How to Write With Long Nails Comfortably? [5 Effective Tips]

“I love to keep long nails but wonder how to write with long nails faster and comfortably.” – If this is your case, don’t worry; you are in the right post to solve your problem. Well, that’s, of course, a bit difficult to write when your nails are long.

Long nails are undoubtedly the prettiest part of our hand that enhance the overall beauty of the hand when maintained and appropriately painted. But there are a lot of activities where we face difficulties while performing with long nails. And writing with long nails is one among them.

If you are a student, writing is one crucial part of your study that you can’t avoid. You need to take notes, complete assignments, and whatnot! But, more importantly, slow writing can affect you vigorously in your academic career.

And with long nails, it becomes way too complicated, I know! And as a result, many students trim their nails while they are in their academic life because this is the ultimate option for them.

Another crucial part of academic life is the exams! You have to attempt the questions in the exams in a limited time stamp. And if you have long nails, they might sluggish your writing speed. And you may end up with a lot of questions unattempted.

Now, here I have discussed quite a few working steps which will give you a new outlook and some patterns, and by following or practicing them, you can eventually develop the habit of writing comfortably with long nails.

How to Write with Long Nails Comfortably?

“Should you trim your nails when you need to write a lot daily?”

You might think that chopping my long nails is the only way to deal with this problem. But as you are in this post, please read the following suggestions I mentioned. And maybe you don’t have to chop your long nails.

How to work with long nails

1. Keep Your Nails, Medium Long

You are a long nails girl, but you need to write a lot of things daily, and the most popping question on your mind is about how to write with long nails comfortably all the time.

So here, from my experience, you better keep your nails long so that you can at least grip the pen with your fingers comfortably. Make sure your thumb and index fingers’ nails aren’t so long that they touch the paper you are writing.

How to work with long nails

2. Keep Short Nails on Your Dominant Hand.

Keeping short nails on your dominant hand will completely solve the issue of writing with long nails. Many working girls used only to keep their dominant hand’s nails short.

Short nails, on the one hand, may feel weird to you somehow, but it’s acceptable when you are a working girl, and at the same time, you want to enjoy long nails.

3. Keep Your Thumbnail Only Short

If you intensely focus on your fingers when you grip a pen and start writing, you will notice that your thumb grabs the pen inclinedly with the help of your index finger. Your index finger tightens the gripping and stays vertically with the pen.

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So, the nail on your thumb is the primary factor to create discomfort when writing.

Keeping the nail on your thumb a bit shorter so it doesn’t touch the pen’s body can be a great solution to make your writing process comfortable with long nails.

If that’s not what you plan to do, then don’t worry! We have more tips to help you to write with long nails comfortably. Keep reading!

4. Practice Adopting a Different Pen Holding Style

We have a pattern to hold the pen, the pattern we have followed since childhood. Let’s call it the traditional pattern.

What if we can slightly alter this pattern of holding a pen and adopt a new way where the long nail of your thumb does not touch the pen?

How to work with long nails

Here is how to hold a pen with long nails so it won’t create any discomfort.

You will not use your thumb pad to grip the pen in this pattern. Instead, you use the root muscle of your thumb finger to hold the pen. By doing so, you are obscuring your long thumbnails from interfering with the pen. Once you get used to this pattern, you can write with long nails effortlessly.

Well, everything depends on us. If we can practice, we can make it. Here is a video to get an idea of how to hold your pen and write with your long nails.

Try practicing writing in that new style, and over time you will notice that it isn’t making an issue in writing. And also, you will see progress in your writing speed with long nails.

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5. Try Getting Fake Nails For a Short Period

If you are a student wondering how to write with long nails comfortably and you didn’t find any of those options fit for you so far, you can try getting fake nails for a shorter period.

How to work with long nails

For an occasion or reason you want to adore your nails, you can go for that. It’s quick, and you can wear and remove them anytime. The best part is that you will still be able to enjoy the presence of long nails.

Also, you can do your favorite art on it, apply cutesy nail stickers, and much more.

Here are the best fake nails that you can use on your nails at home. This Nail-tip kit consists of 288PCS matte press-on nails. You can quickly put them on and do any nail art or nail design that you love.

Final Takeaway:

Hey, I know doing particular work can be uncomfortable with long nails. And we, with long nails, sometimes tend to avoid those work to perform. But writing is one thing we can’t avoid.

So, here I mentioned a few steps that can be pretty helpful for you to write with long nails. Let me also know if you have any new ways to deal with it and how you used to correspond with long nails.

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