23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Cypress (TX)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Cypress, TX?

Cypress is a modern city located in Harris County, Texas, United States. The town can be found along U.S. Highway 290 is twenty-four miles northwest of Downtown Houston.

It is an unincorporated community in Harris County and one of the largest suburban communities in Houston.

Cypress is an excellent place for a family vacation. There are many parks, restaurants, trails, picnic areas, and other fun activities to explore, like slingshot driving and paintballing.

The city is usually hot during summers and mild or cool during winters. Are you considering a Cypress exploration? here are the top places to visit in Cypress, TX.

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Things to Do in Cypress, TX

1. Little Cypress Creek Preserve

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Patrick Feller / Flickr
Little Cypress Creek Preserve

Little Cypress Creek Preserve is a 58-acre nature preserve with ten artificial ponds, several trails for hiking, biking, and walking, and a field for horseback riding.

When you visit Little Cypress Creek Preserve with your family, you can go sightseeing, watch the animals, or look at the various species of birds that come to the area. Over 100 birds visit the place occasionally, and you might be lucky to spot a bird you have never seen.

Take a walk, hike, or bike on the different trails in the preserve. Carry your sunscreen and other necessities, and you will also need water as there are no fountains in the preserve. You can also carry along your dog, but it must be kept on a leash.

Horseback riding at Little Cypress Creek Preserve is exciting to do in Cypress. While at the preserve, do not attempt boat riding or swimming as it is restricted around the preserve. Feel free to walk into the preserve with your family, and admission is free.

Address: 14900 Telge Road, Cypress, TX 77429

2. Houston Premium Outlets

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: G-Stock Studio / Shutterstock

Houston Premium Outlets is a large outlet store in Cypress with 145 designer brand outlet stores. At the Houston Premium Outlets, you will find Burberry, Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Nike, Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, David Yurman, Versace, and many more.

Get designer leather bags, shoes, jackets, clothes, lingerie, wristwatches, clothes, gifts, perfumes, and other exceptional items at the available stores in the outlet. Houston Premium Outlets also allows you to save 25 to 65 percent every day when shopping at outlet stores.

At Houston Premium Outlets, there is a food court, an information center, A.T.M.s, and wheelchair and strollers rentals. The shops in Houston Premium Outlets open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm, while on Sunday, they open from 11 am to 7 pm. Shopping at the Houston Premium Outlets is one of the top things to do in Cypress.

Address: 29300 Hempstead Road, Cypress, TX 77433-4247

3. Wicked Boxer Brewing

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Viiviien / Shutterstock

Enjoy freshly made beers at Wicked Boxer Brewing. This brewery is one of the cool places to visit in Cypress.

Wicked Boxer Brewing is the first brewery in Cypress, Texas. Wicked Boxer offers freshly made handcrafted beer to tourists and locals at an affordable price. Stop by for a quick or long drink at the brewery and enjoy the relaxed environment.

Bring along your dogs to the brewery as Wicked Boxer Brewing is a dog-friendly place. The brewery is Veteran owned and has operated in Cypress for many years.

Inside the Wicked Boxer Brewing, you will find a small play area for older children. There is also a bounce house outside for kids to play too. Wicked Boxer Brewing is an excellent place to have that family chill outing in Cypress.

Address: 8190 Barker Cypress Rd Suite 300, Cypress, TX 77433

4. Matzke Park

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Brian A Jackson / Shutterstock

Matzke Park is a 19.4-acre park with a beautiful butterfly garden, playground, trails, and a cricket and soccer field.

The beautiful butterfly garden is like nothing you have ever seen. You will find different species of butterflies; spot your favorites when you visit the garden. The play area at the park is big and has lots of exciting play equipment to keep your children happy.

Visit the cricket and soccer fields to watch or participate in soccer or cricket games with other players. Have an excellent time taking a walk on the paved asphalt trail and enjoy the area’s scenery as well.

Matzke Park is a family-oriented park with lots of activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. Picnicking and playing at Matzke Park are some of the best things to do in Cypress with the family.

You will find two covered pavilions at the park with picnic tables and benches. These tables and benches are limited and given on a first-come, first, serve basis, so come early to grab yours. 

Address: 13110 Jones Rd, Cypress, TX 77070-4438

5. Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth Park on Horsepen Creek

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Pressmaster / Shutterstock

Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth Park is a lovely local park featuring a lake, trails, playground, restrooms, and a dog park.

Have fun at the local park with your family or friends as you take a stroll through the trails, fish for trout in the lake, or enjoy a family picnic close to the lake.

The playground and dog park at Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth Park are huge and can occupy many people. At the lake, you can choose to feed ducks or try your luck at fishing.

The park has a clean and serene environment convenient for adults and kids. The restrooms at the park are well-kept; stroll around the park with your loved ones to enjoy the sight of the sunset.

Address: 9118 Wheat Cross Dr, Cypress, TX 77095-5215

6. Richard & Meg Weekley Community Centre

Richard & Meg Weekley Community Centre is an event facility that provides classes/rooms for hosting meetings, seminars, rehearsals, and other special events in Cypress.

Rent a space at Richard & Meg Weekley Community Centre for your small meetings and personal spaces. The event facility provides classrooms, kitchens, and an auditorium for reservation.

The available spaces at the Richard & Meg Weekley Community Centre are small but comfortable and convenient for group meetings, music programs, yoga classes, voting, family gathering, and many more.

