Why Do I Keep Getting Nails In My Tires? (Updated)

On the other hand, foreign things such as nails and screws can end up on the road and become lodged in your tires from time to time.

When your tires are under-inflated, more of the tire’s tread is in contact with the road, resulting in more friction as you drive. When you have too much pressure on your tires, your tires are more susceptible to damage from potholes and other road debris, which increases their risk of occurring.

If something like this has ever happened to you, you may have asked what you should do and whether it is safe to continue driving your automobile.

Ways in Which a Screw can Get into your Tire

The nails and screw can enter your tire through a number of means, though many believe it is the result of sabotage. While it is possible that this is the cause, you should also consider the environment in which you are driving in order to get to the root of the problem.

Driving over It

Nails and screws in your tire are most frequently obtained by driving over them. One thing you’ll notice about the screw-on tire issue is that it primarily impacts the back wheels, which makes sense. The majority of the time, a screw will be lying vertically on the ground in this position. When the front wheels pass over the screw, they flip the screw over by the head, leaving it upright, and the rear wheels pass over the screw, flipping the screw over again. 

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As a result of their low center of gravity, which allows them to stand vertically on the road, smaller screws are very straightforward to insert into tires. Because small screws in the tire do not cause significant damage, the situation is not as serious as it could be. Due to the thickness of the tread, it is possible that the little screws will not cause significant damage.

Puddles on road

You may also run over screws in puddles on the side of the road. Because the debris is hidden beneath the surface of the water in this situation, it is difficult to determine whether or not there is any. The water disturbance in the puddle may force the screws to elevate or point at an angle, making it easier for them to puncture the tire.

Hardwood planks

Screws in hardwood planks can potentially pose a threat to the tires of your vehicle. The board provides them with the necessary support to remain upright. Because of the weight of the car, the screws in the planks may enter your wheels and the wood may quickly crumble as you drive over them. With the screw exposed, it has the potential to dig even deeper into your tires.


Sometimes you may discover screws in your tires, and the first thing that comes to mind is that someone is attempting to sabotage your efforts. The person who is accountable for this situation may either drive the screw in or set it in a vantage point where you will drive over it at several points throughout the day. If you have reason to believe you are at risk of sabotage, you should always check underneath and around the tires before driving away. Additionally, you can sweep your feet around the wheels to verify that you are not in danger.

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