The Best Keto Yogurts You Need To Try

If you’ve visited the dairy aisle, you may have been deterred by all of the added sugars in the yogurt and milk options, especially in the flavored ones. But the good news is that due to the growing popularity of the keto diet, a high-fat, low-carb way of eating, there are more low sugar yogurt products every day! Here at Keto and Co, we believe in supporting you with ways to incorporate more ease and variety into your everyday routine, so we reviewed all of the keto yogurt options for you! 

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How exactly is yogurt made?

Making your own yogurt may seem unusual, but it’s easier than you think! It’s simply a combination of milk or nut milk, active culture, and few extra ingredients to reach your desired thickness.

Here’s a simple recipe from

All you need is:

-1 can full-fat coconut milk

-2 capsules probiotic-10

-½ tsp xanthan gum (¼ tsp of xanthan gum in each jar)

-⅔ cup heavy whipping cream

-Toppings of your choice

Get the full recipe here

The benefit of making your own keto yogurt is you get to choose high-quality ingredients and keep the added sugars out of your recipe. You can even add extra sweetness by incorporating your favorite sugar replacer, low sugar granola, or mixing in berries.

Explore Keto Granola Options

What are the benefits of eating yogurt?

Eating low-carb yogurt every day can be beneficial to your overall health. You may experience the following improvements in:

  • Better Digestion: Yogurt with active probiotics has been linked to improved digestion and lessened symptoms of digestive issues like IBS, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • Bone Health: Due to its high calcium and protein content, consuming dairy can help protect against osteoporosis
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Consuming dairy regularly has been linked to lowering blood pressure in people experiencing high blood pressure already.

Can you eat yogurt on a keto diet?

Yes, you can totally eat yogurt on a keto diet if you read your nutrition facts panels carefully. However, most low-fat yogurts, including plain flavors, contain added sugar, and high-fat yogurts can be hard to find. There are a few ways to find a yogurt that’s right for your keto lifestyle; look out for whole milk options, stick to the plain flavors or find a keto yogurt that’s using low glycemic sweeteners like allulose or monk fruit.

When it comes to yogurt add-ins, stick to low-carbs options like berries, nuts, or this no sugar added Keto Granola!

Is Greek yogurt keto?

Greek yogurt can be keto-friendly depending on the added sugar content and foods you pair it with. On average, a half cup of store-bought plain Greek yogurt contains 4g net carbs and 9g protein. Due to its high protein content, Greek yogurt is a great, filling meal or snack that’s been proven to decrease appetite. If you’d like to increase the fat content, you can add coconut oil, MCT oil, or nuts to keep you satiated for hours.

Finding plain Greek yogurt at your local store is easy; brands like Chobani, Fage, and siggi’s are in grocery stores throughout the U.S.

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What is the difference between regular and Greek yogurt?

Greek yogurt and regular yogurt are fermented dairy products, but Greek yogurt has a thicker consistency, more protein, and fewer carbs than regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is strained three times which drains out excess water, minerals, and whey. The straining process also makes a tangier taste than what you may be used to.

While Greek and regular yogurt are different nutritionally, they can provide the same benefits like improving digestion, heart health, and decreasing appetite.

What are the best yogurts to eat on a keto diet? (listed in no particular order)

Best yogurt for keto diet

1. Two Good Yogurt

  • Nutrition facts:
    • Calories: 80
    • Net carbs: 3g
    • Fat: 2g
    • Protein: 12g
    • Sugar: 2g
  • Flavor options: Plain, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Mango Hibiscus, Meyer Lemon and more

Keto and Co’s review:

Two Good’s Greek yogurt was a Keto and Co team favorite. We tried the black cherry, vanilla, strawberry, and plain flavors and enjoyed the thick consistency and the overall taste of each of them!

There was no aftertaste but left a slightly chalky feeling in our mouths. If you like tartness, the black cherry and strawberry flavors are the ones for you. 

Pro tip: because Two Good’s yogurt is low in fat try adding MCT or avocado oil for an added boost to your daily fat intake.

2. :Ratio

  • Nutrition facts:
    • Calories: 200
    • Net carbs: 2g
    • Fat: 15g
    • Protein: 15g
    • Sugar: 1g
  • Flavors: Black Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Coconut, and Mango

Keto and Co’s review:

:Ratio has a keto and a protein yogurt. The protein yogurt has 25g of protein with 7g net carbs and 3g sugar. The :Ratio Keto yogurt is much more suitable for a keto lifestyle with 2g total carbs, 15g fat and 1g sugar. Another added benefit of the :Ratio Keto Yogurt is the high-fat content because it may help keep you full longer than the other low-carb yogurts.

Overall, we thought that the :Ratio Keto is another great option for a low-carb yogurt. The texture was silky and thick. The mango flavor was our team’s favorite because the strawberry flavor was too sweet for our liking.

3. Chobani Zero Sugar

  • Nutrition facts (based on blueberry flavor)
      • Calories: 60
      • Net carbs: 1g
      • Fat: 0g
      • Protein: 11g
      • Sugar: 0g
    • Flavors: Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Toasted Coconut, Milk & Cookies
    • Where to buy

    Keto and Co’s review:

    Chobani launched a zero sugar yogurt in June 2021, one of the first zero sugar yogurts ever created. It’s the lowest in calories and net carbs (1g) compared to others on this list but with zero grams of fat (we love fat here).

    Chobani uses allulose to sweeten its zero sugar yogurt, which may look confusing on the label since it’s not listed on their nutrition facts panel.

    So here’s how you break it down:

    5g total carbs – 4g allulose = 1g net carb

    Let us know what you think in the comments below!

    3. The Greek Gods Yogurt

  • Nutrition Facts:
      • Calories: 140
      • Net carbs: 8g
      • Fat: 10g
      • Protein: 6g
      • Sugar: 6g
    • Flavors: Vanilla, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Peach, and Blueberry

    Keto and Co’s review:

    While this yogurt has 50% less sugar than leading brands, The Greek God’s “keto-friendly” yogurt still has 6g sugar and 8g net carbs, the highest sugar and carb content out of the options on this list. Additionally, this Greek yogurt is the lowest protein option. Our team enjoyed the light and fresh peach flavor and thick consistency, but we would likely pick another yogurt brand due to the nutritional value.

    4. Kite Hill Non-Dairy Greek-Style Yogurt

  • Nutrition facts:
      • Calories: 160
      • Net carbs: 4g
      • Fat: 10g
      • Protein: 11g
      • Sugar: 2g
    • Flavors: Plain (unsweetened), Vanilla (unsweetened)

    Keto and Co’s review:

    If you’re avoiding dairy, try Kite Hill’s Unsweetened Greek Yogurt flavors. Overall, we enjoyed the thick texture after mixing the yogurt to eliminate the initial separation and watery appearance. There’s a strong nutty flavor, but the flavor was enjoyable when mixed with berries or granola! 

    Best yogurt for keto diet

    5. Kroger CarbMaster Yogurt

  • Nutrition facts:
      • Calories: 70
      • Net carbs: 5g
      • Fat: 1.5g
      • Protein: 9g
      • Sugar: 1g
    • Flavors: Vanilla, Orange Vanilla, Cherry, Key Lime, and more

    Keto and Co’s review:

    We couldn’t find CarbMaster Yogurt in our local grocery stores, but you can try it yourself by finding a store near you!

    6. YQ (by Yoplait) Protein Yogurt (Plain)

    • Nutrition facts:
      • Calories: 100
      • Net carbs: 2g
      • Fat: 3g
      • Protein: 17g
      • Sugar: 1g
    • Flavors: Plain (the flavored yogurts have >10g net carbs)

    Keto and Co’s review:

    We couldn’t find this product in our local grocery stores, but you can try it yourself by finding a store near you! The plain is the only YQ Protein Yogurt flavor that’s suitable for a keto lifestyle. If you’re looking for a higher protein option, this YQ Protein Yogurt has the highest protein content of all of the brands on this list.

    7. Good Culture Cottage Cheese (Whole Milk Plain)

  • Nutrition facts:
      • Calories: 140
      • Net carbs: 3g
      • Fat: 6g
      • Protein: 19g
      • Sugar: 3g
    • Flavors: Whole Milk Plain

    Keto and Co’s review:

    We didn’t have a chance to taste test this product, but we wanted to include it in the list because of its simple ingredients and high protein content. Like Greek yogurt, you can sweeten the plain cottage cheese up with berries, nuts, low sugar granola, and more! Let us know if you’ve tried it!

    8. Other Plain Greek Yogurts:

    • siggi’s
    • Chobani 
    • Kirkland Signature
    • Silk Plain (Dairy free)

    Keto and Co’s review:

    If you prefer plain yogurt flavors or can’t find the flavored keto yogurts listed above, there are many options in your local grocery store.

    siggi’s plain Greek yogurt was unanimously our favorite plain option. One of our teammates said, “it tastes like I’m on a farm in Iceland, and that this yogurt was just freshly whipped and served to me.” We also liked that there was no aftertaste, and the thick texture was heavenly!

    Best yogurt for keto diet

    How can you sweeten keto-friendly yogurts?

    You can sweeten your keto yogurt by simply adding in a sugar replacer or pairing it with other sweet foods to mix in. For example, you can add berries, sugar-free chocolate chips, or something crunchy like nuts or keto granola to make it sweet. You may even enjoy a drizzle of keto-friendly syrup mixed in for a simple, added sweetness.

    If you’re not into toppings or extra flavor in your yogurt, you can sweeten your yogurt with a sugar replacer. Some of your keto sweetener options include erythritol, monk fruit, or stevia, but we prefer Wondrose Sugar Replacer. Unlike other sweeteners, it has a clean, sweet taste and contains prebiotic fiber to help promote a healthy gut!

    You can eat yogurt again!

    Yogurt is back and it can be a great snack or quick breakfast option for keto and your overall health. You can sweeten it up with your favorite toppings or fresh fruits or even use it in your savory recipes wherever you’d use sour cream! Email us at [email protected] if you end up trying any of the options we listed above and for a discount on our Keto Granola!