Visit Richard & Meg Weekley Community Centre, check out the ongoing unique activities, and be part of anyone that interests you. The community center is a great place to visit in Cypress.

Address: 8440 Greenhouse Rd, Cypress, TX 77433-5135

7. Lakewood Crossing Park

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: moreimages / Shutterstock

A visit to Lakewood Crossing Park with your family is among the best things to do in Cypress. It is a community park in Cypress, and it is suitable for people of all ages to enjoy and explore.

The park is clean and filled with tall green trees that provide shade everywhere in the park, and there is also a pavilion with benches and tables for a picnic. Have an excellent time relaxing in the pavilion as you watch your kids have fun.

Lakewood Crossing Park has two playground areas for younger and older kids. Enjoy biking, walking, or hiking on the trails in the park along cypress creek with your friends or family.

Check out the skate park and walking path in the park. The walking trail surrounds the park, and it is excellent for relaxation and spending alone time. You will also find various fitness stations along the walking path.

Address: 11502 Cypresswood Dr, Cypress, TX 77070-2803

8. Cypress Top Historic Park

Cypress Top Historical Park is the only historical park in Cypress, Texas. The park is a small urban park located in the heart of old Cypress, Texas, along the busy Hempstead road.

The park is about 2.4 acres, with the Cypress Historical Society building at the back. The Cypress Historical Society building is a yellow train station building. It goes back to the 19th century when the park served as a railway junction between Houston and Hempstead.

You will find items from the 19th and 20th centuries that Gene Zaboroski and his wife Delphine preserved at the park. The building and its content were donated to Harris County by the Zaboroski’s.

Make sure you visit Cypress Top Historic Park while you are in Cypress; the park will give you an insight into how people lived in Cypress during the 19th and 20th centuries. A visit to the historical park is one of the top things to do in Cypress.

Address: 26026 Hempstead Rd, Cypress, TX 77429-7321

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9. Telge Park

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: TeodorLazarev / Shutterstock

Telge Park is a 111-acre park located on the east side of Telge road. The park is a nature park with a wetland habitat, a creek, nature trails, and a playground for children. Water fountains and restrooms are also available in the park.

Enjoy quality family time at Telge Park with your family or friends. You can choose to have a picnic at the park; it is very convenient for a family picnic and has picnic tables, benches, and barbeque grills.

Fishing, hiking, biking, and bird watching are some of the things to do in Cypress at Telge Park. Telge is the place to have lots of outdoor fun with your friends or family. The trail is short, with directions to guide you as you hike or bike.

Address: 12400 Pleasant Grove Rd, Cypress, TX 77429-4136

10. Bud Hadfield Park

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Diego Trabucco / Shutterstock

Bud Hadfield Park Trail is a 1.3-mile woodland park with different paths, picnic facilities & a disc-golf course.

Bud Hadfield Park is an excellent place for adults to relax and relate with each other. Golfing at Bud Hadfield Park is one of the fun things to do in Cypress. Hiking, running, and biking are other fun things at the park.

The trail is a moderate 1.3-mile trail with an elevation of about 19ft. you can bring your dogs to this trail, but they must be kept on a leash. The forest setting of Bud Hadfield Park makes it one of the attractions in Cypress.

Address: 12405 Telge Road, Cypress, TX 77429

11. Trinity Vineyard Church

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Trinity Vineyard Church / Facebook
Trinity Vineyard Church

Are you a Christian? Do you enjoy hearing the gospel with your family? If yes, then you visit the Trinity Vineyard Church in Cypress.

Trinity Vineyard Church seeks to build consistency, engagement, and transformation of lives through the gospel. The church is welcoming, engaging, and caring to its worshippers and beyond. Feel free to join any of their services.

Trinity Vineyard Church also owns the Vineyard Movement; this is a Christian network with over 1,500 churches under the network. The late John Wimber led it in its earliest years.

While at the church, do listen to the music ministration by the Vineyard worship music. Trinity Vineyard Church is one of the best places to visit in Cypress.

Address: 17150 Spring Cypress Rd, Cypress, TX 77429-1762

12. Cypress Park

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Cherries / Shutterstock

Cypress Park is a 165-acre park featuring a pond, trails, playground, picnic tables and benches, exercise stations, and restrooms. Take your kids to Cypress Park for incredible outdoor fun in Cypress.

Two unique features of this park are its unspoiled nature area and the pond in the park. Most of the park is unspoiled and still in its natural state, while the pond is a famous fishing hole in Cypress.

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Enjoy walking on the trail paths in Cypress Park with your friends or family. The walking trail surrounds the pond so you can watch people fish and take in the fresh air of the environment as you walk.

The trail has a 0.65-mile small loop trail that leads you over the bridge above the pond and a 1.39-mile loop that ends at the westernmost part of the park. Fishing, picnicking, walking, playing, and jogging are some of the fun things to do in Cypress at Cypress Park.

Address: 12925 North Eldridge Parkway, Cypress, TX 77429

13. Richard D Taylor Park

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Foryoui3 / Shutterstock

Richard D. Taylor Park is a quiet and serene park in Cypress featuring water fountains, trails, fields, a bike rack, a small parking lot, and trail lights.

 You will also find trails in the garden, a long and short loop trail.

The park is very suitable for dogs to have fun; there is a dog water bowl and waste bin. Although there is no playground for kids at the park, be sure to pack for a picnic as tables and benches are available at Richard D. Taylor Park.

