The Hidden Benefits of Okra Water

Benefit of okra waterThe Okra, in Hindi or Ladies’ Finger, whatever name we call it, is an all time favorite for most of us. Fortunately, we get it throughout the year. You know, besides tickling your taste buds, okra as a vegetable and in the form of okra water has multiple benefits. Raw okra is 90% water, 2% protein, 7% carbohydrate and is negligible in fat. It is rich in dietary fiber, Vitamin C,  Vitamin K, some amounts of thiamine, folic acid and magnesium . Let’s discuss the benefits of Okra water one by one and I am sure, after knowing them, you won’t hesitate using okra water in your daily diet.

Benefits of Okra Water 

  1. It Lowers Blood Sugar: Okra Water is a low-carb diabetes fighting drink. Okra seeds contain alpha-glucosidase enzymes and its gum contains insoluble fiber. They prevent the release of sugar in the bloodstream by inhibiting the carbohydrate metabolizing enzyme. This helps in slowing down the rate of digestion, thus resulting in delayed absorption sugar in blood, keeping your blood sugar from rising too fast.
  2. Keeps the Liver Healthy: Okra water helps in liver-detox. The slimy substance of the okra binds with the cholesterol and bile acids, thereby helping the liver flush out toxins from the body. It also helps in reducing cholesterol levels and is included in many weight loss programs.
  3. Prevents Cancer: Being rich in folic acid, it helps in cancer prevention.
  4. Prevents Stroke: It is rich in Vitamin C, which we all know is one of the most powerful free-radical fighters. In other words, it is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C is very essential in keeping our blood vessels healthy, keeping blood pressure under control and preventing stroke.
  5. Boost Immunity: Being rich in Vitamin C, Okra helps boost our immunity as well, which is the need of the hour. Vitamin C is also required to keep our skin healthy by producing collagen. Skin is the largest protective organ of our body. Healthy skin ensures a good protective barrier to the entry of germs in our body.
  6. Improves Brain Power: It has good amounts of potassium as well which is required for normal functioning of the brain. Potassium has other benefits too like controlling high blood pressure, preventing stroke, strengthening our bones.
  7. Improves Digestion: The slimy substance of Okra which contains insoluble fiber, helps in the smooth movement through the gut and eases constipation.
  8. Good Source of Non-Dairy Calcium: Those who cannot tolerate dairy products like milk, cheese, curd or are lactose intolerant, can opt for Okra. There is 82mg of calcium in just 1 cup of okra. This means, a single 100 gm serving of okra supplies about 8% of your daily calcium requirements. Now, we all know how useful calcium is for our bones, muscles, nerves and even weight management.

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It is very easy to prepare Okra Water. All you need to do is soak 3-6 Okra pods (split each into two) in a glass of water overnight. In the morning, remove them and drink the water. This way, you get all the necessary benefits you need! 

We hope this article helps you. Do give it a try and leave your thoughts in the comments below! For more useful information on nutrition and food, check out Healthy Reads or tune in to experts on GOQii Play. 



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