    Looking for low-carb breakfast & cereals? Explore Keto Granola Options

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    Learn all about how to enjoy yogurt on a keto diet, including 4 keto yogurt recipes, the best brands of yogurt to buy, and how to use toppings to balance out macros for the keto diet.

    If you’re searching for healthy keto snack ideas, also try these delicious Keto Almond Flour Crackers and Keto Chia Pudding.

    Best yogurt for keto diet

    Is Yogurt Keto?

    Yes, and no. The answer lies in what yogurt you buy! The standard fruit-flavored yogurt cups that we all grew up eating are not keto. Most yogurt cups have more sugar than protein. Most of these flavored yogurts are also made with low fat or non fat milk.

    A container of Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt has 27 grams of carbs, with 13g of added sugar! These yogurts are not healthy for anyone, keto diet or not.

    However, full fat, plain yogurt is suitable for a keto diet (in moderation!). A 1 cup serving of full fat yogurt has 8g of carbohydrates, along with 7 grams of fat and 5 grams of protein. This is a reasonable amount of carbs to add to your diet, especially with other health benefits of full fat yogurt, including the probiotics and quality proteins.

    Studies have found that consuming full fat dairy products is correlated with a lower risk of obesity, most likely due to it’s satiety (embrace those healthy fats!).

    In addition, the most beneficial nutrients in dairy are found in the fats, so don’t buy products with these stripped out!

    Is Greek Yogurt Keto?

    Yes! Especially for those of us who struggle to meet protein needs, Greek yogurt is an excellent choice on the keto diet.

    A 3/4 cup serving of full fat Greek yogurt has 5g of carbs, 9g of fat, and 15g of protein, making it my favorite choice for the keto diet.

    As with all other carb sources (berries, veggies, nuts and seeds), it should be consumed in moderation.

    Planning your carb needs around a snack, breakfast, or dessert containing Greek yogurt is often helpful and helps beat egg and meat boredom.

    Best Yogurts for Keto

    Best yogurt for keto diet

    Top Choice: Maple Hill Grass Fed Greek Yogurt, 2/3 cup (170g) serving has 9g carbs, 15g protein, and 7g fat

    Top Choice: Stonyfield Organic Grass Fed Greek Yogurt, 3/4 cup (170g) serving has 7g carbs, 16g protein, and 9g fat

    *Grass fed dairy has a better omega 3/omega 6 ratio — higher in omega 3s, lower in omega 6s, because of the animal’s grass based diet.

    Great Choice: Fage 5% Greek Yogurt, 3/4 cup (170g) serving has 5g carbs, 15g protein, and 9g fat

    *This brand gets a high rating for having the creamiest and best flavor.

    Okay Choice: Greek Gods Plain Greek Yogurt (full fat), 2/3 cup (170g) serving has 11g of carbs, 7g protein, and 9g fat.

    *This brand gets a lower rating for not being grass-fed and having a lower protein content.

    Okay Choice: Kirkland Nonfat Greek Yogurt , 2/3 cup (170g) serving has 7g of carbs, 18g protein, and 0g fat.

    *This brand gets a lower rating for using nonfat dairy, which strips the yogurt of important nutrients. It also is made with conventional dairy, rather than organic or grass-fed.

    Poor Choice: Two Good Yogurts (nutrition is based on plain, but the flavored options are okay also), 1/2 cup (150g) serving has 3g of carbs, 12g protein, and 2g fat.

    *This brand gets a lower rating for not tasting great, having lots of unnecessary ingredients, and being made with reduced fat milk. It’s an okay choice, but not a healthy choice.

    Poor Choice: Ratio Yogurts (nutrition is based flavored choices), 1/2 cup (150g) serving has 2g of carbs, 15g protein, and 15g fat.

    *This brand gets a lower rating for not tasting great, and being made with skimmed fat milk. It’s an keto-friendly choice, but not a healthy choice.

    While Two Good and Ratio are known to be “keto friendly” yogurts, they aren’t the healthiest choices. Consider choosing these while you’re trying to get into ketosis, then switching to a healthier option after your body is already in ketosis.

    What if I don’t Like Plain Yogurt?

    Dress it up! I love plain yogurt, but not plain, if you know what I mean. I add low carb toppings and flavors to make it a fun, healthy, and energizing snack.

    Especially if you’re choosing yogurt as a meal replacement, adding some toppings will help it be more satiating.

    Low Carb Toppings / Additions:

    • Monk Fruit Sweetener (stevia is also a good choice if you like it), (1 teaspoon, 0 carbs)
    • Vanilla Extract (this actually adds a sweet flavor and is one of my favorite additions to plain yogurt)
    • Nuts and Seed: almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds (see this graphic for carb info.)
    • Nut Butter (1 tablespoon almond butter has 1.3g net carbs)
    • Unsweetened Coconut (1 tablespoon has <1g net carbs)
    • Raspberries (1/2 cup has 3g net carbs)
    • Strawberries (1/2 cup has 4g net carbs)
    • Blackberries (1/2 cup has 3g net carbs)
    • Blueberries (1/4 cup has 4g net carbs) *use in small amounts
    • Lemon Juice (1 teaspoon has <1g net carbs)

    Keto Greek Yogurt Snack Ideas

    Chocolate Strawberry Greek Yogurt

    9g Net Carbs, 19g Protein, 12g Fat, 222kcal

    Best yogurt for keto diet
    • 1- Fage 5% Greek Yogurt (170g) (other yogurts will change the nutrition facts)
    • 1 square 85% dark chocolate, chopped
    • 2 strawberries, chopped
    • 2 teaspoons cocoa powder
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 1 teaspoon monk fruit sweetener
    Best yogurt for keto diet

    Lemon Blueberry Keto Greek Yogurt

    11g Net Carbs, 19g Protein, 16g Fat, 263kcal

    Best yogurt for keto diet
    • 1- Fage 5% Greek Yogurt (170g) (other yogurts will change the nutrition facts)
    • 1/4 cup blueberries
    • 5 pecan halves
    • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
    • 1 teaspoon monk fruit sweetener
    Best yogurt for keto diet

    Raspberry Almond Keto Yogurt

    9g Net Carbs, 21g Protein, 19g Fat, 304kcal

    Best yogurt for keto diet
    • 1- Fage 5% Greek Yogurt (170g) (other yogurts will change the nutrition facts)
    • 1 tablespoon almond butter (no sugar added)
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 1/4 cup raspberries
    • Optional: 3-4 chopped almonds for crunch
    Best yogurt for keto diet

    Coconut Macadamia Keto Yogurt

    7g Net Carbs, 19g Protein, 25g Fat, 330kcal

    Best yogurt for keto diet
    • 1- Fage 5% Greek Yogurt (170g) (other yogurts will change the nutrition facts)
    • 1 tablespoon unsweetened coconut
    • 6 macadamia nuts, chopped

    Try this recipe? Be sure to share your cooking with me on PinterestFacebook, or Instagram, and tag @BlissfullyLowCarb !

    — Update: 01-01-2023 — found an additional article How To Choose The Best Low-Carb Yogurt, According To Nutritionists from the website for the keyword best yogurt for keto diet.

    If you’re thinking of getting on keto, you’re probably wondering if you’ll have to nix some of your beloved foods. Like, is your favorite yogurt okay? Even though yogurt isn’t typically seen as a carb-heavy food, it isn’t exactly called keto-friendly or low-carb either. So what’s the deal?

    Well, first things first, yogurt is a great source of protein and calcium. And it is generally a great option for anything from an afternoon snack to a filling breakfast meal, says dietitian Carolyn Brown, RD, of NYC-based practice Foodtrainers. And while plain yogurt may be lower on the carb side, flavored or sweetened yogurts tend to carry a heavier carb load.

    That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t occasionally have your favorite fruit-on-the-bottom cup. Just do so in moderation, *occasionally* swapping it for a keto-friendly option. “A yogurt with few carbohydrates would be the most likely to be considered keto-friendly,” says New York City-based dietitian Erin Palinski-Wade, RDN. Dairy yogurts contain lactose, a natural sugar. But some yogurts have less lactose because of how they’re made, she explains. (More on that later!)

    So there you have it: Following a low-carb or keto diet doesn’t mean saying goodbye to yogurt. It just means looking closer at nutrition labels. If you really want to get into the details, here’s everything you need to know about low-carb yogurts, and the best ones to choose, according to registered dietitians.

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    Do all yogurts contain carbs?

    Yep. A little yogurt 101 for you: Yogurt is made by adding bacteria to milk, which naturally contains a type of sugar (yes, a carb) called lactose, explains dietitian Scott Keatley, RD, of Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy. (Lactose is a combination of two types of sugar: galactose and glucose.)

    That’s why a glass of whole milk contains about 11 grams of sugar (and 12 grams of total carbs). When you add bacteria to milk, though, it converts that lactose into lactic acid. “Acids tend to have bitter tastes, which is why plain yogurt doesn’t fly off store shelves,” says Keatley.

    The bacteria will eat up all of milk’s lactose until there’s no sugar left, and they’ll die when the sugar runs out. “So, to keep ‘live cultures’ in yogurts, manufacturers do not allow the bacteria to feast forever and move the yogurt to cool temperatures to ‘stun’ them until you’re ready to eat up,” Keatley explains.

    What about the liquidy stuff that’s usually floating on top? “It contains most of the remaining lactose,” says Keatley. And sure, in theory, you *could* dump it out to get rid of some of the lactose if you’re watching your carb intake, explains dietitian Keri Gans, RD, author of The Small Change Diet.

    But TBH, that liquid can actually be pretty good for you, too. “You could also be draining other nutrients that you could miss out on,” Gans says, such as calcium (which is good for your bones), vitamin B12 (which prevents anemia), and phosphorus (also good for your bones). So you might as well stir it in.

    The final verdict: Though yogurts don’t contain as many carbs and sugar as milk, they still contain some.

    Why do different yogurts have different amounts of carbs?

    Take a stroll down the yogurt aisle and you’ll notice that different brands and varieties contain wildly different amounts of carbs and sugar.