Richard D Taylor Park also has a wide-open field and shaded areas, and it is a great place to exercise with your family or friends. Check out the trails at the park, and you can choose to go biking, hiking, or walking on the asphalt and concrete trails. Richard D Taylor Park is a fantastic place to visit in Cypress, Texas.

Address: 11606 Cypresswood Dr, Cypress, TX 77070-2805

14. Brew: 30 Taphouse

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Nitr / Shutterstock

Do you love the taste of beer from a tap? Are you a fan of crafted beer? If yes, you should visit Brew: 30 Taphouse in Cypress.

Brew: 30 Taphouse is a unique beer lounge that focuses on craft beers and entertainment. The bar is family-friendly and dog friendly; you can bring along your kids and your dog when you come to visit.

At the Brew: 30 Taphouse, there is a food truck where you can grab some quick bites for your kids or your friends. The Backyard Grill on Wheels is the Brew: 30 Taphouse permanent Food Truck, and they are right in front of the beer lounge.

The Brew: 30 Taphouse opens from Tuesday to Thursday by 4 pm and closes by 9 pm, on Friday from 4 pm to 10 pm, Saturday from 12 pm to 10 pm, and on Sundays from 12 pm to 7 pm. The beer lounge is usually closed on Mondays.

Address: 15914 Telge Rd, Cypress, TX 77429-1442

15. Ilovekickboxing

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: anek.soowannaphoom / Shutterstock

Do you love to exercise your body? Have you ever tried kickboxing? If you haven’t tried kickboxing, give it a try when you visit Cypress at Ilovekickboxing.

Visit Ilovekickboxing and enjoy a fantastic kickboxing session with professional and passionate instructors. Ilovekickboxing has all the kickboxing equipment needed for the session and even more.

If you need help with anything at the kickboxing center, the instructors can help you and ensure you have fun while relieving stress. Enroll in any offered classes by Ilovekickboxing to begin your kickboxing journey.

During the one-hour class at Ilovekickboxing, you will be asked to punch and kick those heavy bags to exercise your body.

Ilovekickboxing is one of the fun places to exercise and have fun in Cypress, Texas.

Address: 15014 Spring Cypress Rd, Cypress, TX 77429-3858

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16. Hot Wells Shooting Range

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Patrick Feller / Flickr
Hot Wells Shooting Range

Learning how to shoot with different firearms at the Hot Wells Shooting Range is among the fun things to do in Cypress.

Hot Wells Shooting Range offers shooting practice classes, seminars on guns, exhibits, and displays of several types of firearms and other related accessories. Learn or upgrade your shooting skills at the Hot Wells Shooting Range and training center.

Hot wells have served the Cypress and Houston communities for many years. It was established in 1973. Since then, the Hot Wells Shooting Range has helped train many people in shooting and organizing competitions.

There are a variety of firearms at the Hot Wells Shooting Range, have fun with your family exploring the various types of firearms of different periods. Hot Wells Shooting Range also helps in the purchase of firearms.

Address: 24815 Northwest Fwy, Cypress, TX 77429-8684

17. Blackhorse Golf Club

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

Blackhorse Golf Club is one of the top attractions in Cypress for golf players. The golf club is known as one of the top public courses in Texas.

Blackhorse Golf Club has 36 Holes with a beautiful and challenging landscape. The courses at the golf club are divided into two; the South course and the North course. Put on your best game when you visit the Blackhorse Golf Club.

The South course plays from 4,946 to 7,191 yards; the last six holes of the course will require you to aim better as it is designed to give you a thrill. The North course plays from 5,065 to 7,301 yards; between the south trail and the north course, it may be hard to decide which is more challenging.

Blackhorse Golf Club is a scenic golf course with breath-taking nature like oak trees, lakes, wetlands, a meandering creek, and lots more. Visit the golf club and have fun playing golf or enjoying the beautiful scenic golf course.

Address: 12205 Fry Rd, Cypress, TX 77433-3315

18. Houston Slingshot Rental

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Houston Slingshot Rental / Facebook
Houston Slingshot Rental

Houston Slingshot Rentals offers a variety of slingshots for rent and exciting slingshot routes around Houston. Check out the fantastic selections of slingshots available for rent, and have fun driving these slingshots.

Make your reservations and take your kids to Houston Slingshot to enjoy a ride in a slingshot. Houston Slingshot Rental has created several routes around Houston as Slingshot G.P.S., and these routes will guide you as you have a fun time riding.

Slingshots of different colors, sizes, and engines are available, do rent your best and take your family on that fantastic ride. Are you ready for a great adventure? You can choose to rent a slingshot for a couple of hours or for the whole day.

Slingshot riding is one of the top things to do in Cypress. Make sure you try out the Lake Forest drive; it is adventurous.

Address: 15918 Cypress North Houston Rd Ste 200, Cypress, TX 77429-4296

19. Cypress Lakes Golf Club

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Yellowj / Shutterstock

Cypress Lakes Golf Club is a professionally designed 18-holes golf course suitable for all golf levels. The golf club is one of the best places to start your golfing journey.

Take your family to the Cypress Lakes Golf Club to try out the different golf holes to have a fun day. The golf club offers outstanding golfing services to golfers and visitors; enjoy your time at the serene golf club with your family or friends.

At Cypress Lakes Golf Club, there is a pro shop where you can shop for necessary golfing items and other sports items that excite you. Do well to visit the Cypress Lakes Golf Club pro shop before leaving the golf club.

