What Can You Bring To A Nail Salon: A Complete List

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Will It Seem Rude?

Believe it or not, clients bring their own polish and tools in for nail techs to use on them all the time. It is absolutely fine and it does not offend them or seem impolite at all. It is understandable that there is a color at home that you may like more or if you want to guarantee that the tools being used on you is personal and sanitized. Your nail tech would rather you just be happy and comfortable with what they use on you.

Things That You Should Not Bring

  • Nail UV/LED Lamp
    – These are usually big and bulky and are not very portable. The UV lamps at most salons will work just fine, so no need to bring your own.
  • Nail Drill
    – Nail techs are more familiar with using their own drills, so bringing your own is not recommended. It will be awkward for them to adjust to using yours and it will also make them more nervous to work on you.
  • Drill Bits
    – Similar to nail drills, your nail techs will have all of their drill bits familiarized, so please do not bring yours in for them to use because it just cause more problems for them.
  • Acrylic Liquid Monomer
    – Since every acrylic liquid has their own characteristics, your nail tech is likely used to how their liquid behaves, so do not bring in your own. It will force them to have to quickly learn how to use your liquid in a short amount of time. This will not result in the best quality nails that you want.

Benefits Of Bringing Your Own Stuff

  • Reusability
    – If you have a personal nail polish color, you could touch up any chips or smuges conveniently at any time without going back to the nail salon.
  • Sanititation
    – Since your own nail polish and tools are only used on you, you can be sure that they will be more sanitary since they are not shared with any other clients.
  • Allergies
    – There are some people who are allergic to certain ingredients in nail polish such as formaldehyde, so it is safer for you to bring a formaldehyde-free nail polish to prevent any allergic reactions. The same applies to gloves that contains latex, therfore you can carry latex-free gloves with you to provide to your nail tech.
  • Peace of Mind
    – Using your own products will ensure peace of mind for you knowing that everything being used is what you have specifically chosen.
  • Resourcefulness
    – Sometimes a nail salon will not have a certain nail art supply that you may want, so bringing your own stuff for a design is a good idea. They may not also have the shade of color in nail polish, dip powder, or acrylic powder as well, so having your own as a backup is wise. Using your own products will also save the nail salon some money so that they won’t need to spend their own supply.


So the bottom line is that it is ok to bring your own nail polish, tools, or other products. Nail techs will not think it is rude at all and they will allow many things that you bring in with you. As long as you are polite and explain why you would prefer to use your own stuff, your nail tech will be cooperative with you.

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If you will soon be visiting the salon, you may be wondering whether you can take your own nail polish. Besides, we all have our favorite colors and brands. But can you do this? Here is what you need to know.

So, can you bring your own nail polish to a salon? It is possible to take your own nail polish to a salon, and most technicians would be happy to provide a manicure with such products. Just consider that it is the more costly way of getting a manicure and it is best to arrange with a salon in advance of the appointment.

And it doesn’t have to stop at just nail polish either.

There is no reason why you cannot take your own files, buffs and orangewood sticks either.

In fact, it may even be preferable for hygiene purposes, or if you have brittle and weak nails that you want to protect.

Nevertheless, let us now take a closer look at taking items to the salon, particularly nail polish.

We’ll be covering the pros and cons of doing it too, so be sure to stick around.

Is It Rude To Bring Your Own Nail Polish To A Salon?

It is generally not considered rude to take your own nail polish to a salon for a manicure. That is if you let the salon know in advance, and perhaps explain your reasoning.

In fact, most salons should not be too concerned.

They will be saving their own product after all.

For them, its the cost-effective way of providing a manicure.

And chances are, they have seen this time and time again.

Its actually quite common among nail technicians for their clients to bring their own polish.

If you really are worried about it coming across as rude, then calling ahead of your appointment and telling them should settle any nerves.

That way they will be prepared and will be able to find products that work with what you may be bringing.

What Should You Bring To A Nail Salon?

For the most part, you do not need to take anything to a nail salon, other than your credit card, or a form of payment!

