How Much Do Ombre Nails Cost [What You Can Expect To Pay]

How much is ombre nails

If you’re considering Ombre Nails, then you will want to know how much you will be expected to pay and how much they cost. I decided to conduct some thorough research; taking a look at average salon prices. Here is what I have been able to find:

So, how much do Ombre Nails cost? Ombre Nails typically cost between $45-$75 at a nail salon or spa. However, the average total cost can increase to $55-$80 for more creative designs. At the high end, consumers have reported paying up to $120. The factors that influence the total price include the location, quality of the salon, Nail Technician skill, quality of products used, and the Colors and Design you select.

Ombre nail designs have emerged as the new definition of stylishness and glamour in the beauty industry, and gradually everyone is beginning to notice the elegant look you get after getting into this design.

If you remain curious about the Ombre nail style and haven’t tried these before, then this article will help provide you with some information you need to know about this nail makeover.

Taking into account factors like how much they cost, what you get for the price, and how long you can expect them to last will help you to make your decision as to whether they are the right design for you or not.

Let us now explore this design further, so you have all the information you need.

What Are Ombre Nails?

Ombre nails are a specific style of nail design combining colors. This design is often made available in nail salons and spas. With all the gradient glory, ombre nails are some of the most unique ways meant for elevating basic manicures without having elaborate nail designs.

From sunset explosions to monochromatic fades, ombre nails appeal due to their vibrancy, sheen, and unique colors.

When it comes to ombre nails, they do require skill and patience to apply.

It takes a steady and careful hand when working with multiple colors and getting them to blend in and fade in together.

This is not the kind of design that can be rushed.

The truth is, simply painting different colors onto your nails is not going to work.

While you can do this design yourself at home, it is often much easier, quicker, and less stressful to head into a salon and pay for them to do it for you.

But what can you expect to pay?

How Much Do Ombre Nails Cost?

Ombre nail pricing varies a lot which mainly depends on the nail salon and/or nail technician you’re hiring for the job.

However, the general cost involved in an ombre nail makeover at a salon and spa is between $45 to $75 for doing one standard set.

However, for more vibrant and shiny colors, the price can go up to around $55 to $80.

This is because more is involved to feature elaborate designs for ombre nails; such as more expensive polishes and products.

Some customers have even reported that for some of the most creative ombre nails, the cost has been as high as $100-$120.

It all depends on what you order; an ombre nail job for Glittery White may warrant premium prices.

While it is always tempting to seek out nail salons that offer cheap prices, you should always be careful about their reviews, expertise, and the quality of the products they use.

You do not want to risk the health of your nails to save a few dollars.

How Long Do Ombre Nails Last For?

The average lifespan of the ombre nail design varies from person to person. It all depends on how often you use and wash your hands.

Let’s suppose that someone uses their hands quite often – then that person wouldn’t have a long-lasting design when compared to someone who does not use their hands much at all.

However, generally speaking, ombre nails done with good quality products should last you 2-3 weeks.

According to nail professionals, you would need to revisit the salon after two or three weeks for filling gaps that appear due to the growth of your natural nails.

Ombre nails also should be completely removed every two or three months to let your natural nails breathe and recuperate in between the sets.

Using a high-quality cuticle oil (like this all-natural on Amazon) comes thoroughly recommended during this stage.

Factors That Impact The Longevity of Ombre Nails

Ombre nails are very versatile, practical and enhance your appearance. They are renowned for being one of the longer-lasting nail designs that do not wear off easily.

However, just like any nail design, they do require care.

They are not entirely resistant and can be weakened, crack and come away if you are not careful. They will also naturally come off in time (2-3 weeks+)

Once they begin to age, you will start to notice gaps and unlikely be fond of their new appearance. It will be in many ways a damaged nail design.

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So when they start to age or wear, it’s always best to visit the salon where they will be sure to refresh your design.

The different factors that might affect the longevity of the quality and design of your ombre polish are:

Weather, Wear & Tear

If you’re not careful with exposing your hands/nails to the weather and are outdoors often in dirt, wind, and rain you will begin to notice the impact on your nails.

They shouldn’t completely wear off but it will considerably impact the quality of the shine.

It’s always best to wear gloves when working outside.

Work And Daily Routine

If your daily routine calls for work that requires you to frequently use your hands, your ombre nails are likely to be impacted.

They generally will not last as long and may fade within the first week.

