How to Remove DND Gel Polish

The process of removing DND gel polish is not complicated. It is just as easy as that of its application. However, you need to master the art and realize that if you remove it incorrectly you might end up destroying your nails hence jeopardizing your whole 3 weeks of waiting. The strength that your nails might have acquired from the polish will then be gone and you will start from the beginning. If you want to learn how to remove DND gel polish we have all the steps prepared for you.

How to remove dnd nail polish

File off The Top Layer

The initial process of removing gel polish is filing off the top layer. After you apply the gel and cure it under UV or LED light, you will realize that the gel adheres to the nails so strongly that removing it will take a lot of efforts. It is due to this excess effort that you might end up damaging your nails. What you need to do is take a nail file and file of the top layer. After this shiny layer is removed, you can then continue with the next step. However, do not file so hard that you reach the nail surface.

Using Acetone

There are different ways that you can use acetone to remove the remaining layer. One of these ways is where you take cotton balls that can cover the surface of your nails completely that no part will be left exposed. You will then dip these cotton balls in 100% pure acetone. Take soaked cotton balls and cover the nails ensuring that they are completely covered. When this is done, you need to have some tin foils. Take the tin foils and cover your fingers such that they will cover all the cotton balls as they press on the nail surfaces as well as the nail edges. When this is done, wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes before removing the tin foils and the cotton balls off the fingers and the nails, wipe off the nails using the cotton balls and the lacquer will be removed. When you are using the tinfoils, do not unwrap your fingers to check if your method is working because it might jeopardize the whole process.

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Also, make sure that you work on each hand at a time because the hand covered with tin foils might not be able to cover the other hand in the most effective way possible hence creating the essence of working on each hand at a time. If you do not want to use this method, look for two bowls, one big and another one smaller such that the smaller one can fit in the bigger bowl. Then, take some warm water and put them in the big bowl such that the small bowl will be floating on this water. When this is done, you should then pour some acetone into the small bowl and allow the solution to get a little warm. You can then dip each of the hands in the bowl with acetone at the time for about 15 to 20 minutes. Later on, remove the hand from the bowl and wipe off the nails. This will remove the remaining gel polish cover. Make sure that you do the same to the other hand.

Each one of those processes of using acetone will end in the same way. When you remove your hands from the acetone or when you unwrap the cotton ball, you should then use a cuticle stick to remove the gel polish off the nails. If there remain some bits that a cuticle stick cannot handle, you can repeat any of the removal processes and try again after 15 to 20 minutes

The last step involves the use of cuticle oil. Your cuticles might be affected by acetone which makes them look dry and dehydrated. You should apply some cuticle oil in order to nourish them. If you realize that the process leaves you with rough nails, you should also apply cuticle oil on the nail surfaces and buff them, as usual, using a nail buffer.


The removal of DND gel polish should be done carefully in order to avoid damaging the nails. After all, you have been looking for all the best polishes around in order to keep your nails strong and healthy. =do you really have to jeopardize this? Make good use of the file and acetone oil and ensure that the coats are perfectly removed for the best results. After the removal, give them some time before applying another layer.

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Women feel incomplete without their make-up kits. The gel manicure kit is a critical aspect of their cosmetic equipment. Of the various nail manicure options available, the gel manicure is preferable because of multiple reasons. We shall explore how to apply and remove DND nail polish colors at home in this blog. Meanwhile, here are the benefits of gel manicures that you should be aware of.

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The first, gel manicures are amongst the easiest to apply and remove compared to other techniques.

The second, gel polish is available in a fantastic spectrum of colors, like DND colors.

The third, gel manicures last long, easily up to three or four weeks, depending on the maintenance.

How to remove dnd nail polish

Generally, you should go to a nail salon to get a gel manicure. However, you can learn how to do it at home. We shall explore the techniques of applying and removing gel polish at home in the following paragraphs.

Step by Step Apply DND Nail Polish

Step 1 – Preparation is crucial

To get the best out of DND gel, it is critical to prepare your nail for the job. You should ensure to keep the hands/nails clean and dry. It is also advisable to shape your nails by using a sterilized nail file. The 180/240 grit file should be the best to shape your nails properly.

Use an orangewood cuticle pusher to push the cuticles gently. If there is any cuticle on the nail, it is better to scrape it off carefully. It is advisable to wipe your nails using nail wipes dipped in an alcohol solution. Besides disinfecting, it ensures that your nails are clean without any debris.

Step 2 – The Base Coat Application

Use a thin brush to apply the base coat. Though it should be a thin layer, you should ensure that it has an even coverage. You can also swipe the brush along the free edge of the nail. This process is known as ‘capping the free edge.’ It prevents your nail from chipping off.

Place your hands inside the UV lamp to cure the base coat for around 60 to 90 seconds. Once it is cured, you will find the base coat to be sticky. A speck of dust can ruin the job. Hence, you should be careful.

Step 3 – The Color Coat

Choose your favorite gel colors from the exciting range offered by DND Daisy nail polish. When applying paint, it is essential that the polish should not spread over to your skin. It is ideal to leave a gap of a millimeter between the nail and the skin. Cap the free edges properly before curing the color coat under the UV lamp for about two minutes.

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You can apply a second color coat, if necessary. It will help to thicken the manicure and make it last longer.

Step 4 – The Topcoat Application

After applying all the color layers, you can proceed to the gel manicure’s final part, the topcoat application. One should apply the topcoat over the entire nail and cap the free edge. It is essential because it gives your nail manicure a long-lasting shine.

Curing the topcoat under the UV lamp for about two minutes is necessary for the coat to stick to the color. It ensures that the gel hardens and lasts long for up to four weeks comfortably.

As we are through with the gel polish application procedure, let us see how to remove the polish after four weeks.

Gel Polish Removal

How to remove dnd nail polish

Generally, gel polish can last for a long time. However, your nails keep growing. It will grow sufficiently enough to force you to remove the existing coat and apply a new one in four weeks.

Removing gel polish layers is easy, but you should resist the temptation to pick at the lifting polish. It can damage your nails and take time to recover.

Step 1 – The Filing Part

Use a sterilized nail file and gently scrape away at the nail polish layer. It reduces the soaking time and thus prevents your nails from excessive dehydration.

Step 2 – The Acetone Soak

Before you start with the acetone soak, you should apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the cuticles and surrounding areas. It prevents acetone from coming in contact with the skin.

Soak a few cotton balls in acetone solution and place it over your nails gently. You can enclose these cotton balls with aluminum wraps. Wait for about half an hour for acetone to do its job of dissolving the polish.

Step 3 – Wash your hands well

After 30 minutes, you can remove the aluminum wraps and the cotton balls. The DND Polish slides off your nails comfortably. Wash your hands well with soap. Acetone can dry up your nails. Hence, it is advisable to massage your nails with cuticle oil.

Wait for a week to allow the natural rehydration process to complete.


You can see that applying and removing gel polish is easy. However, you require practice to perfect the technique.


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