20 Awesome & 10 Terrible Skateboarding Gift Ideas

Skateboarders are very picky about their gear and like to stick to their favorite brands, board sizes or even the skate store they prefer. There is a big chance you’re buying the wrong stuff, even if you think it’s cool.

Looking for a birthday present, a holiday gift or just want to buy a skateboarder something nice? Well, as a skateboarder, I think I can help you out here. Usually it’s a good idea to talk to the person and learn about what they like.

Buying shoes is risky, helmets aren’t cool, and wheels may be too big/small/hard/soft. Any change to a skaters gear is a bad idea. Skateboarders don’t want to change anything because it might mean they can’t do a certain trick anymore or they have to relearn. Therefore, I added a terrible gift idea section.

Let’s look at a couple of gifts ranging from $5 to $100 every skater appreciates. I’ll also cover a few things you should definitely NOT buy.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
  1. Skate Wax
  2. Skate tool
  3. Visit to a skate shop or Skate Gift Card
  4. Backpack
  5. Skateboard Lights
  6. Bearings
  7. Skate Socks
  8. Shoe Goo & RipCare
  9. Insoles
  10. Sticker Packs
  11. Spare Parts
  12. Grip tape
  13. Paint Pens
  14. Fingerboard or Handboard
  15. Skate Park Tickets
  16. Knick Knacks
  17. Etsie Skateboard Artwork
  18. Spotify or Apple Music Subscription
  19. Thrasher Magazin Subscription
  20. Laces & TrickTape

Table of Contents

Best Skateboard Gifts

You’re in luck. These gifts aren’t very expensive and you can even combine them. I don’t recommend buying decks, wheels, trucks or any of that, unless you know what to look for. You’ll likely buy the wrong stuff! Check out the worst skateboard gifts section to see why. I also added a few tips to minimize the risk of buying the wrong stuff.

It’s the thought that counts, but why not buy something every skater will appreciate. The right gift also depends on your budget, the age of the skater and their preferred style. Street skaters require different gear and appreciate the right shoes more than bowl skaters, for example.

Wheels also can be challenging and I listed those in my worst section. Only gift wheels if you really know what they like to skate. Same goes for shoes and skateboard decks. Maybe it will be less of a surprise if you ask upfront, but it will be very much appreciated. This way, you don’t get the wrong size, shape, or brand.

If you really get stuck, offer to take them to a local skate shop and pick something they like. Put a custom or real voucher in a small box with a fingerboard on top, for example, and wrap it in grip tape.

This post contains affiliate links which could earn me a small commision at no additional cost to you.

1. Skate Wax

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Wax is a skateboarding must have, especially if they like to skate on streets. Wax helps to make rough surface slick and allows for grinding and sliding on obstacles.

It’s an essential and cheap gift and they come in many shapes and colors (affiliate link to Amazon). There is difference in quality, but crappy wax is always better than no wax at all.

  • Price range: $3 to $10.
  • Age: All.
  • Type of skater: Skaters that like to grind their trucks on curbs or slide rails.

2. Skate Tool

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Another gift that a skateboarder will really appreciate is a skate tool. Skate tools range from $6 to $30. Both will do the job, but the latter lasts longer. My advice is to get a skate tool with a re-threader to fix the axle threads (the second one is left is a good choice).

Often skateboards land on the side, resulting in crushed axle nuts. This damages the axle thread and makes it sometimes hard to replace the axle nuts.

A quality tool is something every skater will love and often use. One of the common question in skate parks is ‘bro, do you have a skate tool?’.

If you want to buy a cheap skate tool check out the Zeato skate tool, it’s not the best but it gets the job done. The Silver Skate Tool on the left is awesome and high-quality. The Pig Skate Tool comes with an additional threader which is very useful for street skaters.

  • Price range: $6 to $30.
  • Age: All.
  • Type of skater: All styles, even longboarders.

3. A Visit to a Local Skate Shop or Gift Card

As a kid, I was always super stoked to visit a skate shop. There is something magical about seeing all those decks with awesome graphics, colorful wheels, and gimmicky stuff on the counter.

To make this more exciting, you could personalise this gift. Buy a bunch of stickers, add some socks, create your own custom gift card and wrap it in a gift.

It’s not just the gift, visiting a skate shop is just awesome and a fun activity.

4. Skateboard Lights

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

For the younger ones boardblazers offers awesome lights which you can attach to the bottom of a skateboard. Not only do they look amazing, it also makes kids visible if they happen to ride in the dark.

The Skateboard Lights come in all sorts of colors, and even a Crazy Color Changing version. Kids seem to LOVE them and they aren’t even that expensive. Check out Boardblazers Skateboard Lights on Amazon.

  • Price range: $20
  • Age: 6-12 ( I admit, I have a set on my cruiser)
  • Great for: Younger skaters

5. Backpack for Skateboarding

Not essential, but very handy. A skateboard backpack has two straps on the front, which can carry a skateboard. This way, the gritty grip tape from a skateboard deck won’t come into contact with anything.

The better quality backpacks can be used for both work and school and have a special laptop compartment.

Make sure to get a backpack with lots of compartments so there room for storing wax, bearings, hardware, change, a phone, etc. I personally use a Dakine backpack (affiliate link) which is still holding up fine after years of use.

  • Price range: $35-$70
  • Age: All
  • Skateboard style: All styles

6. Bearings

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

You can’t go wrong with bearings. It’s always something a skater needs an appreciates. Make sure to buy the right bearings. Bones Reds and Bronson Speed Co. G2 are the ones we recommend. They aren’t the most expensive bearings, but last for quite some time.

Bronson is a bit more expensive, but last longer. Reds are cheaper and no skater dares to say they’re crap. Check and compare prices (affiliate link) on Amazon.

Skaters love new bearings, one of the few gifts that will positively affect their skating abilities.

  • Price range: $15-$20
  • Age: All
  • Style: All styles.

7. Skate Socks

Socks? Really? Yes, really! Skateboarders love comfy skate socks from their favorite brand. I always wear skate socks when I skate. Not only because they feel comfortable but also because it looks nice. Even though skateboarding isn’t a fashion show, it doesn’t hurt to look good when you ride around a skate park.

Some of the more expensive brands like Huff offer awesome socks but are a bit overpriced. Usually you can get a value pack of Independent socks or Element for the same price.

8. Shoe Goo & RipCare

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Skateboarding is an expensive activity and shoes are one of the biggest reasons. Shoes wear from pushing and suede rips from friction with grip tape. This is where Shoe Goo and RipCare come in. They allow you to fix your shoes and skate them for another good 20 to 40 hours.

It’s inexpensive and works like a charm (Amazon affiliate link), something every technical skater needs and appreciates.

  • Price range: $5-$10
  • Age: 10+
  • Great for: Street Skateboarding, Skate park

9. Insoles

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Often overlooked, but insoles make a huge difference. Skating involves lots of impacts, especially when jumping off huge stairs. Proper insoles prevent injuries and strain.

Skateboard brand insoles are often overpriced, so I recommend Dr. Scholes insoles. It comes with gel pads that absorb shocks and plastic on the side that reduces impacts when landing with both on your feet on the side of a skateboard (primo).

You can cut them according to size and adjust the shape a little so they fit the shoes. Dr. Scholes insoles work with all skate shoes and are cheaper and better than skate brand insoles.

  • Price range: $20-$25
  • Age: 15+
  • Great for: All styles.

10. Stickers

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

I don’t know what the deal is with stickers, but most skateboarders love stickers! I have a bit of an obsession with them myself since I was a kid. They just look awesome and I have a huge box full of ‘m. There are some vintage stickers on eBay are listed for ridiculous prices.