Washing your hands too regularly is one such example; so you should be sure to wear gloves for household chores and be sure not to wet/dry your hands too often.

Not Visiting The Salon

Experts say it’s best to visit the salon every two weeks to fill in gaps that start to appear in time.

When it comes to looking after your ombre nails, taking care is the key principle to follow to save on costs and time.

Without proper care, you’ll be making visits to the salon frequently and your costs will soon escalate.


The cost for ombre nails can vary quite dramatically depending on numerous factors; like the salon, you visit and the color you’ve chosen.

On average you can expect to pay anywhere between $45-$120.

It’s always best to seek out the best salon, nail technicians and be sure that they are using the highest quality products on your nails.

Not only will your nail health be better off for it, but you’ll notice your ombre nails lasting longer and looking better too.

How To Do Ombre Nails At Home

If the price of getting ombre nails done at the salon puts you off, then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can do it yourself at home.

To paint ombre nail designs, you’ll need to identify some colors and shades that you think will work best together and that you equally love.

Whether they “match” in the traditional sense of the word is not actually important.

One of the best polishes for ombre nails is the CND Vinylux Range available for brilliant prices on Amazon.

You will require the following items: sponges, plastic, and toothpicks.

From there, you would need to paint the lighter color onto your nails and let the polish dry.

Next, you’ll need to add some of the two polish colors to the plastic sheet.

With a toothpick, swirl the colors together by starting in the middle and working out. You want to be combining the colors and make a shade that you like.

With a sponge, you’ll need to dab into the nail polish and then back onto your nails.

Be careful not to cover your entire nail. Dabbing multiple times can be done until the polish dries.

This will help you to obtain the color you like best.

While this sounds relatively easy, it can be difficult, time-consuming, and messy.

The cost of products can be tough too.

So in this case, you may want to bite the bullet and head to a salon with the prices outlined in this article in mind.

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If you’re thinking about getting Ombre Nails, you’ll want to realise how much are ombre nails? I decided to look into the going rate of different nails salons and gathered the required info.

These days, everyone is taking notice of how gorgeous you can seem when you wear ombre nails because they have become the new meaning of style and glitz in the cosmetics market. If you’ve always wondered about the Ombre nail style but haven’t yet given it a whirl, this article is here to answer your questions.

When deciding whether or not a product is right for you, consider things like the pricing, what you get for the money, and how long you can expect it to endure.

Make sure you have all the information you need about this design by letting us look into it further.

What are ombre nails?

Colour blending techniques are used to create ombre nails. Salons and spas frequently provide this design for customers to choose from. A simple manicure can be elevated by using ombre nails, which feature a wide range of colours and patterns.

An ombre manicure’s appeal is based on its vibrant hues as well as its shine and uniqueness. When it comes to applying ombre nails, patience and talent are required. When dealing with numerous colours and trying to get them to blend and fade together, a steady and delicate touch is needed. This is not a project that can be completed in a short period.

The truth is that merely painting your nails with different colours will not work. As an alternative, you can pay a salon to perform this design for you, which is more convenient and less time-consuming than doing it yourself. So let us dig into how much are ombre nails?

How much are ombre nails?

The cost of ombre nails varies widely, largely because of the manicure salon and/or professional you choose to work with.

For a single manicure, salons and spas charge anywhere from $45 to $75 for a regular set of ombre nails. However, the price can rise to roughly $55 to $80 for more brilliant and glossy colours. It’s because more expensive polishes and tools are needed to create a more complex pattern for ombre nails.

Customers have even reported paying as much as $100-$120 for the most extravagantly designed ombre nails.

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For Glittery White, you may want to pay extra for an ombre nail job that includes glitter. When looking for a nail salon, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest option, but it is important to consider the salon’s reputation, experience, and the supplies they use. The health of your nails is more important than saving a few dollars. So, I hope now you have an idea about how much are ombre nails!

Do Ombre Nails Last a Long Time?

How much is ombre nails

The ombre nail design has a variable life expectancy, with some people having it last for weeks while others have it last for months. The frequency with which you wash your hands makes a difference.

For example, a person who uses their hands a lot would have a shorter lifespan than someone who doesn’t use their hands much. Hence, make your investment worthy as you know how much are ombre nails!

However, if you use high-quality materials and apply them properly, your ombre nails should last about two to three weeks.

Nail experts recommend that you return to the salon every two or three weeks to fill up any gaps caused by the natural growth of your nails.

