8 Benefits of Lavender Oil for Hair

For decades, lavender has been a popular, fragrant ingredient in cosmetic treatments, used for a variety of purposes. Lavender oil is a highly concentrated essential oil produced from the lavender plant. It... Read more »

Walking just 1 mile a day for 100 days changed this woman’s life

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Benefits of NoFap Every Man Should Know About

Benefits of NoFap Every Man Should Know About

Masturbation, or “fapping” as it’s commonly known, is a normal and generally healthy practice for guys. According to one survey, a sizable 92% of American men regularly masturbate…and that’s not even the... Read more »

Benefits of Soy Wax Candles. Why are soy wax candles the healthier choice for candle burning.

When it comes to buying scented candles, you have two main choices – soy wax candles or paraffin wax candles. You’ve probably heard that soy wax is a healthier choice, but why... Read more »

11 Valuable Benefits of Couples Therapy

What Are the Benefits of Couples Therapy? The benefits of relationship counseling will depend on the couple seeking help. The more you and your romantic partner are willing to put into your... Read more »

Homemade Dehydrated Chicken Jerky for Dogs

Homemade chicken jerky for dogs is a chewy and high-protein treat for your pet. If your dog loves to chew on things, then they will really enjoy this savory snack. Dehydrated chicken... Read more »

What are the benefits of Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN)?

Ten years ago last April marks the anniversary of the first time I wrote about low-dose naltrexone (LDN). I described it as an orphan drug, meaning that its patent had long ago... Read more »
The Surprising Health Benefits of Potassium: A Scientific Guide

The Surprising Health Benefits of Potassium: A Scientific Guide

What is potassium? Potassium is an important mineral in your body, and it’s widely available in many foods. That’s why, until quite recently, potassium deficiencies in our bodies would have been relatively... Read more »

Foot Reflexology Chart: How it Works, Potential Risks, and Benefits

Foot reflexology may help with:stress and relaxationpain managementdigestioneyestrainimproved sleepStress and relaxationOne of the key benefits associated with reflexology is relaxation and stress management. This is achieved by applying pressure to certain points... Read more »

5 Key Reasons to Conduct Employee Engagement Surveys

Explorance is dedicated to protecting the data our customers entrust to us. This Privacy Policy outlines in clear and simple terms our approach to information security and data protection. It has recently... Read more »