How To Clean Matte Nails With Steps In 2022

Matte nails are one manicure trend that has been around and doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon. It’s one trend I’ve personally seen hand models worn on several occasions on runways.

It’s indeed the new buzz in town and a lot of persons are beginning to ditch that glossy shiny look they usually get at the end of a manicure to a darker finish devoid of shine.

Getting a matte nail is one way you can transition your regular shiny or glossy nail polish to a flat and unshiny colour. So if you’re considering doing your manicure today, I urge you to give Matte top coat a try and you’ll be glad you did.

In a hurry? Here’s How To Clean Matte Nails Without Stress In 2022

What Are Matte Nails In The First Place?

Matte nails are the end product of applying a clear topcoat of matte polish. Applying a clear polish of matte polish as your topcoat helps transform your shiny nail polish into a dull, attractive flat colour. If you’re wondering about the science behind the sudden transformation then keep reading.

According to Dan Werner, Director of Laboratories & Chief Chemist at ORLY International, the sudden changes you see as a flat colour when a coat of matte polish is applied onto your nails is as a result of amorphous silica.

The presence of this amorphous silica helps to lower the refractive index of your regular topcoat (which is usually shiny) to something of a low index which we all see as matte.

How exactly does the matte polish accomplish this in the first place?

Well, it’s simple. The presence of the speciality-grade amorphous silica in matte polish helps to affect the shiny looks of your nail polish by scattering and uttering its reflection to give it that flat colour which we all see as matte.

Now that you know a thing or two about what matte nail polish entails, let’s quickly dive straight to the step by step guide on how to apply it on your nails.

How To Get The Perfect Matte Manicure (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Applying matte polish can be achieved in two ways. Which are;

  1. By purchasing special matte polish
  2. Or by purchasing a matte topcoat.

I’ve seen brands (like OPI) offering polishes that are specially designed for matte nails but I haven’t really given them a try so I wouldn’t advise you go after that. (But it’s okay if you choose to anyways)

Plus the fact that you’ll be needing lots of these polishes which I don’t think it’s economical. If you choose to go with the second options, then you’ll not only save yourself some bucks that will help take care of other things but the value you’re likely to get is all worth it.

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And to think that you can use just a single bottle to adorn every shade of polish you own is just mind-blowing. Keep reading to learn how you can apply the matte topcoat to your nails.

Step 1: Get Your Items Ready

First, you’ll be needing all of these items below

  1. A Basecoat (such as O.P.I Natural Nail Base Coat)
  2. Your preferred nail polish
  3. A glossy topcoat (Such as Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat)
  4. A matte topcoat (such as Sally Hansen Matte Top Coat)

Step 2: Clean Your Nails

Now that you’ve got the above items, it’s now time to clean your nails. Start by making sure your nails are well cleaned. If they are previous nail polishes on them, ensure to take them off with acetone nail polish remover.

Step 3: Apply A Base Coat

Once you’ve cleaned your nails, it’s now time to apply your regular base coat. Applying a base coat helps nail polishes to adhere better and also helps to prevent nail polishes from staining your natural nails.

To apply, gently sweep your nails with the brush from your cuticle down to your free edge. Do this until your nails are fully coated.

Step 4: Apply Your Nail Polish

Now that you’ve applied a base coat to your nails, it’s now time to apply your preferred polish. As usual, gently sweep your nails with your preferred polish and ensure that it is fully coated. Pay close attention to your cuticle and don’t leave polishes on them.

Step 5: Apply A Top Coat

At this stage, you’ll need to apply a topcoat. Applying a top coat to your nails helps locks your nail polish in and prevents them from chipping.

After successfully applying your topcoat, leave for some time to dry before finishing it up with a matte nail coat.

Step 6: Finish With Matte Top Coat

Now, its time to finish it up with your matte topcoat. Start by applying it from the middle, then sides and then, end it up from the cuticle down to your free edge.

Give it some time to dry. (Which is usually around 20 – 30 minutes) and here you go. If you’re finding a hard time applying your matte topcoat, the below video will help you out.

Simple right? Well, below are some few matte manicures to give you some inspiration

Matte Top Coat Inspiration

How to clean matte white nails

The above photo says it all. You can get creative and style your nails like the above pics.

How to clean matte white nails

Above is another cool way you can style your nails. Isn’t that style lovely?

How to clean matte white nails

Lastly, the above photo spots a french manicure with glossy tips. To achieve this, use a tape to cover the tips of your nails before applying the matte topcoat.

Now that you know just about how to get your matte top coat right and also gotten some matte nail manicure inspiration, let’s now look at how to clean matte nails.

How To Clean Matte Nails (Step-By-Step Guide)

Unlike other manicure, cleaning matte nails requires special skills with a little bit of your time. I’ve seen different ways to achieve this though but here’s a method that I found pretty impressive.

This method requires just a few household items you can easily find in your closets. Follow me as I walk you through the step by step guide on how to clean matte nails easily and without stress.

Items Required

Step 1: Make A Stain Cleaning Solution

First, pour 250ml of warm water into a bowl then add one spoonful of baking soda with 2 – 3 spoons of lemon. Mix them thoroughly then soak your nails in it for 5 – 10 minutes

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Step 2: Brush To Remove Spots

After about 5 – 10 minutes, take out your nails from the bowl then brush gently using a nail brush. Do this until your nails are completely cleaned.

If there are still stains on your nails, wipe them dry with a tissue paper or a clean towel then apply the hairspray and brush gently. The stains should go out by this time.