Some skates love to decorate their board or helmet with stickers and others (like me) like to collect them. When I buy a new deck, I make sure that there is a free sticker inside, without a stick it’s just not the same.

Make sure to get stickers that actually represent real skateboard brands, like this 100-sticker value pack (affiliate link).

  • Price range: $5-15
  • Age: 9-99
  • Great for: All types of skaters

11. Spare Parts

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Hardware (bolts & nuts) and especially axle nuts are a cheap and useful gift. Axle nuts wear quite fast because of impacts and once you remove them, it’s hard to get them back on. I always carry an extra set of 1″ hardware and a couple of axle nuts, just in case.

Buy 1″ Allen hardware. They will fit every skateboard setup. Maybe combine spare parts with other gifts if you really can’t afford much. It still will be a very useful gift (affiliate link to Amazon).

  • Price range: $3-$9
  • Age: 12-99
  • Great for: All types of skaters

12. Griptape

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Grip tape is the sandpaper-like material that makes your feet stick to your skateboard. It also allows for those rad tricks. I know the kids at my local skate park appreciate a sheet of colorful griptape.

Older skaters usually like plain black griptape, but the younger ones LOVE themed prints. Jessup is the cheapest of them all, but one of the most popular griptape out there.

Don’t forget to look at Mob grip tape and Grizzly, they offer a wide selection of different designs (Amazon affiliate link).

  • Price range: $6-$15
  • Age: 12+
  • Great for: All types of skaters

13. Paint Pens

Some skaters love to customize their grip tape and cut the sheets in all kind of shapes, use different colors or get creative with paint pens.

Paint pens: paint pens are effective but should be applied carefully. The grip tape can damage the pens, but it’s certainly doable. Look for brands like Testors or any brand that offers quality paint pens.

Not a great gift for skateboarders older than 16.

  • Price range: $8-$12
  • Age: 9-16
  • Great for: All types of skaters

14. Fingerboard or Handboard

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

There is something magical about fingerboards and handboards. Great to theorize about the next tricks you want to learn, or just to pass some time. I personally dig my handboard just sitting on my desk. I don’t play with it, but it just makes a great prop.

Even fingerboards quality varies greatly. Tech Deck is great for beginners but it’s still just plastic. Only buy expensive wooden fingerboards if you know someone is really into fingerboarding! 70 bucks for a fingerboard is really just a waste of money.

I got this Tech deck value pack that comes with a pre-assembles board, and parts to assemble two other fingerboards. Lots of wheels, tiny screws and nuts, and a skate tool for smurfs. Pretty rad and not too expensive and pretty frustrating to assemble. Check prices on Amazon (afflilate link).

  • Price: $5 – $25
  • Age: 5+
  • Style: All

15. Skate Park Tickets

If there is an skate park in your area which requires an entrance fee, this could be a rad gift. Skateboarding is a great exercise and good for your mental health. Basically you give them a really healthy present which they actually enjoy.

  • Price range: check your local park
  • Age: 9-99
  • Great for: All types of skaters

16. Box of Whatever

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

A bag or box with small stuff every skater loves. A cheaper skate tool, 1″ hardware, axle nuts, stickers, a gift card. Something with a personal touch and lots of goodies are awesome to get. A mixed bag with small gifts is great for smaller budgets. Grab a few items from this blog until you hit your budget.

  • a skate tool
  • Stickers
  • Thrasher Magazine
  • Skate Wax
  • Stickers
  • etc
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Wrap it in grip tape and laces and make it stand out. You might want to glue the grip tape, I could have done a better job. It’s the idea that counts.

  • Price range: $5-$30
  • Age: 9-99
  • Great for: All types of skaters

17. Recycled Skateboard Coasters

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Let’s have some tea and biscuits, cheerio! These are great for the aged skateboarder and I often get questions from guests where I got these coasters.

I love my coasters. Etsy is full of crafty people that create rad art and woodwork from recycled skateboards.

Keep in mind that working old skateboards requires a huge amount of time and effort, not to mention skills. This is expensive stuff, perhaps great for older skaters, not so much for kids.

I got these coasters from Focused and they weren’t even that expensive, relatively. Focused also offers coffee tables up to $6000, probably a bit excessive for a gift. Check out Etsy or use Google if you want something specific. Keep in mind that the bigger the project, the longer it takes. Amazon also offers affordable coasters.

  • Price range: $15 – Your limit
  • Age: 25-50+
  • Great for: Older skaters

18. Spotify, Apple Music Subscription

Skaters are humans just like you and me, and we all love music! I see many skaters wearing air pods and listening to music while skateboarding.

I don’t wear my Air pods during a sesh because it’s too distracting and I want to make it out in one piece. It really depends on the person. Check out some of the Spotify Subscriptions on Amazon.

  • Price range: Subscription based
  • Age: All ages
  • Great for: All types of skaters

19. Thrasher Magazine Subscription

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

While magazines may seem like a relic from the past, Thrasher Magazine lits up skaters’ eyes. I recently organised a skateboarding contest and handed out prizes. There was a Thrasher magazine left, so I gave it to a random skater. The look on his face was priceless, ‘Really? Can I have this? Wow, that’s awesome. Thanks so much!’.

If you buy an annual subscription, it often comes with some goodies.

  • Price: $8 for a single issue
  • Age: 9-99
  • Great for: All types of skaters

20. Laces & Tricktape

An extra pair of laces is always appreciated and one of the cheapest gifts you can buy a skateboarder. Perhaps combining laces with Trick tape (suede patches) and other small gifts might be an idea. A sheet of grip tape, Shoe Goo, suede patches and laces will are really useful.

  • Price range: $2 – $10
  • Age: 10 – 20
  • Great for: Street skateboarders

10 Terrible Skateboard Gifts

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Some products may seem like a good idea, but skateboarders usually have a strong preference when it comes to gear. Buying a set of trucks, for example, may please some, but others won’t appreciate them because they require a long time to break in.

Same goes for decks. Skaters usually prefer a shape or brand and stick to it. Only buy these gifts when you’re absolutely sure. Another idea is to check out what they are skating and see if some parts need replacement. In that case, a new deck or a set of trucks is a great gift.

The age also plays a part. An older skater, let’s say 30+, will appreciate a re-issue old school deck but a 16-year-old usually can’t relate.

Buying a helmet can be a good idea, and wearing one is always recommended. Few skaters will actually wear them. If you bought a QUALITY skateboard and are looking for a complimentary gift for a kid, please do buy a helmet.

Let’s look at a few gifts that might or might not be a good idea. Sometimes you can get away with it but you need to know exactly what to buy.

  1. Amazon skateboards
  2. Penny boards
  3. Scooters
  4. Trucks
  5. Wheels
  6. Shoes
  7. Skater trainers
  8. Helmet
  9. Pads
  10. Ceramic bearings

1. Amazon, Walmart, & Toy Skateboard Skateboards

By Amazon skateboards, I mean unknown brands. These are often mass produced in China and very cheap. You can recognize them by their overwhelmingly positive reviews and often are listed as Amazon’s Choice.

The reviews are fake and when you take a closer look, you will see lots of complaints buried by 5 star bot reviews.

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Not all Amazon skateboards are bad, just make sure to buy from a reputable skateboard brand like Birdhouse, Santa Cruz, Flip, etc.

Avoid Amazon skateboard ‘brands’ like:

  • Minority
  • White fang
  • Merkapa
  • Hikole
  • Puente
  • Cal 7
  • Krown (wolf)
  • KPC Pro
  • Beleeve
  • Yohaner

A moment of silence for all the kids that get a crappy skateboard from their parents….

