Nail Polish Storage & Organization Ideas

How to organize nail polish
Below I’ve gathered quite a few nail polish storage and organization ideas, with pictures, shared by readers.

This may seem a silly topic if you’ve just got one or two bottles of nail polish, but for some doing nails is a passion and they’ve got LOTS of bottles to deal with.

If that describes you I’ve got some great ideas below for how you can store everything, and find the polishes you want when you want them.

This organizational task is part of the Cosmetics & Makeup Organization Challenge on the site, so if you’d like inspiration for all your makeup and personal care products make sure you check it out.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Storage Solutions

Things to keep in mind when deciding which storage solution is best for you include the following:

1) Do you want to display your polishes, or keep them out of public view? Some people are quite proud of their collections, so putting them on a counter or mounting a rack on the wall sounds great. For others this would feel like an eye sore.

2) Consider how big your collection is now, and how big it will be in the future. Obviously, using an organizing product that only holds some of your collection will not fit the bill.

3) Do you want the polishes to be portable? Do you always do your nails at your own home, or do you take your polishes to other locations? A wall rack won’t work for someone who needs to carry them polishes around, but in that situation an organizing case with a handle may be better.

4) What brands of nail polish do you favor? There is no standard size for nail polish bottles and each brand has their own signature size and shape. When considering which type of organizer to use you’ve got to think about both the height of your bottles, as well as their width.

Some of the most difficult bottles to accommodate include for the brands OPI, Essie, Butter, and China Glaze. Just keep that in mind and make sure what you choose will fit your preferred brands. Nothing is worse than getting something that is just a bit too small for the bottles you use regularly.

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What’s The Shelf Life Of Nail Polish?

Anyone with a big nail polish collection has had some of those polishes for years and years. That’s because practically it takes a LONG time to use up a bottle of lacquer, top or base coat, etc. if you’ve got lots of different ones to choose from.

Unlike some makeup there is no official expiration date for polishes. (I’ve got a cheat sheet with makeup expiration dates here if you’re interested!)

So really, the best thing to do is just focus on whether the polish looks and feels right as its applied. Older polishes past their prime tend to get clumpy and its much harder to apply an even coat.

If shaking doesn’t allow a remixing of the ingredients and it remains clumpy it is practically time to throw it out.

As long as you keep your polishes in a temperature controlled environment (don’t let them get too hot, for example) and out of direct sunlight though, they should theoretically last for a long time.

So now, without further ado, check out these cool storage solutions you might like to use for your own collection! And don’t forget, if you’ve organized or displayed your own polishes I’d love to see how you do it. You can click here to submit your photos and I’ll add them to the page.

How to organize nail polishHow to organize nail polish


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