600 Popular Punjabi Boy Names With Meanings

Some parents prefer to give their baby boy names that are popular. These names are easy to remember as they are used commonly. These names are used by all Punjabis across the world. So, any Punjabi in any corner of the world can have them. Some of the names are given in a tabular form as under.

SL NoName Meaning
1AagyakarObedient or willing to comply with elders
2AagyapalThe one who upholds the state’s obedience
3AaradhThe person having Deep love or affection
4AasThe act of waiting or having hope
5AavaiArrive, to come
7AcharjeetThe victory of an inanimate object
8AcharpreetAn inanimate love or affection
10AchetbirA carefree brave person
11AchetmeetThe friend or companion of the carefree person
13Ajinder“Mighty king” or “Indra the king.”
14AkalchetOne remembering and always trusting God
15AkalchetanAware of Eternal Love
16AkaldharamThe religion of eternal truth with the capability of judging, analysing and discriminating
17AkaldhianAbsorbed in Eternal one
18AkalmeetTimeless and Eternal’s friend.
19AkalpremLove of God
20AkaltatThe Eternal Reality
21AkashbirBrave as the sky
22AkashpreetLove for Sky
23AkhandpreetUndivided love
24AkhareeFrom God’s word
25AkheeOff an eye; In a blink of an eye
26AkhilpalAll Nurturing God
27AmanpreetOne who Loves Peace
28AmarLong Life
29AmardeepEternal Light
30AndeepModest Lamp
31AngadArmlet; An Ornament; Son of Vali
32AntarInner Heart
33BalminderA clever person
34BalwantThe name means full of might or immense strength.
35BalwinderThe name means ‘Victorious through strength.
36BandaThe Person
37BhagatveerThe Brave Devotee of God
38BhavanjotSoothing Light
39BikStride, Strong
40BikramStride, Strong
41BilavalA God-like person with a happy personality
42BimalinderPure King
43BimaljeetVictory of the Pure
44BimaljotPure Light
45BimalmeetPure and Friendly
46BimalpalPreserver of Purity
47BimalpreetPure and clean Love
48BimalpremPure Love
49BimbakaThe Disc of the Sun or the Moon; Lord of Images
50BimbisaraThe Essence of the Absolute
53BinderBrave Leader
54BindumatHas Pearls; Knows the Truth; Wealthy; Wise
55BindusaraExcellent Pearl; Truthful
56Birpalprotector of brave
57BrahmpalOne who is under the protection of God
58BrahmprakashEnlightenment by the light of the God
59BrahmpreetThe love of God; the love of the Almighty
60BrahmroopA person who is God-like, and is considered the messenger of God
61BrijdevA Boy name of Sikh origin
62BrijodhA male Sikh name
63BrinderThe ocean’s ruler
64BudhjotThe light of the wisdom
65BudhpreetOne who loves or infatuate wisdom
66BudhroopOne who is the form of Budh or wisdom
67ChabeelaA beautiful, young boy
68ChaddaThe one who is born in battle
69ChainpreetThe one who is in love with the Moon
70ChakarpreetA loving servant
71ChamanjeetThe victory of the garden
72ChamanpreetA lovely, young boy
73ChamanroopThe one who is beautiful like a garden
74ChamkaurA Battlefield
75ChananjitThe victory
76ChandanbirSandalwood victory
77ChandandeepSandalwood light
78ChanpreetA dedicated and lovely person
79CharandevThe person in whose feet lies heaven
80CharanjeetWinning the Service of Guru’s Lotus Feet
81CharanjitFeet in which all the victories lie
82CharanjivLively feet
83CharanjotEverlasting Light
84CharankawalFeet of a guru; like Lotus
85CharanrenDust found in God’s feet
86CharatOn successful path
87CharminderMajestic and beautiful
88ChatarThe clever one
89ChattarbhoopA wise and intelligent king
90ChattarbirA wise, strong, and handsome being
91ChattarmeetA smart friend
92ChattarpalGrowing intelligence
93ChattarwantFilled with wisdom
94ChehzaadA young Prince
95ChetveerA brave person
96ChintanpreetLoving to meditate
97ChiragA lighted lamp
98ChiranLover of God
99ChiranjeetImmortal: one who cannot die
100ChiranjeevanEverlasting life
101ChirayuEverlasting one
102ChirjeewanLongevity; long life
104ChitleenAbsorbed in awareness
105ChitniranjanBiggest heart
106ChitnivasResiding in awareness
107ChitpreetA heart filled with compassion
108ChitpremHeart full of love
109CrishdeepOne who sees one God
110DalajitThe victory of heart and mind
111DalbirA soldier
112DalipA born king
113DalipinderLord of the Kings
114DaljodhThe one who fights for the team
115DalmeetOne with many friends
116DalpinderLord of Kings
117DalpreetA lord
118DalrajOne who has the power of the King’s army
119DalvinderWho is the Lord of a team
120DalvirA hero
121DamanjotVery strong light
122DanmeetCharity; giving away
124DarbjotOne who has the light of wealth
125DarshanbirExalted vision
126DarshanjeetGod’s vision
127DarshanjotVisions of God
128DarshpreetLove of Lord Krishna
129DatarAnother name for God
130DaulatbirA brave and wealthy person
131DaulatwantOne who has an immense amount of wealth
132DavinderA good and steady worker who is passionate about work
