Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Storage in 2022

Advantages of Cloud Storage

Traditional data storage requires the frequent purchasing of storage devices, electrical power, storage space, an IT team, and security to keep data protected and maintained. The cost of traditional storage is unpredictable, increases exponentially as your business grows, and is difficult to downsize when needed.

The benefits of cloud storage include cost-effective online storage solutions, accessibility, recovery, advanced security through cloud penetration testing, and convenience.

1- Cost-Effective Online Storage Solutions

Using traditional methods to back up your data is not always cost-effective. It often results in purchasing costly equipment such as hard drives, local servers, etc. You also need to backup data regularly to prevent data loss, which can lead to additional staffing costs.

Cloud storage can reduce the cost by only charging you for the storage you need for a low monthly fee. As part of their solution, V2 Cloud offers cloud storage with contract-free pricing, no minimum order, or hidden fees.

2- Maximize Accessibility

Another advantage of using cloud storage is that you can securely access your account from anywhere with an Internet connection. Just by using a computer or mobile device, you can instantly have access to your account files and all of the benefits.

Plus, with V2 Cloud you can control who has access to what files. Our Freelancer Management System provides the tools you need to manage a global team while scaling your business and maintaining data security. Utilizing apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams helps you securely collaborate with outside consultants and freelancers using cloud-based desktops.

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3- Recovery

If you lose your original files, the consequences could be catastrophic. Ransomware is a form of malicious software or malware that can block access to a computer system and data until a financial ransom has been paid. This type of attack affects both individuals and businesses.

To a computer system and data until a financial ransom has been paid. This type of attack affects both individuals and businesses.

To speed up online system backups and save on overall storage needs, utilize “snapshots” to capture critical system changes. Regular snapshots provide better data integrity by not saving redundant data multiple times.

Snapshots are a proactive step to overcoming a dreaded ransomware attack. They capture your entire workspace including all running apps, ensuring you can pick up where you left off right before the attack.

4- Advanced Security

Compliance refers to conforming to law, specification, policy, or standard. In regards to cybersecurity compliance, stored data is protected through a program to prevent any tampering with accessibility, integrity, and confidentiality of stored data.

Depending on what industry you are seeking cybersecurity compliance for, you may be required to meet one or more compliance regulations. For example, the healthcare industry relies on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to keep patient information secure. That same health provider accepts payment for services through a point-of-service (POS) system, it would also need to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Since compliance regulation updates are often spurred by cybersecurity breaches, companies should place an emphasis on cybersecurity to protect valued consumer data. At V2 Cloud we respect the privacy of our users. Data is never shared.

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The following steps can be taken to help prevent data breaches:


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