Although there are certain items you may want to take for hygiene purposes or to protect your nails. You know what may work best, after all.

So the following items can be taken:

  • Nail files,
  • Buffers,
  • Orangewood sticks,
  • Cuticle pusher,
  • Cuticle nipper

Of course, if you do decide to take such products to the salon, be sure to sterilize them first!

You can do this quite easily, all you need to do is use an antibacterial solution.

What Type Of Nail Polish Do Nail Salons Use?

Nail salons use a range of different nail polishes depending on the manicure, and the salon in question. That being said, standard polish, shellac, and gel are the main types of polish used.

Each will require different application techniques and will result in a different finish and wear time.

For instance, regular nail polish is applied by hand but is likely to chip after time, whereas gel polish requires a UV lamp to cure and lasts for up to two weeks.

Regarding the quality of the product, well that depends on the salon.

The better, more reputable salons will use higher-quality polishes from the better brands.

Other, cheaper and lower-end salons may not be using such quality products.

Generally, the more you pay for your manicure, the more likely the salon will be using better quality products.

This is not always the case as you have to factor in the salons location, (city salons will typically charge more than a town salon for instance) but better technicians do tend to work with better product.

Sometimes the nail products could be from wholesale suppliers, at other times it could be off-the-shelf supplies like Sally Hansen.

If you are particularly concerned about the nail polish a salon uses, if you have particular allergies, are vegan, or have any other concerns, be sure to call the salon ahead.

Benefits Of Taking Your Own Nail Polish To The Salon

If you are still on the fence about taking your own polish to a salon, consider the following benefits of doing so:

Get The Quality You Want

If you are looking for a longer lasting manicure, then you are going to need to work with higher quality products.

Perhaps you do not have the skill, knowledge or experience to apply it.

Perhaps the salon you frequent does not have the type or quality of product that you are looking for?

A happy medium is to purchase more expensive products and then get the expertise of a professional nail technician to apply them.

Get The Color You Want

Secondly, you will likely have a specific color in mind.

Unfortunately, most salons will have a limited range.

They may be out of stock of certain colors, or they may even try to influence you to give you a mani in a color you simply do not want.

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I’ve been there, and I’ve been influenced to change my mind and color under pressure.

Not nice, and you walk away with a manicure in a color not of your own choosing.

Its not what you want. And you shouldn’t be paying for it.

So instead, by taking your own nail polish you can get exactly the color you want.

Besides, this is why you are getting a manicure in the first place, right.

You may even have an occasion coming up that requires them to look a certain way, or be a particular color.

Save Time, Prevent Frustration

Choosing a nail color in the salon can actually be quite a pressurized environment.

Especially if there are a long queue of people behind you waiting for their own manicure.

Sometimes we pick a color out of rushing.

Truth is, it can take some time to look through the options of nail polish.

Sometimes we want to take a closer look and compare.

And while we are paying for the service, it may be that we do not always have the time to do so. Or worse still, the nail technician does not have it either and puts the pressure on.

So, identifying the polish color you want ahead of time can ensure you get the color you want, and avoid any frustration.

Avoid Potential Allergens

Not everyone responds as well to all nail polish products and brands.

Some can be highly allergenic.

So, if you are aware if a particular compound or chemical in a specific brand causes you issues, then of course you will want to avoid it.

Unfortunately, the salon may be using products that contain said compound or chemical.

And there usually is not an easy way to ask the technician to check the ingredient list, or even test their knowledge on products without a full ingredient list on the bottle.

It can actually be quite a time extensive process to ask, especially if they have to research into it.

So, if you are particularly worried or aware of issues, its probably best to find out a polish that works for you, and take that.

To be sure.

Otherwise you may have an expensive, painful manicure to contend with!

Drawbacks Of Taking Your Own Nail Polish To The Salon

There are some downsides to taking your own polish, though.

Here they are:

Decreases Value

One of the reasons you’ll likely want to visit the salon is because you do not have the products at home to use.

So, you would need to buy them.

The truth is, if you take your own products to the salon, you’ll likely be increasing the cost of the manicure.