    Here’s what you can expect in the carb department when you dip into one cup of the most popular varieties of plain yogurt:

    Full-fat Greek yogurt: 7.75 grams

    Non-fat Greek yogurt: 8.82 grams

    Full-fat regular yogurt: 11.4 grams

    Non-fat regular yogurt: 18.8 grams

    Different brands and types of yogurt end up with different carb counts for a couple of reasons.

    For one, the carb count in different varieties of yogurt (like Greek versus regular) is a result of the different straining processes.

    Remember that liquidy lactose-containing part of dairy yogurt that Keatley mentioned? While you leave that sugary liquid in regular yogurt, you strain it out to make Greek yogurt (or skyr), he explains. That’s why Greek yogurt is more tart, firmer in texture, and lower in sugar than regular yogurt.

    Plus, different brands might add different amounts of sugar to the milk they use to make yogurt. They might also add sugars for extra sweetness or flavor, explains Gans.

    What’s the difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt?

    In general, yogurt is made from a combination of both dairy and (body-safe) bacteria. Both regular and Greek yogurt start by heating up milk, adding bacteria, and letting it ferment until it reaches a low pH, explains Erica Zellner, MS, LDN, a health coach at Parsley Health in California. For regular yogurt, the process ends there. Greek yogurt, however, must be strained, too.

    Why? “It’s strained to remove most of the liquid whey and lactose,” explains Palinski-Wade. This straining process takes away some of the carbohydrates, while also keeping the protein levels intact. This means that, overall, Greek yogurt contains more protein, but less sugar and carbs compared to regular yogurt, explains Keri Gans, RD, author of The Small Change Diet. It also has an overall thicker consistency.

    Is Greek yogurt keto?

    The simple answer is yes, it can be. “It’s going to be a lot easier to fit Greek yogurt into your daily macronutrient goals when doing keto,” Zellner says.

    That’s because Greek yogurt tends to have about half the carbs and two times the amount of protein compared to regular yogurt, says Zellner, which means that making Greek yogurt servings fit into a keto dieter’s daily meals and macros is much easier. That said, there’s one catch.

    The information largely pertains to plain Greek yogurt. “If you choose a flavored Greek yogurt, then the amount of sugar will be higher,” Gans says. Basically, to make Greek yogurt fit with your keto needs, you’ll probably need to stick to the unflavored, plain variations, Gans explains.

    How does plant-based yogurt stack up against dairy yogurt?

    Sometimes, yup, plant-based yogurt can fit into a low-carb, keto diet pretty well—there’s a reason that soy, coconut, and oat milk yogurts are super popular even amongst people who aren’t vegan.

    This is especially the case when it comes to coconut-based yogurts, which are low in carbs compared to dairy yogurt, but super high in fat. (A perfect mix if you’re doing keto.) Again, fat makes up most of your energy intake when you’re doing keto, Zellner explains, which is why even if your yogurt is non-dairy, it’ll still do the trick as long as it’s high in fat.

    That said, oat milk and soy-based yogurts are trickier to fit in, as carb and sugar counts tend to be higher than that of regular dairy, Greek, or coconut yogurt styles. All in all, if you prefer to steer clear of dairy, just make sure you’re picking an option that’s high in fat and low in carbs if you want to stick to a standard keto diet.

    So, how do you pick the best low-carb yogurt for you?

    As long as you do it right, you can totally have yogurt on a low-carb diet, says Jessica Cording, RD, and author of The Little Book of Game-Changers.

    “For my clients on low-carb diets, I typically recommend an unflavored, whole-milk Greek yogurt or skyr,” she says. If you don’t like Greek yogurt or skyr, just make sure to stick to a plain, unsweetened, full-fat regular yogurt, adds dietitian Amy Stevens, RD.

    Prefer to go lower-fat? Just be wary of added sugar, which is common in less-creamy, low and non-fat yogurts. (The opposite is true of plain, non-fat Greek yogurt, though, which actually contains less sugar than full-fat Greek yogurt, Gans says.)

    Of course, yummy as they may be, flavored yogurts are often complete sugar bombs, as many contain over 20 grams of sugar per cup. (If you’re full-blown keto, and need to limit your daily carbs to 50 grams or less, though, choose yogurts that have six or fewer grams of sugar per serving.)

    “Even if the yogurt itself is low-sugar, additional fruit concentrates and flavors contribute so much added sugar,” Stevens says. When in doubt, just check the carb count. Brown recommends sticking to yogurts with 10 grams of carbs—or less—per serving.

    Dietitians love these low-carb yogurts.

    If you don’t want to deal with all that label-reading, just gran one of these dietitian-approved low-carb yogurts the next time you’re in the dairy aisle.

    1. Ratio Keto Yogurt Snack

      This high-fat, low-carb yogurt is literally designed with keto dieters in mind, as the nutritional ratio makes it perfect for fitting in with your keto percentage needs. Plus, its creamy and delicious taste has garnered it over 1,400 reviews on Amazon.

      Per serving: 200 calories, 15 g fat (6 g sat), 2 g carbs, 1 g sugar, 15 g protein

      2. Chobani Zero Mixed Sugar Yogurt

      “For the fewest carbs, you may want to look at Chobani Zero Sugar,” Palinski-Wade says. Why? The yogurt is sweetened with allulose, a natural low-calorie sweetener, as well as small amounts of stevia and monk fruit extract.

      Per serving: 60 calories, 0 g fat (0 g sat), 5 g carbs, 0 g sugar, 11 g protein

      3. Coyo Natural Coconut Yogurt

      “I truly believe this is the best option when it comes to yogurt and keto,” Zellner says. It’s low in carbs and protein, and it also has about 36 grams of fat per serving, depending on which one you choose, Zellner explains. “If you’re doing keto, fat is going to make up most of your energy intake, so this will fit in really nicely.” (Plus, it’s dairy-free.)

      Per serving: 390 calories, 38 g fat (36 g sat), 10 g carbs, 5 g sugar, 3 g protein

      4. Siggi’s Icelandic Strained Nonfat Yogurt

      Siggi’s is a skyr-style yogurt, which means it’s thick and high in protein. Skyr-style yogurt is often compared to Greek yogurt because the formulation process is similar. That said, skyr is less tangy, has a thicker texture, and a slightly higher protein content than most Greek yogurts, Gans says. This version is fairly low-carb, but Cording recommends getting the lactose-free version to go even lower.

      Per serving: 150 calories, 0.5 g fat (0 g sat), 10 g carbs, 5 g sugar, 28 g protein

      5. Two Good Plain Low Fat Greek Yogurt

      Two Good is made with 80 percent less sugar than your average yogurt (a win if you’re cutting carbs) and has about 12 grams of protein per cup. “It’s a good option for those looking to keep calories down and protein up,” Keatley says. Plus, Two Good comes in a bunch of different flavors (lemon, strawberry, mixed berry, and more), all with max two grams of sugar.

      Per serving: 80 calories, 2 g fat (1.5 g sat), 3 g carbs, 2 g sugar, 12 g protein

      6. Maple Hill Yogurt

      Maple Hill’s yogurt is made with milk from grass-fed cows and contains no added sugar, which helps limit overall carbs, says Cording.

      Per serving: 140 calories, 6 g fat (3.5 g sat), 7 g carbs, 7 g sugar, 13 g protein

      7. FAGE Low-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt

      This FAGE yogurt has no added sugar and is lower in fat, making it a good option for anyone hesitant about carb content in whole milk. It’s also pretty high in protein.

      Per serving: 160 calories, 4.5 g fat (3 g sat), 7 g carbs, 7 g sugar, 23 g protein

      How to keep your yogurt low-carb

      Once you’ve found (or made) a low-carb yogurt you love, make sure your toppings don’t sabotage your low-sugar goals.

      Make your yogurt more satiating with add-ins like chia seeds or ground flax, which add fiber to fill you up, suggests Cording. If you need a little sweetness, add a teeny drizzle of maple syrup or honey.

      You can also mix in some berries, which provide flavor, fiber, and sweetness of their own, Stevens adds.

      If you’re feeling creative, you can also use yogurt to thicken up soups, marinate fish (it gives the skin a crispy tangy), or make tomato sauce creamier.

      — Update: 01-01-2023 — found an additional article The Best Keto Yogurt Options To Buy In 2022 from the website for the keyword best yogurt for keto diet.

      If you’re craving yogurt on the keto diet but don’t know which ones you can have, let this list of the best keto yogurt options be your guide. This list has the best flavored low carb yogurt that you can have on a ketogenic diet, so you can consider all your cravings answered!

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      The Best Low Carb Keto Yogurt To Buy Right Now

      Yogurt is a great addition to any healthy diet thanks to its high protein content, probiotics, and nutrients.

      But when it comes to eating yogurt on the keto diet, it’s important to choose carefully, as a lot of regular yogurt is high in carbs and added sugar.

      So, I compiled this list of the best keto yogurt brands I could find!

      These keto friendly yogurt options give you all the deliciousness and health benefits of your favorite yogurt minus the high carb count – and of course added sugar.

      Plus, everything on this list is well under 10 net carbs per serving and there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for plain yogurt, flavored yogurt, greek style yogurt, or even plant based yogurt, you’ll find it here!

      1. Ratio Keto Friendly Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Ratio keto yogurt is probably one of the most well-known low carb yogurt options and one of the only brands that’s advertised as a truly keto friendly yogurt.

      And the macros for this keto yogurt definitely speak for themselves. A serving of Ratio yogurt has just 2 net carbs plus 15g of fat and 15g of protein – the best macros out of any of the keto friendly yogurts on this list!

      Plus, Ratio comes in 5 delicious flavors – vanilla, mango, strawberry, coconut, and black cherry. With that said, my favorite is undoubtedly the vanilla.

      By the way, these keto yogurts are sweetened with sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener that isn’t compatible with the clean keto diet. So if that’s something you’d like to avoid, you can try any of the other low carb yogurts below.

