Dandelion Oil Benefits and How to Make Dandelion Oil


It’s spring in Ohio, which means lots of rain and lots of dandelions.  

I remember when I was a kid, my grandfather used to freak if there was a single dandelion in his yard.  He would spray them, kill them, and have the perfect lawn again.  

It was the 1980s, so we weren’t as environmentally friendly back then.  Thankfully, we mostly know better now.

I love looking out and seeing the dandelions.  I see a field of wishes, just waiting for a little or big kid to come along and make a wish. 

Dandelions are also one of the first foods for bees, so it’s important that we keep them alive.

Remember: no bees, no coffee. 

Save the bees!

As if these weren’t enough reasons to keep those little yellow flowers, they are also an amazing product for DIY bath and body recipes in a dandelion flower oil because of the dandelion oil benefits for your skin.

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How Do You Use Dandelion Infused Oil?

Dandelion oil uses are numerous.  You can use dandelion infused oil on your skin like you would any other oil.  You can apply it alone or use it in DIY bath and body recipes in place of other oils.

Learn more about dandelions in the Foraging Course from The Herbal Academy.  This course has information about 20 plants and several recipes to use them in.

What are the Benefits of Dandelion Oil?

Dandelion oil benefits are from the vitamins and minerals in the flower.  Although not all of these benefits will transfer to the dandelion flower oil, several of the benefits of dandelions will transfer to the oil when you create your herbal infusion.

Dandelions are high in antioxidants to reduce free radicals.  Free radicals can cause signs of aging, so dandelion oil for skin may help reduce the signs of aging.

Dandelion flowers are also high in vitamins A, C, E, and K.  They have small amounts of vitamin B.  In addition, dandelion flower oil also has iron, magnesium, folate, and potassium.

In one study, dandelions were proven to increase the rate at which skin cells regenerate.  This is important for anti-aging and for dry skin or eczema.

Dandelions were also proven to fight inflammation, hydrate the skin, and boost collagen production.

It’s also been said that dandelions can help eliminate heat and reduce inflammation, so it’s a great addition to a pain relieving salve recipe, too.  

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Is Dandelion Oil Good for Your Skin?

Yes, dandelion oil for skin has several benefits.  The vitamins and minerals can transfer from the flower to the oil.  

Since dandelion flowers are high in several vitamins and minerals, the dandelion flower oil is also high in these vitamins and minerals.

This can reduce the signs of aging and promote healthy skin.

Is Dandelion Oil Good for Wrinkles?

Yes, dandelion oil benefits for skin can promote anti-aging.  Although dandelion oil for skin won’t get rid of your wrinkles, it may plump the skin to temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in dandelion infused oil may also reduce the signs of aging and delay wrinkles and fine lines.

Is Dandelion Oil Good for Your Face?

Yes, dandelion oil for skin can be used on the face.  You can use dandelion infused oil on your face after apply moisturizer or use it one of these recipes.

I recommend using a carrier oil with a low comedogenic rating like argan oil, safflower oil, or rosehip seed oil.  

You can learn about the comedogenic ratings for several oils in my Carrier Oils and Their Benefits Chart.  You can get that free if you sign up for my newsletter or buy it from my Etsy shop.

Is Dandelion Oil Good for Your Hair?

Yes, dandelion oil for hair can promote healthy hair.  The vitamins and minerals in dandelions that are good for your skin are also good for your hair.

Try dandelion infused oil in my Coconut Oil and Peppermint Hair Mask, Homemade Hair Oil Recipes, or my Homemade Hot Oil Treatment.

Does Dandelion Oil Promote Hair Growth?

Using dandelion oil for hair is said to promote hair growth.  It can stimulate the scalp, which can promote hair growth.

The vitamins and minerals can also promote healthy hair, which may prevent breakage and encourage stronger and thicker hair.

How Do I Use Dandelion Oil?

You can use dandelion flower oil to replace a carrier oil in DIY beauty recipes.  You can use dandelion infused oil to make soap, lotion, scrubs, and more.

You can replace any liquid carrier oil with dandelion infused oil.  To replace coconut oil, you will need to make dandelion infused coconut oil, which we will cover below.

Can You Make Dandelion Essential Oil?

No, there is not a dandelion essential oil.  I wish there was because of the dandelion oil benefits for skin and hair.  

However, you can learn how to make dandelion oil or where to buy dandelion oil to get the benefits.  You can buy Dandelion on Etsy if you don’t want to make your own.

Best Carrier Oil for Dandelion Flower Oil

What’s the best carrier oil to use for learning how to make dandelion oil?  That depends!

I used chia seed oil for my infusion, but that’s because I wanted a very moisturizing oil.  You can choose the best oil for your needs so you get the benefits of the oil and the benefits of dandelion oil.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is probably my favorite all purpose carrier oil.  If you want to make a dandelion infused oil and aren’t sure what to use it for, I recommend this oil.  

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It’s moisturizing and gentle on your skin, but don’t use it if you have a nut allergy.  It has vitamins A and E to nourish the skin along with the benefits of dandelion oil and those vitamins and minerals.