133DavinderbirKing of the Gods
134DavindermeetMeditating individual
135DayabirBrave and kind person
136DayajeetVictory: the one who is compassionate and victorious
137DayajotLighted with compassion
138DeentekOne who supports the needy and helpless
139Deepindervictory of the light
140DeepshabhadHoly word which spreads in every direction
141DevjotGod’s Light
142DilbaagBlossom of the heart
143DilbirA friendly and loving individual
144DiljeevOne who has a courageous heart
145DiljitVictory of the heart; feet of Gods
146DilraajThey are the ruler of hearts
147DilreetA Lion: they are hearty traditions
148DishapreetOne who is in love with a direction
149DivleenA divine person: God is great
150DuongA radiant and gracious lord
151DupinderVictory of radiant God
152EasharA very Godly person.
153EasharbirBrave and a very Godly person.
154EashardeepIt means Godly Light.
155EasharjeetIt means God’s Victory
156EasharjotGod’s Lightly
157EasharnaamIt means ‘Absorbed in God’s Name ‘
158EasharpreetIt means Lover of God.
159EasharpremIt means Lover of God.
160EashartekIts means God’s Support.
161EasharveerIt means God’s warrior.
162EckjeetThe only winner or victorious, who always succeed
163EkaagarOne who is absorbed in meditation
164EkambirOne who is a brave God
165EkamjeetOne who depicts oneness
166EkampreetOne who loves God
167EkampremOne who loves one loves; oneness
168EkanjeetGod’s Triumph; Victory of God
169EkantpreetOne who loves solitude
170EkbirThe one who is the only brave person
171EkroopThe one who is beautiful; one appearance
172Erbirlover of God.
173Erheera Punjabi word meaning diamond.
174Erjota new beginning.
175EsharbirBrave as God.
176Eshwarjeetgod’s victory.
177FatehbirA brave victor
178FatehdeepA victory’s lamp
179FatehdharamA victory of righteousness
180FatehnaamThe naam’s victory
181FatehpreetHe is victorious
182Foolablossom or bloom
183GaganbirA brave person from the sky or heaven
184GagandeepGlorious flame in the sky
185GaganinderThe master of the heavens
186GaganjeetThe one who overcomes the sky.
187GaganjeevThe one who lives in the sky.
188GaganmeetThe one who is very closer to the sky.
189GaganpreetThe one who like the sky a lot.
190GajanHuge sound or big noise.
191GatnirmalOne who got delivered by the spiritual powers.
192GatsangatOne who has great company or companion
193GatshabadOne who is liberated through the teacher’s words
194GeetprakashThe light of a song or rhythm
195GhamandA person who has a big ego and is very proud
196GhamandjeetThe victory of pride
197GhamandjotThe light of the pride
198GhamandpremThe love of pride
199GiandeepLamp of divine knowledge
200GiandhiaanOne that is absorbed in eternal knowledge
201GianinderKing of Knowledge
202GianjasIn Praise of Divine Knowledge
203GianjeevanLife Full of Divine Knowledge
204GianjogUnion through Divine Knowledge
205GianjotLight of Knowledge
206GiankamalLotus of Divine Knowledge
207GianleenOne Absorbed in Divine Light
208GianmeetFriend of Knowledge
209GianparkashLight of Divine Knowledge
210GianpremLove of the Divine Knowledge
211GianrangEmbedded with Divine Knowledge
212GianrasElixir of Divine Knowledge
213GianratanGerms of Divine Knowledge
214GianroopAn embodiment of Divine Knowledge
215GianseetalPeace through Divine Knowledge.
216GianshFull of Knowledge
217GiantekSupport of Divine Knowledge.
218GianutaamHaving Exalted Divine Knowledge.
219GianveerBrave and Divine in Knowledge
220GianwantHaving Qualities of Divine Knowledge
221GirdharThe One Who Holds the Mountain, Lord Krishna
222GnanachelvanThe meaning of this Indian name is Learned
223GrahisaGrahesh means a person who is the king of all the 9 planets.
224GunaratanOne who is a gem of good characters
225GuneetOne who is Meritorious for his Virtues
226GurcharanRefuge at the Guru
227GurdweepLight of the Guru
228GurjasFame of Lord; Fame of the Guru
229Gurjodhmeans warrior of guru.
230GurkeeratOne who sings praises of the Guru
231GurleenMeaning a person who is absorbed in the guru
232GurmanHeart of the Guru
233GurmeetFriend of Guru
234Gurnoorcopy of his guru.
235GursharanRefuge at the Guru
236HaashimGenerosity, kindness, with a bright heart
237HarbhajanGods Prayer; Bhajan or Prayer of Lord Shiva
238HarbirGod’s warrior
239HarkiranThe rays of God’s Light
240Harshgladness, chearfullness
241HarshanLustrous splendor of God
242Harshathappiness, gladness
243Harshavardhaninventor of Joy, one who provides full of happiness
245HarshimOver Smart
246HarshnilScared, not daring
248JanakaA father
249JanakiramGod’s name, name of Janki’s husband
250JanakiramanName of Lord Rama
251JanakpreetFatherly love
252JanakrIndianSon of Janaki
253JanalHe who is cute and sweet
254JarnailThe Commanding Officer; General of an Army
255JasbirVictorious Hero; Triumphant Warrior;
256JasleenAbsorbed in Singing God’s Praises