      Ingredients: Pasteurized Ultra-Filtered Nonfat Milk, Pasteurized Milk, Milk Fat, Avocado Oil, Natural Flavor, Salt, Beet Juice Concentrate, Sucralose, Cultures (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus)

      Nutrients Per Serving (150g): Calories: 200, Fat: 15g, Carbs: 2g, Fiber:1g, Sugar: 0g, Protein: 15g

      2. Two Good Greek Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Two Good greek yogurt gets its name from the fact that each cup of their yogurt has just 2 grams of sugar at the most. That’s 80% less than the average flavored greek yogurt you can buy!

      Each cup of Two Good’s greek yogurt has just 3 net carbs and they come individually packaged so you don’t have to worry about portion sizes, making this the ultimate keto snack.

      These greek yogurt cups are sweetened with natural stevia and monkfruit sweeteners, so they have the same sweet and tangy deliciousness as your favorite non-keto yogurt without any of the added sugar.

      As far as flavors go, you can get the Two Good Yogurt in vanilla, strawberry, peach, and mixed berry flavors.

      With that said, I will say that I think Ratio has a better taste than these do.

      Ingredients: Cultured Reducted Fat Milk, Water, Natural Falvors, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Tapioca Starch, Gellan Gum, Stevia Leaf Reb M, Sea Salt, Fruit & Vegetable Juice Concentrate, Vitamin D3, Active Yogurt Cultures (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus)

      Nutrients Per Serving (150g): Calories: 80, Fat: 2g, Carbs: 3g, Fiber:2g, Sugar: 0g, Protein: 12g

      3. Siggi’s Lower Sugar, Lower Calorie Skyr

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Skyr is a kind of strained yogurt hailing from Iceland, where it’s been a part of the local cuisine for centuries. And what really sets skyr apart from the rest is that it has a higher protein content than regular yogurt or even greek yogurt.

      This low carb skyr from Siggi’s has one of the highest protein content of all the keto yogurts in this list with 14g of protein per serving and just 4 net carbs.

      You can choose from vanilla and strawberry flavored skyr and they come in individual cups in packs of 4.

      Ingredients: Cultured Reducted Fat Milk, Water, Natural Falvors, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Tapioca Starch, Gellan Gum, Stevia Leaf Reb M, Sea Salt, Fruit & Vegetable Juice Concentrate, Vitamin D3, Active Yogurt Cultures (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus)

      Nutrients Per Serving (150g): Calories: 100, Fat: 3g, Carbs: 4g, Fiber:2g, Sugar: 0g, Protein: 14g

      4. Chobani Zero Sugar Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      If you’re a fan of Chobani greek yogurt, then you’ll love this keto-friendly version of their classic flavored yogurts.

      Just like the regular Chobani greek yogurt, this low carb yogurt is non-GMO and made without artificial ingredients. Each cup comes out 5 net carbs and they come in a huge variety of delicious flavors.

      You can get this low carb yogurt in blueberry, vanilla, mixed berry, strawberry, toasted coconut vanilla, and even milk & cookies. There’s a flavor of this low carb yogurt to fit any craving!

      Ingredients: Ultra-filtered Nonfat Milk, Water, Skim Milk, Allulose, Vanilla Extract, Natural Flavors, Tapioca Flour, Citrus Fiber, Guar Gum, Sea Salt, Stevia Leaf Extract (Reb M), Monk Fruit Extract, Citric Acid Enzyme, Cultures

      Nutrients Per Serving (150g): Calories: 60, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 5g, Fiber:0g, Sugar: 0g, Protein: 11g

      5. Fage Total 5% Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      When you need low carb plain greek yogurt, whether for savory recipes or just because you prefer to control the extra sweetness and flavorings yourself, the best keto yogurt you can get is this 5% greek yogurt from Fage.

      This plain yogurt gets down to the basics, made with just skim milk, cream, and yogurt cultures for the cleanest yogurt taste.

      And in addition to having only 5 net carbs per serving this low fat yogurt also packs 15g of protein, making it a perfect keto ingredient for adding to high protein smoothies and shakes.

      Fage also makes 0% and 2% fat versions of this low fat greek yogurt if you’re looking for something with less milk fat, though I highly recommend this 5% greek yogurt for better macros.

      Ingredients: Grade A Pasteurized Skimmed Milk and Cream, Live Active Yogurt Cultures (L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. Casei)

      Nutrients Per Serving (170g): Calories: 160, Fat: 5g, Carbs: 5g, Fiber:5g, Sugar: 0g, Protein: 15g

      6. Kite Hill Plain Unsweetened Almond Milk Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      If you never thought you could find a keto vegan yogurt, you’re in luck! Kite Hill has a plant-based almond milk yogurt that is both keto friendly and vegan friendly while also being non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free.

      A serving of this almond milk keto yogurt has just 6 net carbs. It’s also one of the most high fat keto yogurt options at 10g of fat per serving, great for keeping your macros in check.

      And if you want another vegan keto yogurt option but with more protein, you can get the Kite Hill plain unsweetened protein yogurt. It has 7 net carbs with a gram of added sugar.

      Ingredients: Almond Milk (Water, Almonds), Starch, Citrus Fiber, Locust Bean Gum, Xanthan Gum, Live Active Cultures (S. thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidobacteria)

      Nutrients Per Serving (170g): Calories: 140, Fat: 10g, Carbs: 9g, Fiber:1g, Sugar: 3g, Protein: 4g

      7. Oikos Triple Zero Blended Greek Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Oikos Triple Zero yogurt stands for 0g added sugar, o artificial sweeteners, and 0% fat, so this keto greek yogurt is perfect to snack on if you’ve reached your fat limit for the day.

      It’s also one of the highest protein keto greek yogurts you can find – each serving has 7 net carbs and 15g of protein. So, it’s fantastic for a filling breakfast or post-workout snack

      You can get this keto-friendly Oikos yogurt in vanilla, strawberry, peach, and mixed berry, all naturally flavored and sweetened.

      Ingredients: Cutured Grade A Non Fat Milk, Water, Natural Flavors, Tapioca Starch, Vegetable Juice Concentrate, Stevia Leaf Extract, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Sea Salt, Vitamin D3, Yogurt Cultures: S. Thermophilus and L.Bulgaricus

      Nutrients Per Serving (150g): Calories: 90, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 7g, Fiber:5g, Sugar: 0g, Protein: 15g

      8. Old Chatham Creamery Original Sheep Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Yogurt is already an amazing superfood, and sheep yogurt is even better. This keto yogurt from Old Chatham Creamery is made with live yogurt cultures and full fat sheep’s milk, resulting in the creamiest low carb yogurt you’ll ever try.

      A generous serving of this keto friendly sheep yogurt has 8 net carbs with 10g of fat and 8g of protein.

      And though it may have the highest carb count on this list, it’s still significantly lower than most options you’ll find in your local yogurt aisle. Plus, it tastes just as rich and delicious as any full fat greek yogurt you can find, keto diet or not!

      Ingredients: Pasteurized Sheep Milk, Cultures

      Nutrients Per Serving (170g): Calories: 150, Fat: 10g, Carbs: 8g, Fiber:5g, Sugar: 0g, Protein: 8g


      Well, that is my list of the best keto yogurts you can buy!

      These keto friendly yogurts are perfect for breakfast or a snack, or even for adding to smoothies and desserts. 

      I use yogurt in quite a few of my keto recipes, like in this keto chocolate cake and as a base for my keto granola.

      They’re a wonderful addition to the keto diet, not only because they’re fairly low carb, but because of all of their health benefits. They help support a healthy gut, provide vital nutrients, and can even curb your appetite – all while tasting darn good. 

      Anyway, I hope my guide to the best keto yogurts is helpful for your low carb lifestyle.

      If you’ve tried any of these – or you have a favorite that I missed – be sure to let me know in the comments below!

      More Keto Lists

      If you liked this keto list, I have a bunch of other keto lists on the blog that I think you’ll like too.

      Check one of these “Best of” lists out next:

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      5. Is Greek Yogurt Keto? 5 Best Brands to Choose From

      We include products in articles we think are useful for our readers. If you buy products or services through links on our website, we may earn a small commission.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Is Greek yogurt keto? Well, that depends on a few key factors. All greek yogurt is packed with protein and probiotics, some varieties offer an abundance of healthy fats, while other types are very lean. 

      Keto-friendly Greek yogurts are made with whole milk. While a true “keto Greek Yogurt” is made from at least 8% milkfat. This can be tough to find, and you may have to make it yourself by adding heavy cream. 

      Let’s explore the role of Greek yogurt on keto, its health benefits, and a list of the 5 best Greek yogurts for keto. 

      Table of Contents

      • What is Greek Yogurt? 
      • Choosing the Best Greek Yogurt for Keto
      • Nutrient Comparison of the 5 Best Greek Yogurt for Keto
      • Can you Eat Greek Yogurt on Keto? 
      • Benefits of Greek Yogurt on Keto
      • Low Carb Alternatives to Keto Yogurt on Keto
      • Is Greek Yogurt Keto?: The Bottomline

      What is Greek Yogurt? 

      Greek yogurt begins like regular yogurt by heating milk and fermenting it with bacteria. The fermentation process converts milk sugar (lactose) into lactic acid.1 

      Read more  7 things to know about gluten on a keto or low carb diet

      Traditionally, the yogurt is then strained in cloth bags. But nowadays most modern yogurt manufacturers “strain” their yogurt with centrifuges in order to achieve the thick Greek texture.

      Reducing moisture in this way also increases protein and fat content per weight. 

      Other yogurts like Icelandic skir, use a similar process, and are labeled “strained yogurts.” 

      Watch out for companies that use thickening agents to achieve a Greek yogurt texture. These will be labeled “Greek style yogurt.” 2 They’re often cheaper, but are higher in carbs and lower in protein and fat. 

      It’s worth noting that traditional Greek yogurt was made exclusively from sheep and goat’s milk. In addition to having more nutrients that contained only A2 milk proteins that may be healthier and easier to digest.

      Choosing the Best Greek Yogurt for Keto

      A ketogenic diet is built around high-fat, low-carb, and moderate-protein foods. So when choosing the best Greek yogurt for keto it’s important to look for unsweetened varieties made with full-fat milk. 