Moving on.

2. Penny Boards

Penny Board is a brand, and while real penny boards are okay, there are many rip offs. A plastic skateboard isn’t great for tricks and often very uncomfortable to ride. Recently one of these sellers on Amazon contacted me asking me to promote their crappy boards for a fee. I politely declined their offer.

3. Skateboard Trucks

This is a tricky one. Experienced skateboarders don’t like new trucks because it takes a long time to get used to them. Skaters are very dogmatic about gear and new trucks are probably not on their wish list.

The only time it’s safe to buy skateboard trucks is when you know the exact size they need, someone just started skateboarding (under a year) or when their trucks are actually broken. This is the only time a skateboarder replaces their trucks.

4. Skateboard Wheels

Another tricky gift that could go very right or very wrong. Skateboard wheels come in lots of sizes and shapes. Not to mention the variations in hardness (durometer). If you don’t know what type of skateboarder they are, there is a big chance you’re buying the wrong wheels.

Check out their current skateboard wheels before you buy something that is useless.

Gifting a scooter to a skateboarder is like giving an Apple fan an Android phone. Don’t buy scooter brand stuff, or worse, an actual scooter. The thing is, many skateboarders dislike scooters for many reasons. Don’t want to go into it too much, but something you should be aware of.

Well, actually, Brad loves skateboarding. Maybe he also likes a scooter!‘. Could be, but the chances are slim.

Only recommended when you really dislike a person and don’t want to be invited to the next birthday party.

6. Skate Shoes

Often skaters like a brand or shoe type that is just right for them. There are many types of shoes for skateboarding and you probably will buy the wrong pair. If you really want to buy skate shoes, make sure you know what they currently skate and find out if they like their shoes.

My advice would be to buy the exact same skate shoes they are currently skating to avoid buying the wrong pair.

Some skaters love shoes that offer lots of support and other like flexible shoes, less durable shoes. Proper skate shoes are made of quality suede, so avoid canvas shoes, they are gone in a day.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
This is fine, no need for new shoes!

7. Skater Trainers

Skater trainers are advertised as tools to help you learn tricks. In reality, they don’t offer real value and are a waste of money.

8. Skateboard Helmet

I wish skaters would appreciate helmets and it would keep many out of the ER. The truth is, most skateboarders don’t like helmets, mainly because they feel it makes them look like a dork.

I would advise only buying a helmet is someone is just starting out, or as an additional gift if you bought them a skateboard. Young kids should always wear a helmet!

9. Knee Pads / Elbow Pads

Many skaters don’t like to pad up and finding protective gear that fits properly isn’t easy. This would require to measure the limbs and I’m not sure how you would do this unnoticed. Again, if it’s a young child, please go buy protective gear, but a 16-year-old probably will frown upon pads.

10. Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic bearings are a waste of money, cheaper bearings work just as well, and you’re just flushing money down the drain. Get a set of Bones Reds or Bronson G2 and leave the rest of the money for another gift.

Pay Attention When You Want to Gift a Skateboard

All skateboards look alike to the untrained eye, but there is a huge difference in quality and performance. A $40 Amazon skateboard seems appealing, but the reality is these boards are unsafe.

Buy a complete skateboard from a reputable brand, and even those have their cons. The best skateboard is the one you assemble yourself. Custom quality parts that work well together.

Check out my skateboard configurator and guide if you want to give something special but have no idea where to start.

Create your Own Custom Skateboard Gift

Without too much effort, you could create a skateboarding survival kit, or perhaps a gift card from a local skate shop with a few stickers and some wax.

Gift cards may seem boring, but skaters LOVE to visit skate shops and pick out items. Perhaps you could go together and have a nice day out. And while you’re at it, get yourself a quality skateboard!

Final Thoughts

So here a list of the best and worst skateboard gifts imaginable. There is this saying ‘never look a horse in the mouth’ and after all, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gifts. Often you want to gift something you personally like, but I think this list will help you on your way.

Skaters aren’t easy to please, they rather skate their worn shoes and chipped decks, replacing gear is something a skater does a a last resort.

Skaters are used to their shoes and skateboards and changing something requires them to adjust to their new gear. Make sure to ask them, some would love a new deck or shoes. But picking the right brand, size, or even where to shop can lead to buying the wrong gift.

— Update: 01-01-2023 — cohaitungchi.com found an additional article 14 Best Skateboarding Gifts Ideas in 2022 (For All Skate Lovers) from the website sportstotry.com for the keyword gifts for skateboarders 2020.

Gifts have all the power to bring a smile on someone’s face. But when it comes to gifting a skateboarder, the situation becomes slightly critical. Since they have a passion for this particular sport, you should give them something useful related to skateboarding. 

If you are clueless about what to grab, then don’t worry, we will help you out. Among all the several options, we reduced them down to 16 so that you can pick one for your friend. 

Let’s kick-start!

Best Skateboard Gifts Listed And Reviewed

  1. Skateboarding and the City: A Complete History
  2. Whitefang Skateboard
  3. 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards
  4. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads
  5. Yocaher Skateboard Wheels
  6. Powell-Peralta Skateboard Deck
  7. CCS Skateboard Trucks
  8. Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings
  9. Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Helmet
  10. GoPro Hero 9 Waterproof Camera
  11. Plantronics Wireless Noise Cancelling Backbeat Headphones
  12. Emerica Skate Shoe
  13. Skateboard Clothings
  14. Other Skateboarding Accessories
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

To get more specific one of the above options, scroll down:

Skateboard Books

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

There are a huge number of books that have been published regarding the topic ‘skateboarding’. The majority of the books range from biographical, autobiographical to quest, and how-to based. If your friend is a bookworm and skateboarder at the same time, then nothing can be as ideal as getting him or her a book can be. You will find several genres related to this particular sport.

If you want your friend to know the history of skateboarding, then ‘Skateboarding and the City: A Complete History’ by Iain Borden can be a great pick. 

If you want him or her to be a pro, then you can gift ‘Skateboarding: Book of Tricks’ by Steve Badillo and Doug Werner. It has about 34 hot tricks to make anyone a skilled skateboarder.

However, you can check this complete skateboard book review before taking a final decision.


Gifts for skateboarders 2020

One of the commonest things that any skateboarder will want is skateboards. So, it can be the best skateboarding gifts you can give to your skateboarding pal. Although they are likely to have one, a new one will be newly ready to withstand future heavy-uses.

Skateboards come in different styles and types. You can go with Quest QT-NSC44C as it has been made of durable hardwood maple and bamboo. Besides, its trucks provide both stability and control while the bearings offer quick spin. To add more, the skateboard is also great for its speedy and stable wheel that makes it the best. 

Another great option to go for would be VOLADOOR 42 inches Freeride Longboard. It also has used the same materials as the previous one. And you will be provided with similar perks. (Check out our full Beginner Skateboard List)

  • How to Wrap a Skateboard? [Two Methods, Simple Steps to Follow]

Skateboarding Wrist Guards

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

You surely want your skateboard pal to be safe while he or she enjoys the sport. For this, you can present them with a pair of solid wrist guards. These skate gifts will not only offer protection during falls but also redirect the impact to forearms while evening it out. So, if your friend is someone who often trips over, then wrist guards can be the best skateboarding gifts.

If you are not sure of the sizing, you can go with an adjustable pair. For options, you can consider getting 187 Killer Pads. They are made of ballistic nylon and double stitched to offer durability. Besides, they also feature splints that absorb the shock and distribute it. Most of the people of different shapes and sizes of hands loved its fitment and adjustability. 

Triple 8 Hired can be another great option. It has been made of durable leather. Its padding offers comfort while the closure system offers adjustability. It also comes with splints that serve the same purpose.

