Does Your Drywall Have Nail Pops? What This Means

Why do nail pops happen

Drywall is an affordable wall and ceiling material, but it can come with some issues. If you notice circular bulges or cracks, then you have nail pops. Find out if these eyesores are more than cosmetic issues and where to turn for reliable drywall services in Scarborough. Restore your walls and your peace of mind with detailed inspections and effective drywall repairs.

What Are Nail Pops?

A nail pop occurs when the nail shifts and starts to come out of the drywall. You may see the nail head in extreme cases, but you’ll most likely only see cracks around a small circle. This issue can occur in walls or ceilings.

In most cases, you can simply hammer the nail in or replace the nail before patching over the cracked drywall mud. This seems like an easy DIY fix, but it’s important to work with a professional contractor in your area to see whether the issue is more serious than that.

Many homeowners choose to simply cover up the first few nail pops. This could fix the cosmetic issue, or it could simply mask the signs of something more serious. Consider the following reasons why nail pops may be dangerous. Don’t wait until you see dozens across your walls or ceiling, but contact a qualified professional at the first nail pop to receive a careful inspection.

Are Nail Pops Dangerous?

Many nail pop situations aren’t serious and are relatively easy home repairs. Unfortunately, nail pops can also be a sign of serious foundation issues. Don’t cover up the signs of popping nails until you have a professional inspect your drywall and foundation.

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First, a local contractor can inspect the area and determine how many nails are popping through. One or two nails popping through is likely caused by a cosmetic issue. This could be caused by improper installation or slight shifts in the drywall panel. A drywall expert can make quick work of this and restore the smooth surface of your ceiling or walls in very little time.

If there are many nail pops, or if your contractor notices signs of foundation issues after an inspection, then you may need to invest in more extensive repairs. The nail pops themselves aren’t necessarily dangerous, but they point to compromised framing or foundation materials that need to be fixed quickly to restore your home’s safety.

What Causes This Type of Drywall Damage?

There are many issues that can cause nails to pop or bulge out of the drywall. Some issues are very serious, while others are minor. Minor issues include settling drywall, twisting lumber and improper installation.

These minor issues are most common within a year of construction of the home or room. New framing and drywall may contain excess moisture and dry out over time, causing slight shifts or twists.

Other issues require more serious inspections. Here are some common problems that require immediate attention from a professional contractor:

  • Compromised foundation
  • Settling soil under the foundation
  • Improper framing or support materials
  • Water drainage issues

DIY solutions aren’t practical for these types of issues. Instead, you need to work with an experienced contractor to identify the problem and recommend a long-term solution. The first few nail pops are likely to be followed by more. You’ll eventually see large cracks and bulges in the drywall.

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Who Provides Reliable Drywall Services in Scarborough?

If you’re ready to restore your home and prevent future nail pops, it’s time to contact Handyman Connection. Request an inspection in Scarborough to see what may be causing nail pops and how to fix them. Enjoy prompt and affordable services to prevent further drywall damage or other serious problems with your home.

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