Does Gloom Have Cancer? Let’s Look at Her Biography, Personal Life, Net Worth, and More!

Does Gloom Have Cancer? Gloom is a YouTuber from Canada. Gloom’s real name is Kassima “Kassie” Isabelle. Gloom’s fans are waiting to find out what happened to him. What Happened to Gloom is explained in this article.

Who Is Gloom?

Gloom is a YouTube star from Canada. Gloom’s real name is Kassima “Kassie” Isabelle. She used to go by the name of CloudyApples. She first told people about herself on CloudyApples in 2011.

Cloudy Apples is a YouTube channel about life. She took a break for two years and came back in 2013. Then she decided it was time to move on, so in 2015 she started a new channel called “GloomGames.” That became Gloom in the end.

Does Gloom Have Cancer?

On January 8, 2022, Gloom said in a video called “Signing Off” that he was leaving. She put up that video to take a break from a scary situation that was making her feel stressed. At the time, she thought she had breast cancer.

But some tests showed that the lump in her breast was just a cyst, which was good news. She found out that she didn’t have cancer of the breast. Kassie said in one of her videos that her aunt, who was also named Kassima, died of cancer.

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What Happened To The YouTuber Gloom?

Some sources say that in 2022, many sites spread the rumor that Gloom had died of Cancer. In the “Signing Off” video, Gloom said at the time that she does not have cancer.

But neither her close friends nor anyone in her family has confirmed that information. Gloom’s YouTube channel mostly had videos of him playing games and talking about them. At the moment, it has vlogs, skits, and fake cooking and arts-and-crafts videos.

Gloom Career

She first talked about herself online in 2011, on a YouTube channel called CloudyApples. She took a break for two years, but when she came back in 2013, she had already deleted all of her own videos. She eventually decided to move on, so in 2015 she started a new channel called “GloomGames,” which is now just called “Gloom.”

This used to be mostly gaming and commentary videos, but now she also posts skits, vlogs, reactions, and parody arts-and-crafts and cooking videos under the name “Kartha Gewart.” This is a spoof of the famous Martha Stewart, with the initials of Martha Stewart replaced by “KG,” which is a reference to her real name and her online name, Kassie Gloom.

Gloom Age

Kassie grew up with a brother who was older, a sister who was older, and a younger sister. Kassie was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, on December 19, 1990. She turned 30 this year. But she lived in Singapore for most of her childhood.

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When she got back to Canada, she went to the first grade. There, she was often picked on because of how much she looked like a Chinese person. As her sense of self-worth went down, she started to fight back against the bullying.

Gloom Childhood

When she was in middle school, she met a girl named Ashleigh, who soon became her best friend. Ashleigh changed schools almost at the end of Kassie’s middle school years. Then Kassie’s family had problems, which made her feel even worse. She didn’t tell anyone about it because she didn’t want them to feel sorry for her.

Gloom Net Worth

Gloom has a net worth of about $11.25 million, which is only based on the money he makes from ads on YouTube. Gloom’s net worth could be much higher if you take into account all of the different ways a YouTuber can make money, such as through brand partnerships, sponsorships, and donations.

About 46 million people watch Gloom’s YouTube channel every month, or about 1.5 million people every day. The YouTube channel for Gloom makes $2.81 million a year, or $187,43 thousand a month, from ads.

Gloom might make about $5 million a year. But it’s rare for influencers to depend on just one source of income. There may be a lot more money coming in from things like sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking gigs than from ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gloom?

Gloom is a YouTube star from Canada.

What is the age of Gloom?

What is the Name of the Youtube Channel of Gloom?

Gloom’s real name is Kassima “Kassie” Isabelle.

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