17 Best Things to Do in Riverview, FL

In Florida’s Hillsborough County is an unincorporated census-designated place known as Riverview.

Riverview goes back as far as the 1830s, and, currently, the location’s population totals at 95,338.

Rich in nature and attractions, you can find Riverview towards the south of Brandon.

Featuring a land size of over a hundred and twenty thousand kilometers, Riverview offers plenty for you to explore.

Whether you’d like to do a classic tour of the local sights or want to try out different experiences, Riverview has a range of places you can check out.

With that said, here are the 17 best things to do in Riverview, FL:

Learn Circus and Carnival History at the Showmen’s Museum

A unique sight you can find when exploring Riverview is the Showmen’s Museum.

For anyone interested in the circus or carnivals, this museum is an ideal spot to visit.

Featuring over fifty-four thousand square feet and displays that go back hundreds of years, the Showmen’s Museum offers plenty of things, ranging from old posters to show wagons.

The museum is open on the weekends and offers different types of tours you can take.

In addition to their various exhibits and tours, the museum also holds different events you can learn about on their website, along with other museum details.

Explore the Trails at Bell Creek Nature Preserve

There is no shortage of nature areas you can explore in Riverview, and one of them is the Bell Creek Nature Preserve.

With the Bell Creek Nature Preserve, there are over four hundred seventy acres for you to explore and different trails featuring plenty of greenery for a peaceful hike.

The nature preserve also offers different amenities and is open every day.

You can find the reserve east of McMullen Road and south of Boyette Road.

The preserve also offers park and boat ramps you can check out passes for at the administrative office.

Meet Cute Animals at Jenny’s Zoo

Are you a fan of animals?

If so, Jenny’s Zoo is the place to be.

Jenny’s Zoo is a petting zoo that features an array of animals you can meet.

From ponies to goats and even camels, you’ll surely get your fill of adorable animals at this location.

Jenny’s Zoo is open during the weekends and features different services you can check out on their social media page.

More than meeting and interacting with different animals, there are also performances you can check out, plus play areas for the kids.

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If this isn’t enough, there are stations for snacks and drinks.

Make a Visit to the Wat Mongkolratanaram

A true tourist sight you need to visit in Riverview is the Wat Mongkolratanaram.

The Buddhist Thai temple is a sight to behold on the bank of the Palm River in Tampa and features photo-worthy architecture.

On Sundays, the temple holds a public brunch featuring authentic Thai Food.

Aside from this, Wat Mongkolratanaram houses a school and cultural center and hosts different events you can attend.

The temple is open every day and has been running since 1981.

If you’d like to know the best time to visit the temple, you can check out their social media page for any updates to the brunch menu and events occurring.

Admire Wildlife at Alafia Scrub Nature Preserve

For those interested in strolling through different scenes of nature, visit the Alafia Scrub Nature Preserve.

Alafia Scrub Nature Preserve has over eight acres of land and in it are a variety of habitats to find.

These bountiful habitats you can explore at the reserve span from hammock habitats to creeks and ravines.

In addition to the diverse habitats, the nature preserve also provides different trails you can hike through.

You may even have a chance to get a scenic view of one of the local rivers on one of these trails.

Do you want to sit back and enjoy a good view?

There is a picnic area available with seats.

Try Golf or Baseball at Ace Golf Riverview

While Riverview has plenty of nature for you to explore, there are different spots to have some fun as well.

Anyone who is a fan of sports needs to visit the Ace Golf Riverview.

Ace Golf Riverview offers a variety of amenities covering both golf and baseball for any skill level.

If you feel unsure of trying any golf courses, regular or mini, the venue also offers classes.

Aside from their golfing and baseball options, the venue hosts different events, which you can book on their website.

You can also find their online store on their website and check out their products.

Cycle Around at Balm Boyette Scrub Nature Preserve

Do you prefer cycling around nature?

If yes, you can head to the Balm Boyette Scrub Nature Preserve.

Featuring twenty-five-mile-long bike trails, you can cycle through and a land size of over five thousand seven hundred plus acres.

There is a wide range of sights to see in this nature reserve.

Among them are hundreds of acres of scrub habitats that hold various protected plants and wildlife.

Other than this, you also have a chance to spot different bird species or check out different spots for fishing.

Whether you’re a casual or veteran cycler, any bike enthusiast will enjoy what the reserve offers.

Enjoy Some Bowling or Play Pool at The Alley at Southshore

Another option for some fun in Riverview is heading to The Alley at Southshore.

At this entertainment center, there is no shortage of activities you can try.

In this forty-plus thousand acres of space, one of the featured facilities in the center is a set of bowling lanes fit for both adults and kids.

If bowling is not your thing, try your hand at the arcade station, where a selection of games is available for you.