257JasminderLord of Glory
258JatindranathName of Lord Shiva
259KeeratFame; Distinction; Recognition
260KhushpreetLoving and Delightful
261KhushwantThe name means Boy Full of Happiness
262KirpalKind; Benevolent; Compassionate
263KulwantThe Vessel of Purity and Righteousness of the Spiritual Family
264KuwarjeetKuwarjeet means Prince
266LivtarLove for God
267LoveenA person consumed in love and adoration
268ManinderOne who is the lord of his own mind
269ManmeetFriend of Mind
270NarinderKing of men
271NavtejNew brightness
272OpraajGod’s Kingdom
273PalvinderRemembering God
274ParamjitHeroic; Ultimate Victory; Supreme Success; Highest triumph
275ParampreetOne who is in love of the God
276ParminderOne who is the God of the Gods
277RamandeepAbsorbed in the light of Lord’s love
278RanbirA brave warrior
279RanveerA winner
280SikhA name of one who is a follower of Sikhism
281SimardeepOne who is like a lamp of remembrance
282SimranOne who meditates
283SimranjitOne who is a victor of contemplation
284SimranpalOne who meditates and contemplates
285SimranpreetOne who loves to meditate, who contemplates lovingly
286SimrarjitOne who meditates in the remembrance of God
287SinghHe is like a lion
288SochaiTo achieve something by thinking
289SodhiTo be a friendly person
290SoorA Boy who is like the Sun
291SukhbirOne who is a warrior of peace
292SukhbirpalOne who protects the warrior of the peace
293SukhchainA peaceful person of calm nature
294SukhcharanjitA peaceful victory
295SukhdarshanA happiness that can be seen
296SukhindirHe who is the God of the peace
297SukhjeetOne who remains in peace
298SukhjeevA person who has a very peaceful nature
299SukhjiwanTo lead a happy life
300SukhpreetA person who highly values inner peace and joy
301SukhrajOne who is of a very peaceful temper
302SukhramThe peace pervades in him
303SukhshantA man who is blissful and peaceful
304SukhsharanHe who finds peace by finding shelter in God
305SukhveerHe is a soldier of peace
306SukhvinderA person who gives happiness to others
307SukhwinderOne who brings the destiny
308SulakhanHe who is very virtuous
309SundarveerHe who is brave and beautiful at the same time
310SurajprakashHe is the light of the Sun
311SuratOne whose consciousness has awakened
312SurinderjeetHe who defeated the Gods
313SurinderpalThe God of the Gods
314SurjitHe who is immortal and God-like
315SurjotThe war between Gods
316SutantarA man of good character
317SwaranlalA dreamy person
319TadbirAn effort
320TajdaarSplendour, crowned
321TalibThe sender of the truth
322Talveenimbued in colour
323TalvirOne who is a beautiful gift to the world
324TandeepA body of light
326TapanjotDivine Warm Light
327TapinderGod’s devotion
328TarlochanThird dimension; number three
329TarunjeetThe victory of the youthfulness
330TarunpalProtector of Freshness
331TarvinderGod’s salvation in heaven
332TatbirDeliberate truth
333TatjogUnion with the real
334TegOne who swings a sword
335TegbirBrave warrior with a sword
336TeghHe who wields the sword
337TeijinderGod of grandeur
338TejasvirGlorious Hero
339TejbirThe glory of the brave one
340TejindarGod’s splendor in heaven
341TejinderjitOne who won God
342TejpalProtector of brilliance
343Tekjeetone who wins the Lord’s support
344TeknaamOne who takes the support of the lord’s name
345TekpreetSupporting love
346TekraamLord’s support
347TekroopPersonification of God’s support
348TersemPerfect saviour
349ThakurmeetA friend of the lord
350Thalbhoopmaster of the planet
351ThalbirA brave warrior
353ThirathA holy place
354ThirbirA steadfast and brave warrior
355ThirmaanOne of unwavering mind
356Thirpremone whose love is steadfast
357TribhawanKing of the three worlds
359TrishandeepCraving Lamp
360TrishanjeetCraving for victory
361Tulvarblessed support
362TuvijatLord Indra
363UdaiyaanThe rising
364VachanPromise, Speech
365Vachanbirbrave, who keeps his promise
367Vamanjitvictory of impatience
368VanjeetLord of the forest
369VarinderLord of the ocean
370VarunpalProtected by God
371VasantpreetLove for spring
372VeerOne who is brave
373VeerjotBrave, courageous
374veerpalHeroic protector
375VijenderGod of bravery
376VimaldeepPure lamp
378VishalbirImmense brave
379VishaljotImmense light
380VivekbirWise and brave
381VivekdeepLight of wisdom
382WarinderLord of the ocean
383Wasimjitgraceful victory
384YaadbirThe brave who remembers God
385YaadroopOne who remembers God
387YamajitLord Siva
388YashbirGlorious and brave
389YashdeepSuccess, the light of glory
390YashjotGlorious light
391YashminderLord of fame
392YashnoorBeauty of glory
393YashpalSuccessful, Famous
394YashveerGlorious and brave
395YashvinderPraise of God in heaven
396YatinpalPreserver of ascetic
397YudhjeetVictorious in war
398ZaibjeetVictory of beauty
399ZareenpalProtector of gold
400ZorawarStrong and powerful

