21 Amazing Hikes and Sights near Kanab, Utah + More

Kanab is an amazing place for outdoor adventure. In this post, you’ll find the best hikes near Kanab, Utah, and other things to do that you can’t miss while visiting the region.

The southwest region of the United States is one of the most unique places in the world. The stunning rock formations draw visitors from all over. In between the famous Zion National Park and Grand Canyon, sits a small town, Kanab, surrounded by amazing places to explore.

Is Kanab, Utah Worth Visiting?

Our answer: YES! Would we really be writing this post if it wasn’t? But we understand your hesitation.

Kanab, itself, is a small little town, with limited “things to do” within the town limits. However, it is a great place to base yourself for exploring southern Utah and northern AZ.

We visited Kanab during a winter trip to the area focusing on sights around Kanab and Page. We then made sure to come back with family while visiting some Utah national parks, Zion and Bryce.

Utah brings many outdoorsy visitors because of the stunning national parks. However, outside those parks are some of our favorite hikes in Utah! Kanab makes for a perfect stop on Utah/Southwest road trip or even a weekend destination.

Get outside the busier places like Zion, and escape into the colorful orange rock formations around Kanab.

What is Kanab Close to?

Kanab is located in southern Utah, just a short drive from the eastern entrance of Zion National Park, Dixie National Forest, and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

What is the closest airport to Kanab, Utah?

The closest major airport to Kanab is in Las Vegas, about a 3-3.5 hour drive. Salt Lake City is a bit farther, being a 4.5-hour drive north.

What other cities are worth visiting near Kanab?

St. George is a larger nearby city on the opposite side of Zion National Park. It is located roughly 80 miles from Kanab, about a 1.5-hour drive.

On our first road trip to the area, we visited Page, Arizona along with Kanab. There is so much to do and see along Highway 89 between these two cities.

What is there to see between Kanab and Page?

Kanab is just over 75 miles away from Page, Arizona, about a 1 hour and 10-minute drive. Page is home to the infamous Horsehoe Bend and easily accessible from Kanab for the day.

On Highway 89 between Kanab and Page, there are tons of trails and even some short stops. This small section of Highway 89 is filled with amazing views and unique rock formations from the Toadstools to the White Wave.

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Many of our recommendations listed below are found in this area, which is why we are mentioning Page, AZ. It is a great addition to your Kanab, Utah trip!

Our 3 Favorite Hikes near Kanab, Utah:

  • To the top of a coral pink sand dune in Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park
  • Up the steep sandstone wall to reach the Sand Caves off Highway 89
  • Walking through red rock slot canyons on the Wire Pass trail

Still On Our Bucket List:

  • The Wave and Coyote Buttes North in Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness 
  • Hiking the entire Buckskin Gulch Trail
  • Otherworldly rock formations at White Pocket

Tips for Visiting Kanab:

When to Visit

Our Favorite Time: Early winter!

We went over Christmas in 2020, as an outdoor escape to COVID and the world. We were very socially distanced out in the desert by ourselves. It was amazingly peaceful during this time of year and the sunrises were stunning. We got up super early each day and had most of the places to ourselves.

If you can’t make it during the early winter, we recommend visiting in spring or fall. Summer is great too but the heat is too much for those not used to the desert. We visited in April and the weather was wonderful (just bring temperature-appropriate sleeping bags if you’re camping!)

No matter the season you visit, early morning is the best time to get out on the trails. With fewer visitors, you’ll get to see the desert as it is just beginning to stir and have a larger chance of seeing some wildlife.

What to Wear

Comfy athletic clothing of course! A loose shirt, sports bra, and leggings or hiking pants are best to explore the desert around Kanab.

Depending on the season you’ll be visiting in, make sure to bring warmer layers, hats, and gloves. The desert is not scorching year-round, and in winter you may even find some snow here. During our winter trip, Sam wore fleece-lined leggings, a fleece jacket, and a puffy coat. It can get COLD so make sure to check the weather ahead of time.

Our favorite hiking shoes: Teva Sandals or Hoka One One Boots

In warmer weather, we rarely go out without our Teva Sandals. They are amazingly comfortable and durable for miles of hiking!