If you want to learn more about wrist guards, check out this wrist guard review.

Skateboard Knee Pads

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Best Knee pads can be another great gifts for skateboarders. They also belong to the safety gear category and offer protection during falls and accidents. Knees are one of the most common areas to get hit resulting in knee damage. Hence, it will be great to present this gift to make sure they don’t encounter a serious accident.

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads can be an ideal pick because of its blend of durable materials: polyester and rubber. The pads also come padded with EVA foam to offer both comfort and cushioning. Not only that, it is also very light and easy to adjust. And since it comes in unisex design, it will be great for both male and female skateboarders.

Another ideal option can be JBM Adult/Child Knee Pads. They come with wrist guards and offer a high level of protection by absorbing severe shock. It also provides similar perks like the previous one. 

Skateboard Wheels

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Skateboard wheels are stated to last longer than a deck. So, wheels can be another best skateboarding gift for your closed one. Wheels come in different shapes, sizes, types, and materials.

You can grab one from Yocaher. The wheels are great for heavy-duty uses. It comes in 70x 52mm dimensions with 78A hardness which is on the softer side. It means the wheels will offer a great grip for optimum stability. Besides, its ABEC-7 chrome bearings will offer a faster and smoother ride.

Another great option can be the one from FREEDARE. The wheels measure 58mm and come rated at 82A durometer. Since it is more on the hard side, it will offer quicker spin. And with ABEC-7 chrome bearings, the wheels will also allow for a smoother ride.

Skateboard Decks

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Skateboard decks can also be a great gift to present. The main difference between the skateboard and the deck is that the former will have a full package including wheels and trucks while the latter will not have them. You really need to know a lot of the wheels and trucks before presenting to someone since they are a bit critical. To avoid that, you can go with a simple option. 

The Flight Deck by Powell-Peralta is made of epoxy infused, fiber material that will be resistant to breaking. If your friend loves to do tricks, then this can let them flip faster and Ollie higher. The look is also interesting enough to make any skater fall in love with it.

But, if you think your friend is more into simplicity, then you can go with the Moose Old School Skateboard that is made of solid Canadian Maple. The concave design will offer stability as well as control. 

Skateboard Trucks

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Only the skaters know the struggle of getting some good trucks to experience better stability from the skateboards. If your friend fails to get the perfect one, then you can make them happy by grabbing a package for them.

Make sure the trucks are made of light and solid material. Also, make sure they fit most of the decks and wheels so that you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Such trucks can be found in the Havoc brand. They are mostly made of aluminum alloy for durability. And they have also been made to fit different decks and wheels. 

CCS Skateboard Trucks also offers the same perks. Coming in nonslip kingpin, the trucks are perfect for smoother and controlled turns, thanks to rebound bushings. So, if your friend is into tricks, it can be a great gift.

Skateboard Bearings

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

The reason why bearings are the best skateboarding gifts is that it affects speed and accelerations. The higher the rating, the quicker the spin will be. So, if your friend wants to enjoy a faster ride, then presenting skateboard bearings can be the best. 

For option, Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings can make an ideal choice. It comes in 8 packs and is rated at ABEC-7 that helps offer quicker spin.

To go with more ABEC rating for the fastest ride, nothing can beat these Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings. With ABEC-9 rating, you will find them great for high-speed downhill luge style skating.

Skateboarding Helmet

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Giving someone a skateboarding helmet can show how much you care for them. The helmet will not only be a cool gift to give but also will help make your closed ones stay safer. There are a few skate parks that do not let the skaters skateboard without a helmet. Hence, it can be a perfect gear to give them as a gift.

No matter what you grab, make sure it’s CPSC and ASTM certified. You can also check out the differences between skate helmet and bike one.

Such a helmet is stated to be one of the best safety gear since it keeps the head from injuries. There are many models available that have impressed the skaters with better vents and adjustable fitment. So, you should also check for all those factors.

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner can make an ideal choice. It contours to the head easily whereas the adjustable chin strap will work to ensure a snug fit. The outer shell is made of durable ABS and the inner liner is made of sweat-free- moisture-wicking material.

You can also consider JBM Skateboard Helmet for its better breathability. It has been fabricated with  PVC and PC that is durable and shock absorbent. It has also been padded enough to cushion the head while absorbing the impact. 

Other Skate Helmets Reviewed

Skateboard Cameras and Headphones

Now people don’t go skateboarding without technology anymore. The two most common things you may find are the cameras and headphones. So, you can make them happy if you present them any of the two since both add extra fun to the sports.


Any skater would love to capture their experience to show it to others. That’s when the skateboard cameras come into play. So, you can think of giving your closed one a camera since it can have them save their thrilling adventure into it.

The only option we can think of suggesting is the one from camcorder. Their Yeehao Camcorder 1080P Video Camera has almost all the perks that make it a great choice for capturing skateboarding moments. The skater can capture the action while being onboard with its wide-angle lens. It has a magnetic base that makes it easier to mount on anything including a skateboard deck. It can record slow motion and fast videos up for longer period of adventure in Hi-Definition quality. Besides, the camera can also take night vision photos.


Headphones can be the best gift for skateboarders who are also music lovers. If you are thinking of giving a gift to such a person, then look for the best one. Make sure the headphones provide better sound quality with no sound leakage or ambient sound.  There are different varieties of headphones available. But for the skateboarders, the ideal ones will be wireless, because there won’t be any issue of tangling or disconnection. 

For suggestion, we would recommend you to go with Plantronics Wireless Noise Cancelling Backbeat. The sound will be crispy and clear and its active noise cancellation feature will work to lessen ambient noise while skateboarding. Besides, skaters will also enjoy 24 hours of songs and calls at a stretch. 

If that feels heavy for the skateboarder, then you can opt for a simpler and smaller option, which is IPX7 Wireless Sport Headphones. This one also has a CVC noise cancellation feature. The sound will be clear and stable while the bass is superb.

Skateboard Shoes

Shoes play a key role when it comes to skateboarding. It’s the pair of shoes that can either make or break the day since they are the contact point between the skateboard and you. So, if you want your closed one to master all the skills, then make sure you get them a great pair. 

Skateboard shoes come in different styles, flexibility, and mobility. Since shoes can be a pricey gift, you need to do a bit digging on what kind of pair the person is into.

If it’s for women, then we would suggest having a look at the Trase TX Skate Shoes by DC. The pair is designed with Vulcanized construction and the outsole used rubber for the material. Besides its durable fabric, the pair offers optimum traction for stability and ample pads for comfort. Not only that, but the skateboarder will also love it for its amazing toe protection.

Skateboard Clothing & Socks & T-shirts, Jeans

The skateboarder is expected to end up with torn and tattered clothes due to which presenting them tops or bottoms become essential. They are also stated to be the safest option since you cannot go wrong with clothing. You will find different styles of t-shirts, jeans, and socks that are made especially for skateboarders. The most common options include loose shirts, wind pants or baggy or stretchable jeans because they are comfortable. Make sure to grab something unique that will go with the skater. Also, know the size for better fitment. Besides, a pair of socks also can be a wise gift because it shapes one’s personality.

T-shirts: If you want to gift t-shirts, then you can think of having this cotton top from Adidas for men. This Skate Shmoo Tee will offer both comforts and fit because of the size. For women, this Strappy Cold Shoulder T-Shirt by iGENJUN can be a great option. It has used Viscose fabric mostly that makes it light, soft, and flexible. It also comes in different colors and prints to explore more varieties.