Most salons will not lower the price just because they used your products.

So, you’ll be effectively paying twice.

If you can afford it and this does not bother you, then it is nothing to be concerned with.

But, if your on a tight budget or you are using a particularly expensive nail polish, consider the overall price of the manicure.

Issues With Product

Certain nail polishes need to be kept at certain temperatures and at certain conditions to retain their quality and to work as intended.

Taking them with you in the car, on a hot summers day, may actually cause the product to break down or cease working properly.

So, you need to be particularly careful how you look after, and preserve your products.

If you take nail polish or product that has been damaged in transit, or when generally being kept, your manicure is not going to last or fair well.

Regardless of how good the technician is or how well they apply it.

Can Appear Rude

The important word here is can.

It shouldn’t be rude to take your own polish for the most part. But there is certainly a way to go about it.

You need to be careful in how and when you present the polish you would like to be used.

You do not want to be belittling or come across as insensitive, in any way.

Calling ahead or letting the nail technician know early is a much better way to go.


It is certainly possible to take your own nail polish to the salon, along with other tools you may want the technician to use, such as files and/or buffers for instance.

Its actually quite common, and many nail technicians will be aware of or have already encountered a client with such requirements.

That being said, there are certainly pros and cons to doing so.

You’ll want to consider the cost and the preservation of the product too.

Its also imperative that you are clear and courteous to the salon; calling ahead of time is generally advised.

Let them know and make them aware; besides they may need to check whether their own products will work in unison with your polish (such as a base/top coat for instance).

But, so long as you are aware of all that is involved. Do consider it.

It is something that can ensure you get the highest quality manicure, in exactly the color you desire.

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Can you bring your own nail polish to a nail salon, or is it rude?

When going to get your nails done, there is nothing wrong with wanting them to be perfect for you. Getting your nails done can be a luxury that you look forward to, and you’re allowed to want them to look the best they possibly could. With that comes the question of is it rude to bring your own nail polish to a nail salon?

The short answer is, no, it is not rude to bring your own nail polish to a nail salon if it is done in the right way and manner.

In this post, I’ll explain why it is ok to take your own nail polish to a nail salon and make sure it’s done correctly.

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon

Why you should take your own nail polish to a nail salon

It can feel uncomfortable taking your nail polish to a nail salon as it can feel like you’re going against the whole purpose of getting your nails done, but I can assure you it’s not.

Going to get your nails done is something you do for yourself, which should be enjoyable and give you a pleasing result. There is nothing wrong with taking your own nail polish, and here’s why.

Most people who go to get their nails done have an idea of what their nails will look like, the colour, the shape if you’re going to have a design or not. If you go to a nail salon and they don’t have the colour you want, you can end up being disappointed.

Taking your nail polish will help stop this from happening, and you’ll have a manicure you’ll be happy with.

It is also important to remember that not every nail salon will have every shade of each color. If you want a particular colour that you know isn’t as popular, your best off taken your own.

For example, when you are choosing a colour and are finding it difficult to find a shade that suits your skin tone or for a particular event, taking your nail polish is a type of security and reassurance that you have a colour you are happy with.

Taking your nail polish also saves time; if you’re anything like me, you might find it difficult picking what colour you want and might take ages to decide between two.

When you take your nail polish, this whole process can be eliminated from the experience, which could end up saving you like 15 minutes.

So, if you are in a rush or would prefer to get your nails done quicker, taking your nail polish may be a good option.

What you need to be careful about

Although it isn’t a problem taking your nail polish, how you handle the situation is critical. It is important that you go about it politely so that the nail technicians don’t feel disrespected or as you are unappreciative of their service.

An easy way to get around this is to be open with the reasoning behind taking your nail polish and being upfront. Shying away from it or being defensive about it may cause them to get agitated or may cause them to refuse you using it.

Taking your nail polish can cause issues such as confusion in who owns the nail polish. If the nail tech is unaware that you bought your own, they may think you’ve taken one they own.

