8 Heartfelt Movies About Breast Cancer

8 Movies About Breast Cancer That Got It Right

There's a lot of information about breast cancer out there. Some of it is accurate while some are outrageously misinformed. With recent research acknowledging the breast cancer can be an inherited trait, actresses like Angelina Jolie have discussed their personal journeys with breast cancer and double mastectomies. It's an important time to have the right data and information when discussing breast cancer in women.

Most Americans might know someone who survived, fought, or lost their battle to breast cancer. According to Breastcancer.org 1 in 8 women in the United States “will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime”.

It is a common cancer yet there aren't many movies dedicated to raising awareness. Below are 8 movies about breast cancer that get it right. They are honest, they are true, and they depict cancer in a realistic and tangible way. Warning: a few of them will cause you to cry at your desk so if you're watching these trailers at work or in a public space, don't say I didn't warn you.

1. The Family Stone

A star studded holiday movie that centers around family drama hits upon many issues. Diane Keaton, the matriarch of the family wants everyone home for Christmas as she has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It might make you teary-eyed around the holidays but your family was going to do that to you anyway! Probably? Sure.

2. Pieces of April

Katie Holmes plays rebellious outcast who decides to host Thanksgiving because her mother is dying of breast cancer. Another movie that reinstates the notion that life is too short to hold grudges, especially with family members.

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3. Terms of Endearment

You might remember the infamous scene where Shirley MacLaine screams “give my daughter the shot!”. This scene is memorable because it shows what family members will do for the ones they love. I think most of us would do the same thing if we had a loved one, or daughter in this case, who was dying of breast cancer.

4. 1 A Minute

A compilation of interviews by women who have beat breast cancer. The stories of survival are inspiring and will hopefully encourage you to share the movie, support breast cancer patients, and help raise money to find a cure.

5. Living Proof

Okay, yes Living Proof is a Lifetime Original movie BUT that doesn't mean the story isn't worth watching. Harry Connick, Jr plays real life UCLA doctor, Dennis Slamon who developed, Herceptin, a breast cancer drug that revolutionized treatment in patients.

6. Miss You Already

This trailer might make you a little cry baby but that's okay. Toni Collette plays Milly, the best friend to Drew Barrymore's Jess, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The movie revolves around their friendship and the undying love they have for one another. I'd be impressed if you didn't bawl like a baby through this one.

7. Five

The story of five women who are all diagnosed, living, or fighting breast cancer. Each story is directed by a different female director including Alicia Keys and Jennifer Aniston. Five accurately depicts what women go through when dealing with breast cancer, whether it's telling their family members or learning to accept the life changing news.

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8. Decoding Annie Parker

This is the true story of cancer survivor, Annie Parker, whose breast cancer diagnosis helped doctors discover that breast cancer can be hereditary in women. This was the discovery of the BRCA1 breast cancer gene. Decoding Annie Parker is an important movie to watch in understanding breast cancer research.


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