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Jeans: Volcom offers jeans for men that are made just for skateboarding. Their pair will stretch to offer comfort and movement while coming in durable material. So, you can consider having Vorta Jeans as a gift. If it’s a woman, then this monochrome black jeans by Levi can make an ideal choice. Not only the pair will be super stretchable, but it also will snug fit while not losing shape.

A pair of work pants can also be a great option as gifts for skateboarders.

Socks: Make sure that whatever the pair you get, it offers both durability and breathability. You can gift a pair of White Classical Triple Stripes by Pareberry for women. It will feel soft, breathable and durable so that the person feels comfortable wearing it while they skate. If it’s for a man, then Nike SB Dry Crew can be the best pick. It provides great ankle coverage as well as optimum breathability. 


You can pick a skateboard backpack as a gift for your dearest ones, where they can put the skateboard in the backpack and other necessary things (socks, grip tape, hand grip etc) related to skateboarding.

Skateboarding Accessories

Besides all these, you can also add other options to the list of gift items. Some of them include LED lights from Board Blazers, floor rack from SKATERTRAINER and bearing lubricant from Bones. All these gifs will not only make your closed ones happy but also will be very useful for them.

You can also check warehouse skateboards for other nice accessories. Etsy is another great option to check out.

Other Skating Gifts

Some skateboarders are roller skaters too. If you are or if you are not, your loving kids, wives or someone else may like roller skating very much. In that case, you might be interested in skating gifts too to present them with some unique pieces of gifts: Roller Skater’s Gifts

Ending Words

We would rather say that it is easier to get a gift for a person who is into skateboarding. Because you will at least have a separate option to check out.

However, we hope this review of the best skateboarding gifts will help you make a decision. We can assure you that the ones we have listed here can be useful for any skateboarder. So, we don’t think you will regret grabbing a gift even if you pick one randomly. It’s just, all the decision lies in your budget range.

— Update: 01-01-2023 — cohaitungchi.com found an additional article 40 Skateboarding Gift Ideas [Perfect For Any Rider] from the website stokedrideshop.com for the keyword gifts for skateboarders 2020.

Skateboarders are just like anyone else – except they shred. So when it comes time to buying them a gift, you don’t need to overthink it. Check out all the great gifts in this skater gift guide.

Whether you want to get a board, a t-shirt, new trucks, or some griptape – they’ll be thankful for any gifts. Here are 40 of the best gifts to get a skater – that will be perfect for beginners, experts, or novices – skate on! 🛹

[Check out the best shortboard skateboard, if you need a new ride.]

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

40 Skateboarding Gift Ideas

1. Apollo Longboard Skateboard

These awesome longboards are perfect for cruising around on. They also have a huge amount of five-star reviews – which makes them an absolutely perfect gift for any serious skateboarder in your family.

2. Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels

If you want to slide – these are the skateboard wheels for you. It should be noted that you will likely slip a bit, so opt for the 70mm size – which will definitely make things easier.

3. Apple AirPods

Who doesn’t love to have their own tunes playing, when they skate? These AirPods make everything wireless, and they’ll stay in – no matter what crazy maneuvers you try to pull off.

4. Fireball Dragon Axle Nuts

These axle nuts are perfect for any skateboarder. They also have a ton of stellar reviews, so they make a perfect gift for any skater in your family.

5. Ten Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set

This awesome ramp set will allow you to hone your skills in your very own backyard. We would have killed to have something like this when we were kids – so we’re glad kids these days can skate on something like this. Don’t forget your knee pads and elbow pads!

6. Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

This awesome skate shoe has a metric ton of excellent reviews – plus they’re super-comfy. We loved wearing them, and any skater will too.

7. FreshPark Professional Skatepark Grind Rail

If you want to grind at home, this is a perfect way to practice. You can do any tricks you can think of, and get better by the day – making this a true must-have for any skateboarder.

8. Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

This incredible skateboard makes cruising around easy. With a ton of great reviews, and the ability to go almost 30 MPH – it’s truly unbeatable.

9. Disposable: A History Of Skateboard Art

This awesome book covers over 1,000 skateboarding graphics. Going all the way back to the 1980s, it goes over a ton of ground – and includes interviews with Ed Templeton, Tony Hawk, and many others. Awesome product for a stocking stuffer or any holiday gift!

10. CCS Skateboard Wax

You’ll need to constantly wax rails and curbs, if you want to be able to grind them easily. This wax from CCS is a perfect choice – plus it’s doesn’t hurt the wallet.

[Find the best skate board park, so you can shred comfortably.]

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

11. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2

This game is legendary – it’s that simple. You can get the newest version, complete with updated graphics, for any console you wish.

12. Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles

If you skate often, your feet will definitely begin to feel the burn. These massaging gel insoles will take some of the pain away – plus they’re great for just day-to-day activity.

13. Stoked Blank Skateboard Deck

Every serious skater goes through a lot of decks. These blank decks are affordable, well-made, and make it easy to get a new ride going quickly.

14. Fireball Dragon Bearings

These bearings are of great quality, and are also very affordable. Every skater needs new bearings eventually – so these make for a fantastic gift option.

15. Vans Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

These are the shoes that everybody loves. Any skater who is worth their salt will recognize these classic shoes – they’ve been big since the 80s.

16. WeSkate Standard Skateboard

This complete skateboard comes fully assembled, and it makes it easy to start skating. We also love the price, which makes it perfect for any beginner.

17. 100 Pack Of Skateboard Stickers

Every serious skateboarder needs stickers – and this 100 pack is a great value. We love the variety here, and the price is also unbeatable.

18. DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

If your skater needs a new pair of shoes – this is a great choice. DC always makes quality shoes, and it’s easy to see why, with this eye-catching pair.

19. Optiks Front And Back LED Lights

If you like skating at night, being seen is super important – these lights are a perfect choice. There also backed by a ton of five-star reviews – meaning these lights will hold up well, no matter what you throw at them.

20. Simbow Skateboard Backpack

This awesome backpack is super useful. Not only will you look cool while you transport your board, extra set of skateboard bearings, or a hoodie – you can also charge your phone while you do so – and it’s also backed by a ton of great reviews.

[See the best women skateboarders, that are tearing it up right now.]

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

21. Landwave 4-Sided Pyramid Skateboard Kit

With this 4-sided pyramid ramp kit, you can create a number of different setups. Sturdy and functional, this set is perfect for practicing all of your tricks.

22. Skater Trainers

Perfect for beginners, these skater trainers will help you learn tricks faster. Build your confidence and improve your balance with this great accessory.

23. Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones

A unique gift, this beanie allows you to easily listen to music while you skate. The beanie is great quality, and you can choose from a variety of colors.

24. Board Blazers LED Skateboard Lights

This awesome LED light kit will light up your board at night. A great buy for any night riding enthusiasts.

25. Parking Block Skateboard Storage

This skateboard organizer is potable and easy to use. Your board will be protected and stay in place. We also love the price and the fact it works for a cruiser skateboard too.

26. Zeato All-In-One Skate Tool

This skateboard T Tool is an essential tool to carry with you when you are on the go. We love the selection of colors to choose from and it easily fits in your pocket.

27. Funny / Gag Gift Skateboarding T-Shirt

Any skateboarder will love to add this t-shirt to their collection. It’s soft, durable and affordable.

28. JBM Protective Kit

This set of protective gear is comfortable and will keep you safe. JBM uses high quality, durable materials and It’s easily adjustable to fit kids and adults.

29. Ronyes Skateboard Backpack

Ronye’s skateboard backpack has lots of zippers and pockets to hold all your gear. Most importantly, it make it easier than ever to carry your board wherever you need to go.