This can cause unnecessary drama, so to avoid this, make sure you make it evident that you have bought your nail polish from right at the beginning of the appointment so everyone is aware, and there is less confusion.

Another issue that may arise is that if the nail polish is a different type to the manicure you are getting. For example, if you meant to be getting a regular nail polish put on, but the one you have is shellac, it may not be a big problem, but it may mean the process differs slightly.

To stop this from happening, check with the nail tech before they start to confirm it is ok to use for what you’re planning on getting.

Tips for taking your own nail polish

1. Call and ask

To make sure you don’t have any problems when taking your nail polish to a nail salon, calling them to ask is a good way to reassure yourself. This gives the salon a chance to prepares and also protects yourself from any issues that can be caused.

2. Be clear from the beginning.

As soon as you get there, be open and clear about having your nail polish. It’s not a problem taking your own, and most nail salons will be very understanding, but stating that you have your own will help make everyone aware of what you have decided.

3. Don’t let them change your mind.

Some nail salons may not like the idea of using your nail polish, and they may try to convince you to use one of theirs. If you want to use your nail polish, don’t let them change your mind; be confident in your choice, and respect that.

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You must be aware that most nail salons are happy for you to bring your own nail polish to their salons, and it doesn’t usually pose an issue.

It is perfectly acceptable to bring your own nail polish to a nail salon if you wish to, so don’t feel rude or unaccepted. I hope this has been useful and given you a better insight into getting your nails done.

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If you think your nail salon doesn’t have the right shade of color. Bringing a nail polish might help you out. However, in some cases, it’s considered rude to bring one’s own nail polish to a salon.

Some salons have policies that might not allow their customers to bring in any product with them. Though there might be some exceptions.

But the question remains, is it rude to bring your own nail polish to a salon?

Yes, it’s often considered rude. There might be many reasons for that. One of the prime reasons is that the salon policy might refrain someone from bringing nail polish. Other reasons include- the decreasing value of the service, nail polish issues, and customer complaints.

These are some reasons why bringing your own nail polish to a salon can be rude. However, if you want to find out more about bringing a nail polish to a salon, read along.

Let’s begin-

Is It Allowed To Bring Your Own Nail Polish To A Salon?

The answer to that question varies from salon to salon. In some of the salons, bringing your own nail polish might not be allowed. Not only nail polish- any kinds of products will not be allowed.

There are a number of reasons, you’ll find them out later as you read on. But one of them is that it’s considered rude. That’s why bringing nail polish, though common, is discouraged.

On the contrary, there are some salons that will allow you to bring any kinds of products. However, one must inform the salon beforehand. Most of the salons usually don’t mind customers bringing nail polish as long as that was discussed.

But checking in during an appointment would help. It doesn’t stop with just nail polish. You can also bring nail files, buffers, orangewood sticks, cuticle pushers, and cuticle nippers.

Now, these are the reasons you might want to polish using your own nail polish in the salon. For your convenience, here’s a brief overview of the matter-

Advantages Disadvantages
You’ll get the perfect shade of your choiceRejected by salon policy
Able to save timeDecreasing value of service
Maintain personal hygieneNail polish might have some issues
Avoid allergy or infectionsComplaints from other customers

Go through the rest of our segment to learn more in detail about these issues.

Why You Shouldn’t Bring Your Own Nail Polish To The Salon?

Now that we know that bringing one’s own nail polish to a salon is possible. The purpose of going to a salon is to get services that you can’t get at home. Which makes bringing any product unnecessary.

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon
Source: maxkdsign.com

Let us find out why bringing nail polish is discouraged. There are a number of reasons why it’s considered rude to bring any kind of polish to the salons.

So, let’s take a look into why you can’t bring your own nail polish-

Salon Policy

There are several salons whose policy might not allow anyone to bring anything to the salon. The salon only offers services with its own products. They have more options than we do at home. Some of the salons might consider your excuse of using your own nail paint if you’ve informed them earlier.

They might only have a limited kind of nail design. And would not offer anything beyond those designs. As a result, they won’t allow anyone to bring nail polish to the salon.