      A good rule of thumb is find Greek yogurt that most closely corresponds to these basic keto macronutrient ranges: 

      • 70-80% of calories from fat
      • 15-30% calories from protein
      • 0-10% calories from carbohydrates

      Keep in mind that Greek yogurt is only one variety of keto-friendly yogurt–you can explore options from across the keto yogurt universe here. 

      Nutrient Comparison of the 5 Best Greek Yogurt for Keto

      Below you’ll find a comparison of the best and most widely available Greek yogurt.

      #1Fage Greek Yogurt 5% Milkfat12.5g7.5g21.4g
      #2Chobani Plain Whole Milk Greek Yogurt12g10.5g19g
      #3Wallaby Organic Plain11g 11g20g
      #4Greek Gods (Plain) 12g16.5g10.5g

      Can you Eat Greek Yogurt on Keto? 

      As you can see from the chart above, even the highest-fat, lowest-carb Greek yogurts don’t come close to the ideal 70-20-10 keto macro ratios. But can you still eat Greek yogurt on keto? 

      Yep, you’ll just need to treat it like other moderately carby foods by enjoying it occasionally–at least when you’re just starting out on keto. 

      It’s worth noting that when your body is fully adapted to keto you can increase your carb intake from the initial 20 grams a day up to around 60 grams without switching out of ketosis. 

      Keto Greek Yogurt Hack

      If you want the probiotic and protein benefits of Greek yogurt without having to overthink how it fits into your ratios for the rest of the day, simply add a few tablespoons of heavy whipping cream. 

      Heavy Whipping  Cream (3 tbsp)16g1.5g1.5g
      1 cup Fage Greek Yogurt w/ 3tbsp heavy cream28.5g9g23g

      Benefits of Greek Yogurt on Keto

      Studies show that full-fat yogurt provides benefits including: 

      • Enhanced weight loss
      • Gut health
      • Reduced inflammation 

      And a bonus benefit is that in general, people with lactose intolerance can tolerate Greek yogurt thanks to its probiotic cultures. 3 4

      For instance, Chobani Greek yogurt is less than 5% lactose, which makes it part of a low lactose diet. 

      Healthy Fats and Protein in Keto Yogurt

      Yogurt provides a satiating combination of  healthy keto fats and proteins that have been shown to reduce appetite and boost fullness, helping people eat less often and lose more weight. 4 5

      Other clinical studies link yogurt to reductions in body weight, body fat, and weight gain.6  

      These properties also make Greek yogurt a good option for people on intermittent fasting plans, and when combining intermittent fasting and keto. 

      Probiotic Benefits

      The probiotics in Greek yogurt have been shown to contribute to its ability to help manage weight while regulating how fat is distributed on the body, and how our bodies metabolize the fat  we consume.7

      Other studies show that  that probiotics from fermented dairy play a vital role in your body’s most important functions including, 7 8 9 10: 

      • The production of neurotransmitters that regulate mood and cognitive ability
      • Balancing important reproductive hormones
      • Regulating immune responses to protect against viruses 
      • Regulating inflammatory responses

      The benefits of the probiotics found in yogurt may enhance the possible benefits that keto alone has for your gut health. 

      Recent studies have found that keto can dramatically transform the gut microbiome in ways that reduce bodily inflammation, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy. 11 13 14

      By resetting your gut microbiome, and populating it with healthy bacteria, Greek yogurt and keto may be an effective approach to treating leaky gut disorders. 

      Low Carb Alternatives to Keto Yogurt on Keto

      Though offering many benefits, full-fat Greek yogurt is still a moderate-carb food. To completely reduce concerns overeating too many carbs in your cultured full-fat dairy, there are a few extremely low-carb alternatives to Greek yogurt. These include: 

      • Creme Fraiche: Milder and with a lighter texture than sour cream. Creme fraiche offers 42 grams of fat, 2.4 grams of protein, and only 2.4 grams of carbs per 100-gram serving. 
      • Labneh: A cross between yogurt and a cheese, it’s strained like Greek yogurt but with far less carbs. 100 grams labneh provides 22g fat, 15 g protein, and only 3g carbs. 
      • Cultured Sour Cream: Provides 19 grams of fat, 2 grams of protein, and 5 grams of carbs per 100g serving. 

      Is Greek Yogurt Keto?: The Bottomline

      Full-fat Greek yogurt can play a role in a well-formulated keto diet. However, even full-fat Greek yogurt is moderately high in carbs. 

      For people just starting out on the keto diet a single cup serving of Greek yogurt can account for around 50% of your daily carb intake. But if you’ve been on keto for a while, it’s carb content likely won’t be a major concern. 

      Whether enjoyed on occasion or regularly on a keto diet, Greek yogurt offers beneficial probiotics, healthy fats, and quality proteins. 

      So is Greek Yogurt Keto? Yes, but…read the above. 

      — Update: 01-01-2023 — found an additional article Low Carb Yogurt | 2 Ingredients! from the website for the keyword best yogurt for keto diet.

      Our keto yogurt is thick and creamy packed with healthy fats to keep you full for hours.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Traditional yogurt is creamy, high protein, and super convenient, but is yogurt keto? Most yogurts you find at the local supermarket is filled with added sugar, but lucky for you, that doesn’t mean yogurt is off limits. Learn how to make your own yogurt at home (recipe below) and discover which brands offer low-carb yogurt.

      The toughest part about this recipe is waiting to enjoy it as the probiotics work their magic. Although time intensive, it is far from labor intensive!

      Can I have yogurt on keto?

      keto diet is a low-carb diet, usually consisting of 20-50g of carbs per day. To stay within this strict carb count, you need to avoid foods high in added sugar and carbs.

      Many conventional yogurt brands contain too much sugar to be enjoyed on a keto diet, especially when topped with granola. While we can solve the high sugar granola problem with our Keto Granola, switching from a low fat greek yogurt may be a little more difficult.

      Some standard household yogurt names and their per serving carb counts are:

      Do Their Claims Hold Water?

      As most people on a keto diet already know fat is not the enemy! Fat can keep you full and satiated longer than a product with a higher carb count.

      That’s because fat prevents a spike in blood sugar unlike high carb yogurts that are mainly sugar. On a keto diet we want to lower spikes in insulin to keep blood sugar stable and regulated. It will prevent diabetes and an overworked pancreas.

      So, yogurts like low fat greek yogurt may claim added health benefits because they are in low calories, but actually may be hindering your weight-loss by hindering your ability to feel full.

      Best yogurt for keto diet[tcb-script src=””][/tcb-script]

      Which Yogurt is Lowest in Carbs?

      Like plain greek yogurt but aren’t sure if there is anything you can pick up from mainstream brands near you? Don’t worry because we found some greek yogurt with low enough net carbs to total carbs so you can enjoy a light and refreshing snack that’s keto friendly.

      Here are a few regular yogurt brands who offer lower carb options that some people may consider for their keto diet:

      We get it. Not everyone has access to fancy keto friendly yogurt brands, and that’s okay. Here are a few things to look for when shopping for a low-carb yogurt at the grocery store.

      1. Choose Plain Yogurt – Plain yogurt means there isn’t any added sugar or sweeteners. About 3/4 cup of plain yogurt is 10g of carbs. The carbs are naturally occurring from the lactose in the dairy. If you don’t like the taste, try adding a few drops liquid stevia to sweeten it or top with berries.
      2. Avoid Low-Fat – When brands remove the fat from a product, they usually replace it with sugar. Plus, the goal of a keto diet is to fuel your body with fat since it keeps you fuller for longer and doesn’t spike blood sugar. Find brands that use “Whole Milk”.
      3. Read Labels – Regardless of what you are buying or what the packaging says, it’s always important to flip the product over and read the nutrition label. You will have a better understanding of the serving size, carb count, and whether or not its a good food for your keto diet.
      Best yogurt for keto diet

      What brand of yogurt is Keto friendly?

      Check out some of these keto yogurt brands! They’re made with minimal carbs, high fat, and are delicious. Some can be found in stores across the country, and others you may have to specially order online.

      Don’t be afraid to ask your grocery store if they’d be willing so start carrying one of these brands. Often times stores will accept request forms for products they see a potential profit in.

      1. Two Good Yogurt – 3g net carbs

      This is a plain greek yogurt style keto yogurt. They have tons of different flavors like mango, cherry, vanilla, berry, coconut, ect. Each flavor is made with stevia and has just 2-3 net carbs per serving.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      2. Peak Yogurt – 4g carbs

      Different from strained greek yogurt Peak isn’t just high protein, it’s also super high fat. All that fat makes it super creamy and thankfully just 4 total carbs per serving.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      3. Kite Hill Yogurt – 6g net carbs

      It can be difficult to find a dairy free yogurt none the less a keto one. This almond milk dairy free based yogurt from kite hill has just 6 net carbs per serving. Compared to regular yogurt it tends to have more fiber and total carbs, but lower net carbs than traditional greek yogurt.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      4. Skyr YoPro Yogurt – 7g net carbs

      Skyr yogurt is a special type of yogurt that’s often a bit more expensive, but great for keto because it’s high fat and high protein. Brands will always vary, but it’s common for this type of yogurt to have 7-9 net carbs.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      5. White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt – 9g carbs

      Bulgarian yogurt is great for those with a sensitive gut because it’s rich in probiotics. The total carbs are a bit high but it’s another great store bought option for those who don’t want to deal with making their own.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Add This Yogurt Recipe To Your Keto Diet Foods List

      Whether you follow an “if it fits my macros” mentality or a strict keto one, this low carb yogurt recipe is one for everyone. And yes, even those who are dairy intolerant! We use canned coconut milk or coconut cream to create this dairy free yogurt and it’s basically zero carb! Add it to all the lists you have, keto and non-keto because homemade anything always tastes best!

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      The Simplest Of Low Carb Sweets!

