Very Berry Smoothie Recipe: Easy and Delicious

This delicious, 4-ingredient fruit smoothie uses 2 foods linked with less risk of diabetes. And it’s delicious.

Let’s hear it for easy, fast, delicious and nutritious. There are plenty of days when I really need this in a recipe! Is berries good for diabetes

  • In a rush? Check
  • Need something healthy? Check
  • Looking to fight prediabetes or something that fits with a diabetes meal plan? Check and check!

I’ve been whipping up this berry smoothie recipe for years. It’s so simple and comes out perfectly with any favorite berry. During the summer, I use fresh berries that I’ve frozen. When berries aren’t in season, I grab a bag of frozen mixed berries or mixed berries with cherries at the supermarket. Both yogurt and berries, by the way, are linked to less incidence of type 2 diabetes. That’s why I always recommend both foods to my clients with prediabetes. And they’re probably good for diabetes, as well. In fact, I first published this recipe in my bestselling book Diabetes Weight Loss – Week by Week.

Foods for prediabetes

Researchers in Finland found that berries were associated with less risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Men who consumed the most berries were 35% less likely to develop the disease.

Actually, even with their higher sugar content, it’s smart to eat a variety of fruits and a couple servings each day. In general, fruits are associated with less chronic disease. Which is the best fruit, you ask? Well they each have a unique array of nutrients and phytonutrients, so go for a really big variety. Phytonutrients (aka phytochemicals) are health-boosting plant compounds. They may act as antioxidants, insulin sensitizers, anti-inflammatory compounds, anti-microbials, and more.

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Researchers aren’t sure why yogurt is associated with less type 2 diabetes, but it might be because of the probiotics. Or maybe it’s because people who grab a cup of yogurt for a snack aren’t digging into a bag of cookies.

Here’s a list of foods good for prediabetes.  For a much greater discussion and a gazillion tips on lifestyle habits and preventing diabetes, look at my brand new book Prediabetes: A Complete Guide.

Yes, this fruit smoothie is nutritious, delicious, and a very pretty pink, but my favorite reason for making it is that my daughter loves it. I always get to share it with her. 🥰

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Is berries good for diabetes

Lots of people drink this for breakfast because it’s super fast. But I’ve got lots of good breakfast tips for you. Check out 5 Healthy Breakfast Tips to Keep You Full Until Lunchtime. But if it’s a smoothie you really want, take a look at the healthy smoothie checklist, especially for prediabetes.

Cheers to finding something you love to eat that checks all the health boxes (and even get to share it with your daughter)!

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Is berries good for diabetes


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