In cooler weather or rougher trails, our favorite hiking boots that we have owned so far are the Hoka One One Sky Kaha Gortex Hiking Boots. Ty has found that his feet are fine in most boots but Sam gets blisters no matter what. These Hoka boots saved her feet!

What to Bring

  • Daypack to hold all your gear
  • Water bottle or bladdar to insert into your daypack
  • Camera to capture the gorgeous scenery. We now use the Sony A7iii but love our older Cannon Mark II 5D as well.
  • Sunscreen
  • Portable charger for long days on the trail
  • Phone with the All Trails app downloaded
  • Flashlight, for early morning or sunset hikes
  • Snacks, our favorites to have on hand are Verb Bars or Lara Bars.

And if you’re camping don’t forget all your camping supplies and food. Need meal ideas? Check out our favorite camp meals here

Where to Stay When Visiting Kanab

  • Camp at the Old Highway 89 Campground. This campground is free on BLM land. It has amazing views and is great for RV boondocking or tent camping.

Interested in learning how to find free campsites like this one? We wrote a post all about it for you. Find out more here!

Other Places to Stay:
  • During our winter trip, we stayed at the Quality Inn right next to Red Canyon Cabins. You can get the same view for a cheaper price + free breakfast!
  • Looking for something with a bit more flair? The Canyons Boutique Hotel is a charming place to stay with quaint Victorian styled rooms.

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Important Things to Remember

  1. Having a car (preferably 4WD) is necessary to explore Kanab, unless you plan to explore by tours.
  2. Stopping at the BLM Office in Kanab is super valuable. Not only can you buy your parking permit for some of the trails, but you can also get great information from the staff!
  3. If a road/trail says you need 4WD this is not an exaggeration! We drove our 2019 Crosstrek and still had a few issues in some places (including a flat tire on our way to White Pocket). Don’t have 4WD? Don’t worry, we marked below if it is recommended!
  4. Drink lots of water! Hiking in the desert can be very dehydrating. Make sure to hydrate, even if visiting in colder seasons.
  5. Be respectful to nature. Exploring the great outdoors is our favorite past time, however, make sure while on the trail you are respectful to the wildlife in the area and STAY ON THE TRAILS.
  6. Want more tips on hiking in the desert? Click here!

The Best Hikes near Kanab, Utah

5 Short Hikes and Sights You Can’t Miss:

Not all hikes have to take hours for a worthwhile view. These 5 hikes near Kanab, Utah include short walks or hikes with unique rock formations and sights you must see! All of these should be on your itinerary if you have the time while stopping in Kanab.

3. Dinosaur Tracks

4WD: Not necessary

How cool are rocks? Frozen in time in the sandstone near Kanab are tracks from a 185-million-year-old dinosaur. To see them, find the location on our map below and park in the lot off Highway 89, and head up the rocky trail!

5. White Pocket


Although the hike to this destination is shorter, the drive definitely isn’t. Sadly, we didn’t make it here because we got a flat tire on the way and couldn’t finish the drive. However, if you get the chance it’s a must do. Isolated out in the middle of nowhere, this rock formation is stunning (Google it, if you’re in doubt).

DO NOT make the drive without 4WD because the backroads are very sandy. If you don’t have 4WD, look into booking a tour like this one:

  • White Poclet ATV Tour with Kanab Tour Company

The 3 BEST Slot Canyon Hikes around Kanab:

Kanab is famous for its slot canyon hikes. If you’re heading here for an outdoor adventure, you must add at least one of these to your plans!

1. Red Slot Canyon AKA Peekaboo Canyon


Another hike that we did not get to, even though we DID TRY. Remember earlier when we said if the trail says 4WD that it REALLY means it? Well, we tried to get here anyways in our Crosstrek but were not successful. The sand on the drive down is DEEP and we almost got stuck. With a bit of panic and some skilled driving by Ty, we made it out but didn’t make it to the hike.

If you’re wanting to do this stunning hike without 4WD, we recommend booking a tour OR you can hike all the way making the trail over 8 miles.