      The best part about this recipe, in my opinion, is that once you make one batch using either a probiotic pill or yogurt starter you can make 4-5 more batches by using the first low carb yogurt you make. This allows you to have a high fat, low carb dessert recipe in the fridge at all times. You can simply add some vanilla or maple extract, spices of your choosing and protein or cocoa powder to create a simple and delicious low carb dessert! If yogurt isn’t your thing you can give our no bake cheesecakes or keto brownies a try!

      Keto Yogurt Benefits

      There are tons of benefits to having keto friendly yogurt whether it’s made with almond milk or coconut milk, low net carbs are just a bonus! Some benefits to having this keto coconut milk yogurt are:

      1. High Protein to keep you feeling full and to nourish your body’s cells. As well as blood sugar management from high amounts of fat.
      2. Contain probiotics which improve good gut bacteria and promote better digestion. Products like this almond milk and coconut milk yogurt can also be easier to digest because they are dairy free.
      3. Eating foods high in probiotics can improve your immune system. Even a small serving size of the best keto whole milk or coconut milk high fat yogurt can help increase the amount of probiotics in your body.

      So while carb counts may vary quite a bit depending on the type of coconut milk yogurt you buy, there’s no doubt a small serving size of yogurt is a great addition to your keto diet. Plus because we’ve broken down all the best keto yogurts you can even just pick up a high fat yogurt that’s store bought and enjoy the same benefits.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      How to Make Keto Yogurt

      Ready to take on the world of real food with delicious high protein and high fat ketogenic yogurt? Then you have come to the right place because our ketogenic yogurt is healthy and delicious so when you eat it you not only feel good, but enjoy the taste too!


      To make our ketogenic friendly high fiber yogurt you are going to need 2 cans of coconut cream. These should be cream as it’s thicker and makes a more traditional style healthy yogurt. Regular canned coconut milk is lower in calories but often more watery because of it.

      You will also need 1 packet of yogurt starter or 1 capsule of 100 billion probiotics. Depending on which you chose the flavor will vary so read the recipe itself for flavor changes.

      Finally if you want a vanilla flavored yogurt instead of plain try adding vanilla and stevia. Stevia will contain the sweetness we look for in regular yogurt options, and vanilla will contain a delicious flavor without any added calories.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Making Keto Yogurt

      Now that you have everything you need to make our healthy ketogenic yogurts it’s time to get started! Begin by scooping all of the coconut cream from your can and placing it into a mason jar.

      If you only have coconut milk let it sit for 24 hours in the fridge and then separate the cream from the coconut water.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Next heat the yogurt in the microwave in 20 second intervals. You want it to reach 105 degrees. If it gets too hot wait for it to cool before adding in the probiotic. If it gets too hot it will kill all your living probiotics.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Once cool enough add your probiotic pill or starter to the yogurt and stir well. Cover with cheese cloth and place a rubber band along the top to hold it in place. Allow to ferment 24-48 hours in the microwave, oven, or counter top).

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      When it has fermented you can add your vanilla and stevia then store it in the fridge for up to a week. Next time you want to make a batch just use 2-3 tablespoons from this one instead of another pack of starter.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Storing Low Carb Yogurt

      Different yogurt options vary based on ingredients and brand, but our healthy yogurt recipe lasts about a week in the fridge. You can usually eat it after a week, but it could over ferment and have a super tangy flavor. It’s best to just eat it all up within a week.

      When you’re ready to make your next batch you can use 2-3 tbsp from this one as the probiotic portion. It already has the nutrition and bacteria in it so you don’t have to open a whole other yogurt starter.

      More Keto Breakfast Ideas

      Love our recipes and want even more delicious high protein recipes? Our blog is packed with tasty recipes that will stabilize your blood sugar and keep you full for hours. Some of our favorites include:

      • Classic Keto Waffles– If you need a few solid recipes to keep in your keto arsenal this is one of them. The waffles are sweet, fluffy, and packed with fiber to keep you fuller longer.
      • Strawberry Keto Scones– These scones may not be super high protein, but they are definitely super delicious! They contain fresh strawberries to get in your serving of fruit per day, and almond flour to give you a gluten free health conscious treat.
      • Keto Friendly Bread– This basic bread recipe is the perfect food to make as a breakfast base. You can turn it into a hunger crushing breakfast sandwich or even a blood sugar stable high fiber french toast.
      • Easy Keto Cinnamon Rolls– Who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls. They’re the perfect food because they’re light, sweet, and delicious making them the perfect breakfast or mid day pick- me up.

      With net carbs this low every one of these recipes are going to make a great food to enjoy early in the morning.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Low Carb Yogurt

      If you’re a fan of yogurt and are missing out on it since starting your new keto lifestyle then I highly recommend you watch the video above of Matt making it so you too can bring yogurt back into your life!

      Yogurt like this is low in sugar and great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as a side dish and dessert – you really can’t go wrong by having some in your fridge. Making low carb yogurt requires no more than two or three ingredients, so what is stopping you?! 

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Recipe can be quickly added to MyFitnessPal – Search “KetoConnect – Low Carb Yogurt”

      — Update: 01-01-2023 — found an additional article Keto Yogurt: 6 Best Low Carb Yogurt Brands from the website for the keyword best yogurt for keto diet.

      We include products in articles we think are useful for our readers. If you buy products or services through links on our website, we may earn a small commission.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Yogurt can offer numerous health benefits stemming from its probiotics, protein, calcium, and healthy fats. Yet yogurt also contains carbs. This all begs the question, is yogurt keto? And, better yet, is there such a thing as keto yogurt? 

      Thankfully, there are indeed keto-friendly yogurt options recently appearing on store shelves. 

      In this article, we’ll explore the role of yogurt on keto, and review some of the best low-carb yogurt brands on the market. 

      Table of Contents

      • Yogurt on Keto?
      • Benefits of Eating Yogurt on Keto
      • Top 6 Low-Carb Yogurt Brands
      • Alternatives to High-Fat Low-Carb Cultured Dairy Products? 
      • Keto Yogurt: The Takeaway

      Yogurt on Keto?

      Keto is a high-fat, low-carb, and moderate protein diet. So, when people ask if they can have yogurt on keto, they’re usually asking if yogurt has keto-friendly macronutrient ratios. 

      Beware! Most supposedly keto-friendly yogurt companies advertise their products as low-carb. But this can be misleading. Many low-carb, “keto friendly” yogurts are extremely high in protein, yet low in fat. 

      Too much protein is an issue because your body will turn excess protein into blood sugar (glucose) in a process called gluconeogenesis. This can kick your body out of ketosis. 

      Keto Macronutrient Ratios

      The standard keto macronutrient ratio for beginners is: 

      • 80% calories from fat
      • 15% calories from protein
      • 5% calories from carbs

      For most people, this means consuming less than 25 grams of carbs per day

      If you’re aiming for an intake of 2,000 per day, a keto macronutrient breakdown looks like: 

      • 178 grams of fat
      • 75 grams of protein 
      • 25 grams of carbs 

      Gram-for-gram, this works out to around 2.5:1 fat to protein ratio

      However, once you’ve reached sustained ketosis for a few weeks, it is possible to moderately increase carbs without interfering with your body’s ability to produce ketones. 

      A 2004 study of 50 women found that after two weeks on a keto diet, most participants were able to increase the carbs they ate from the initial 20 grams, to between 40-60 grams per day and still remain in ketosis.2

      Your exact upper carb limit will depend on your weight, level of activity, and unique metabolism.

      Carbs in Yogurt on Keto

      Yogurt is made from milk combined with an active culture i.e. beneficial bacterias/probiotics. Though these bacterias feast on most of the carbs (lactose) in milk, they still leave some carbs behind. 

      The amounts of carbs in yogurt depend on three key factors: 

      • The original fat content of the milk (0%-17%)
      • How much of the remaining lactose has been strained out of the yogurt
      • If more carbs have been added back in in the form of sweeteners, fruit, and gum thickeners

      For instance, low-fat yogurts are bulked and thickened with sugar and gums. While greek yogurt and Icelandic skyr have much of the carbs and liquid strained out, boosting the protein content. 

      How Many Carbs in Yogurt? 

      The chart below shows how many carbs you consume in popular nonfat, low-fat, Greek, and keto yogurt options

      Carbs in Keto-Friendly Yogurt

      Nutrients Per 1 cup (245 grams)Alexander Farms Organic A2 6% Milkfat YogurtCocojune Organic Cultured Coconut Yogurt:ratio “Keto Friendly Vanilla” (made with non-fat milk and avocado oil)Peak 17% milkfat “Triple Cream Yogurt” – Plain
      Saturated Fat11.5g30g9.8g22.4g
      Fat:Protein Ratio by grams1.6:19:11:13:1

      Read more  Here’s the Best Keto Yogurt to Buy… And 3 More We Love!

      High-Carb and High-Protein Yogurts

      Nutrients Per 1 cup (245 grams)Non-Fat Yogurt with FruitLow-Fat Greek Yogurt- PlainFage Greek Yogurt- Plain 5% milkfatSiggi’s 10% milkfat “Triple Cream Icelandic Strained Yogurt” -Vanilla
      Saturated Fat0g2.5g8.25g15g
      Fat:Protein Ratio by grams0:81:51:1.81.1:1

      When considering the carbs in different yogurts alongside their fat and protein ratios, it’s clear that some types of yogurt are indeed “keto-friendly,” at least as occasional keto snacks. While a select few brands can fly the flag of being a truly keto yogurt. 

      What is Keto Yogurt?

      For a yogurt to be “Keto yogurt” it has to be acceptable as an all-around excellent addition to a ketogenic diet. This means that it doesn’t need to be combined with other fats, or limited in its consumption in order to offer an optimal ketogenic macronutrient ratio. 

      It is important to note that not all low-carb yogurts are truly keto friendly, even if they advertise that they are.  

      “Peak” brand yogurt, with 17% milkfat, boasts 38.4 grams of fat per serving, and a moderate 12.8 grams of protein. It is the only yogurt we’ve found that is truly a “keto yogurt.” 

      With a 3:1 fat to protein ratio and only 6.4 grams of net carbs, it makes an excellent all-round addition to a well-formulated ketogenic diet. 