30. Lego City Skate Park

The Lego City Skate Park is a fun toy that any skateboarder would enjoy. It’s an amazing Lego set that brings to life all the details found in a real skate park.

[Check out why bearing spacers make a big difference for your board.]

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

31. Emergency First Aid Kit

Naturally every skateboarder gets some scrapes, so this first aid kit will be great to have on hand to treat any minor injuries. Comes with 312 pieces in a compact pack.

32. Ubikort Skateboard 3D Illusion Night Lamp

This 3D Skateboard lamp is an awesome way to decorate your desk or can be used as a nightlight. It’s a unique gift for anyone passionate about skating.

33. iATO iPhone 13 Skateboard Wood Case

We love the style of this iPhone case that is made from high quality skateboard wood. It will feel great in your hands and protects your phone.

34. GoPro Hero 5

A higher-end gift, the GoPro Hero 5 will allow you to capture all your tricks on video. It’s also very easy to mount and use.

35. Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

Soundcore’s bluetooth speaker will help bring the party to the skate park. It’s waterproof and lights up to the beat of the music.

36. Santa Cruz Windbreaker

We love the style of this windbreaker. It a great addition to your wardrobe for protecting you from the elements as you skate.

37. Momsiv Mini Finger Toy Skateboard Park Ramp Kit

This mini fingerboard skateboard ramp kit is a fun accessory for any kids interested in skateboarding. Create different setups with the ramp and let your imagination run wild.

38. Losenka Skateboard Gloves

These skateboard gloves will protect your hands and give you support while skating. They are very comfortable and easy to adjust.

39. Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Kit

Bones Skate Bearings cleaning kit makes skateboard maintenance a breeze. You will be able to easily clean any board.

40. Shoe Goo

If you get holes in your skate shoes, this will easily fix it. Shoe Goo bonds, protects and rebuilds for a long lasting repair. Your local skate shop most likely carries it.

[If you want to upgrade your ride, check out these awesome Gullwing trucks.]

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

What Gifts Do Skateboarders Love?

As long as it has something to do with skating – you’re probably okay. Most skateboarders are just looking for something to further their craft – whether its an old school or new school skater, chances are they won’t be too picky.

Other Factors To Consider

The best gifts for skateboarders include skateboard helmets, skateboarding shoes, skateboard stands and other skateboard accessories. Avoid cheap skateboard accessories from Amazon, which might not be the best quality.

Books or accessories that will help your skateboarder learn new stunts and skateboard tricks also make great gifts. We think something simple (like scooters) can still be a great gift for any skateboarder out there.

[Try these easy skateboard tricks, and up your game.]

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

The Bottom Line – 40 Skateboarding Gift Ideas [Perfect For Any Rider]

There you have it – 40 awesome gift ideas for the skater(s) in your life. Whether it’s a complete board, a ramp, or even a t-shirt – we’ve got you covered.

[Longboard vs skateboard – which is better?]

Skateboarders just want to have a good time – most never turn pro. So don’t overthink your gift, a hoodie or even a thrasher magazine, just get them something you think they’ll like – and they probably will.

— Update: 01-01-2023 — cohaitungchi.com found an additional article The Best Gifts for Skateboarders {According to Pro Skaters!} from the website boardwalkskater.com for the keyword gifts for skateboarders 2020.

Are you looking for the BEST gifts for skateboarders and skaters? If you have someone in your life that LOVES to skate and you are completely clueless on what to get them- we can help! Our comprehensive skaters gift guide has over 30+ ideas! As professional skaters we know what skaters like and can wholly recommend quite a few gifts that any skater or skateboarder would love to have in their arsenal.

Whether it’s a birthday gift, Christmas gift, stocking stuffer or just because…we can find something for you to give that special skater in your life. We’ve tried to cover a range of price points and find things that suit boys, girls, men and women of any age so you’ll be able to snag a killer gift!

We’re hard core skaters ourselves and we spend lots of time with other skaters (young and old) while we’re at the skate parks on on the trails. We’ve polled the masses (and our team) to find great gift giving ideas for you.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Best Gifts For Skateboarders & Skaters-TLDR

We have 17 awesome ideas all lined up for you in our gift guide below but if you’re in a time crunch and just want to hear our top 5 favorite gift ideas we can oblige!

#1 GoPro Hero 10 Waterproof Sports Video Camera

#2 Wireless Apple Airpods

#3 Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

#4 Dakine Skateboard Carrying Backpack

#5 Element At Home Skate Rail

Still with us? Great! Let’s see everything in our gift guide!

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Wireless Apple Airpods are on the top of the list for most skaters & skateboarders which is why we’re saying it’s one of the best gifts for skateboarders out there! These completely wireless headphones won’t get in the way while we’re out skating or practicing new sick tricks at the skate park. The sound quality is unparalleled and the compact size means they won’t take up much space in our backpacks or pockets.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

The Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard is the perfect gift for anyone looking for an environmentally-friendly OR JUST PLAIN FUN way to get around town. Take it from me…an electric skateboard is an absolute blast. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun with a skateboard.

The Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard reaches speeds of up to 28 MPH and has a range of roughly 10 miles on a single charge, making it perfect for those with short city commute or weekend cruises along the boardwalk. Plus, the built-in remote control makes it easy to navigate your way around tight spots and crowded areas. As an added bonus you can retrofit the motor to a board of your choosing. This electric skateboard has tons of 4-5 star reviews you can READ HERE.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Every skateboarder pretty much needs a backpack for school or play and the Dakine Skateboard Carrying Backpack (with multiple color and pattern options to choose from) really does the trick. You can carry your skate tool, water bottle, books AND you can strap your board to the back of the pack using the attached straps. There are masculine and feminine patterns and colors for both skater boys and girls. This gift is functional and good looking which makes it one of the best gifts for skateboarders out there!

If this gift really hits a note then check out my Skateboard Backpack Reviews Page with many more pack options and in depth reviews on lots of skateboard backpacks that cover work and play.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

This small but mighty waterproof | dustproof | wireless | JBL Clip On Speaker is a great gift for skaters who like to listen to music while they skate. It easily clips onto a backpack or belt loop to create an instant party atmosphere while you skate. The long 10 hour battery life means the party won’t stop anytime soon. There are tons of colors to choose from that will appeal to male or female skaters.

This wireless speaker is a safer alternative to ear buds because you can hear traffic and other skaters around you more easily and react when needed.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

If your skateboarder doesn’t own a longboard yet this may be THE gift. For those who who are unfamiliar, longboards are skateboards purpose built for longer distances. Think cruising around town, commuting to work or school & land paddle boarding.

Longboards have larger, wider beefier wheels (with that additional wheel travel you get more distance out of every push). The desk itself is wider, longer & mostly flat so your feet can be more comfortable resting on the board over longer distances/rides. Those beefy wheels also absorb more shock from bumps, cracks & rocks. The ride is soooo smooth & it’s the closest you can come to surfing on land. If you want an even more detailed explanation about longboards you can check out my Longboards for Beginners Article HERE.

Longboards are hugely popular right now among the 16-40 crowds and it’s renewing interest in sport of skateboarding which I find very exciting. I personally LOVE and recommend the longboards from two brands that I’ve owned over the years – Sector 9 & Santa Cruz. For the purposes of this article I’m going to give you a few complete (ready to use out of the box) longboards that I think any skateboarder would love to receive this Christmas.

Longboard Recommendations:

Santa Cruz Wave Dot Complete Longboard (masculine design)

Sector 9 Fractal Flora Complete Longboard (feminine design)

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is the latest action sport camera/video camera to be released by GoPro and it’s a unique gift if your skater loves to take videos of their daily skating exploits. It’s jam packed with great features like an LCD touchscreen interface, live streaming capability, automatic upload to the cloud and (just in case) it’s also waterproof to 30+ feet.

