What Can I Give My Cat for Allergies?

OTC Medicines

In case your cat has been recognized with seasonal allergic reactions, there are a number of over-the-counter cat allergy drugs choices and dietary supplements choices you possibly can attempt. It's all the time a good suggestion to verify in along with your vet earlier than treating your cat for allergic reactions.

  • Oral antihistamines
  • Topically utilized wipes and shampoos
  • Omega-Three fatty acids
  • Probiotics


Cats with delicate, seasonal allergic reactions reply effectively to human over-the-counter allergy drugs that you would be able to buy at most drug shops. The most typical antihistamine for cats is diphenhydramine, model identify Benadryl. Diphenhydramine is protected in most cats if given within the really helpful dosage of 1 mg of diphenhydramine per pound of physique weight, given as soon as every day by mouth. Giving cats Benadryl might make some cats sleepy, and different cats hyper, and isn't protected for all cats, so speak along with your veterinarian earlier than giving it to your cat.

If Benadryl doesn’t work to your allergic cat, there are different OTC antihistamines for cats out there, together with chlorpheniramine and clemastine. Speak along with your veterinarian about which choice is greatest to your cat, and the proper dosage to manage. Antihistamines work greatest if given earlier than itching begins.

Anti-allergy Wipes and Shampoos

Giving oral antihistamines to a cat with allergy signs at the side of wiping or washing allergens off your cat is really helpful to cut back publicity to allergens.

You may both wipe your cat with a pet wipe, like TropiClean Oxy Med Allergy Aid Wipes after they go exterior and roll within the grass, or you possibly can bathe your cat periodically with a hypoallergenic shampoo, like DermAllay Oatmeal Shampoo. You possibly can additionally attempt utilizing a shampoo designed to cut back itching resembling Davis Pramoxine Anti-itch Shampoo. Veterinary shampoos and conditioners, like Virbac Epi-Soothe Shampoo and Cream Rinse, are additionally formulated to rapidly scale back itching and dryness.

When bathing a cat for allergic reactions, it is very important go away the lather in your cat for 5 to 10 minutes earlier than rinsing and to totally rinse the shampoo with room temperature water. Don't use scorching water as a result of it may well dry their pores and skin and make the itching worse. Purpose for bathing itchy cats as soon as every week to manage itching, or as directed by your veterinarian.

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DIY Treatments

Along with the OTC treatments listed above, listed below are some extra dietary supplements you possibly can attempt at house to manage seasonal allergic reactions in cats.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Some cats with seasonal allergic reactions reply effectively to fish oil supplementation. Research have proven that fish oil dietary supplements, like 21st Century Important Pet Alaska Wild Salmon Oil Chews, assist scale back irritation related to pores and skin allergic reactions and assist pores and skin cells keep a powerful barrier in opposition to allergens. You may give a cat an excessive amount of fish oil, nevertheless, and fish oil just isn't indicated for all cats, so seek the advice of along with your veterinarian on the suitable dosage earlier than giving fish oil to your cat.

The omega-Three fatty acids that assist cats with allergic reactions are EPA and DHA. Whereas cats can convert GLA and ALA (the fatty acids present in night primrose oil and flaxseed), they achieve this poorly and profit probably the most from fatty acid supplementation from fish or krill oil.

Additionally, many OTC fish oil merchandise don't have excessive sufficient focus of omega-Three fatty acids to assist with allergic reactions. Ask your vet for a selected dosage to your cat, and if they've a product they suggest.


Some cats with seasonal allergic reactions profit from taking a probiotic. Allergy symptoms are attributable to irritation and an abnormally hyper-reactive immune system. The biggest immune system within the physique is known as the GALT, and it's within the intestine. Unhealthy or infected intestines with irregular intestine micro organism can contribute to allergic reactions, which is why supplementing an allergic cat with probiotics might assist scale back irritation within the physique and rebalance their intestine immune system.