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100 Traditional Punjabi Boy Names With Meanings

— Update: 13-03-2023 — cohaitungchi.com found an additional article Best Punjabi Baby Boy Names and Punjabi Girl names with Meanings 2022 from the website www.parentlane.com for the keyword punjabi names for boys.

If you are looking to name your baby with the modern, yet traditional Punjabi baby names based on Sri Guru Granth Sahib, you have come to the best place to finalize. Naming your little one can be challenging as well as a very fulfilling task which involves deep research in religious names, referring to holy books, ancestries, old sayings, suggestions from friends & families, religious leaders and many other means.Punjabi names for boys

Based on certain religious customs each religion has its own naming ceremony. Sikhism is a modern religion which believes in single god.As per Sikhs all humans are equal.Usually Sikh baby names are chosen based on names of Sri Guru granth Sahib. Every name is connected to this Holy book.A newborn Sikh baby is named during the formal presentation of the baby to the Sikh's Holy Book, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

The baby naming ceremony is called Naamkaran. This happens when the baby is Six weeks old. All the family members gather at gurudwara as naming ceremonies are one of the major events in Sikhs culture. Sikhs believe that children are gift of god. They also believe that certain births are reincarnation of ancestors. In the naming ceremony the Hukkam from the Holy book is read out loud and naming is based on the first letter of the hukkam.This hukam is read by randomly opening a page of the holy book. The bhai Sahib in front of Guru granth reads out the name loudly. This is accepted by the audience with loud cheers of “jo bole so nihaal, Sat sri Akaal” which means whoever praises the lord will be fulfilled by his blessings.  This ceremony is marked by singing praise to the god and thanking god for the newborn.