There is also a restaurant available at the club to grab some food or drinks after golfing; Cypress Lakes Golf Club is one of the best places to visit in Cypress, Texas.

Address: 18700 Cypresswood Dr, Cypress, TX 77429-8005

20. Little Eclectic House

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Little Eclectic House / Facebook
Little Eclectic House

Little Eclectic House is a lovely design shop where you can get a million interior design ideas. The building of the House is over a hundred years old, and it contains many home décor items, furniture, clothing, jewelry, and lots more.

Have fun shopping at the Little Eclectic House for unique home décor items and other materials. You can also choose to browse through the different things as they may inspire you for your following home décor setting.

The staff at the shop are nice and friendly, as you shop they will assist you with whatever you might need to have a fantastic shopping experience. The Little Eclectic House was owned and founded by Shellie McBeth.

Exploring items at the Little Eclectic House with your family is one of the best things to do in Cypress, TX.

Address: 15515 Mueschke Rd 77433, Cypress, TX 77433-1463

21. Painting with a Twist Cypress

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: silverkblackstock / Shutterstock

Do you love art? Do you wish to try painting with your family and friends? If yes, then you should visit Painting with a Twist in Cypress.

At Painting with a Twist, select any available artwork or favorite artwork you wish to replicate and start painting. Painting with a Twist provides you with painting tools in her special artwork kits to begin your painting experience.

You can choose to visit on any of their open days or paint from your home. Painting with a Twist provides you with everything you need to paint from home. An artwork kit containing your selected artwork, a painting surface, paint, brushes and instructional materials will be sent to your home.

Do not miss out on Pop In & Paint hours during the week. Painting with a Twist opens for Pop In & Paint on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm. Pop In & Paint is a self-led, Do-It-Yourself painting experience, though instructions will be given out to guide you.

Painting with a Twist Cypress is a great place to hang out with friends and family in Cypress.

Address: 12344 Barker Cypress Rd, Cypress, TX 77429-8359

22. Macs Sports Bar and Grill

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Ievgenii Meyer / Shutterstock

Macs Sports Bar and Grill is one of the best places to relax and have fun with your friends or colleagues in Cypress.

At Macs Sports Bar and Grill, the fun never stops; there are plenty of rooms, games, drinks, and delicious meals to keep you entertained. Explore the pool tables, shuffleboards, and many more. The Macs Sports Bar and Grill is a great place to meet people and make friends with the locals

Check out their menu for various dishes; their chicken quesadillas are a must-try when you visit the Macs Sports Bar and Grill. The drinks and meals sold at the bar are at affordable prices, be sure to try out their specials.

Macs Sports Bar and Grill is an excellent place to chill with your friends in the evening. The environment is impressive, and the music is lovely. The Buzz Time Video poker is a must-try with your friends when you visit the Macs Sports Bar and Grill in Cypress.

Playing games with your friends at Macs Sports Bar and Grill is one of the fun things to do in Cypress.

Address: 12650 Telge Rd, Cypress, TX 77429-2279

23. T.X.R. Paintball

Fun things to do in cypress
Credits: Dmitry Kalinovsky / Shutterstock

T.X.R. Paintball is a top attraction in Cypress, Texas. The TXT Paintball is home to 26 Hour Scenario Games other fun games.

T.X.R. Paintball provides an excellent environment for all paintball play and tournament play. T.X.R. Paintball is open to hosting your birthday parties, baby showers, bachelorettes, corporate events, and many more.

If you have never tried paintball playing, then the T.X.R. Paintball is the perfect place for you to start paintballing. There is a variety of plays, from easy to tough stretches. Make sure you try out to protect the V.I.P and speedball; it is thrilling.

T.X.R. Paintball’s biannual nationwide scenario series is also one of the games to look out for in Cypress. Paintballing is one of the best things to do in Cypress with your family or friends.

Address: 15550 Grant Rd, Cypress, TX 77429-7082

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Start planning your trip to Cypress

Cypress is an exciting city with many great activities for your family or friends. The Blackhorse Golf Club in Cypress is one of the best golf courses in Texas and one of the top attractions in Cypress.

Cypress has many exciting things to do. Its trails, nature parks, golf courses, restaurants, and game centers make it a perfect family destination.

There is always something new to try with your family or friends in Cypress. Check out Houston Slingshot for an adventurous slingshot ride, Hot Wells Shooting Range for shooting classes, or TXT paintballing for a fantastic paintball experience.

Start planning your trip to Cypress, TX.

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Looking for the greatest and most enjoyable activities in Cypress, Texas? United States of America’s Harris County contains the contemporary city of Cypress. The community is situated 24 miles northwest of Downtown Houston along U.S. Highway 290. One of Houston’s major suburban areas is an unincorporated town in Harris County.

The city of Cypress is a great destination for family vacations. There are many of parks, eateries, trails, picnic spaces, and exciting activities like paintballing and slingshot racing to discover. While searching for free fun things to do in Cypress TX, you can read this article and get some inspiration.

1. Visit Little Cypress Creek Preserve whilst in Cypress, Texas

The 58-acre Little Cypress Creek Preserve has 10 man-made ponds, a field for riding horses, and a number of hiking, bicycling, and walking routes. With your family, you may go sightseeing, observe the wildlife, or study the numerous bird species that frequent the region at Little Cypress Creek Preserve. Occasionally, over 100 species visit the area, and you can be fortunate enough to witness a bird you have never seen.

