How to plan a virtual Afternoon Tea

We know that for some people it may be difficult to get together at the moment. But, thanks to technology, you can still share a cuppa with friends and raise the money we urgently need to help be there for people affected by breast cancer. To help you get started, we’ve put together some handy steps for holding a virtual Afternoon Tea.

Remember, however you want to hold your Tea, we all need to make sure we follow the latest government guidance so we can all stay safe and well.

Breast cancer awareness virtual event ideas

Set a date

First things first: set a date for your virtual Afternoon Tea! Decide on a day and time that works for you and your guests.

Set up a JustGiving page

Right now, we’ve never needed your support more. That’s why it’s important to have a simple, easy way for your guests to donate money during your Afternoon Tea.

Setting up an online JustGiving page is easy. You’ll be able to share your JustGiving page with your guests to encourage them to donate. You can also share your page on social media to get even more donations!

Decide which video tool to use

There are loads of great video apps out there to help you keep in touch with loved ones.

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Make sure you spend time understanding how the app works, so that you minimize any technical glitches on the day!

Invite your guests

Once you’ve worked out which video tool to use, send a fun email invite to all your guests. Make sure you include the time the event starts and any links they might need to access the video chat.

We would recommend sending any passwords for video meetings in a separate email, to keep the invite secure. Make sure you either invite your guests separately, or bcc them in, so that you’re not sharing someone else’s email address without their permission.

You’re welcome to use our own e-invite here:

You’re invited to an Afternoon Tea event with (your name) on (dd/mm/yy)!

Dig out those cake stands, get the sandwiches at the ready and put the kettle on.

We’ll be kicking off our Afternoon Tea at (time)

To join us, use this link (link to video conference call)

Please bring with you: (your own Afternoon Tea food and drink, a pad and pencil, your debit card)

Please RSVP to (email address)

If you have any problems getting into the virtual event, please contact (phone number)

Right now, your support couldn’t be more important.

For the 600,000 people living with and beyond breast cancer in the UK the emotional and physical impacts of the disease are tough. And every year, around 55,000 more women and 370 more men find out they’ve got breast cancer – that’s someone every 10 minutes.

Join us on (dd/mm/yy) to share an Afternoon Tea, and raise money needed urgently to help Breast Cancer Now be there for anyone affected by breast cancer.

We’ll be raising money throughout the event using this link: (link to JustGiving page)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

(your name) 

Decide which games and activities to play at your event

There are a whole range of downloadable games and ideas on our website to get you started! Why not play pin the cherry on the Bakewell, our Game of Scones sweepstake or our Afternoon Tea quiz? Have a think about how you can play games virtually, and how much you could ask people to donate to join in. We usually recommend £1-£2 per game.

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Come up with your own games and activities! This could be anything from Pictionary, charades, or guessing how many sweets there are in a jar. Get your thinking cap on and start getting creative!

Send activities to guests

Make sure to let your guests know if they need to print off or bring anything extra to take part. Once you know who’s coming, you can also encourage them to decorate their surroundings with our Afternoon Tea bunting and posters.

You could make it a challenge to see who has the best video background and arrange a prize for the best one!

Bake some tasty treats!

What is an Afternoon Tea without… an afternoon tea? Try out some delicious recipes or make your own and cook up some tasty treats for your event – even if they’re just for you to enjoy! You could challenge each guest to bake something they haven’t made before, and see the results on camera!

Whenever you’re asking your guests to take part in a challenge, make sure to suggest they make a donation to take part. They can use their debit card to donate through your JustGiving page.

Research Breast Cancer Now

When people come to your event, it’s always great to be able to explain to them how much an impact their donation will have. Have a look on our website at some of our research projects, or the services we run to support people affected by breast cancer.

Pop the kettle on

As the clock starts ticking down to your event, don’t forget to pop the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea ready for when the camera’s on. Personally, we like a cup of Earl Grey!

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Thank you so much for taking part in an Afternoon Tea with us – it means so much, especially at times like these.

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