3. Buckskin Gulch

4WD: Recommended, not required

Over 20 miles in the slot canyons, this trail is pretty well known. It is located in the Grand Escalante Staircase National Monument, connected to the trail listed above, and considered one of the top hikes in the U.S. This hike can be done as a long day hike or divided up over a couple of days. The layered sandstone makes for stunning features all the way through!

  • Best day hikes near kanab utah
  • Best day hikes near kanab utah
  • Best day hikes near kanab utah

3 Hikes that Require a Pass or Guide:

Not all hikes near Kanab, Utah are free to visit. Some of the most famous sites, actually require a pass or a hired guide. Are one of these hikes on your bucket list? Make sure you plan way in advance!

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1. The WAVE/Coyote Buttes North


A bucket list destination for many, the Wave and Coyote Buttes North require a permit to visit that can be hard to get. The unique patterns of layered sandstone bring visitors from all over in hopes of getting a chance to see it in person.

Sadly, we have not been lucky enough to score a permit yet. If you are looking for more information on how to get one, click here! Have some tips for visiting? We’d love to see them in the comments!

2. Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is another hike that requires more than just showing up to the trailhead. Located on Navajo land, visiting this canyon requires booking a tour with a licensed guide. If you’re interested in touring this stunning canyon, make sure to book way in advance!

Looking into a tour? Here is a great resource

3. Coyote Buttes South


Although less popular than it’s counterpart, listed #1, Coyote Buttes South is home to stunning rock formations that require a permit to access. Some sites to see here include Lone Tree, Paw Hole, and Cottonwood Cove. Click here to get your permit

More Amazing Hikes Near Kanab, Utah:

1. Yellow Rock

4WD: Recommended for Cottonwood Canyon Road, not required.

A steep 2.6 mile out and back trail with a dome of yellow, white, and red-streaked sandstone at the top. To get to this trailhead, you must take a drive on Cottonwood Canyon Road (one of our other recommendations below

2. Squaw Trail

4WD: Not necessary

A 3.2 mile out and back trail with views of the surrounding landscape. It is said to be a workout because of the incline on the way up! Be careful while hiking because of some loose rocks and sand on part of the trail.

3. Tom’s Canyon Trail

4WD: Not necessary

3.5 miles with little elevation gain. Tom’s Canyon Trail is pretty flat but well marked. It is a nice hike, especially for those that are not super active but want to get on the trail!

Other longer hikes include the slot canyon trails, coming up next.

Other Things to Do near Kanab, Utah

State Parks + National Parks nearby Kanab, Utah

4WD: Not required for a visit to any of these amazing parks! Home to many more hikes near Kanab, Utah, these parks are definitely worth adding to your itinerary!

More Unique Things to Do

1. Take a Scenic Drive along Cottonwood Canyon Road

Almost 50 miles of scenic driving stretches from Highway 89, just outside of Kanab, to Scenic Byway 12.

Drive along Cottonwood Canyon Road and be memorized by the sandstone rock formations or stop for a hike along the way.

Although 2WD is doable for this scenic drive, the road is unpaved and high clearance is recommended.

2. Go on an Off-Roading Tour

Get off the beaten path or explore Kanab in a new way! Take an ATV or Jeep tour through some of the most beautiful and hard-to-reach locations near Kanab.

Here are some highly-rated tour companies to check out when planning your trip:

  1. Kanab Tour Company
  2. Expedition Kanab

3. Visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Tour the shelter and make some new furry friends during your trip to Utah! At Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, you can book a tour, volunteer, or even take a friend home for the night! For more information, visit their website.

Need more inspiration to plan your trip to Kanab? Check out some more of our favorite photos from our trip:

  • Best day hikes near kanab utah
    Views near the Toadstools
  • Best day hikes near kanab utah
    Sandstone layers near the Toadstools
  • Best day hikes near kanab utah
    Sand Caves Hike outside Kanab
  • Best day hikes near kanab utah
    Open desert
  • Best day hikes near kanab utah

We hope you have an amazing trip and enjoy some of these hikes near Kanab!

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