Don't complement cats with human probiotics, as human intestine micro organism is totally different from feline. Use a feline-specific product, like Purina Professional Plan FortiFlora Feline Probiotic Complement.

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Prescription Drugs

Typically, house treatments for cat allergic reactions will not be sufficient, and cat homeowners want prescription treatment from the veterinarian to cease the itch.

Whereas there isn't a one greatest allergy drugs for cats (as a result of each cat is exclusive), the correct remedy together with house treatments for cat allergic reactions will present aid to your cat.

At all times be sure you inform the vet what OTC and holistic treatments you might be at present giving your cat, as they'll doubtlessly work together with prescription meds.

  • Prescription topical therapies
  • Prescription oral therapies
  • Allergy photographs

Prescription Topical Therapies

For itchy, contaminated pores and skin, Animax Ointment—a prescription topical remedy that mixes a corticosteroid, an antifungal and an antibiotic—might assist. Different topical steroid sprays or lotions can also be prescribed.

Prescription Oral Therapies

If OTC oral antihistamines, fish oils, and topical merchandise aren’t slicing it, then it’s time to discover prescription cat allergy remedy choices to your itchy cat.

Within the outdated days, the one cat allergy drugs choices out there have been steroids, like prednisone, prednisolone, and triamcinolone. Whereas these drugs did cease allergy signs, in addition they got here with a complete host of destructive unintended effects, together with elevated urge for food, elevated water consumption and urination, and elevated susceptibility to infections, to call a number of. Steroids are additionally much less efficient with meals allergic reactions.

Oral and injectable steroids are nonetheless used and prescribed in cat allergy instances, however there are different allergy meds for cats out there that cease itching with out the destructive unintended effects related to steroids.


Atopica is the model identify for cyclosporine, a drugs for cats with allergic reactions.

  • Atopica is usually thought-about protected however may cause vomiting, diarrhea, or lack of urge for food in some cats. You may decrease the possibility of destructive unintended effects by preserving Atopica within the freezer.
  • Atopica should be given one to 2 hours earlier than meals or two hours after meals.
  • Most veterinarians would require annual bloodwork and an examination to fill this prescription.
  • Atopica takes 4 to 6 weeks to offer aid, and different drugs could also be prescribed to your cat within the interim to manage allergy signs.

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Apoquel is the model identify of oclacitinib and works by concentrating on and inhibiting the itch and irritation signaling pathway. It's efficient in lowering itching related to flea allergy and atopy in cats and could be given long-term with a low incidence of unintended effects.

  • Apoquel shouldn't be given to cats with parasitic pores and skin infestations or most cancers and should trigger bone marrow suppression (uncommon).
  • Whereas Apoquel can be utilized in cats with allergic reactions, this use just isn't FDA-approved.
  • Cats require greater doses of Apoquel as in comparison with canine; and whereas some cats reply effectively to Apoquel, it doesn’t assist all cats.
  • Annual bloodwork will doubtless be required for cats which are on Apoquel long-term.
  • All prescription drugs can have undesirable unintended effects or questions of safety and will solely be used underneath the supervision of a veterinarian.

    Allergy Photographs

    In case your cat can not tolerate oral drugs or you don't want to offer oral drugs over an extended time period, you could need to speak to your veterinarian about giving allergy injections, generally referred to as allergy photographs for cats or immunotherapy.

    Allergy photographs require homeowners to take their fur infants both to the native veterinarian or a veterinary dermatologist for allergy testing. Allergy symptoms are examined with a blood take a look at or with a pores and skin prick take a look at. The pores and skin prick take a look at is taken into account extra correct and often solely achieved by veterinary dermatologists.

    As soon as the take a look at is finished, an allergy serum is created. This allergy serum is run by way of a collection of injections and is meant to desensitize your cat over time to the allergens that trigger them grief. Enchancment in signs can take six months to 1 12 months, and different therapies are used to manage signs within the meantime. Allergy photographs are the one technique to really scale back the cases of allergy signs. All different cat allergy drugs is geared toward controlling signs.

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