18 Powerful Scriptures On Giving to Share During Offering Time

Are you preparing to lead the giving or tithes and offerings part of service this weekend at church? Although it can be intimidating to talk about giving in church, there are hundreds of giving scriptures in the Bible.

Giving is vital because it helps support the local church, ministries and missions, and outreach initiatives.

And God’s Word has a lot to say about giving as an act of worship.

Many giving verses encourage us to give generously because God has given us so much. Other scriptures encourage us to trust God, knowing He always takes care of us.

So as you prepare for offering time in your church service, start with one of these giving Bible verses to lay a strong foundation in God’s Word.

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18 Giving Scriptures for Offering Time

As a pastor or church leader, you probably know what the Bible says about giving. In fact, you could probably quote multiple giving scriptures right now.

But as you incorporate these Bible verses on giving into your offering time, make sure you provide context and application.

Whether people are giving online or in person, they need some context for what the Bible says about giving.

Many people don’t understand how giving is a spiritual discipline and act of worship.

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The purpose of giving is not simply fundraising or donating to a good cause. Bible verses on giving have to do with the heart of the giver.

As you teach on these principles and use biblical truth, people will understand the impact is not just for others. It also transforms their own lives and honors the Lord.

Here are some of the best scriptures on giving to share with your church members and online community.

2 Corinthians 9:7

How to Deliver a Giving Message

Pastors sometimes preach a message or even an entire sermon series on giving.

These sermons can cover a range of topics on finances, stewardship, and generosity–as well as tithes and offerings.

But many churches have a portion of time during every weekly service that’s dedicated to receiving tithes and offerings

This time may be part of the announcements, welcome, immediately following worship, or at the end of service.

How to Structure Your Offering Talk

When you’re praying and planning to talk about giving, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • You usually have limited time, so plan out what you’re going to say so you can have a concise delivery.
  • Always reference Bible verses on giving. You can either start with giving verses or end with them.
  • Explain the context and meaning of the Bible verse.
  • Tie the giving verses to practical application for your congregation.
  • End with prayer.

Things to Avoid When Talking About Tithes and Offerings

Money is always a touchy subject. People can often feel threatened when talking about financial matters.

You don’t want to put anyone on the spot during your giving message.

Avoid making these mistakes when talking about giving:

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  • Don’t make people feel guilty or condemned about giving.
  • Don’t compare people’s giving.
  • Don’t make unbiblical claims or promises related to giving (i.e. God will only bless you if you give).
  • Don’t make new visitors to your church feel compelled to give.
  • Don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable or singled out.

Whether you’re preaching a sermon on giving or just sharing a few words during the offering, remember that this is a time of worship.

So take a few minutes to praise God and thank Him for His provision.

And as you close in prayer, invite the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of your congregation and bless every person.

Why Aren’t More People Giving in My Church?

All statistics and reports show that only a fraction of people who identify as Christians are regularly giving or tithing to the church.

Online giving provider Tithe.ly discovered many members don’t tithe anymore and also explored the reasons why.

Here’s what they found:

  • Trouble with their beliefs – This is often the case with new members and those experiencing hard times after a major loss or change in their lives.
  • They’re just trying out your church in their search to find a new church home.
  • They don’t understand the reason your church needs them to give.
  • Finances are a struggle at the time, which isn’t uncommon for many families who barely make it from paycheck to paycheck.
  • They’re uncertain why God wants them to tithe.
  • They don’t carry cash and aren’t sure how else to give.

An online tithing option is an expectation for many churchgoers today.

Explaining Why Tithing Is Important

If you want your members to give, you have to teach them the biblical principles and foundations. Simply saying “the Bible says so” isn’t enough.

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It’s also not enough to just pass a collection plate around or have a link on your church’s website saying “please give.”

Do your members know how their donations are used?

Are you transparent about your church’s finances?

Before you start sharing scriptures on giving, create an area on your website explaining the following:

  • A breakdown of how church donations are allocated by percentage
  • The costs of running the church, including your average power bill and average salaries (these can all be lumped together)
  • The costs of marketing and outreach programs
  • Charities and local organizations your church is affiliated with
  • Cost of ministering outside of the church
  • Percentage used to help with the local community
  • Percentage used to aid in global endeavors

Although it might seem like that information is best left with your church’s accountant, this type of transparency makes it easier for your members to understand the church’s financial needs.

And transparency is a sign of healthy church culture.

Sharing Scriptures on Giving

While these scriptures on giving are great for weekend services and sermons, you can also use them throughout the week.

You can share giving scriptures

  • On your website
  • In social media posts
  • In your weekly email newsletter
  • In blog posts

We shouldn’t feel awkward talking about subjects like financial health, generosity, and the spirit of giving. Many Bible verses highlight these topics, so we should be discussing them regularly.

More on Church Offering Scriptures

This post has only scratched the surface for scriptures on giving. Check out the posts below for more information and giving verses.

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