      When choosing a keto yogurt always look at the ingredient list. Brands with fewer ingredients offer a less processed product, one without industrial sweeteners and oils. 

      Remember, fresh yogurt is simply milk and natural cultures. Everything else is an attempt to reduce cost, stimulate your carb addiction, or increase shelf life. 

      What about Greek Yogurt?

      Plain, full-fat (5% or more) Greek Yogurt can be occasionally enjoyed as a keto diet food. 

      With a nearly 1:2 fat to protein ratio, greek yogurt on it’s own provides an overabundance of protein. 

      To make Greek yogurt more keto-friendly add a few tablespoons of olive oil to boost the fat content, while still getting the benefits of it’s protein, B-vitamins, and probiotics. 

      Benefits of Eating Yogurt on Keto

      Eating unprocessed, full-fat,  low-carb, keto friendly yogurt can offer numerous health benefits including: 

      • Healthy fats and protein for satiety and weight loss
      • Probiotics for gut health
      • Reduced inflammation

      Healthy Fats and Protein in Keto Yogurt

      When it comes to keto, fat is the key.  Most full-fat and “triple cream” yogurts offer a highly satiating combine of fat and protein. 

      Yogurt has been shown to help decrease appetite and promote feelings of fullness that contribute to weight loss. 4 5

      The satiating power of full-fat yogurt and cottage cheese makes it an excellent part of many  intermittent fasting plans, and for people combining intermittent fasting and keto

      Keto Yogurt Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease and Obesity

      A review of 16 studies found that the consumption of high-fat dairy products like butter can lower your risk of obesity. [10]

      One large study reported that men and women aged 45-75 years who regularly consume dairy fat may have a reduced risk of a heart attack. [11]

      Keto Yogurt Probiotics For Gut Health

      The active cultures in keto yogurt are also called probiotics when considered in the context of our microbiomes–the trillions-strong ecosystem of microorganisms that live in our guts. 

      Studies show that probiotics play a vital role in essential all our physiological functions, including 7 8 9 10

      • Producing neurotransmitters that regulate mood
      • Balancing hormones that are crucial to reproductive health and a robust metabolism
      • Immune responses that help you fight off viruses while regulating inflammation throughout the body

      Studies show that a keto diet can have transformative positive effects on our microbiome. Supporting these effects with probiotics from keto yogurt may boost these effects. 

      Reduced Inflammation

      A 2020 study published in found that the effects of keto on gut health led to reduced inflammation. The effects were so powerful in fact that the researchers suggested a ketogenic diet for use as a therapy for autoimmune disorders of the gut. [50]

      Other studies found that ketogenic diets produced beneficial changes to the microbiome that reduced symptoms of multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. [51] [52]

      The probiotics in keto yogurt can support keto’s ability to beneficially reset the microbiome in the short term, while populating it with healthy organisms that will keep it balanced in the long run.  

      Top 6 Low-Carb Yogurt Brands

      After exploring the ingredients and nutrients of over a dozen yogurt brands, we’ve boiled the list of the best low-carb yogurt brands down to the top 5. Here they are in order. 

      1.Peak “Tripple Cream” Yogurt 

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Pros: Peak “tripple cream” yogurt packs loads of healthy fat and just the right amount of protein, with minimal carbs for yogurt. It also uses organic milk and cream, a huge plus!

      Cons: We could do without the milk protein concentrate and pectin, which is actually a fruit derived carbohydrate. But neither additives seem to appear in high enough amounts to significantly alter the nutrient content. 


      • Organic milk
      • Organic cream
      • Milk protein concentrate
      • Pectin
      • Live cultures

      2. Alexander Farms Organic A2 “Double Cream Top” Plain Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Pros: Alexander Farms is the only keto friendly yogurt on the list that is made with A2 dairy. It is also one of the purest yogurts, with only 3 ingredients: organic milk, organic cream, and live cultures. 

      The A2 in the title refers to an alternative milk protein. Most milk from cows has A1 proteins. People seek out A2 dairy because when digested A1 proteins break down into beta-casomorphin 7. This compound has been linked to cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases. [36] [37] [38]  A2 milk protein can be found in all goat, sheep, buffalo milk, even when it isn’t labeled A2.

      Cons: Has a relatively high amount of carbs. Consuming an entire cup of Alexander Farms yogurt can account for over half of a 25g daily carb limit. So enjoy in moderation. 


      • Organic milk
      • Organic cream
      • Live cultures

      3. Cocojune Organic Coconut Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Pros: Cocojune offers the second most fat per serving and the highest fat-to-protein ratio of our keto yogurts on the list at 9:1. It also boasts a very “pure” ingredient list for a non-dairy yogurt option.

      Cons: The presence of cassava root means 12 grams of carbs per 1 cup, making Cocojune a keto-friendly yogurt that should only be enjoyed in moderation.


      • organic coconuts
      • spring water
      • organic cassava root
      • 5 premium probiotic cultures

      4. Fage 5% Greek Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Pros: Fage Greek 5% yogurt offers relatively low carbs at only 7.5 grams per cup, or 3 grams per 100gram serving. And the ingredient list is as pure as it comes. 

      Cons: A nearly 1:2 fat to protein ratio means this yogurt is best enjoyed as part of a higher fat, lower protein recipe or meal plan. 


      • Grade A Pasteurized Milk
      • Cream 
      • Live Active Yogurt Cultures (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. Casei)

      5. :ratio “Keto Friendly Vanilla” 

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Pros: The only low carb yogurt brand with “keto friendly” written on the label, :ratio backs up their claim by offering a scanty 3.25 grams of carbs per 245 gram (1 cup) serving. 

      Cons: The relatively extensive ingredient list raises some serious questions: non-fat milk, pasteurized milk, milkfat, and avocado oil add up to a highly processed product. Avocado oil is likely a cost-cutting addition–milkfat is expensive. Avocado is a highly processed industrial oil, but at least it’s comparatively low in inflammatory PUFA’s at only 10%. 

      The biggest red flag here is the fact that :ratio calls this stuff “vanilla dairy snack”, which means it doesn’t legally meet the requirements of a true yogurt. 


      • Pasteurized Ultra-Filtered Nonfat Milk
      • Pasteurized Milk 
      • Milk Fat 
      • Avocado Oil
      • Natural Flavor 
      • Salt 
      • Sucralose
      • Cultures

      6. Siggi’s 10% milkfat vanilla “Tripple Cream Icelandic Strained Yogurt”

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Pros: Offers one of the highest amounts of fat at 21.5 grams per cup (245g), with moderate amounts of protein at 19 grams for a decent 1.1:1 fat to protein ratio. 

      Cons: Quite high in carbs thanks to added agave nectar. Siggi’s triple cream yogurt should only be enjoyed in small amounts, or augmented with heavy cream. We wish they’d offer a plain “triple cream” option, but for now they’re all flavored and sweetened. 


      • Pasteurized Whole Milk 
      • Pasteurized Cream 
      • Organic Agave Nectar 
      • Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla 
      • Fruit Pectin 
      • Live Active Cultures  

      Alternatives to High-Fat Low-Carb Cultured Dairy Products? 

      As you can see, all yogurts have carbs, and true keto yogurts aren’t easy to come by. 

      However, there are a few full-fat, low-carb dairy options that aren’t technically yogurt, but that still provide the fat-soluble vitamins of full-fat dairy, along with probiotics. These include: 

      • Creme Fraiche: A milder more sophisticated French version of sour cream.  Creme fraiche offers 42 grams of fat, 2.4 grams protein, and only 2.4 grams carbs per 100 gram serving. 
      • Labneh: a cultured, and strained middle-eastern cheese similar to Greek yogurt. Per 100 grams labneh offers 22g fat, 15 g protein, and only 3g carbs. 
      • Cultured Sour Cream: offers 19 grams of fat, 2 grams of protein, and 5 grams of carbs per 100g serving. 

      Keto Yogurt: The Takeaway

      Most yogurts, even those high in fat, contain some carbs. So most yogurt, even keto-friendly varieties, should be enjoyed in moderation. 

      Truly keto yogurt exists, but it’s rare. And some versions that claim keto-friendly achieve their low carb status by substituting processed vegetable oils for dairy ingredients. 

      Full-fat Greek yogurt and specialty double cream top yogurts can be keto-friendly, but are best enjoyed in smaller amounts or integrated into a well-formulated keto meal plan. 

      The best low-carb yogurt for keto we’ve found is Peak brand 17% triple cream yogurt. But it’s a small brand and relatively hard to find. keto yo

      To meet the fat intake demands of keto, while avoiding processed ingredients and still getting the benefits of probiotics, we recommend substituting yogurt with creme fraiche.  

      — Update: 02-01-2023 — found an additional article Top 5 Best Keto Yogurt Options for a Low-Carb Diet from the website for the keyword best yogurt for keto diet.

      The best keto yogurt is a low-carb yogurt that tastes great and keeps you in ketosis. Keto-friendly yogurts are low-carb, high protein, and high fat. In general, low-carb yogurt options will be non-flavored plain yogurt. The addition of fruit and additional flavors to yogurt typically raises the total amount of sugars and carbohydrates. Remember, a spike in blood sugar can kick you right out of ketosis!

      Not only are the yogurts on our list low-carb and keto-friendly, but they also provide numerous health benefits. Besides being high in protein, calcium, and vitamins, yogurts contain live cultures and probiotics, which enhance gut microbiota. These microorganisms help to protect bones and prevent digestive issues. Pretty sweet, huh?

      Enough culture chat. Let’s jump into the list of best keto yogurt!

      1. Ratio Keto-Friendly Yogurt Vanilla

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Ratio Keto-friendly yogurt is one of the top keto yogurt brands on our list due to its high protein and low carb count (2g net carbs). Ratio is also one of the few keto yogurt brands to offer various flavors with the same exact nutrition facts as labeled above. The keto-friendly yogurt flavor options include vanilla, strawberry, black cherry, mango, and coconut. 