So, it’s better not to use our own nail polish and break a policy.

Decreasing Value of Service

Another major drawback of bringing your nail polish to a salon is the value of the service. The authority might not allow you to use them. As a result, you’ll have to use their polishes. So bringing the nail polish was useless.

You might have to pay the full amount for your nail service even if the salon uses your polish. Because the salon will not decrease the charge even if you bring in your own nail polish.

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon

That’s why the necessity to bring nail polish decreases.

Issues With Your Own Nail Product

Nail polishes tend to change their chemical solution according to temperature. Which differs from place to place. So bringing your own nail polish might not give you the outcome you were expecting. Because the nail polish might get affected and change.

As a result, the manicure might turn out bad. So, using their product is way better than bringing our own.

Complaints Of Other Customers

Even if the salon allows one person to bring their own nail polish, others might complain. Maybe they weren’t aware of this rule and would have acted differently if they knew earlier.

This can create a whole new issue with the salon.

Thus, these are the reasons why you shouldn’t bring nail polish to any salon.

Benefits Of Using Salon Nail Polish

Now it might not be possible to bring your own polish. So what’s the harm in trying out some at the salon?

Salon nail technicians have a unique application technique. This technique itself makes the nail polish last longer. And they provide the best finishing touches to a nail. And they can do that with almost everyone.

Another benefit of using nail polish from the salon is that they provide one of the best qualities. And if you want they will let you know the chemical components of the polish if you asked.

Why You Should Bring Your Own Nail Polish To The Salon?

If you want to go to a salon soon, you might want to carry your favorite nail polish with you. Just make sure the salon approves of you bringing nail polish.

Because if they do, there are tons of benefits you’ll get for bringing your own nail polish. Want to know how? Well, let’s take a look at all of them-

Get The Perfect Shade Of Color

We all love having long nails. The reason we go to the salon is to have the perfect pink nail. But not every salon has the shade of pink you wanted on your acrylic nails. Or worse, the salon might get the wrong color. So, the only solution to this problem is to bring your own shade of nail polish.

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon
Source: Headcurve

This will save you the hassle of selecting a shade close to yours. With your favorite shape, you know what’ll you be getting.

Saves Time

When you bring your own nail polish, it saves you the hassle of choosing a shade in the salon. You might not be able to make any decisions in that environment.

Because there are a lot of people queued up behind you. This might even decrease the manicure service quality. However, you’ll see the difference once you save time by bringing your own bottle of nail polish.

Personal Hygiene Issues

There are a lot of people who are sensitive about their hygiene issues. They might not want to wear the nail polish of the salon.

That’s why bringing one’s own nail polish might protect you from any hygienic problems. But it’s not the complete solution for this issue. That person might still have to deal with other instruments in the salon.

Avoid Allergy Or Infections

It might be that your nail doesn’t react well with the polish used in the salon. The reaction might be an allergy or infection. Some chemical compounds of nail polish are usually responsible for that. In that case, proper medication can save you from a nail fungus. You might also have to visit a doctor for a checkup.

That’s why, if you want to avoid such allergies or infections, it’s better if you bring your own nail polish to the salon.

What To Do If You Had To Bring A Nail Polish?

Now, if you have no other choice, there is a protocol you have to follow. This is pretty common and nail technicians are quite familiar with it. Usually, people with infections, allergies, or sensitive skin are allowed to bring their own mani-pedi tools.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to let the salon/nail technician know the reasons beforehand. It’s also essential to inform about the kind of product one will bring to the salon.

Because the nail techs have to find out if the top/base coat is suitable for the product or not.

There are many salon-quality top/base coats available in the market. If you want a salon-at-home experience, you can go for any of these-

Top Coats

Base Coats

Just get either of the two choices. You’ll feel like a professional nail tech without even going to school.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Signing Off

We hope we’ve answered your question- is it rude to bring your own nail polish to a salon? Bringing any kind of nail tool is fine as long as the salon has been informed.

Let us know, in the comments, if you were able to bring your own nail polish to a salon.