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Surnames are further added to the name.Sikh Babies have usually A name, middle name and last name.Parents of the baby offer karah prasads as offering. This is the traditional custom of the naming ceremony. Gender does not play a major role when it comes to sikh religion. Sikhism do not promote caste system.Hence it is common for this community to share middle names. The whole community is viewed as equal and there is no difference among all. Names are interchangeable for girls and boys. Sikh names have surnames such as kaur for girls and Singh for boys. Kaur means princess and singh means lion. Women are given Kaur as surname to show equality with men. This makes their name unique from their fathers and husbands which indicates they are independent. Some also choose to keep family names as surnames.In this case, kaur or Singh becomes the middle name.

Some people choose Sikh baby names of gods, brave leaders or their favorite characters from their religious stories. Some Sikh baby names don't really have a meaning and others describe God or devotion to God. You may come across Sikhs whose baby names may mean 'eternal', 'infinite' or 'the one who loves the Holy Word'.

How to choose a Sikh baby name?

The first name will end with preet, pal, deep etc. this is common for both sexes.second name denotes gender i.e Kaur or Singh. Kaur for female and Singh for male.The third name is family name.
Whether you want to go for modern names or traditional names, we have curated a list of names that you can think about when it comes to the letter of naming your baby.

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100 Sikh baby boy names

Punjabi names for boys

  1. Sarwan- One who explores like a wild Lion
  2. Sujjan- Person with good deeds
  3. Surjan- A godly person
  4. Ardaman- One who destroys evil
  5. Vajrajit- Lord Indra
  6. Yashdeep- Glorious Light
  7. Aprinder- Heaven of God
  8. Tanvir- One who is enlightened
  9. Apardeep- Infinity Lamp
  10. Randeep-Hero of battle
  11. Anujpal- Younger brother
  12. Antarjot- Divine light
  13. Mehransh- God’s gift
  14. Aadroop-Beginning
  15. Aaradh- Adorable
  16. Aaravjot- Thinks freely
  17. Aarman- Desire
  18. Aayakar- Very obedient
  19. Aarvinder- God’s of heaven
  20. Aayatpreet- Version of God
  21. Nitnam- Remembers Lord
  22. Maninder- God of mind
  23. Milkha- King
  24. Ramandeep- God’s love
  25. Paramjit- Victorious
  26. Parminder- Lord of all Gods
  27. Ranveer- Brave warrior
  28. Ikbir- Courageous
  29. Jaikaar- Glorious
  30. Jagvir- Victory of the world
  31. Inderveer- God’s Warrior
  32. Lajpal- Guardian
  33. Karanveer- Kind Warrior
  34. Kunwarjeet- Prince of Victory
  35. Lashkar- Army
  36. Lavanya- Grace
  37. Agamjith- Light of God
  38. Lavanya- Grace
  39. Agamjit-God's light
  40. Agamjot- God's Light
  41. Agampal- Protector
  42. Agampreet- Love for God
  43. Bableen- Imbue
  44. Bachan Brave- One who keeps promises
  45. Bachint- Without Worries
  46. Baghinder- Tiger
  47. Baljit- Mighty
  48. Chanann- Filter a substance
  49. Chamkaur-Battle field where guru Gobind Singh fought
  50. Chanchaljeet- Lively
  51. Chananpreet- Light of God
  52. Chandanbir- Sndal
  53. Punu- Different
  54. Prabhjot- God’s Blessing
  55. Rajinder- Emperor
  56. Ramandeep- Dominantly
  57. Gharcheet-meditation
  58. Balihaar- Sacrifice
  59. Baljeet-Victorious
  60. Chamanpreet- Love
  61. Bahadurjit- Brave
  62. Gharcheen- Home within
  63. Hardayal- God’s grace
  64. Ghamandpal- Protects pride
  65. Bachittar- A person with Merits
  66. Bahadar- Courageous
  67. Ghamandprem- Love of pride
  68. Giaan- Exalted
  69. Harbinod- Delights in God
  70. Harcharan- God’s Feet
  71. Giaandeep- The divine lamp
  72. Giaanroop- Divine light
  73. Chamanjeet- Victory
  74. Balhaar- Strength
  75. Baljiwan- Strength
  76. Chamanroop- Beautiful
  77. Giaanleen- Absorbed divine light
  78. Giaanveer- Brave
  79. Harbir- God’s Warrior
  80. Harcharanjit- Victory
  81. Harcharanpal- Protector
  82. Jaghar- Enlightened
  83. Jagjeev- Life of world
  84. Jaginderpal- Preserver of world
  85. Jagjeevan-Heaven of God
  86. Hardas- God’s Slave
  87. Hardeep- God’s Light
  88. Jaginder- Worldly, Heaven of God
  89. Jagjit- Winner of world
  90. Jagmeet- A friend
  91. Jagjot- Light of world
  92. Jagmehar- Kindness of world
  93. Livgiaan- Divine knowledge
  94. Livaatam- Soul Absorbed
  95. Lavpreet- Swagger
  96. Livavtar-Incarnate
  97. Livchet-Remembrance of God
  98. Livkamal- Absorbed in Lotus
  99. Livnaam- Absorbed in name
  100. Livpreet- Love of Adoration