      Ingredients: ​​Pasteurized Ultra-Filtered Nonfat Milk, Pasteurized Milk, Milk Fat, Avocado Oil, Natural Flavor, Salt, Sucralose, Cultures (L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus).

      Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 150g, Calories: 200, Total Fat: 15g, Total Carbohydrates: 2g, Total Sugars: 1g, Protein: 15g

      Net Carbs: 2g net carbs

      Learn More: Ratio Keto-Friendly Yogurt Vanilla

      2. YQ by Yoplait Plain Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      YQ by Yoplait is a plain yogurt made with simple ingredients–just milk and cultures. There are no added sugars and only 1g of naturally occurring sugar, making it an excellent low-carb yogurt option. Plus, it’s packed with protein! While they do offer several other flavors, their plain yogurt is the only keto-friendly option.

      Ingredients: Pasteurized Grade A Ultra-Filtered Nonfat Milk, Pasteurized Grade A Milk, Yogurt Cultures (L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus).

      Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 150g, Calories: 200, Total Fat: 15g, Total Carbohydrates: 2g, Total Sugars: 1g, Protein: 17g

      Net Carbs: 2g net carbs

      Learn More: YQ by Yoplait Plain Yogurt

      3. Chobani Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Chobani whole milk unsweetened greek yogurt is the yogurt on our list with the simplest ingredient list. Notice how that wasn’t a plural ingredient. Made the old world way from just cultured milk, Chobani whole milk greek yogurt is thick, creamy, and full of protein and healthy fats. 

      Ingredients: Cultured Milk.

      Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: ¾ Cup, Calories: 170, Total Fat: 15g, Total Carbohydrates: 2g, Total Sugars: 1g, Protein: 16g

      Net Carbs: 2g net carbs

      Learn More: Chobani Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt

      4. Two Good Plain Greek Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Two Good Low Fat Greek Yogurt is anything but plain. It’s the perfect addition to your morning breakfast routine and a great addition to your keto recipes calling for yogurt. This thick and creamy Greek yogurt is made with cultured reduced-fat milk, so be sure to take note if you’re tracking your macros! 

      Ingredients: Cultured Reduced Fat Milk, Water, Less Than 1%: Tapioca Starch, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Gellan Gum, Vitamin D3, Active Yogurt Cultures L. bulgaricus & S. thermophilus.

      Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 150g, Calories: 80, Total Fat: 2g, Total Carbohydrates: 3g, Total Sugars: 2g, Protein: 12g

      Net Carbs: 3g net carbs

      Learn More: Two Good Plain Greek Yogurt

      5. Fage Total 5% Plain Greek Yogurt

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Fage Total 5% Plain Greek Yogurt has the highest amount of carbohydrates out of any yogurts on our list but is still much lower than most yogurts on the market. On the flip side, Fage plain greek yogurt packs a high protein content. At 18 grams of protein per 200 grams it takes the title for the yogurt on the list with the highest protein.  

      Ingredients: Grade A Pasteurized Milk and Cream, Live Active Yogurt Cultures (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. Casei).

      Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 200g, Calories: 190, Total Fat: 10g, Total Carbohydrates: 6g, Total Sugars: 6g, Protein: 18g

      Net Carbs: 6g net carbs

      Learn More: Fage Total 5% Plain Greek

      Sourcing low-carb yogurt that’s consumable on the keto diet is easy. Since all labels don’t call out net carbs, it’s beneficial to learn how to calculate net carbs on your own. Now you can walk up to the yogurt section of your local grocer and look at the regular yogurt, coconut milk yogurt, fullfat greek yogurt, lowfat greek yogurt, etc. and determine whether the yogurt fits into your diet. 

      Looking for more keto friendly snack options? We make plenty of handcrafted sugar-free keto-friendly beef jerky flavors! 

      Shop Keto-Friendly Beef Jerky

      — Update: 02-01-2023 — found an additional article Here’s the Best Keto Yogurt to Buy… And 3 More We Love! from the website for the keyword best yogurt for keto diet.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      If you’re like us, you’re always looking for quick keto breakfast options and snack ideas. While yogurt is typically a “diet” go-to staple, it’s not as straightforward when it comes to a ketogenic diet. Most brands of store-bought yogurt often contain a ton of added sugar and lots of ingredients that just don’t fit with low-carb living.

      How is yogurt made anyway?

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Yogurt traditionally is made by adding active/live cultures and friendly bacteria to milk. The cultures then convert the milk sugars aka lactose into lactic acid, which thickens the milk to make tangy yogurt.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      One of the highest fat options is Fage Total 5% Plain Greek Yogurt, which has 6g of sugar per serving (much lower than most yogurts on the market). It also packs in 10g of fat and a whopping 18g of protein. Fat is an important part of a ketogenic diet, and some of the other low-carb yogurt options (as mentioned below) don’t contain as much fat.

      For me, the carbs are a little too high as I try and limit my carb intake to around 20 net carbs per day, but it may be a good fit for you depending on how many carbs you typically consume daily.

      FAGE Total 5% Plain Greek Yogurt – Serving Size 7oz | 190 Calories | 10g Fat | 6g Total Carbs | 0g Fiber | 6g Sugar | 18g Protein | 6g Net Carbs

      Fage Total 0% Plain Greek Yogurt – Serving Size 6oz | 90 Calories | 0g Fat | 5g Total Carbs | 0g Fiber | 5g Sugar | 18g Protein | 5g Net Carbs

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      I personally like Two Good Greek Yogurt cups as they contain about 80% less sugar than most store-bought yogurts and are really good! Two Good Greek Yogurt is made with a unique slow straining process that removes sugar from the milk for an end result of 2g of total sugar in each 5.3oz cup and just 3g of carbs.

      To keep things real since we’ve all got different taste buds, Collin and Stetson gave Two Good Yogurt a try and they thought it should be called Too Bad Yogurt and were not fans! 🤣 From Collin – “It’s got a chalky taste with no real flavor and I’m not a fan of the low-fat milk ingredients.”

      However, Michelle from our Hip2Keto team loves Two Good Yogurt like me, so it’s a 50/50 split vote. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried it and what you think.

      Two Good Plain Greek Yogurt – Serving Size 5.3oz | 80 Calories | 2g Fat | 3g Total Carbs | 0g Fiber | 2g Sugar | 12g Protein | 3g Net Carbs

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Collin and Stetson are currently crushing on Ratio Keto-Friendly Yogurt. It’s one of the newer brands on the market, but let me tell ya, it does not disappoint! Ratio Keto-Friendly Yogurt is available in coconut, black cherry, mango, vanilla, and my favorite, strawberry. I feel like it has a little bit of a thicker consistency than the Two Good Yogurt, and it really is delicious. I like to throw a few ChocZero Chocolate Chips in with mine for a yummy breakfast or dessert treat. Yummo!

      Ratio Keto-Friendly Yogurt – Serving Size 5.3oz | 200 Calories | 15g Fat | 2g Total Carbs | 0g Fiber | 1g Sugar | 15g Protein | 2g Net Carbs

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Ratio Keto-Friendly Yogurt really hits a home run in our book as it’s super low carb, high in fat, and totally delicious! What more could you ask for in a keto snack? Some of our readers have reported having a hard time finding Ratio in stock, so be sure to head over to the official Ratio website and use their store locator to find out where you can purchase this yummy yogurt!

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Here’s why Stetson LOVES Ratio keto yogurt:

      “Woooooowwww- this yogurt is sooo good. It’s creamy yet thick, and there’s no weird after-taste. Careful though, once you start eating one you won’t be able to stop. I thoroughly enjoyed this yogurt, its texture is perfect and the taste is even sweeter. I like that all of the flavors are great and not just one of them, which I’ve often found with other yogurt brands, every one of these is a home run.”

      Check out what our Hip2Keto readers have to say about Ratio Yogurt:

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      “Ratio Keto yogurt- specifically coconut and mango are HANDS DOWN the best keto yogurt. Two good is too bitter for my personal taste, but I am also not a fan of greek-style yogurt.”Kellie

      Keto ratio is the best keto yogurt hands down.”Santanna

      “Ratio is way better! Really I am not even going to consider anything low fat as Keto from now on. It throws everything off for me trying to balance fat/protein. Two Good is too good to be true. It’s way off for me as well. I didn’t care for it. I really hope this fat is evil trend goes away in store-bought products.”Kenzie

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Finally, one other low-sugar option is YQ by Yoplait Plain Yogurt coming in at just 1g of sugar and 2g of net carbs! I haven’t had the chance to give this one a try yet, but plan to soon! Yoplait does have other flavors of the YQ yogurt, however, they are sadly not keto-friendly so be sure and stick with the plain version.

      YQ by Yoplait Plain Yogurt – Serving Size 5.3oz | 100 Calories | 3g Fat | 2g Total Carbs | 0g Fiber | 1g Sugar | 17g Protein | 2g Total Carbs

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Want to sweeten up your yogurt?

      Consider adding a few raspberries or strawberries to make your yogurt a little sweeter while keeping the carb count under control. A half a cup of raspberries is only 3 net carbs!

      I’m also a fan of adding a few drops of liquid stevia to plain yogurt to take away some of the bitterness and make it sweeter. Lakanto Monk Fruit Flavored Maple Syrup is also yummy to add to yogurt. It’s just 1 net carb and oh so delicious!

      You could also add a little crunch with keto-friendly granola, like this low-carb version from Lakanto that’s simply delicious!

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Want to make your own keto yogurt? 

      Our fabulous recipe creator, Lina, whipped up an Instant Pot recipe for homemade Greek yogurt over on our sister site Hip2Save. To make a low-carb version of this yogurt, we suggest swapping the regular creamer for a keto-friendly creamer and using monk fruit or Swerve to sweeten the yogurt if desired.

      Hip Tip: We love Lakanto Monk Fruit, and you can save 15% off your purchase when you use our promo code HIP2KETO at checkout on Lakanto’s website.

      Best yogurt for keto diet

      Here are a few other low-carb yogurt recipes we’ve spotted on Pinterest…

      Click here for 10 of the best keto snacks you can buy!


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