‘Sex and the City’ Replaces Kim Cattrall With Nicole Ari Parker After Shooting What Fans Think is Breast Cancer Survivor’s Funeral; How Show Star Shared Her Cancer Journey

In a series of photos posted to her Instagram account, the three series stalwarts could be seen in a big group hug with Nicole, 50, during a shoot for the series.

Did kim cattrall have breast cancer

Sex and the City Gets New Member of Fab Four

“Oh so fine. I’d sing along to 70’s love songs with this trio deep into any night. I’ll see you ladies tomorrow! X, SJ,” read the post.

Parker then tagged the actresses and the series while also including #MemoriesMonday in the post.

The post was then shared by breast cancer survivor Nixon who wrote: “We’ve been having fun on set.”

Nicole also reposted the photos and wrote: “These Beautiful Beings. Thank you #SJP for holding the whole place together on such a long hot night.”

All that is known for sure at this time is that Nicole will be playing Lisa Todd Wexley.Did kim cattrall have breast cancer

Nicole had also been seen on set shooting scenes with Hamilton star Christopher Jackson and Sex and the City regular Mario Cantone, who plays Anthony Marentino.

Did kim cattrall have breast cancer

Nicole is one of a handful of new faces joining the show alongside Homeland actress Sarita Choudhury and theater actress Karen Pittman.

Nicole has appeared on countless TV shows over the years, most notably Soul Food, Empire and more recently Chicago P.D.

Her breakthrough role came in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1997 film Boogie Nights, in which she played the role of adult film star Becky Barnett.

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Did kim cattrall have breast cancer

What Will Happen to Breast Cancer Survivor Samantha?

There has been much speculation about the fate of Samantha on the series ever since it was revealed actress Kim Catrall would not be reprising her Golden Globe-winning role.

This series comes after a planned third film was scrapped just weeks before production was set to begin when Cattrall dropped out, though the actress has said she never agreed to appear in that film.

Fans now seem to think that the show will open with the funeral of Samantha, who in the original series’ sixth and final season was diagnosed with breast cancer.

That speculation comes following a shoot that took place last month in New York City featuring the supporting cast members in all-black ensembles while the show’s three stars – Parker, Nixon, and Davis – were dressed entirely in white.

There is also a chance it could be another character’s funeral, with the other popular theory being that it is Carrie’s husband John (aka Mr. Big) who passes away.

That was meant to be the catalyst for the events that occur in the third film that was never made, which adds some weight to that theory.

Chris Noth, the actor who plays John, was seen on set that day but given the public attention and paparazzi action outside the set every day of filming, the producers may have wisely had him show up to try and kill any whispers prior to the show’s premiere later this year.

Cynthia’s Breast Cancer Journey

Cynthia Nixon found a lump in her breast in 2006. Throughout the process, Nixon was relaxed and later shared that she didn’t think the lump – despite being cancer – was a big deal. Having a calm, positive attitude through cancer can help the process be smoother for some people.

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Doctors informed Nixon that the tumor found in her breast was stage 1 breast cancer. In a previous interview, Nixon recalls how, “The doctor said the tumor was so small, he wouldn’t have even noticed it except for the fact that it wasn’t there on previous X-rays. I’ve learned that if you catch breast cancer early, the chances are overwhelmingly good that you’ll be cured. So my attitude, which very much mirrored my mother’s, was this wasn’t a big deal.”

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Nixon began having mammograms at age 35 because her mother had breast cancer, and beat it. Cynthia treated her stage 1 breast cancer with six weeks of radiation, and she also had a lumpectomy.

When Should You Consider a Mastectomy?

How to Screen for Breast Cancer

Mammograms look for lumps in the breast tissue and signs of breast cancer. Women aged 45 to 54 should get mammograms annually. And women like Nixon, who have a family history of the disease, should start screening before 45. If someone in your family has breast cancer, or if you carry the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation, start screening early.

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In an earlier interview, Dr. Connie Lehman, the chief of the Breast Imaging Division at Massachusetts General Hospital, explains the necessity of screening for breast cancer to detect this disease. She says, “If you haven’t gone through menopause yet, I think it’s very important that you have a mammogram every year.”

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“We know that cancers grow more rapidly in our younger patients, and having that annual mammogram can be lifesaving,” explains Dr. Lehman. “After menopause, it may be perfectly acceptable to reduce that frequency to every two years.”

When Should I Get a Mammogram?

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