Home Depot’s Benefit Packages for Hourly Workers in the US

Home Depot is known as the number one home improvement retailer in the US and hires over 300,000 employees in the country. In fact, they hire 70,000 new employees every year and there’s always room for more individuals who are looking for decent job opportunities. With so many new employees being hired each year, how does the company ensure that its employees are constantly engaged? 

Home Depot works by its principle of hiring employees who will share its passion for helping customers in any way they can. When it comes to hourly workers, aside from the excellent training, it also includes a great benefits package for its associates – something that’s not commonly found in the hourly industry.

At Home Depot, one can start from the bottom but where their path leads them is entirely up to them. The truth is, the company is always looking to hire new employees. And according to some people already working there, the best thing one could gain from working there is the benefits plan. 

Hourly employees stand to gain plenty of benefits at Home Depot. In this article, we’ll show you some of the attractive benefits and how these have helped in attracting quality candidates for the company. One thing is for certain, Home Depot will do everything in its power to keep its workers satisfied and make sure that their voices are heard from the ground up.

8 Facts About Home Depot 

At America’s number one home improvement retailer, caring for the employees is as much of a priority as caring for the customers. In other words, employees working at Home Depot are less likely to feel neglected by the management. Here are eight things about the organization that may also help in improving employee engagement in your company: 

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    1. All employees get the proper training that will help them develop not only product and business knowledge but grow their leadership skills as well.
    2. Home Depot offers various discounts to its employees to help them save money.
    3. Great opportunities to move forward from an hourly worker to leadership positions.
    4. Opportunity to get a full-time job with a decent monthly salary, including a benefits package.
    5. Staff welfare will be taken care of by giving employees paid sick days, personal days, and vacation days.
    6. Special benefits will be provided for active duty and veteran employees based on their special support programs.
    7. At Home Depot, higher education is greatly valued. All employees, whether they are salaried, full-time, or part-time, can enjoy tuition reimbursement.
    8. In case of an emergency, family illness, or disaster, Home Depot offers additional emergency financial assistance to all employees.

You can see how passionate Home Depot is at caring for its customers and employees. Not to mention, it is even ingrained in its mission statement to care for its employees, provide excellent customer service, build strong relationships, and develop good values and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

And as vouched by some of its current employees, it seems like everyone can be assured to benefit from working at Home Depot, even hourly workers. 

Benefit Packages for Hourly Workers 

The benefits that hourly workers are entitled to are: 

  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical Coverage
  • Short-term Disability Insurance
  • Vision Coverage 

Hourly employees not only stand to gain payouts ranging from $200 to $1000, but can also look forward to their company investing in their personal and professional development. The range of benefits depends on the employees’ length of service. On top of all that, thanks to the latest tax benefits, Home Depot is now giving its hourly workers a one-time bonus of $1000 with the opportunity for a pay raise. 

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An hourly employee who needs some time off can also count on some entitlements such as vacation, holidays, sick and personal days, leave of absence, jury duty, and bereavement days. Since Home Depot is really big on caring for its workers, it has carefully tailored its programs and benefits plan to meet the familial and individual needs of its employees.

With that in mind, by providing these benefits to its hourly workers, Home Depot hopes to encourage its employees to constantly develop themselves and learn from one another. It motivates its associates to learn from the finest example and come up with their own innovative ways to handle problems. As a result, prospective employees can expect to learn a lot and improve themselves, both professionally and personally.

Employees Are the Key to Success 

In an effort to improve their personal and professional skills, Home Depot employees strive to give customers the best treatment they deserve. It’s safe to say that the company’s biggest asset is exactly in its good intention to help associates become responsible professionals – by inculcating integrity in them and teaching them the ropes of building trust between individuals.

Home Depot strongly believes that its employees are the key to success. The company values its contribution to the cause and provides them with equal access to development and growth opportunities. You’ve got to admit, not many companies treat their employees in such a way and it’s commendable of them to do so.

Orange Is a Way of Life 

Home Depot’s employees’ benefits, or the OrangeLife Advantage as they call it, cover a range of things that greatly improve their welfare. Since the associates, including hourly employees, are very much a precious resource, Home Depot is prepared to invest time and resources to personally and professionally develop its workers. Just as they’ve prepared to respond to the various needs of their customers, the company responds to the needs of its associates with the same passion.

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Home Depot builds a strong relationship with its employees by offering them numerous rewards for their contribution. Mutual inclusion and respect are the foundation upon which Home Depot builds its diverse community that serves customers with the utmost professionalism and commitment.

If you own a business that requires hourly workers, consider emulating some of the ways Home Depot manages its staff. After all, employees who are in an environment that inspires them to develop in ways they never thought they could are likely to perform better than those who are not. And if their development is aligned to the organization’s goals, the company is able to soar to even greater heights in the long run.

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