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On the many routes in the preserve, go for a stroll, a trek, or a bike ride. Bring water, since there are no fountains in the preserve, along with your other requirements such as sunscreen. Your dog may accompany you, but it must be on a leash. A thrilling activity in Cypress is horseback riding at Little Cypress Creek Preserve. Do not try boating or swimming while at the preserve since it is forbidden there. Admission is free, so feel free to enter the preserve on foot with your family.

2. Houston Premium Outlets

With 145 outlet shops for designer brands, Houston Premium Outlets is a sizable outlet mall near Cypress. Burberry, Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Nike, Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, David Yurman, Versace, and many more can be found in the Houston Premium Outlets.

Shop the accessible retailers at the outlet to find designer leather bags, shoes, jackets, garments, lingerie, wristwatches, outfits, presents, fragrances, and other amazing goods. You may also save 25 to 65 percent every day at outlet retailers at Houston Premium Outlets.

A food court, an information desk, ATMs, and wheelchair and stroller rentals are all available at Houston Premium Outlets. Houston Premium Outlets’ stores are open from Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. One of the best things to do in Cypress is to go shopping at the Houston Premium Outlets.

3. Wicked Boxer Brewing

Visit Wicked Boxer Brewing and sip on freshly brewed beer. One of the hippest spots to go in Cypress is this brewery. In Cypress, Texas, Wicked Boxer Brewing was the first brewery. Tourists and residents may get freshly brewed handmade beer from Wicked Boxer at a reasonable price. Visit the brewery and take in the laid-back atmosphere whether you stay for a short while or a while.

Dogs are welcome at Wicked Boxer Brewing, so bring your four-legged friends along. The veteran-owned brewery has been running for many years in Cypress.

For older kids, there is a small play area within the Wicked Boxer Brewing. Children may play outdoors in a bounce house as well. In Cypress, Wicked Boxer Brewing is a great destination for a relaxing family excursion.

4. Matzke Park

A playground, pathways, a cricket and soccer field, and a magnificent butterfly garden are all features of the 19.4-acre Matzke Park. You will never see anything like the stunning butterfly garden. When you visit the garden, look for your favorite butterflies among the many types you’ll discover there. The park’s expansive play area is filled with fun playthings that will keep your kids entertained.

Visit the soccer and cricket grounds to observe or take part in matches with other players. Enjoy the views of the region while taking a stroll along the paved asphalt route. Family-friendly Matzke Park offers a variety of fun activities for all members of the family to enjoy. Among the greatest family activities in Cypress are picnicking and playing at Matzke Park.

The park has two covered pavilions with chairs and picnic tables. Come early to secure one of the few available tables or benches because they are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. Deputy Darren Goforth Park

Beautiful neighborhood park with a lake, pathways, playground, bathrooms, and dog park is called Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth Park. Enjoy time in the neighborhood park with your family or friends as you walk around the paths, fish for trout in the lake, or have a picnic with your loved ones not far from the lake. At Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth Park, the enormous playground and dog park can hold a large number of visitors. You may opt to go fishing at the lake or feed the ducks.

Both parents and children will find the park’s surroundings to be peaceful and tidy. The park’s facilities are kept up properly; take a walk around it with your loved ones to take in the sunset.

6. The Richard and Meg Weekley Community Center

In Cypress, there is a venue called the Richard & Meg Weekley Community Centre that offers workshops and facilities for holding meetings, seminars, rehearsals, and other special events. Rent a room at the Richard & Meg Weekley Community Center for your private or brief gatherings. The venue has an auditorium, kitchens, and classrooms that may be reserved.

The Richard & Meg Weekley Community Centre has a number of modest, functional facilities that are suitable for a variety of activities, including family gatherings, voting, yoga sessions, and group meetings. Visit the Richard & Meg Weekley Community Centre to take part in any events that catch your attention. In Cypress, the community center is a fantastic location to go.

7. Lakewood Crossing Park

One of the finest things to do in Cypress with your family is to visit Lakewood Crossing Park. It is a public park in Cypress that may be enjoyed and explored by people of all ages. There is a pavilion with chairs and tables for a picnic, and the park is tidy and full of tall, green trees that provide shade everywhere. Enjoy yourself immensely while watching your kids play in the pavilion.

For younger and older children, Lakewood Crossing Park features two playground sections. Take your friends or family for a bike ride, a stroll, or a hike along the park’s pathways that follow Cypress Creek. View the park’s skate park and walking route. The park is surrounded by a walking track, which is great for solitude and relaxation. Along the walking trail, there are many workout stations as well.

8. Cypress Top Historical Park

The lone historical park in Cypress, Texas, is Cypress Top Historical Park. The park is a little urban park situated beside bustling Hempstead Avenue in the center of historic Cypress, Texas.

With the Cypress Historical Society building at the rear, the park is roughly 2.4 acres in size. A bright yellow railroad station building houses the Cypress Historical Society. The park was used as a railway junction between Houston and Hempstead in the nineteenth century. Gene Zaboroski and his wife Delphine saved objects from the 19th and 20th centuries, which may be found at the park. The Zaboroski family gave the structure and all of its contents to Harris County.

While you are in Cypress, be sure to visit Cypress Top Historic Park, which will offer you a glimpse into life there in the 19th and 20th centuries. One of the best things to do in Cypress is to visit the historical park.

