Self-Care for Menopause: 5 Women Share Their Experiences

Connolly: Be gentle with yourself, and listen to what your changing body needs. If you feel stressed, find someone to talk to. If you’re concerned with putting on weight, up your exercise and pay attention to the extra calories you may be eating unconsciously. But make sure you’re patient with yourself and your body. Oh, and sleep in cotton! Those night sweats can be wild!

Miller: I’d tell her first that menopause is a transition and not a life sentence. The changes of menopause can be so intense and seem never-ending. This can make it feel as though you’ll never feel “normal” again. But you will.

In fact, once actual menopause is reached, not only will [some women] feel “normal” again, but [for some] there’s a wonderful, renewed sense of self and life energy. While it’s true that our youth is behind us, and this can be a cause for mourning and loss for some women, it’s also true that freedom from menstrual cycles and all of the accompanying physical difficulties is equally exhilarating.

For many women, their postmenopausal years are some of their happiest and most productive, and I’d encourage women to embrace these years with passion and purpose.

Robinson: Don’t stop looking after yourself at the exact time in your life that you need to care for yourself the most.

Dolgen: Create a list of realistic and achievable self-care practices for yourself. Next, find a good menopause specialist who’s up on the latest science and studies. This specialist is your menopause business partner, so make sure to choose wisely.

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It’s possible to feel great in perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause if you get the help that you need and deserve!

Jennifer Connolly helps women over 50 become their confident, stylish, and best selves through her blog, A Well Styled Life. A certified personal stylist and image consultant, she believes wholeheartedly that women can be beautiful and confident at every age. Jennifer’s deeply personal stories and insights have made her a trusted friend to thousands of women throughout North America and the world. Jennifer has been searching for the perfect foundation shade since 1973.

Ellen Dolgen is the founder and president of Menopause Mondays and is a principal of Dolgen Ventures. She’s an author, blogger, speaker, and health, wellness, and menopause awareness advocate. For Dolgen, menopause education is a mission. Inspired by her own experience struggling with the symptoms of menopause, Dolgen has devoted the last 10 years of her life to sharing the keys to the menopause kingdom on her website.

Over the last 27 years, Maryon Stewart has helped tens of thousands of women all around the world reclaim their well-being and overcome PMS and menopause symptoms. Stewart has written 27 popular self-help books, co-authored a series of medical papers, written regular columns for numerous daily newspapers and magazines, and had her own TV and radio shows. She also received the British Empire Medal in 2018 for services to drug education following her successful seven-year campaign at the Angelus Foundation, which she established in memory of her daughter, Hester.

Karen Robinson lives in the North East of England and blogs about menopause on her website MenopauseOnline, guest blogs on health sites, reviews menopause-related products, and has been interviewed on TV. Robinson is determined that no woman should be left alone to cope during perimenopause, menopause, and the years beyond.

Magnolia Miller is a women’s health and wellness writer, advocate, and educator. She has a passion for women’s midlife health issues related to the transition of menopause. She holds a master’s degree in health communication and is certified in healthcare consumer advocacy. Magnolia has written and published online content for numerous sites around the world and continues to advocate for women on her website, The Perimenopause Blog . There she writes and publishes content on issues pertaining to women’s hormone health.


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