If you use ombre nails, you should remove them fully every two to three months so that you may give your natural nails a chance to heal and grow back healthy.

The Factors That Affect Ombre Nails’ Longevity

Ombre nails may be used in a variety of ways and are a great way to spruce up your look. If you’re looking for something that lasts a long time, these are the nails for you.

They do, however, require maintenance, just like any other nail art. If you’re not careful, they can be weakened, cracked, and come apart. They’ll fall off on their own in around two to three weeks.

You’ll start to see wrinkles and sags as they become older, and you’re not going to enjoy how they look. It’s going to look a lot like shattered nail art. It’s usually preferable to take them to the salon to get them re-done when they start to look shabby or faded.

There are a variety of things that might affect how long your ombre polish looks and lasts, including:


Experiencing dirt, wind, and rain on your nails is inevitable if you’re not diligent about protecting your hands and nails from the elements. However, the shine will be significantly reduced as a result of their gradual demise. When working outdoors, it is usually a good idea to wear gloves.

Regular work hours and routines

Your ombre nails may suffer if you have a job that necessitates a lot of hand-eye coordination. They usually don’t last as long and may start to fade after a week of being applied. One example is washing your hands too frequently, therefore you should always wear gloves when doing home duties and avoid wetting or drying your hands too frequently.

Not going to the nail salon

To avoid gaps from forming over time, it is recommended that you visit the salon every two weeks. Taking care of your ombre nails is the most important thing you can do to save money and time.

You’ll have to go to the salon a lot if you don’t take care of your ombre nails and it will be costly, as you know how much are ombre nails!

5 Steps , Quick and Easy How-To DIYs Ombre nail art.

Now that you know, how much are ombre nails! This is great news if you’ve been holding off on getting ombre nails done because of the high cost of having them done professionally.

A lot of different ways are available when it comes to Ombre nail art at home.

Ombre gel nails with sponge

You will need:

1- Starting with a Pre-Cut Sponge

Make the flat edge of the wedge makeup sponge narrower by cutting it to the size of your nail, as directed by Dunne, a nail expert. “The wedge should be no wider than the width of a human fingernail. Using this method will reduce the amount of nail polish that seeps into your skin.”

2- Use a Basecoat to Protect the Surface.

Dunne advises applying a basecoat to your nails. Before moving on to the following stage, ensure that the coat has completely dried.

To ensure that your manicure lasts for a long time, even if the nail polish claims to have a basecoat built-in, it is still recommended to apply a classic basecoat first.

3- Pick Out Your Ombre Colors

For best results, Dunne recommends using a wedge makeup sponge and applying each colour in a straight line. As you commence to build the wedge, start-up with your softest colour at the base. To get a smooth fading, you may want to brush some of the colours onto the sponge at the same time.

4- Make Your Ombre a Reality.

Apply the polish to your fingernails using a sponge “That’s what Dunne claims. All three colours must be applied to the nail. Your remaining nine nails (or those accent nails you’d like to make ombre) will follow suit when your first one is done.

To get the polish to cover the nail evenly, you may have to blot the sponge many times. Keep going until you’re satisfied with the outcome.

5- Use a Top Coat

You should apply top coat to your nails right away following sponge application, according to Dunne. This will help prevent chipping and also enhance the fade. As a result, despite your trepidation about reapplying a second coat of polish over your DIY manicure, we assure you that it will not ruin it. According to Dunne, “the topcoat can help blend the polishes.”

6- Tidy Up Each Nail

When you’ve finished painting your nails, use a clean-up brush to get rid of any polish that may have gotten on your skin “According to Dunne. Use a smaller, tapered brush (like Olive & June’s Clean-Up Brush) to neatly and easily touch up around and under each nail bed for the best results. It’s also important that you don’t mistakenly remove lacquer from the edges or tips of your nails when doing a touch-up.

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7- Consider Your Cuticles a Priority.

To re-moisturize your skin, Dunne recommends using cuticle oil. When it comes to the area around your nails, acetone can be particularly drying. Olive & June’s Cuticle Serum is our go-to nail care product. Skin is hydrated and softened without becoming oily as a result of the formula’s rapid absorption.

How to make ombre nails with gel polish?

You may achieve the greatest results by brushing the polish over your nails and blending it in. Two gel polish colours and a lint-free nail wipe are all you need.