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Aside from the bowling lane and arcade, you can also check out the pool table area within the pub section.

Any sports fan will want to head to the pub and grill area to catch some games.

In addition to these different facilities, the center also offers a private room you can book for events.

Take a Stroll Around Triple Creek Nature Preserve

If you want even more land to hike through, try heading to the Triple Creek Nature Preserve.

There are nine hundred and sixty-plus acres of land you can explore at this preserve and different sceneries, such as upland habitats and a creek system you can discover when going around the preserve.

The trails also provide a convenient connection to other preserves you can check out at your convenience.

One other plus that this preserve provides other than other amenities is that you can walk around with your pet.

The preserve is open every day, and you can find it by to the southern area of the county.

Play Some Golf at the Summerfield Crossings Golf Club

Anyone who is a fan of gold will want to make a stop at the Summerfield Crossings Golf Club.

Open every day but Monday, this golf club features different courses and facilities for you to try.

Some of the facilities available include a practice course and a restaurant area.

In addition, the golf club also offers memberships and hosts events and competitions.

To book the best time slot that works for you, check out the club’s website for available time slots and other service information.

Have Outdoors Fun at Paul Sanders Park

Get a combination of nature and fun with the kids by heading to Paul Sanders Park.

Paul Sanders Park features a fun playground for kids to enjoy along with different facilities you can enjoy at any time.

One of the park features you can enjoy is the different trails for walking and cycling.

If you’re looking for some relaxation, the park offers plenty of tree foliage for some shade and picnic areas for some shelter.

While this compact park may not be the most prominent location in Riverview, it does offer its share of amenities to enjoy.

Treat Your Nails at Elite Spa & Nail

After you’ve had your fill of nature exploration and sports, spend some time pampering yourself at Elite Spa & Nail.

Elite Spa & Nail offers a range of nail services along with facials and waxing.

Whether you’re looking to turn your nails into art or have them treated, Elite Spa & Nail has plenty of options for you.

You can visit the salon on any day or contact them for an appointment via their contact number, which you can find on their website.

The website also features the salon’s list of services and, if you’re lucky, you may get to see available coupons.

Relax at the Boyette Springs Park

For another park option where you can do some relaxation, try Boyette Springs Park.

There are different facilities available at this park, including an open field and basketball court.

Nature-wise, the park does offer a short trail you can explore and seek out some wildlife.

You may also have a chance to catch some lovely lake and river views during your exploration.

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Get Active at CrossFit BNI

Are you looking for a fitness center?

Then perhaps you’d be interested in doing some exercises at the CrossFit BNI.

CrossFit BNI (Beyond Normal Intensity) is a fitness center that provides various fitness options for you to try ranging from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to yoga.

There are different class options for both adults and kids available for booking.

To know the best time to book a session with the center, you can check out the website for current schedules and other information regarding the classes and instructors.

Schedules differ per week, but you do have an option for a free trial available for signing up on the website.

Experience Fishing for Local Fish at Tampa Fishing Charters

Towards the edges of Riverview, you can try your hand at fishing with Stealth Fishing Charters.

Stealth Fishing Charters provides the best experience if you are new to the fishing scene and some beautiful boat scenery for those who aren’t.

There are different time slots you can book with the service.

At a minimum, you can go fishing for four hours, while at maximum, you can sail around for eight.

You can find further details about Stealth Fishing Charters including, their contact number and shop, on their website.

The business is available for contact at any time and also has a social media page you can check out.

Visit the St. Matthew’s Anglican Church

Along with different nature areas and attractions, Riverview has its share of local sights you can visit, and St. Matthew’s Anglican Church is one of them.

Covering traditional, episcopal, & catholic worship and found within a residential area around Bloomingdale Avenue, the church holds different services you can learn about on their website for the weekdays and weekends.

You can also find details on their bible studies and any updates on their worship services.

Even if you are not the most religious person, St. Matthew’s Anglican Church can be a unique addition to your exploration list.

Get a Tropical Experience at Tiki Docks River Bar & Grill

Are you interested in the local eats?

Then you may want to try the meals at Tiki Docks River Bar & Grill.

Open on weekdays and weekends and featuring a tropical-themed menu that includes drinks, the Tiki Docks River Bar & Grill is a fun stop for some delicious seafood.

The pub does have a waitlist, so you will need to check out their website if you’re looking for a specific day and time to visit.

You can also order online and have your meal delivered or pick it up.

Final Thoughts

While Riverview may not be highly rich in unique attractions, it is rich in beautiful nature for you to explore.

From hiking long trails to strolling through diverse habitats in one area, Riverview is an ideal location for any nature lover.

Attractions-wise, Riverview does offer its share of hidden gems you can enjoy.

Whether you’re a fan of nature or not, consider Riverview as your next stop for some broad exploration.

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