Until then, keep making your nails shine.

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Having proper etiquette is essential if you plan to visit the nail salon frequently.

But to answer the question, it is not rude to bring your polish to the salon if done correctly.

But let’s face it: knowing what’s okay and what’s not okay isn’t always so simple.

For instance, have you ever considered bringing your nail polish to a salon? Would that be considered rude or unnecessary?

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Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon

It’s not an easy decision. When determining if bringing your nail polish is rude or not, you’ll have to consider various factors.

Will they have the color you want? Will the workers be offended that you took matters into your own hands?

Keep in mind that if you have a dark skin tone, they may not have the perfect color for you.

Ultimately, it’s probably a decision you should make for yourself. Though the answer may depend on your situation and the salon you’re going to.

Some general tips can help you decide if bringing your nail polish to a salon is the right thing to do.

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon

Don’t worry anymore if you’re on the fence about bringing your polish to the salon. It’s time that you got your answer.

We know you don’t want to put off your new great look any moment longer.

Do you?

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon

That’s what we thought. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should bring your nail polish and some reasons why you shouldn’t try so that you can find out for yourself if you’re following proper nail salon etiquette.

Reasons You Should Bring Your Own Nail Polish

We completely get it. We all have our favorites, and that doesn’t make nail polish color an exception. Look into some of the reasons why you should bring your polish:

Get the Color You Want

If you want to bring your nail polish to the salon, this is probably the number one reason.

There’s no guarantee that the salon will have the color of your choosing, so you may feel as if there’s no point in going if it’s just going to waste your time.

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon

Maybe you have a favorite color already, or maybe you’re looking to try out a new birthday or Christmas gift.

Whatever the case, bringing your polish to ensure that you get the look you want is a valid reason to take it to the nail salon.

And, no, in this case, it doesn’t make you rude.

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon

Remember, you’re paying to have your nails look the way you want them to—and if the salon doesn’t have your color, what’s the point in spending your money?

Though you may think this makes you look rude, it’s protecting your investment. The workers at the salon should be professional enough to realize this.

You’ll probably find that most salons won’t care if you bring your own polish because, as noted, they want to help you have nails you can be proud of.

You may run into some workers who don’t understand this, but we think making sure you’ve got the color you want isn’t rude.

Save the Salon Money

Bringing your polish can save the salon money.

That’s right. If you’re supplying your nail polish, you’re helping them preserve their materials. And that means that’s more money in their wallets.

That’s because even though you’ll pay the same rate, they won’t have to use their products—meaning they can save money.

Though it might not be much, the salon’s savings can start to add up if others bring their polish. So what does this mean?

It means that if people can get over the stigma of bringing their nail polish, salons can start saving money while doing the same amount of work.

And if you’re getting the right color for your nails, that sounds like a win-win situation for everyone. So the question becomes: is that rude?

Well, maybe only if the salon wants to spend more of its money. Instead of bringing your nail polish as rude, consider it more courtesy to the salon owner.

You’re cutting down on their expenses and making it easier for them to get the job done. What could be rude about that?

Save Everyone’s Time

By bringing your nail polish, you’ll do more than save your salon some money, and you’ll also save them time.

Because you already know exactly what you want, you won’t have to waste anyone’s time while you browse through colors that you might not even like.

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon

How disappointing would it be if you went only to find out they didn’t have a color that you liked?

Not only would your time be wasted, but the employees’ time wouldn’t be well-spent, either.

If you go to find out that you don’t want what they’re selling, you’re going to do one of two things:

  • End up with a color you don’t want, or
  • Have them spend time waiting on you instead of servicing other paying customers.

As you can see, this can hurt their bottom dollar and leave them feeling frustrated.

If you fear that you’re going to upset nail salon workers by bringing your nail polish, consider the fact that you might be causing them more frustration by trying to wing it.

If you have the salon workers in mind, taking your nail polish can significantly reduce their burdens by saving them time and money.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Bring Your Own Nail Polish to the Salon

Be mindful of your nail salon’s rules or etiquette. Some may be different than others.