9. Visit Telge Park

On the east side of Telge Road lies Telge Park, a 111-acre park. A wetland environment, a stream, nature walks, and a playground for kids are all features of the park’s natural setting. The park also has bathrooms and drinking faucets.

Visit Telge Park with your family or friends to spend quality time together. The park is a great place for a family picnic and contains picnic tables, seats, and barbecue grills, so you may decide to have a picnic there. At Telge Park in Cypress, you may go bird watching, biking, hiking, and fishing, among other activities. Telge is a great location for outdoor recreation with friends or family. The brief route has signs to help you while you ride or walk.

10. Park Bud Hadfield

The 1.3-mile Bud Hadfield Park Trail is a wooded park featuring a variety of trails, picnic areas, and a disc golf course. Bud Hadfield Park is a great location for adults to unwind and interact with one another. One of the enjoyable activities in Cypress is playing golf at Bud Hadfield Park. Other enjoyable activities in the park include riding, jogging, and hiking.

The 1.3-mile moderate track has an elevation gain of roughly 19 feet. This route is dog-friendly; however, dogs must be leashed at all times. Bud Hadfield Park is one of the attractions of Cypress because of its woodland environment.

Final words

These are the best free fun things to do in Cypress TX. You can have a quality time in Cypress by adhering to this guide and planning your visit accordingly.

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In our series of Must Do Things Around Greater Houston, we take a look at Houston’s vast array of neighborhoods and communities to bring you five fun, tasty, and enticing reasons you should give each a visit. Originally published in 2016, we are now refreshing, updating, and adding to this series, including new neighborhoods and destinations.

About 25 miles northwest of Downtown, Cypress was a once rural area, with most of its residents in the rice and dairy farming industry. Today, it has blossomed into one of Houston’s largest suburbs. The neighborhood has both Atakapan Indian and German heritage, the latter of which can be seen in some of the street and school names—like Huffmeister Road Matzke Elementary.

Look out for the planned Cypress Creek Greenway Project, a major parks project that will serve to mitigate flooding, provide recreational opportunities, and preserve natural habitat across the Cypress Creek watershed. And of course, check out these other fun things to do.

5 Must Do Things in Cypress

  1. Go beast mode on a burger at The Shack Burger Resort – One of the city’s best burger joints—or shall we say “burger resorts”—lies right in Cypress. It’s all about locally-sourced, freshly-formed, and ingeniously-topped patties, here. The sloppy burgers come in a variety of flavors, like the new Brazilian Burger with cheddar, ham, grilled corn, potato stix, and fried plantain for buns; or the AM Burger with sausage, bacon, egg, and spicy blackberry jam. Take them down alongside cold brews and fantastic onion strings on the sprawling patio. Click here for directions to The Shack.
  2. Get your shopping on at the Houston Premium Outlets – If your idea of an amazing shopping experience is one where you can get deals, deals, deals, the Houston Premium Outlets are for you. Hit the Nike Factory, Lululemon, and Under Armour stores to gear up for your next run; suit up for the work week at Banana Republic Factory, J.Crew Factory, and Brooks Brothers Factory Store; and get gussied up at Swarovski, Tory Burch, and Saks off Fifth. You’ll also find luxury bath and beauty stores, home furnishing outlets, kid’s stores, shoe shops and more. Click here for directions.
  3. Take a stroll on the Boardwalk at Towne Lake – The Boardwalk at Towne Lake offers restaurants, shops and a roster of special events along Towne Lake’s sparkling shores. Relax with spa treatments, including Dead Sea pedicures at LUX NOA Nail Spa, hot stone treatments at Massage Heights, and cryotherapy at Reserve Salon and Spa. Work up a sweat at Orange Theory Fitness or Pure Barre before treating yourself to fresh roasts and espresso-topped chocolate bark at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co or fro-yo at Sub Zero. Dining options range from rustic European fare at Jaxton’s Bistro and MOD Pizza‘s made-to-order pizzas to Gulf Coast seafood and ice cold beer at Sam’s Boat, with a plethora of other concepts joining the fun. Click here for directions.
  4. Date night, Italian-style at Mezzanotte – Named one of Alison Cook’s Top 100 Restaurants for 2018, this homegrown establishment—run by husband and wife team Gerry and Adriana Sarmiento—is the definition of a hidden gem (it’s hiding in a Cypress strip center, after all). You can feel the love upon first glance, its comforting, red-toned dining room warmly lit; and then further in the elegant Italian entrees and tapas. Dine on housemade pappardelle bolognese, fall-apart tender osso bucco and delicate sole picatta, and decadent crème brulee alongside a fine selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. Those looking for a deal should come for Thursday’s prix fixe menu, when you can get three courses for $23. Click here for directions.
  5. Catch a show at The Berry Center – Cypress plays home to this $80 million multi-use complex, complete with an 11,000 seat football stadium for the Cy-Fair Independent School District, a 456 seat theater and a multi-purpose arena with a capacity for 9,500. Here, you’ll find a lineup of family-friendly productions, from Slam Dunk and 3-Point Championships to the Nutcracker. Click here for directions.
Fun things to do in cypress
Photo courtesy of Mezzanotte Ristorante

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If you want to enjoy the best things to do in Cypress, Texas, expect delightful live music and being out in the open throughout your visit.

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Located entirely within Houston’s extraterritorial authority, Cypress is an unincorporated community in Harris County, Texas.