Chia Seed Oil

I used chia seed oil because it’s a heavy and moisturizing oil.  Chia seed is high in omega-3 fatty acids to moisturize your skin.  Chia seed oil can also help strengthen the barrier on top of the skin to prevent moisture loss.  

It’s a heavy oil, but it is one of the best oils for dry, chapped, or irritated skin.  For dry skin, I like the benefits of dandelion oil made with chia seed oil.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot oil is another one that I used often.  It’s a dry oil, so it feels light and soaks into the hair and skin quickly.  

For this reason, it’s great to use in lotions, hair treatments, and massage oils.  It does provide some nourishing and moisturizing, but it’s not the best for dry skin. 

 However, the benefits of dandelion oil made with apricot kernel oil make it a great oil for lotions or when you don’t want to feel oily.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is another heavier oil that’s great for dry skin or hair.  It’s high in fatty acids and vitamins to help nourish the skin.  

Avocado oil is a great oil for dry skin.  Paired with dandelion oil benefits, it’s a good oil to use for dry skin or eczema.

Grapeseed Oil

Like apricot oil, grapeseed oil is a dry oil.  It soaks in quickly.  It’s best used on oily skin because it’s so light.  It also acts like a natural astringent.  

Learn more about different carrier oils and their benefits to choose the best oil for your dandelion infused oil.

How Do You Dry and Store Dandelions?

I pick dandelions from my yard to make dandelion flower oil.  Just make sure you pick them from an area that isn’t sprayed with any chemicals.  

Also avoid areas where dogs may go potty.  I also pick them from my back yard away from the street to avoid dirt and contamination from the road.

Once you pick them, remove the head from the stem.  Put the stems in your compost pile.  Then place the heads on a drying rack or on a cookie sheet.

Let dry for several days until they are completely dry.  You can then learn how to make dandelion oil or save them to make dandelion flower oil later.

You can also buy dried dandelions to use to make dandelion infused oil.

How Long Does Dandelion Oil Last?

Your dandelion infused oil will last as long as the shelf life of the carrier oil that you used.  Carrier oils have different shelf lives ranging from 6 months to 2 years.  

Generally, your dandelion flower oil will be good for 1 year with most carrier oils.

The shelf life of common carrier oils is in my carrier oils printable.

Where to Buy Dandelion Oil

If you don’t want to learn how to make dandelion oil, you can buy the infused oil.  Just make sure to note the carrier oil that was used if you plan to use dandelion oil for skin on your face.

How Do You Infuse Dandelion Oil

There are two ways to learn how to make dandelion oil: the quick way and the long way.

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If you want the really easy way, you can buy dandelion infused oil on Etsy.

Both work well.  I typically use the long method just because it’s easier and I plan my recipes weeks or months in advance.

But if you’re a spur of the moment person, then by all means use the quick method.  

No matter which method you use, just make sure that your dandelions are completely dry.  If there is any moisture, they can grow moldy.  If you are using the long method, this is more of a problem than if you are using the quick method.

Both the quick method and the long method will give the same benefits of dandelion oil.

Dandelions not in season?  Buy dried dandelions on Etsy.

How to Make Dandelion Infused Oil: Quick Method

If you’re in a hurry and want to use your dandelion infused oil for its benefits that day or within two weeks, then learn how to make dandelion oil with the quick method.  

  • Collect your dandelions and save just the flower part.  Set them on a cooling rack or on a towel lined cookie sheet to dry.  I let mine dry for a week.
  • Place the dried dandelions in a pint jar.  Cover with the carrier oil of your choice.  The amount of dandelions and oil isn’t an exact measurement.  Just make sure the oil covers the dandelions by a little bit.
  • Place a hand towel on the bottom of a slow cooker.  Place the jar of oil covered dandelions on top of the towel.  
  • Add water to the slow cooker to cover the flowers and oil.  
  • Turn the slow cooker to the warm setting and let the flowers and oil infuse for four hours.  Do not cover the slow cooker because it can cause condensation to fall down into the jar of oil.  
  • Turn off the slow cooker and let the oil cool.  
  • Use cheesecloth to strain out the dandelions and discard them.

Now you have dandelion infused oil in about 5 hours.

How to Make Dandelion Infused Oil: Long Method

This method is a lot easier, but it can take up to two weeks.  Learn how to make dandelion oil with the long method.

  • Pick your dandelions and set on a cookie sheet or cooling rack to dry completely for a week.
  • Be sure that the flowers are completely dry and have no moisture because they can grow mold in the next step.
  • Place the dried flowers in a mason jar and cover with a carrier oil.  There’s no exact amount of flowers or oils, but the oils must cover the flowers so there is no air getting to the flower.
  • Let the flowers and oil infuse up to two weeks.  Give the jar a gentle shake each day to mix the oil and flowers.
  • After two weeks, strain out the flowers using cheesecloth.  Discard the cheesecloth and flowers.

How Do You Make Dandelion Oil With Coconut Oil?

Since coconut oil is solid at room temperature, you will have to use the quick method to melt coconut oil and infuse it with the dried flowers while keeping it warm.  Dandelion infused coconut oil is a wonderful herbal infused oil to use in DIY recipes.

Now you know how to make dandelion oil.  What will you use it for?

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