  • You should apply and cure your base coat before painting the left side of your nail with one of your chosen colours, barely overlapping the vertical middle line.
  • To blend your two colours, start by applying your second colour to your right-hand nail, and then use your polish brush to stroke downward along the centre line several times until the uncured colours begin to mix. Avoid colour transfer by wiping your polish brush with a lint-free nail wipe before putting it back in the bottle.
  • Cure the first colour coat with an LED or UV lamp after removing any excess gel polish from the skin around the nails.
  • To achieve a uniform colour and a well-blended middle, go back and repeat steps two and three.
  • Apply a double coat of gel polish and the cure. Cleanse the nail and apply moisturising cuticle oil to seal in moisture.

5 Unique and Different Ombre gel Nail ideas/designs

Now that you realise, how much are ombre nails! You can make Ombre nails designs at home.

Ombre Nails with a Deep Red and Black Color Scheme.

The perfect Valentine’s Day manicure is one with red and black ombre nails. Alternatively, if you like a more traditional Valentine’s Day colour scheme, white and red can be used together. The deep crimson is a sophisticated and feminine colour choice. Here’s the step-by-step guide to copying this design.

Step by step Guide

Step 1: Allow the base coat to dry.

Step 2: Paint your nails a strong shade of red to serve as a base colour.

Step 3: On a sponge, paint on the same red and black nail polish. To produce an ombre look, apply it to your nails with a dab.

Step 4: Lastly, make sure to tidy up around the nails.

Step 5: A gel or matte topcoat completes the look.

Silver And Pink Glitter Ombre Nails

Glitter can be used to dress up a set of ombre nails. The accent fingernail is painted with a light silver glitter lacquer, which is the perfect choice for this design. It’s easy to make and maybe done with a variety of colours.

Step by step Guide

Step 1: Start with a base coat of white nail paint.

Step 2: Nail polish is applied to a sponge and then dabbed onto the nail.

Step 3: To make the ombre seem even more dramatic, repeat Step 3.

Step 4: Apply the silver glitter nail polish on your accent nail in step four.

Step 5: The next step is to apply a gel finish top coat to protect your manicure from chipping.

Metallic Ombre Nail Artwork

Do you want to spruce up your look? Make your nails stand out with this shiny ombre design. It’s not too flashy, yet it’s still really sophisticated! Try it if you’re planning anything spectacular.

Step by step Guide

Step 1: After painting your nails with glitter nail polish, wait for them to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Using liquid latex, cover the nails with a thin layer.

Step 3: A wedge sponge is ideal for applying black and gold lacquer to the edges of your nails.

Step 4: Apply a final coat of topcoat once you are satisfied with the ombre effect.

Step 5: Using acetone and a tiny brush, buff the sides of your nails clean.

Nail Art Using Ombre Sunshine Colors

If you’re planning a trip to the beach soon, consider sporting this ombre nail design. The vibrant shades of yellow, orange and pink come together to give you the look of a summer day in the sun.

Step by step Guide

Step 1: Protect your nails with a base coat.

Step 2: Allow the white base colour to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Liquid latex should be brushed around the nails.

Step 4: Using a sponge, apply three stripes of colour to the sponge, overlapping the colours slightly.

Step 5: Apply a thin layer to your nail and allow it to dry. Using a sponge, re-apply the colours and continue the process.

Step 6: To smooth out the gradient, apply one final coat on top.

Step 7: Peel the latex off. Using a brush and acetone, remove any excess acetone from the cuticle area.

Watercolor Ombre Nails.

A sponge isn’t necessary for DIY nail art, but you can still create something unique! You don’t need any tools to create these stunning ombre nails.

Step by step Guide

Step 1: Coat the surface with a base coat.

Step 2: Paint one-half of your nails with the first colour.

Step 3: Apply a second colour to the opposite half of your nail while the first one is still wet so that it doesn’t dry.

Step 4: Blend the same two colours on a glass basis with a brush.

Step 5: Create a watercolour effect on your nails by painting them with blended colours.

Step 6: The final step is to apply a top coat to complete the project.

Final thoughts about How much are ombre nails

Numerous variables, like the salon you visit and the colour you select, influence how much are ombre nails. You should be prepared to pay anything from $45 to $120 on average.

When it comes to getting your nails done, it’s always better to go for a reputable salon with experienced nail technicians that use only the best supplies. It’s not only good for your nails, but your ombre nails will stay longer and look better as a result. I hope that this post about how much are ombre nails will be helpful for you.