100 Sikh Baby Girl names

Punjabi names for boys

  1. Amanpreet- Peace lover
  2. Amritpreet- Immortal
  3. Amaninder- Triumph
  4. Amritvaani- Sweet
  5. Anahat- Limitless
  6. Jasminder- Glory
  7. Jasveen- Victory
  8. Anjila- Homage
  9. Antarpreet- Loves light
  10. Anuradha- Anakshatra
  11. Khushpreet- God’s grace
  12. Karampreet- Delightful
  13. Loveen- Adoration
  14. Keerat- Glories of God
  15. Meher- Grace
  16. Nehmat- Blessing
  17. Manmeet- A close friend
  18. Noor- Radiance
  19. Nimtri- Humble
  20. Pavitra- Pure
  21. Channan- Fragrance
  22. Chhab- Beauty
  23. Chhabba- Gold- Silver ornament
  24. Chahil- Beautiful
  25. Davinder- Leader
  26. Dhianni- Meditative
  27. Gurnoor- Radiance of God
  28. Gurkeerat- Praises God
  29. Dilshan- Rules heart
  30. Dishmeet- LOvelyGurneet- Teaches love
  31. Dipinder- LOrd’s light
  32. Divyajyot- Divine light
  33. Divnaynee- One with beautiful eyes
  34. Gurpreet- One who teaches love
  35. Harikiran- Ray of divine light
  36. Haripal- Lamp of God
  37. Inayat- Kindness
  38. Harnoor-Gift of God
  39. Gurisha- Wish of Guru
  40. Gurka- Belonging to God
  41. Guriya-Guidence
  42. Haspreeti- God’s Love
  43. Harseerat- Divine light
  44. Eshnaa- Desire
  45. Ekamroop- Oneness
  46. Gurhimmat- Courageous
  47. Gurditta-Born with Guru
  48. Gurbani- Religious prayer
  49. Ekampreet- Love from God
  50. Guramrit- The essence of Guru
  51. Ekampooj- Worshipper of God
  52. Eknoor- One light
  53. Gunreet-Inspiration
  54. Gurgian- Guru’s Word
  55. Gurjeet- Victory
  56. Gurkiran- Light of Guru
  57. Gurmail- Gurus friend
  58. Gurleen- Server of teacher
  59. Gurmander- Gurus’ temple
  60. Gurunamskar- Offering to Guru
  61. Gurneet- Moral of Guru
  62. Gurneesh- Grace of God
  63. Gurnoor- Pleasant as God
  64. Gurparveen- God of Stars
  65. Gurupinder- Guru of Kings
  66. Shehnaaz- Beautiful
  67. Simran-Meditating, remembrance
  68. Simrit-Remembered
  69. Sukhmani-One who brings peace to the mind
  70. Tavleen-Engrossed in God
  71. Gurshakthi- Power of Guru
  72. Gursheel- Modesty
  73. Gurishma- Ray of Guru
  74. Gurpreet- Love of Guru
  75. Gursheen- Pride of Guru
  76. Gurisman- Remembering Guru
  77. Gursukh- Blissful
  78. Guruka-enlightner
  79. Gyanleen- Divine light
  80. Heera- Queen of Gods
  81. Harsukh- Peaceful
  82. Hema- Golden
  83. Hera- Diamond
  84. Hoojoe- Guard
  85. Humpreet- Hum and Preet
  86. Ikjot- One light
  87. Huzra-Prudence
  88. Ikpooj- Worshiper
  89. Ikleen-Absorbed
  90. Ikmoorat- One idle
  91. Ishleen-Almighty
  92. Ishwarpreet- LOved by God
  93. Jhalak- Sudden Motion
  94. Joane- Glimpse
  95. Jodhpreet- Brave
  96. Jotleen-Light of God
  97. Julie- Vivacious
  98. Jusjeet- Glorious
  99. Jusmeet- Glorious friend
  100. Juspreet- Glorious Love

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