In honor of Cypress-Fairbanks, the community is sometimes abbreviated as “Cy-Fair.”

The Cypress urban cluster is ranked 50th in the United States’ top 100 most affluent metropolitan areas.

In the 1980s, massive residential and commercial construction converted this formerly rural area into one of Houston’s most populous suburbs.

According to recent excavations at Dimond Knoll on Cypress Creek, there was a human presence in the area by 7500 BC.

The Atakapa and Akokisa Indian tribes occupied the area around present-day Cypress before the arrival of German immigrants in the 1840s.

The German influence is most noticeable in the names of several of the area’s major thoroughfares, such as Telge and Huffmeister Roads.

Most of the other developments in Cypress involve recreation centers with swimming pools, water parks, hiking and biking paths, lakes and waterways, parks, and fitness centers with sports associations on-site.

Family-friendly events also commonly take place in many areas.

Residents and visitors may enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities thanks to more than 30 county parks.

Here are the best things to do in Cypress, Texas:

Have Some Retail Therapy at Houston Premium Outlets

Fun things to do in cypress
Ritu Manoj Jethani / Shutterstock.com

Houston Premium Outlets is an off-retail designer outpost with 145 designer and name-brand outlet shops.

Both men and women may shop for clothing, shoes, and accessories at this store.

Burberry, Nike, Armani, and Kate Spade New York are just a few of the high-end names you’ll find here.

With discounts of 25 to 65 percent, you’ll be able to stock up on designer clothing, jewelry, and fine leather at posh outlet stores.

Shopping at any time of the year will be a breeze because of the convenience of pedestrian courtyards, covered walkways, seven accessible entrances, and adequate parking.

Stroll through Cypress Creek Trail

This trail is a 3.5-kilometer widely used circle path in Cypress, Texas, which has a river and is suitable for all experience levels.

The course is open year-round and has a variety of activities to choose from.

An oasis of tranquility in an otherwise bustling neighborhood.

It is an excellent area to grab some fresh air or rest despite the noise from nearby roads and planes.

Dogs are allowed on this route, but they must be on a leash at all times.

Do note that this is a dirt route that winds through the woods.

You may wish to bring an app or a downloadable map if you find this route difficult to navigate.

Admire the Stunning Views as You Swing Your Club at Blackhorse Golf Club

Visit the Blackhorse Golf Club and enjoy a round of golf with your buddies.

If you’ve never played BlackHorse Golf Club, you’re missing out on one of Texas’ best public courses.

BlackHorse Golf Club has two 18-hole courses unlike any other in the Houston region, making it hard and attractive.

On the South Course, the back nine quarries are a particular highlight that shouldn’t be missed.

This course features a great layout and six different tees to accommodate players of all skill levels because of the abundance of mature trees such as live oaks and pines.

Salute to Heroism at Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth Park on Horsepen Creek

Sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth had been with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for eleven years.

Unfortunately, he was attacked and killed while filling his department’s car at a nearby Chevron station.

People immediately came together to support his family, expressing their shock and sorrow at this terrible act of terrorism.

When a monument was established at the petrol station, flowers and other tributes began to build up around it.

People from all around the world wanted to help out his family financially.

Before long, people began to talk about the merits of creating a park in his honor.

Precinct 3 in Harris County is responsible for the upkeep of the park.

This park, like many others in the vicinity, has dual purposes.

As a priority, the retention basin provides a vast space for rain and floodwaters to accumulate instead of destroying nearby residences and commercial establishments.

Fishermen who can throw their lines from the beach are drawn to the man-made lake.

A 1.97-mile paved track around the lake’s edge makes it ideal for a brisk walk or run.

In addition, you’ll be able to see a variety of birds and make use of the playground and dog park.

Get Competitive at TXR Paintball

Paintball U.S.A. owns and operates Texas Rangers (TXR) Paintball, based on 65 years of combined paintball expertise.

Known for maintaining one of the most fantastic paintball fields in the country, Darrell and Kelly McNeill have taken their management approach to TXR Paintball.

They have once again created an ideal setting for players of all skill levels to enjoy themselves.

Whether you’re planning a celebration for a special occasion like a birthday, church group outing, business outing, bachelor or bachelorette party, or simply a night out with a few pals, this is a terrific venue.

It has something for everyone, from novices to veterans.

The rental equipment it provides includes everything you’ll need to play correctly, as well as a briefing from one of our knowledgeable and friendly refs if you’ve never played before.

Low-impact paintball games are also available for first-time players for children ages eight and above.

TXR Paintball is an excellent option for experienced players because we have a tournament-standard NXL airball field.

Speedball and woods-based alternatives are also available to skilled scenario players.

Catch a Show at Berry Center of Northwest Houston

Fun things to do in cypress
CrimsonJazzDynamo, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Berry Center is a great place to go if you’re looking for a place to have some fun and see some live entertainment.

This multi-purpose sports facility is a year-round venue for major sporting events!

The 11,000-capacity stadium and the 456-seat auditorium can keep you on your toes as you watch football teams throughout Texas battle or see a world-class ballet performance.

American Ninja Warrior Auditions season 7 and the 2016 State College Slam Dunk and 3-point Championships were held at Berry Center.

During your stay, there may be a significant event.

If you don’t check it out, you’ll never know!

Have Your Kids Explore Their Curiosity at Little Beakers Science Lab for Kids

Nearby highways 249 and 290, Little Beakers of Cypress is excellent.