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The huge selection of wide angle shots means that you’ll be able to grab everything in view and not miss a moment. This pocket sized camera can be completely controlled by an app on your phone (or your voice) which cuts down on editing time later.

You can create time lapse videos, photo bursts, night videos & the editing software is about as user friendly as it could possibly be. This is the model that I personally use to shoot all my skate videos for the website and the capabilities are pretty impressive. If you’re purchasing this gift I’d also recommend this extra long selfie stick and this accessory pack which has everything you need to attach your GoPro to yourself or anything you might be riding on! We love the GoPro and it’s definitely one of the best gifts for skateboarders out there!

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Skaters really love to film tricks with our smart phones. It helps us see what were doing wrong, make small corrections…and when we finally get it right it’s pretty cool to be able to share that video with others.

The Pivo Smartphone Video Tracker is like having your own personal cameraman in your back pocket. Simply attach your smartphone to the Pivo base, pair via Bluetooth, and like magic your smartphone camera will track every move.  Pivo auto zooms in and out and has body or face tracking.

It’s the perfect gift for skaters who are in the learning phase or the pro who likes to share killer tricks on youtube. It’s definitely a cheaper alternative to a GoPRO (which is also highly recommended on our list) because it utilizes your existing smartphone camera. We also recommend grabbing the inexpensive Pivo protective case so the components don’t get damaged rolling around in a back pack.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

The Parking Block Skateboard Stand is a fantastic way to store and display your skateboard. At the time of this writing it’s an inexpensive gift option under $20 dollars. There’s no special tools or mounting required so it’s ready to enjoy right away. If your giftee has more than one board like me you might want to check out the Multi Skateboard Parking Block Rack. This gift is one of the most budget friendly on our list.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

The Slope-Deck is a killer gift for skateboarders who have to cope with snow all. winter. long. Build snow ramps in your backyard or take the Slope-Deck the local ski hill to pick up a new winter pass time that’ll keep your skateboarding muscle memory intact through the cold weather months.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly option for kids and teens…check out this model or this one.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

These Stackable/Buildable Skate Ramps are perfect for those skaters or skateboarders who may not have access to a nearby skate park. These modular, stacking ramps will allow you to build up any kind of ramp at your own home. Start small and work your way up to something really epic!

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

The Imperial Flat Skate Rail is another perfect addition to the home skate park. This one has the option for adjustable height so you can work your way up. Make sure you install skateboard rail guards on your board to help keep your board from getting trashed by rail trick attempts. You can also snag a Round Skate Rail which adds another degree of difficulty for more advanced skaters.

This is perfect for the basement | driveway | garage skater who is stuck inside all winter or prefers to hone his or her craft in private before heading to the skate park. Don’t forget to grab some Skate Wax for your skater to use on this rail if it’s not already included. We really love these rails so it’s one of our best gifts for skateboarders.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Skate Trainers are the gift for beginner to intermediate skaters who are trying to learn all the newbie basics like ollies and kickflips. They stretch over the wheels and keep the board from rolling out from under while you safely master the trick. Skate Trainers build confidence and can help prevent falling injuries in the sometimes painful learning phase.

Several people on our team absolutely swear by them but you can check out the 6,ooo+ 4-5 star reviews for additional reinforcement. The compact size (and price) makes these Skate Trainers perfect for stocking stuffers.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

I do NOT leave the house without my Road ID on my wrist. Let’s face it…we take part in a risky sport and if we were to ever be seriously injured would paramedics know who to call? Would they know about any allergies or serious medical conditions you have? My Road ID bracelet has my allergy and husband’s contact information so if I’m not alert, the paramedics or hospital knows who to call and what NOT to prescribe me. I think everyone who takes part in solo sports like skateboarding should be wearing one of these bracelets at all times. They come in cool colors, multiple widths and are quite discreet. I think this makes a thoughtful & unique customized gift because you can even add a personalized message for your favorite skater!

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

This Incognito Heated Puffer Vest is perfect for those cold winter days at the skate park or long cruises. This USB rechargeable vest provides up to 8 hours of warmth with 5 different heating zones. You can also purchase additional batteries for this vest to keep the warmth going for longer. All the kids are wearing puffers so this look is totally on trend.

I have one of these for the winters up here in the Pacific northwest and I use it for more than just skateboarding. I take it with me skiing, I put it on while watching outdoor football games…I wear it for any lengthy outdoor activity. You can be confident it will get a lot of winter use for not just skateboarding.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

If your giftee uses their skateboard as a serious form of transportation this Skateboard Headlight is a must have. This LED, rechargeable headlight aids skaters or skateboarders who use their skateboard at night and helps them be seen by traffic. You may want to purchase two (one for the front of the board and one for the back of the board for maximum visibility).

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

These LED Skateboard Underside Lights are a really rad gift for a skater that likes to be seen! These remote controlled LED light strips are easily installed to the underside of any skateboard. There are tons of light shows to choose from: static mode and dynamic mode, 20 static colors(Red, Blue, Green, etc.) and 19 dynamic modes (jumping change and gradual change). It is easy to operate with only one key to select mode, speed & brightness. This is also another great gift for someone who skates at night so they can be seen by traffic. This is another budget friendly gift on our list.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Sector 9 “9 Ball” Wheels are the creme de la creme of skateboard wheels. I use them exclusively on my boards and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. They are so buttery smooth and they really punch up the look of any board style wise (just check out all the cool colors available).

Every skateboarder wears out wheels on the regular so purchasing your skater boy or girl’s next set is a thoughtful way to say I support you and your crazy skateboarding lifestyle. There are tons of styles and colors available to suit just about any board. This one comes in on the budget side of the price scale and because they’re so awesome we think it’s probably one of the best gifts for skateboarders out there.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Another item that skateboarders can always use is skateboard bearings. Bearings do degrade and falter due to moisture or lack of lubrication (I’ve even had brand new ones crap out). A skater should always have an extra box around for such an occasion. I personally recommended Bones REDZ Precision Skateboard Bearings. They are the gold standard for skaters. These bearings have been trusted by professional AND recreational skateboarders for years, so you know they’re up to the task. This is a great budget skateboarder gift or stocking stuffer.

If your skateboarder deals regularly with moisture or snow melt then we recommend Redz Ceramic Bearings help to keep the rust away.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

This All in One Skate Tool is absolutely essential for any skateboarder. At any time you might get a loose bolt or screw that requires attention and if you don’t have the right tool you might be stranded and walking home. I’m surprised to encounter tons of skaters in my travels with a downed board and they don’t have an all in one tool on them (of course I let them borrow mine but every skater should have one of these at all times).

This is hands down the BEST skate tool available on the market because it has every possible tool covered…including a re-threader to fix stripped bolts (this has saved my bacon a few times). This is another budget friendly gift that’s small enough to fit in a backpack, back pocket or Christmas stocking. 😉

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

If your skateboarder is young in age you might want to check out Tech Deck. It’s technically a kids toy (but don’t tell any of my adult male skater friends who STILL collect the mini skateboards…aka “fingerboards” and play with them).

With Tech Deck your giftee can build a dream skate park with nearly unlimited verts, ramps and rails. Tech Deck mega fans collect “fingerboards” and practice tricks with them inside their DIY mini skateparks using only their fingers.

Most components and fingerboard sets are $25 or less which makes it a budget friendly skater gift. It’s something that you can add on to in the future for birthday gifts or Christmas gifts.

