7 Fruit Infused Water Recipes (Detox Drinks)

Make hydration a breeze with seven delicious fruit, vegetable, and herb-infused flavored water recipes – one for every day of the week! These detox water drinks can help to boost your metabolism, aid weight loss, eliminate toxins and make your skin glow.

Fruit and water diet

Refreshing and Easy Herb and Fruit Infused Water Recipes

It probably comes as no surprise that most of us aren’t drinking nearly enough water. However,  staying hydrated is key to staving off unwanted fatigue and headaches while reducing toxins, aiding digestion, and generally allowing our bodies to function optimally. Which is where these fruit-infused water recipes come in!

Perhaps you aren’t a fan of the ‘bland’ tastelessness of plain water yet are trying to avoid soda or are looking for weight loss detox drinks. Luckily, with a combination of your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs, you can create fancy fruit-flavored water recipes that will naturally enhance your water-drinking experience and have you eagerly sipping all day.

Not only do these naturally flavored water recipes allow you to avoid overly sugary and artificial ingredients, but they contain extra nutrients and health benefits (like electrolytes, detoxification, and an immunity boost). They can even aid weight loss by keeping you feeling full for longer. Several of the combinations below also work great as body cleansing detox water drinks.

They also make a great addition to BBQs, cookouts, picnics, and more. Mix up a few carafes and store them in an ice bucket to keep them cool. Best of all, I’ve included seven recipes for healthy flavored water below, so you have new infusions to try every day of the week!

Fruit and water diet

The Flavored Detox Water Combinations

  1. Strawberry, Lemon, and Basil Water

Fruit and water diet

This combination of ingredients is fresh, subtly sweet, and zingy while providing detoxing and anti-inflammatory properties. Lemons, for example, are rich in citric acid, vitamin C, polyphenols, and flavonoids, which have various health benefits. They are high in several beneficial plant compounds that may lower cholesterol.

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Mint would also work in place of basil.

Fruit and water diet

  1. Watermelon, Jalapeño, and Mint Water

Fruit and water diet

This combination of sweet and spicy may seem a little odd, but it’s one of my favorite flavored water recipes. Not only is the flavor brilliant, but research suggests that jalapeños and other spicy peppers may promote weight loss by boosting metabolism, increasing fat burn and reducing appetite. Note that the longer this refreshing water infuses, the spicier it will become. So if you aren’t a fan of heat, use cucumber in this detox cleanse drink instead.

Even though watermelon always provides summer vibes, grapefruit is also a good fit.

Fruit and water diet

  1. Mango, Coconut, and Lime Water

Fruit and water diet

With a combination of mango and coconut, this tropical fruit water is one of my favorite summer fruit infused water recipes. It’s sweet, subtly coconutty, with just enough tang to balance the sweetness. You can also swap the mango for pineapple and enjoy a healthy piña colada (minus the hangover!) inspired drink.

Limes contain antioxidants like vitamin C that strengthen collagen. Therefore, drinking lime water can hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Drinking lime water also improves digestion and may help with weight loss by boosting your metabolism.

For extra flavor, I love to gently muddle the juicy fruit used in this blend.

Fruit and water diet

  1. Orange, Grape, and Rosemary Water

Fruit and water diet

This combination of ingredients is excellent for boosting your health and hydration as a simple detox drink. Grapes are filled with antioxidants, orange is immune boosting thanks to vitamin C, and basil contains anti-inflammatory properties.

You could also use lemon instead of the oranges or grapes. Basil would work in place of the rosemary, too.

Fruit and water diet

  1. Kiwi, Passion Fruit, and Mint Water

Fruit and water diet

The combination of kiwi and passion fruit is sweet and tangy, and passion fruit really packs in flavor. This makes it great for a delicious soda replacement when enjoyed with sparkling water (though still water is fine, too!). Eating kiwis is also an excellent way to get in more vitamin C, plus many other antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that may help with glowing skin.

Other soft fruits like mango or peach could replace the kiwi.

Fruit and water diet

  1. Cucumber, Lime, and Thyme Water

Fruit and water diet

This combination of ingredients will transport you to a spa, sipping the refreshing, crisp, and slightly zesty combination to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Thyme is often used in aromatherapy for its calming benefits. It contains a variety of minerals and vitamins (such as vitamin C, potassium, and manganese) that promote good health. Meanwhile, the lime provides a gentle immune boost.

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Note that mint, peppermint, or basil would also work in place of the thyme in this simple detox water.