It Decreases the Value of the Service

While there are several reasons why bringing your polish isn’t rude, it’s essential to consider the other side of the argument as well.

One of the most significant drawbacks to bringing your nail polish is that it will decrease the value of the service.

This is true for multiple reasons—the most obvious of which is that you are the one who’s paying for the polish.

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon

And essentially, you’re paying for it twice.

You’re not going to get any discount for bringing your polish, so you’re paying the total price for a service that you’re not getting in its entirety.

The other is that it may appear that you’re telling the salon and its workers that what they have isn’t good enough for you.

Just think: if you had a restaurant and someone brought their food inside, wouldn’t you feel as if they were criticizing your establishment in some manner?

While workers should be professional enough to know that bringing your nail polish isn’t a reflection on their business, be careful how what you’re doing can be misconstrued.

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon

Tell them that you brought your own polish because it’s the color you want—and for no other reason.

It Can Look Disrespectful

As noted, bringing your polish can appear as a slap in the face to some salon owners.

If you want to counter this impression, always be willing to answer the following question: “Why go to a salon to put on your nail polish?”

Now, as stated, there are perfectly valid reasons to bring your nail polish to a salon—be sure that you’re open and upfront about it.

You may even want to call ahead of time and ask the salon workers before you show up. This can help make sure that everyone is on the same page.

If no one is offended by the arrangement, you can feel comfortable bringing your nail polish isn’t rude.

It Might Cause Problems

When bringing your nail polish, you’re going to want to be careful. Though the act itself may not be rude, how you go about doing it may cause problems that certainly are.

As noted, it’s probably a good idea to contact your salon ahead of time and let them know that you’re bringing your polish. This can help reduce complications and negative feelings.

But even if you don’t, you’re going to want to let the workers know that you have your polish with you.

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon


Because the salon might be under the impression that you have taken the polish from their store.

As unfortunate as it is, you don’t want to end up in handcuffs while leaving your nail appointment. Sound far-fetched? It might be, but you don’t want any similar opportunity to arise.

If a worker thinks you’ve stolen or that you’re trying to steal a bottle of polish, you’re going to have to wait for security cameras to be reviewed at the very least.

This will waste employees’ time as well as that of other customers, which is rude.

To avoid this, make sure that the workers know that you’re bringing your polish to the salon ahead of time. This can save everyone’s time and hassle and can even help the business make more money.

Tips on Bringing Your Own Nail Polish to the Salon

As you can see, bringing your nail polish to the salon doesn’t have to be rude.

The action of bringing your polish in itself isn’t enough to constitute as rude. Instead, it’s more about how you do it that can turn the action into disrespect for the workers involved.

Follow the tips below to help make sure that you’re going about bringing your polish to the salon in a polite way.

Call Ahead

Can you bring your own nail polish to a salon

To ensure that you don’t upset anyone, call ahead of time to verify with the salon that you can bring your polish.

If it’s against their policy, you’ll at least have a heads up so that you can start looking for other salons.

And the salon will be able to prepare in advance so that you don’t run into any complications once there.

You can also call and make sure that they don’t have the color you want. If this is the case, you can be confident that bringing your polish is not rude.

Be Clear

Don’t be afraid to tell your salon why you brought your polish, to begin with. Most will understand that you’re just looking to get the color you want on your nails, so there’s no reason to fear any backlash.

Be Courteous

Be sure to follow proper etiquette while you’re getting your nails done. Remember, even if you bring your colors, it’s polite to thank the salon workers for helping you apply a perfect finish.

The kinder you are while you’re there, the more you can be sure that you won’t come across as rude.

The Bottom Line

So is bringing your nail polish to the salon rude? It depends on who you ask—and how you do it. Ultimately, if you’re planning on bringing your polish to the salon, make sure that you do so in a polite manner.

It’s hard to predict how others will respond to the situation, and some salons might respond differently than others.

There’s nothing rude in bringing nail polish to the salon—you have to make sure that everyone involved is on the same page.


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