Cinta Morgan, a young materials chemist and polymer engineer with a slew of groundbreaking patents under her belt, is the brains behind Little Beakers.

Scientific lessons with real-world applications are available here, including after-school, home-school, preschool, and summer camp.

There are over 30 experiments to pick from in the Open Lab for the kids to do, or they can join one of the staff-led Guided Labs instead.

Celebrate your child’s special day in a scientific lab designed just for young people and their families.

This is a well-run, enjoyable, and instructive event, and you can just sit back and enjoy seeing the kids have a good time!

Have a Blast at Bounce Bounce

In search of an enjoyable trip for all ages?

Look no farther than Barker Cypress Park at 7955 Barker Cypress Rd!

Anyone may jump on the trampoline, no matter their age or gender.

Bouncing is a fun activity that appeals to people of all ages.

In this park, there is no shortage of things to do.

Jump on the trampolines and see how high you can go.

You can dunk even better than the pros when you use trampolines.

With its indoor zip line, you can soar above the park.

Trampolines allow you to play dodge ball in a variety of innovative ways.

You won’t have to worry about hurting yourself in the foam zone.

The park offers a maze for children to explore and hide in, as well as kid-friendly coasters.

Release Your Stress with Shaka Power Yoga

On the 15th of December, 2018, Shaka Power Yoga officially opened its doors.

All of its students can choose between heated and non-heated yoga sessions.

For its owners, yoga is for everyone—regardless of their age, ethnicity, physical ability, or spiritual practice.

As a result, Shaka Power Yoga provides classes for adults and children.

Shaka Kai SUP Yoga, Houston’s top SUP Yoga program, and Shaka Power Yoga School, a Yoga Alliance accredited school, began during its first year of operation.

In 2019, Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce named Shaka as a finalist in the Small Business Category for the following year.

Browse Different Shops at Boardwalk at Towne Lake

The Boardwalk at Towne Lake is a great place to mix work and pleasure.

Tourists will have a wonderful time here since the coastline is lined with stores, studios, restaurants, and businesses.

The Boardwalk, a four-building complex in Cypress, provides a wide variety of restaurants, shops, and offices to satisfy the demands of a rapidly expanding population.

The Boardwalk has a variety of waterfront settings for your customers, clients, and employees, including patios on the green and balconies overlooking the lake.

Attend a workout class in the morning, meet a client for lunch on the lower level, or end the day listening to live music on the green with coworkers.

Everything from sailing to boating can be done here, making it suitable for all ages.

Thousands of people visit here every day to eat, drink, and play with friends and family.

Spot Great Finds at Little Eclectic House

Little Eclectic House is a quaint design business housed in a century-plus-old property.

This is a storefront where many goods are offered for sale.

Clothing and jewelry are also available for purchase at the store.

Additionally, it offers clothing and other goods.

Local residents frequently benefit from the work they do for a living.

You won’t regret it if you stop by if you’re in the Cypress area!

Grab Some Comics at The Comic Vault

The Comic Vault is a great place to get comics featuring your favorite superheroes and comic book characters.

This shop specializes in comic books, original art, graded books, and a massive collection of older issues.

Statues and action figures were also on exhibit at this store, in addition to the usual assortment of books.

Custom goods can also be ordered through collaboration with local artisans.

The Marvel comic books, cards, and games, as well as sports memorabilia, make this an excellent place for kids to spend their time.

Try Nitrogen-Freeze Ice Cream at Creamistry

Creamistry employs nitrogen in liquid form to instantaneously freeze each order of ice cream instead of the regular pumping and churning ice cream with air.

The result is a rich, decadent, and creamy cold treat with almost no overrun.

It’s not only for those with a sweet taste; the café also provides vegan, gluten-free, reduced sugar, and gluten-free ice cream!

In addition to being incredibly smooth, the ice cream is created with premium ingredients and may be customized in any way you choose.

You may find this cute creamery at 8931 Fry Road, Cypress.

Chill with the Pups at Wicked Boxer Brewing

This brewery is a dream-come-true for its owners, who wanted to build Cypress’ first brewery.

Wicked Boxer Brewing is a veteran-owned and operated business by pet owners.

Here, residents are welcome to bring their dogs.

On top of that, it also aspires to give back to our neighborhood.

Aside from its brews, it also hosts weekly games and trivia nights.

Are you looking for a fun place to have your next gathering?

Your birthday, corporate party, or holiday get-together would be a pleasure for this brewery to entertain.

Support Local Economy by Buying from Bridgeland Farmer’s Market

The Your Neighborhood Farmers Market (YNFM) organization hosts this monthly market.

Held on the second Sunday of each month, this event promotes “buying local and eating farm fresh” for the community.

Since its inception in May 2012, local volunteers have run the market.

Over time, the number of sellers attending market days rose from fewer than 30.

The market’s move to the YNFM organization aims to improve the area’s health and promote stronger ties between local suppliers and consumers.

More than 200 sellers in the Farmers Market, making it even stronger than before.

Grab some fresh produce, buy from local artisans, and try the local flavors of Cypress!

Final Thoughts

Cypress is an excellent destination for travelers looking for fun things to do and sights to see.

Cypress has something for everyone, from a game of golf at Blackhorse Golf Club to shopping at Houston Premium Outlets to a day of fun at Bounce Bounce.

While planning a vacation to Cypress, Texas, save our list of the best things to do in this community.

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