Fruit and water diet

  1. Apple, Ginger, and Cinnamon Water

Fruit and water diet

For those days when you’d prefer something a little more warming and Fall-themed, this cinnamon, ginger, and apple detox water with fruit is delicious and beneficial in several ways. For example, cinnamon is anti-inflammatory, apples are antioxidant-rich, and ginger is great for gut health, among other benefits. Ginger may even help with weight loss.

To infuse the water more, boil the ginger and cinnamon sticks with the water first and allow them to infuse as it cools. Then add the apple slices.

Please read the recipe card below for the full ingredients list, measurements, complete recipe method, and nutritional information.

Fruit and water diet

How to Make Flavored Water?

Once you’ve chosen your ingredient combination, it’s time to prepare the naturally flavored water of your choice. Here’s how:

  • Add the fruits and herbs to a large pitcher and top it up with five to six cups of water.

Depending on your ingredients, you’ll need to rinse and slice them (i.e., cucumber, citrus, strawberries, kiwi, etc., but not small berries like blueberry/ raspberry/ blackberry). To extract more flavor from herbs, rub them between your fingers (or muddle them in the pitcher) when adding them to the fruit infused water.

  • Allow it to sit and infuse for a minimum of 20 minutes (even better, an hour!).
  • Then, optionally, add some ice cubes, and enjoy!

I recommend allowing the water to infuse at room temperature for two hours before transferring it to the fridge (or a container of ice) to prevent bacteria growth.

Storage Recommendations

Due to all the fresh ingredients exposed to water, it’s best to consume these naturally flavored water drinks within 1 day. However, after that, you could strain the solids and store the water in the refrigerator for an additional 2-3 days.

Some flavor combinations (like cucumber water) will naturally last three days without straining.

Fruit and water diet


What are the best ingredients to add to infused water recipes?

I’ve found that sturdier ingredients, like cucumber and citrus fruits (lemon, lime, orange, etc.), hold up best within infused water recipes. Meanwhile, fresh herbs are great for a quick and easy flavor boost.

In comparison, tender fruits like berries will break down far quicker. I.e., raspberries/blackberries may even create some texture in the fruit water unless strained when serving.

Can I use sparkling water?

If you want to ditch a soda habit, then using sparkling water is the way to go!

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How long to leave flavored water to infuse?

I’ve recommended an absolute minimum of 20 minutes for a very subtle flavor, though I like to wait 60 minutes whenever possible.

However, this can depend on the ingredients used. For example, citrus fruits, melon, cucumber, and softer herbs (like mint) will infuse quickly. In comparison, ginger, apples, and harder herbs like rosemary and thyme require longer (several hours).

Can I reuse the fruit?

Yes, I’ll often mix up a small pitcher in the morning and refill it once or even twice during the day. While the flavor will fade with each refill (and works better with certain ingredients), the fruits should last 3-4 batches.

Can I eat the fruit afterward?

If it isn’t too soggy or unappealing looking/tasting, then absolutely, though it will likely taste watery. Alternatively, it can be used within smoothies to add extra nutrients and reduce waste.

Fruit and water diet

Notes And Tips For Infused Detox Water

  • For quicker flavor: You can gently ‘muddle’ the ingredients to help release their flavor into the water, especially with fresh herbs and ingredients like ginger root.
  • When using citrus fruits: The white pith can cause the water to become bitter over time, so it’s best to enjoy it within 4-5 hours, even if they’ll technically last longer. Alternatively, just add the flesh and peel without the bitter pith.
  • The flavor will increase: This probably won’t surprise you to learn that the longer you leave the detox drinks to rest, the stronger the flavor will become.
  • Use organic when possible: To reduce the chemicals/ pesticides you’re consuming.
  • Preparing different fruits: I tend to slice softer fruits, like strawberries, peaches, etc., into thicker slices. Whereas firmer fruits, like apples/pears, work best when sliced thinly, to help release their flavor into the infused water.
  • Experiment with florals: For an added dimension of flavor in these fruit infused water recipes, you could experiment with edible florals like rose petals, lavender, etc.
  • To boost the flavor further: You could experiment with natural, edible essential oils like lemon oil, orange oil, rose water, or even extracts like vanilla extract.

More Drink Recipes

  • Healthy ginger shots
  • Immune booster juice (beet and ginger)
  • Vegan banana milkshake
  • Creamy mango lassi
  • Watermelon margarita
  • Vegan Hot Chocolate

If you try any of these naturally flavored detox water recipes, I’d love a comment and ★★★★★ recipe rating below. Also, please don’t forget to tag me in re-creations on Instagram or Facebook with @elavegan and #elavegan—I love seeing them.

Fruit and water diet

Fruit and water diet


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