8 Awesome Military Marriage Benefits You Have as a Spouse

“Ooo you’re about to get those GOOD military marriage benefits!”

I would always wonder why people said this to me when they found out that I was marrying a Marine… and then they would wonder why my face was so blank.

They said it as if they already knew him, his life, and what he had to offer me. It wasn’t just because he’s a Marine, it’s because he is in the military…period!

Unfortunately back then I was pretty ignorant about all the military marriage benefits that came with marrying a service member. And being that we weren’t near a military base initially, I had no one to fill me in. So I found out gradually overtime and they’re pretty awesome!

1. Being able to stand next to your hero

Yes! This heart warmer is at the TOP of my list. Our spouses have committed their lives to serving their country and then they come home to love on us. Having my personal hero for myself and our kids to look up to (especially in that uniform) is golden!

2. Healthcare is Included

I’ve known a few people who have tolerated physical pain instead of going to the doctor because they didn’t have insurance or couldn’t afford the bill. We don’t have that fear or concern. Just as healthcare is provided for the military members, their dependants are covered too. And that includes surgeries, births, scans, and medicine (if you get it on base).

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3. You Can Get Marriage Counseling and Family Support

MFLC is the Military and Family Life Counseling Program. A couple of great things they offer are individual and/or marriage counseling without any of it going on your record. They don’t take notes and they can also meet you at an off base location if you choose to.

Check your local Fleet & Family Service Center. They offer insight on jobs available, fitness and recreation activities, family and youth activities and more.

4. Free education

Based on your spouse’s rank, you may qualify for Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA). And then there is the GI Bill which if our spouse hasn’t or isn’t planning to use they can transfer it to you or your children. But there are some timing restrictions that you will need to be aware of. You can find out more info at your local Fleet & Family Service Center.

5. Military Discounts All Year Round

No matter the store or restaurant, there’s a very high chance that they give military families a little extra love in the form of a discount.

So don’t be shy…ASK about that discount before you check out!
Here’s a list of some current facilities that give discounts.

6. Housing & BAH

We get a house for FREE! Although not everyone chooses to live on base, it’s still AWESOME to know that you can. Most military bases offer housing. However if they don’t, we also have the pleasure of receiving Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) which will pay for your family to live “out in town.” Your BAH amount is based on location, pay grade, and dependency status.

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7. World Travel

If you get the chance to be stationed overseas, take it! It will be a unique experience to live abroad. It’s pretty cool to be able to say my kids were born in Japan! Also there’s Overseas Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) that’s an additional compensation given to our spouses. Mo’ money!

8. Joining a community

We didn’t have a great military community as young military newlyweds because my spouse was a recruiter working LONG days and we didn’t live near a base.

BUT, 2yrs after that we moved to Okinawa Japan where I really learned the meaningfulness & impact of our military family. And this part has nothing to do with a program!

It has EVERYTHING to do with your neighbor, your spouse’s Unit, that other parent on the playground on base, or even the familiar face you see at the commissary.

We can all relate to each other and build lasting relationships because we are in these trenches together!

There are so many military marriage benefits. Which one is at the TOP of your list?


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