Step 3: Moisturize Your Nails

After you’ve successfully taken your matte nail polish out, ensure to wipe the surface before applying your moisturizer.

Applying moisturizers to your nails will help prevent them from chipping and keep them stronger and healthy. So that’s how to clean matte nails

How Do You Make Nail Polish Matte?

So you want to make your own polish matte and you don’t have the one (matte topcoat) designed for this purpose, well, who cares, there are few ways out there for you to make one, for yourself.

Follow me as I walk you through the various ways to achieve that. Basically, I’ll be walking you through the known ways to achieve this.

You can make matte nail polish by;

  • Powder
  • Steam

1. How To Make Nail Polish Matte With Powder

Making your own matte polish Is easy with powder if you have a baking soda, fine flour or cornstarch.

Here’s how to make matte polish from powder

  1. Get a bowl then pour in small quantities of cornstarch
  2. Coat your nails as usual with your preferred polish (one coat please)
  3. Once your nails are fully coated and dried, apply another coat
  4. Pick a brush (fresh nail brush) then use it to take little quantity of the corn starch from the bowl and brush them over your newly painted nails
  5. Do this for all of your nails
  6. Then dip your nails in another bowl containing clean water to wash excess cornstarch off your nails
  7. Don’t overdo this, allow to dry and you’ll marvel how beautiful your nails will become.

If you’re sceptical about the whole process, then the below video should walk you through

Below is another way to make matte polish from powder
  1. Get a clean bowl, then drop a tiny bit of polish in it, add a tiny amount of your preferred powder and mix it up using a toothpick
  2. Using your nail brush, take a portion of the mixture then brush it over your nails and allow to dry.

The below video will help you in case you don’t know how to go about it.

Note: The best colour to make a matte polish from should be solid colours. Using multicoloured colours may not do well especially when mixed with steam or powder.

How To Make Matte Nail Polish With Steam

Steam is another easy way to make your nail polish matte. Follow me as I walk you through the process

Here’s how to make your polish matte from steam

  1. Place a pot of water on the stove then boil
  2. Once it starts boiling, coat your nails with your preferred polish then take away the lid from the pot and place your nails over the steam
  3. Hover your nails over the steam, ensure that the steam is in direct contact with your nails
  4. Do this for a few seconds and take out your nails from the steam then allow to dry

The below video will help you get that matte polish look you desired

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Baby Powder To Make Matte Nail Polish?

Yes, you can make matte nail polish from baby powder if you don’t have cornstarch or fine flour. All you need do is to brush the powder over your nails after applying your nail polish with a nail brush.

How To Keep Matte Nail Polish From Getting Shiny

To prevent your matte nail from getting shiny, be sure to use polish specifically designed for matte nails. You can as well use stem, baby powder to make your nails matte.

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How Long Do Matte Nails Last?

Matte nail polish can last up to 2 weeks if done correctly unlike other manicure with a glossy shiny look which usually doesn’t last more than a week.

If you want your matte nail polish to last longer, then follow these three keys

  1. Prepare your nails to be polished
  2. Pick a quality matte nail polish
  3. Follow by proper application

Prepare your nails by ensuring they are cleaned and free from old polish. Follow it up by picking a top-notch matte polish. Then end it with proper application.

Applying nail polish from the base down to the tips with thin coat will make them last a day or two. So do this when applying your matte top coat and your matte nails will last longer.

How Much Does Matte Nails Cost?

The price of matte manicures varies from one salon to the other but on an average, the cost of getting a matte manicure shouldn’t be more than $35. Although, some may cost much depending on what you want.

Why Do Matte Nails Get Dirty?

Matte nails may get dirty because their surfaces lack the glossy texture most nail polishes has. When a nail surface is porous, they tend to trap in things like specks of dirt ought not to be trapped. When this happens, you may want to get it done again to keep them at their best.

Do Matte Nails Scratch Easily?

A good matte polish that is well prep and applied usually doesn’t scratch easily unless for some few instances. Once I notice that my matte polish is beginning to chip, I usually apply a coat of glitter polish to conceal the chipping.

Should I Get Matte Or Glossy Nails?

Well, it all boils down to what you like or want at a given time. Both are good but sometimes, it’s best to give both a trial and see how they’ll look on you.

In all, go after that which will complete your look and style. Even if none of them looks good on you, there are varying degrees of manicures you can try which will suit your style and taste.

Are Matte Nails Hard To Maintain?

If you’re asking whether or not matte nails are hard to maintain then the answer is No. In fact, the matte polish doesn’t wear as much as regular nail polish do so the cost of maintaining them is low.

Can You Do A Matte Finish On Gel Nails?

The answer is Yes. You can even decide to get creative with it and the results you’re most likely to get will be awesome. I’ve seen people paint half of their gel nails with matte finishing and they look good.

Can You Put A Clear Coat Over Matte Nail Polish?

Sure, you can go ahead to put a clear coat over your matte nails but know that doing so will ruin the look of your matte polish. If you want to maintain the look of your matte nail polish, then apply a matte topcoat instead.

The Take-Home On How To Clean Matte Nails

Cleaning matte polish from your nails is quite easy if you followed through this post and it doesn’t take much time either.

To clean your matte nails, what you need is some household items like lime, baking soda, nail brush, warm water and hairspray.

Also, if you want to rock matte nails on your nails, the steps involved are pretty simple as well, just ensure to go over this post to get all that you need and how to go about it. If you have any questions regarding matte nails, kindly leave a comment below.

I hope I’ve been able to provide answers to your question? If that it, kindly do us a favour by clicking on any of the SHARE buttons located below.


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