5 Ways to Beat Morning Sickness

Ways to beat morning sickness

One of the most common symptoms you hear about when it comes to pregnancy is morning sickness, which effects approximately 70 percent of women. Occurring within the first trimester, morning sickness can start as early as four weeks of being pregnant and tends to peak around eight or nine weeks (although this timeline can vary). So what should you do to ease the nausea and fatigue? Here are some tips on how to beat morning sickness:

When life gives you lemons – smell them!

 Ways to beat morning sickness

It’s true! Morning sickness is often smell-associated, easily provoked by the strong aromas around you. That’s because your sense of smell relies heavily on Estrogen, a hormone that reaches incredibly high levels during pregnancy. When scents overwhelm and start making you feel ill, try smelling something fresh like a lemon. This will help calm your senses and allow you to ease the nausea. 

Eat A Little, A Lot

Ways to beat morning sickness

Having an empty stomach can make morning sickness worse, but eating a big meal to fill yourself up can also be counterproductive. Eating little meals often can help keep curb your hunger and keep you sugar levels right where you want them, without going over or under and feeling nauseated. Have some healthy snacks with blander flavoring handy to nibble on throughout the day. Crackers, pretzels, dried fruit and nuts are a perfect snacking solution.

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Make Ginger Your New Best Friend


Ways to beat morning sickness 

Ginger is a great stomach soother and can help relieve you from feelings of queasiness. There are many ways to ingest ginger, such as adding a thin slice to some hot water or tea, snacking on its crystalized candy form, appeasing your sweet tooth with gingersnaps or gingerbread, and adding it to soup! You can also look up recipes that involve ginger, and once you find your favorite, test it out! 

Stay Hydrated

Ways to beat morning sickness 

Dehydration is a big contributor to feel nauseated, so it’s incredibly important to be drinking lots of water throughout the day. If eight glasses feel impossible, try eating a small, salty snack like potato chips or nuts – the salt will settle into your stomach and trigger you thirst, making it easier to get more water down. Another way to keep your morning sickness at bay while staying hydrated is by crunching on cold ice chips.

Take A Breather

Ways to beat morning sickness 

Sometimes the best (and simplest) thing to do to beat morning sickness is to lie down and rest. Lying down, shutting your eyes, and taking deep breathes will help calm your body and mind. Don’t be afraid to fall asleep either – not only does your body need it, sleep helps you escape feelings of queasiness.

While dealing with morning sickness can be hard, these tips will help relieve you of some of the nausea and fatigue you may experience during this time of your pregnancy. If you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy or your morning sickness won’t subside, don’t hesitate to reach out and call your doctor. Our staff is available to help.

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