How to Remove Dip Powder Nails Without Acetone?

How to remove dip nails at home without acetone

One of the huge benefits to dip powder removal is the lack of damage to the nail bed.

Unlike gel, there is no scraping involved so it’s definitely more gentle.

Removing dipping powder off your nails is actually one of the least damaging processes in comparison to other popular nail enhancements.

Any person who constantly gets manicures knows how extremely annoying it is to smear a nail minutes after you’ve painted them. That’s why dipping powders are so wonderful!

These long-wear dipping powders can go up to 2 weeks or even a month without coming off! Hassle-free application and without a UV light. Although dipping powder nails last longer than gels and no lamp is required during the service, they do have one thing in common: Nail removal which can require another trip to the salon.

But good news for you, dip powder and gel manicures have another thing in common: you can DIY your nail removal right at home! 

Why shouldn’t I utilize acetone to get rid of my dipped manicure nails?

There’s no denying that a really popular, economical, and fast way of removing acrylic, gel or dip powdered nails is to use acetone.

Acetone works well because it’s a direct solvent. That means it can break down or dissolve substances like paint and resin, and that’s a fact!

But, there are some drawbacks to be aware of: it’s highly flammable, can dry out your natural nail , and it must be utilized in a well-ventilated area.

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Be conscious that employing a fan when using acetone as a remover doesn’t improve ventilation, it actually plainly circulates in the air which are airborne fumes. For those who have a difficult time with strong fumes or have naturally dry skin, this may not be the best product to use to remove your nails.

So let’s get to the main question,

Ditch making that nail salon appointment because we’ve prepared the easiest and healthiest DIY methods for you ladies try out! Time to remove your dip powder nails right in the comfort of your home.

Warm Water

How to remove dip nails at home without acetone

If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals to get rid of your dip powder nails, an alternate choice is to try using warm water. It is a life hack! This method would work best after your nail set has been on for about 2 weeks or more.  They say the hotter the water, the better your nails can come off in 5 minutes with no damage. You can even add a couple of drops of soap into the combination and that can help! 

So get your bowl of warm water and soap, and soak your nails for 20 minutes before removing. 

Make sure your nails are already loosening up before you do this next step. Around the lifted edges and sides, slowly pull the powder away from the nail surface with a bamboo stick or cuticle pusher. Very gently. Never yank or try to forcefully remove. If you do, you will most definitely pull off actual layers of your natural nail and that is extremely damaging.
So if your nails still don’t budge, soak them back into the bowl for another 5 minutes and repeat. Make sure the water can seep in between the powder and your natural nail before you slowly pull the powder away from your nail. Keep doing so in a careful, gentle manner and they will be off in no time. This worked so well and saved a trip to the salon with no damage to your nail and with no harsh chemicals! 

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Follow-Up Care

Once you’ve removed all traces of your dip powder manicure, you would possibly want to leap right into your next Insta-worthy nail look — but hold your horses. We suggest taking a break from dip powder depending on how frequently you do them. If it’s a regular occurrence in your beauty routine, try skipping out on the fan-favorite mani for a few days. About once every three to four months will give your nails enough time to breath.

During that point, an excellent strengthening and moisturizing treatment are very important!

If you don’t have time to head into a salon for the treatment, consider giving yourself a DIY rehab sesh and reward your nails that much-needed hydration that smoothes, strengthens, and revitalizes your nails while delivering a plunge-worthy healthy gleam.

Applying cuticle oil to the nails daily to keep nails and cuticles hydrated, is a must!

Here at Double Dip, we created a high-quality Cuticle Nourishing Oil that’s vitamin-rich, non-sticky formula that comes with an easy-to-use brush for a hassle-free application to give your nails and cuticles the nutrients that it deserves!
How to remove dip nails at home without acetone

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