to the museum is an exhibit on Roy Clark. This includes records, awards, costumes, a guitar, a banjo, and more.

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The museum is technically free, but they have a suggested amount to contribute for visiting.

3. Shop Local

Claremore has quite a few locally owned shops. The newly named Lilac District downtown has lots of neat shops. You could spend a whole day just shopping in this area.

Swan Bros. Dairy

It doesn’t get much fresher than buying your dairy products directly from the farmer. Swan Bros. has a farm store where they sell their milk and cheese products.

Front Porch Bakery

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

The Front Porch Bakery sells a large variety of packaged baked goods. If you are wanting a tasty treat, you will want to check them out. They also sell smoked meat, dairy products, and locally made items.

The District on Main

The District on Main is a boutique that sells a variety of clothing, jewelry, and other small items. This is a great place to shop for yourself or for a gift.

The Cranberry Merchant

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

Looking for a unique item? The Cranberry Merchant is the place for you. It is an antique mall with merchant booths. The booths contain all sorts of items including furniture, dishes, home decor items, and more.

Centsible Spending Resale Store

If thrift shopping is more your style, step into the Centsible Spending Resale Store while you are downtown. You are sure to find a great deal.

4. Eat at One of the Best Restaurants in Claremore

Claremore has a lot of restaurant options. Here are some of my favorite restaurants!

Hammett House Restaurant

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

Hammett House has great food, but their pies steal the show. With over 12 kinds to choose from, these sky-high pies are a real treat.

Hugo’s Family Restaurant

You must eat at Hugo’s if you are looking for a place to eat for breakfast. The pancakes are huge and come on a platter. The omelets are also delicious. Make sure you bring cash to pay.

Pink House

The Pink House has been a Claremore staple for many years. It is a great place for lunch and serves delicious quiches, casseroles, salads, sandwiches, and a variety of teas.

Wildflour Baking Co.

Wildflour Baking Co. is another good lunch spot with delicious sandwiches, a bakery counter, and absolutely crazy shakes.

J Farley’s Irish Pub

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

J Farleys serves delicious Irish and American cuisine. They also have an extensive drink menu. This is a casual place open for lunch and dinner.

Main Street Tavern

For casual dining, Main Street Tavern has you covered. They serve a wide variety of items including sandwiches, salads, steaks, burgers, and numerous drinks. Save room for dessert and order the bread pudding. It is fabulous!

Free Things to Do in Claremore, Oklahoma

Claremore has quite a few attractions that are completely free.

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5. Tour the Belvidere Mansion

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

See the impressive Belvidere Mansion. It was built in the early 1900s and still contains many of the original features. There are multiple mosaics throughout the home to admire.

This is a unique property with unique features. It is worth a visit.

The Belvidere Mansion is free to tour. It is only open from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Monday through Saturday. The Pink House restaurant is located inside.

6. Learn at the Claremore Museum of History

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

Claremore has an interesting history with many notable people. The museum is small but showcases the history of the town well.

Claremore’s claim to fame was the radium bath houses in the early 1900s. There is also an exhibit on the Native Americans that lived in the area.

The museum also highlights some famous people from Claremore including Lynn Riggs the playwright, Patti Page the singer, Stuart Roosa the astronaut, and Andy Payne the marathon runner.

If you have kids with you, plan to spend some time at the astronaut-themed playground by the museum.

7. Take a Walk at Claremore Lake

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

For a leisurely walk with a view, check out the trail at Claremore Lake. This trail is completely paved. It is located on the west side of the lake.

The trail is not a loop and splits off in two directions. The longer path takes you by the soccer fields. The shorter path takes you along the lake to a parking area.

This is a great area for kids. There are two playgrounds, restrooms, and a splash pad.

8. Explore the Claremore Mountain Bike Trails

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

The Claremore Mountain Bike Trails consist of over 10 miles of track. It is frequented by cyclists. But, it is also available for hiking.

The paths are narrow and surrounded by trees and grass. This is a great option if you want to feel like you are in nature.

Park at the trailhead located at 15011 E 470 Rd. Claremore, Oklahoma 74017.

9. Take a Walk at the RSU Nature Reserve

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

The RSU Nature Reserve is a great place to experience nature. It is over 100 acres, features multiple trail routes, and passes through a variety of features.

One of the prettiest areas is the wetland boardwalk. Keep an eye out for snakes and turtles.

The start of the trail is a gravel road. Most of the trails, however, are paved and take you through forested areas.

It is basically on the Rogers State University campus. There is a designated parking lot for the trails.

10. Snap a Photo with a Mural

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

Claremore has some vibrant murals downtown. The tree mural is on the building of Spectrum Paint. The others with notable people from Claremore are in the alley behind.

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11. Visit the Will Rogers Hotel

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

The Will Rogers Hotel was initially built in 1930 to accommodate the influx of visitors to Claremore looking to soak at one of the numerous radium bath houses. At six stories tall and decorated in Spanish decor, it is definitely not something that you would expect in Claremore at the time.

The hotel is now apartments, but you can go inside and look in the lobby. There is a statue of Will Rogers grinning in front of a microphone.

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Things to Do Near Claremore, Oklahoma

If you are willing and have the time to drive a little bit outside of Claremore, there are even more attractions to visit.

12. Visit Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

The Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch, known as “the White House on the Verdigris”, is located 14 miles north of the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. It is the house that Will Rogers grew up in.

You can listen to the recording that plays at the house giving the history of the property and view Lake Oologah below.

This is a working ranch with farm animals around to see. Admission is free but donations are accepted.

Click here for more information about the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch.

13. Visit Catoosa, Oklahoma

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

Catoosa has some nice attractions and is only 12 miles southwest of Claremore.

A must-see is the iconic Blue Whale along Route 66. Other attractions include museums, the Port of Catoosa, and a nature preserve.

Click here for more information about things to do in Catoosa, Oklahoma.

14. Visit Totem Pole Park in Foyil

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

Another popular Route 66 stop is Totem Pole Park, home to “The World’s Largest Concrete Totem Pole.” It is located 14 miles northeast of Claremore. This unique attraction is worth the short drive.

If it is open during your visit, check out the “Fiddle House” which showcases hand-crafted fiddles and other wood artifacts.

15. Visit the Tulsa Zoo

Things to do in claremore oklahoma

The Tulsa Zoo is one of Tulsa’s top attractions. It is a great place to visit with or without kids. Click here for more information about the Tulsa Zoo.

The zoo is located 20 miles from Claremore. Other nearby attractions include the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Oxley Nature Center.

Conclusion: Things to do in Claremore, Oklahoma

That wraps up things to do in and around Claremore, Oklahoma. Check out all of the museums, walking trails, shops, restaurants, and other unique attractions. It is a great town with a lot to offer visitors.

Things to do in claremore oklahomaThings to do in claremore oklahoma


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