How to Make Cucumber Juice (3 Methods)

How to make cucumber juice with a juicer, blender, or machine-free! Cucumber juice is tasty, refreshing, and packed with hydration and health benefits! Best of all, there are three ways to get the cucumber juice – with and without a juicer!

Is cucumber water good for diabetes

In my opinion, cucumber is one of the most refreshing ingredients there is (unsurprising since it’s 96% water) alongside watermelon. We use it in fresh summer salads (like this tomato and cucumber salad), tossed into smoothies, make it into gazpacho, drink it in water (or as cucumber mint lemonade!), and even use them on our face (hello spa day!). So why not take advantage and learn how to make cucumber juice for a super refreshing treat.

This cucumber juice recipe (or rather method?) came about recently when making homemade tzatziki. The sauce requires lots of cucumbers that need to be squeezed to remove all excess liquid. After I’d done that – I started thinking of ways to use up the excess liquid (like for cucumber lemonade) and how to juice cucumber with and without machines.

Is cucumber water good for diabetes

More to the point – why would we even want to? We know there are several benefits for ginger juice, turmeric juice, and carrot juice – what about cucumber juice?

Cucumber Juice Benefits

Did you know that cucumber is actually a fruit? I’ll never forget watching an episode of a cooking show where contestants had to do a mini task which involved sorting produce into piles of fruit and veg, and I thought ‘easy peasy.’ Then they did it…. Corn, olives, pumpkins, peppers (yes, peppers!!), and string beans are all ‘technically’ fruit! Anyway – I got a little sidetracked…

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Is cucumber water good for diabetes

Though I like to think of cucumbers as a humble addition to my recipes, they’re actually surprisingly nutrient-dense and come with several health benefits, for example:

  • Cucumbers contain high levels of several vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.
  • They’re high in several antioxidants, which combat oxidative stress within the body and reduce the risk of several chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, eye degeneration, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.
  • Cucumbers contain good levels of potassium, which can help our bodies to regulate the sodium amount retained by our kidneys, thus potentially able to lower blood pressure levels.
  • They can also help to boost skin and bone health due to high levels of vitamin B5 and vitamin K.
  • Finally, I always feel wary of making ‘detoxing’ claims. However, cucumber juice contains several vitamins and minerals that help to cleanse and detox our bodies in several ways, including potentially improving digestive issues,

It’s important to note that, when consuming the juice, you lose some of the vitamins/minerals and fiber that were in the skin.

How to Make Cucumber Juice

First, no matter which of the below methods you choose to use, you should wash the cucumber well.

With a Juicer

Cut the cucumber enough to fit the chute of your juicer, and then feed it into the machine.

And it’s as simple as that!

  • Is cucumber water good for diabetes
  • Is cucumber water good for diabetes
  • Is cucumber water good for diabetes

With a Blender

Roughly chop the cucumber into small-ish pieces (which will make it easier to blend). This method is best used by those with a high-powered blender. Otherwise, you may need to add a little extra water to the machine to help it blend the cucumber down into a smooth-ish pulp (this will depend on how many cucumbers you’re using). I recommend adding ½ cup water, to begin with, and increasing if needed – as you don’t want to water the fresh cucumber juice down too much.

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This can take up to 2 minutes based on the strength of your machine and how smooth you want the pulp.

When ready, transfer the pulp to a sieve, layers of cheesecloth, or a nut milk bag and squeeze out as much juice as possible.

Is cucumber water good for diabetes

With a Grater

This is the best way I’ve found to juice cucumber without a juicer. Using a grater, grate your cucumber. You could alternatively try to chop it very finely, but grating yields the best results (and is faster to do).

Is cucumber water good for diabetes

Then transfer the cucumber to either cheesecloth or nut milk bag and twist and squeeze to get out as much liquid as possible.

Salting the cucumbers and allowing them to rest can encourage them to release extra liquid. However, it also means you have salty cucumber juice – so this is a step I avoid.

The pulp can be collected to make a dish like tzatziki or added to smoothies and other dishes. If you don’t want to use it immediately, you can divide the pulp into an ice-cube tray and freeze it for longer-term storage. For smoothies, just place a few ice cubes in the blender along with your other ingredients.

Is cucumber water good for diabetes

How to Store

Almost all fresh juices are best consumed immediately to make the most of all the nutrients. However, any leftover cucumber juice will store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a day.

Alternatively, you can freeze the juice. However, this will affect some of the nutrients – so fresh is always best. To freeze the juice, though, I recommend pouring it into large silicone ice-cube trays (portioned) and then transferred it to a freezer-safe bag/container for up to a month. That way, you can take out just as much as you need each time.

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Is cucumber water good for diabetes


Is cucumber water good for diabetes

Recipe Notes

  • Use the freshest cucumbers: Organic is best but no matter which you use, make sure they’re firm to touch and bright in color.
  • When using a blender: If you want to take advantage of some of the fiber without having big chunky bits of peel, I recommend peeling the cucumber first and blending the soft inner flesh. That way, you can optionally drink it with the pulp. If you don’t have a high-speed blender, it can help to add a little extra water to the machine to help it blend.
  • Drinking the juice fresh: I’ve already mentioned this above but feel it deserves repeating. Drinking the juice fresh after juicing will help you to ingest the optimal amount of nutrients. As the juice oxidizes, it will begin to lose nutrients.
  • To add extra flavor: If you’re new to cucumber juice, you may want to add ‘zing’ to the juice with extra flavor. You can do this with lemon/lime and mint (my favorite!), add an inch or so of ginger, experiment with other herbs like basil and lemon thyme, add fruit for sweetness (apple, pineapple, and mango are my favorites when combined with ‘greens’).

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  • Is cucumber water good for diabetes
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  • Is cucumber water good for diabetes
  • Is cucumber water good for diabetes

If you try this cucumber juice recipe/method, I’d love to hear your thoughts/questions below. Also, I’d really appreciate a recipe card rating below, and feel free to tag me in your recipe recreations on Instagram @Alphafoodie!


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