My personal recommendation is to purchase a fingerboard set and a skate park component or two to start. If your giftee is really into it you can add on more components and even a display/carrying case later. This is one of those special interest toys and I’ve had a hard time finding them anywhere outside of Amazon.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

The Whirly Board is for skaters looking to take their balance, agility and physical fitness to the next level all while building fundamental skating skills. It’s a balance training board that helps skaters master more advanced skater fundamentals (such as ollies, 360 flips, and front or back side 180s). Some ride or die skaters are even using it with a standing desk to work on their balance while at work (Whirly Board makes a kit for standing desks). This is also a great indoor training tool for those snow/rain days where you can’t get out to skate.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Skateboard Wax is another essential for skate park rats. Wax is used on rails, curbs, ledges and benches to help your skateboard glide across more easily while attempting those sick tricks. You can also apply it directly to the skateboard or trucks to make grinds a lot easier/smoother. This small 4 pack comes in pocket sized pieces that travel easily. At this size and price point it’s perfect for a stocking stuffer.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Van’s High Top Skate Shoes are the foundation of any serious skater. It’s the only shoe I wear on my boards. The grip, stability, shock absorption & quality are absolutely unparalleled. Skate shoes do wear out on the regular (thanks to braking and pushing) and your skater or skateboarder will always appreciate a new fresh pair (I personally burn through at least one pair a year). There are tons of colors and styles to choose from for both boys and girls.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Crazy Skate Socks are all the rage at the skate parks right now. Video game characters, cartoon characters, anime and sports teams are regularly on display here at the west coast skate parks. You can find a huge selection on Amazon but for function and style we like this pair from local West Coast boardmaker Santa Cruz which is MADE for skateboarding (it also comes in black & gray).

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

So if your skater boy or skater girl are casual skaters you might consider something a little smaller than the back pack above. I know you’re gonna call me crazy but fanny packs are BACK! And they are the perfect little run about pack for skaters because they don’t really interfere with your body movement while skating. Be sure to pick up a cool one like the North Face Fanny Pack (5 color options to choose from).

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

These Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses are what I personally use when I’m out skating (and I love them). They are on trend with the styles of this year, they’re really light weight (I can barely even tell that that are on) and they protect your eyes from harmful rays like they should. I highly recommend adding a Ukes Neoprene Sunglasses Strap with your order so that your glasses will be secure while you’re doing jumps or tricks at the skate park. I know your skater will appreciate these rad sunglasses which makes them one of our best gifts for skateboarders!

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Santa Cruz Shirts & Hoodies (much like the skateboards and wheels) are all the rage amongst skater boys and girls. Your skater boy or girl will love receiving some cool clothes to wear out at the skatepark.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Us skaters can always use a cool hat and the Vans Trucker Hat is definitely cool! This is another budget friendly gift idea on our list.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Us skaters have to drink too so if your giftee doesn’t have someway to stay hydrated on the go…may I suggest the Hydroflask? These Hydroflasks keep water and beverages cold (or hot) and fit easily in our backpacks. They come in a ton of colors so you’ll easily be able to find something your skater loves. It’s a great place for us to stick all our collected decals. This item is also on the budget friendly end of the cost spectrum.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020
Gifts for skateboarders 2020

If you’re skater likes a little bling OR you’d like to give a more meaningful gift…this sterling silver skateboard charm might be the perfect gift idea! This sterling silver charm can go on to an existing necklace or purchase a silver necklace to match. Surprisingly, this gift won’t break the bank which is perfect for those with a strict budget.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

I hope you enjoyed our gift guide of best gifts for skateboarders and skaters! I personally would love receiving any of these gifts so I’m confident that you’ve left here with something for favorite skateboarder!

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Skateboarding is a popular action sport, especially among youngsters, so if you want to surprise your beloved skateboarder with some funky and unique gifts, we have got you covered with the best gifts for skateboarders that they never imagined receiving from anyone.

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

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Best Gifts For Skateboarders

1. Pro Skateboard Complete

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Professionally designed skateboard using special Canadian maple construction for all types of skateboarders who are eager to show their skating skills on uneven slides and rails located in public places. It features a 7.8-inch deck backed by 52mm durable wheels. A lot of beautiful colors are there to make a selection.

2. Court Graffik Skate Shoe

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Getting a pair of these elegantly designed leather skate shoes is a great gift idea for avid skateboarders. It has a cup sole construction and features a rubber sole to be more flexible on the feet. Its foam padded front tongue prevents lace biting and provides an extra comfort zone.

3. Skatepark Grind Rail

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

The best tool to gift a skateboarder that will let her/him get trained anywhere. This steel grind rail has a powder-coated finish that is rust-resistant so it helps to prolong its usability life. It can be adjusted to 3 heights easily to try out different skateboarding tricks. It is measured by 1.5′ inches in diameter and 54″ inches in length.

4. Skateboarding Helmet Gift

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Wearing safety equipment is a must during skateboarding so this premium quality helmet is an excellent gift for skaters to let them know that you really care about them. It is highly sweat and shockproof because of embedded soft EPS dual-density foams. Available in XS-XL head sizes.

5. Skateboard Launch Ramp

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Ideal launch ramp for those who newly got into skateboarding to learn some basic stunts and skills without getting injured. It is made of high-impact polymer material so pretty solid and can handle enough weight efficiently.

6. Skateboard Backpack

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

This backpack is a fantastic present for students who go to school/college by skateboarding. It has a couple of mini pockets to put small accessories and gadgets. Also, there is a big compartment for holding a laptop or books safely. Its buckled straps allow you to clasp a skateboard backside when you prefer to walk over skating. It comes in black and grey colors.

7. Skateboard Rack

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

A very meaningful accessory for skaters to stack up to their skateboards securely occupying minimal space. This wrack can hold a maximum of 3 full-size skateboards at a time. Additionally, you can also hang on helmets with it. All the necessary hardware is included to mount it on a wall easily.

8. Skateboard Retro T-Shirt

Gifts for skateboarders 2020New vintage fashion T-shirt featuring a nice skateboarding print that makes it a perfect gift choice for skateboarders regardless of gender and age. Crafted using 100% premium quality cotton material, therefore, highly breathable and safe to machine wash. Available in multiple sizes and color combinations.

9. Kids Skateboarding Knee Pads

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Another great gift idea for little skateboarders to have a fun skateboarding time safely. These knee pads are highly compact because of outer plastic construction and backed by soft EVA padded foams internally. The stretchable elastic straps make these easy to adjust on any knee girths. Four awesome color options are there to choose from including pink, black, yellow, and blue.

10. Portable Skateboard T Tool

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

A simple yet very useful multifunctional tool for skateboarders for the maintenance of a skateboard. It is available in different color variations.

11. Skateboard 3D Desk Lamp

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

A magnificent LED lamp that is featuring a unique skateboard design. It automatically switches into 7 different colored lights that look amazing in the dark. Definitely, an absolute wise gift to wish a skateboarder a happy birthday.

12. Skateboard Bearings

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

The performance of a skateboard is really dependent upon the nature of its wheels and bearings so the skateboarders will love to receive the set of these nicely textured high-end wheels and bearing as a present to replace with their old rugged wheels and jammed bearings. It includes 4 52mm wheels and 8 8mm bearings.

13. Rubber Skateboarding Accessory

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Basic utility item for skateboarders to try out new innovative glides over rails and other terrains like Ollie and Kickflips. It is accessible in two colors red and black. If you are budget conscious and looking for some cheap gifts for skateboarders, this is the right choice for them.

14. Face Sun Mask

Gifts for skateboarders 2020

Enjoy your ride on a skateboard with style and stay anonymous wearing this fabulous neck gaiter. There is an abundance of fabulous print patterns to choose from.

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