Is Fiji Water Good For You

Yes, Fiji Water is good for you. It is entirely natural and contamination-free with higher minerals than common water. Fijian artesian water is suitable for you because it’s alkaline water which is adequate for the body. There are many health benefits of Fiji water like adequate blood circulation in the body and flawless skin. 

Fiji Water arrives from the Yaqara Valley, Viti Levu, the central island of the Fiji Islands. It is normal water from the island, completely natural artesian water. It is common to develop a question in minds about how it is different from regular water.  

Most health-conscious people like to have Fiji water because of no artificial flavors in it. Nowadays it has become a trend, therefore, got a special place in the market. As a result of Fiji water, people who have switched to it feel more refreshed.

7 Benefits of Fiji Water:

Fiji water has gained popularity and becoming increasingly popular these days, according to the believing facts it is one of the healthiest drinks worldwide. As stated by the manufacturers Fiji water can be found in around 60 countries in the world for 2 decades. 

Benefits of fiji water

Here are some benefits of Fiji water;  

  1. The water bottle is available in the markets but it is more expensive than normal water. However, it is very convenient to buy it as it is open to every mart. Even you can store it in your refrigerators. 

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  1. Due to its popularity, It is available in the most expensive hotels as well because people ask for more purified water to drink. 
  1. It is full of minerals content. That’s how it has caught more popularity in a short time. Usually, more health-conscious people like to have Fiji water even if it costs more than normal water. 
  1. Fiji water is free-flowing water beneath coatings of rock that is brought through a well. It improves protein synthesis, blood pressure, and heart rate
  1. As per the claims, no one can touch the water other than a buyer who wants to drink it. Fiji water contains electrolytes. 
  1. Fijian water gets filtered before running under the earth’s layers and as an outcome, we fetch the finest possible, naturally occurring drinking water with all beneficial minerals. 
  1. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is high-quality plastic used to make a bottle. Fiji water arrives after obeying all standards and restrictions by the FDA.

Nutritional Values of Fiji water:

Drinking water is essential to leading a healthy life. Drinking water can make your skin flawless, your body hydrated, and maintains a healthy weight. You should drink 8 glasses of water each day. Fiji water is full of electrolytes and minerals that your body needs. 

Here are some nutritional values of Fiji water; 

One liter of Fiji Water contains 17.9mg of calcium, 14.7mg of magnesium, and 93.4mg of silica. It also holds a few additional mineral nutrients like sodium (17.8mg), potassium (4.9mg), fluoride (0.2mg), and chloride (9.3mg). The minerals are healthy, and Fiji Water contributes to your daily nutrients input.

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Potassium in Fiji water is present in good amounts, which helps in good blood regulation throughout the body. People usually mistake Fiji water and carbonated water, however, there are in carbonation in that. 

Fiji Water Ingredients:

The water is from pure rainfall, which is also purified via volcanic mountains. Then it floats to the artesian aquifer and is bottled without any contaminations.

1,000 milligrams of calcium per day, healthy adults aged 19 to 50 years required. One liter of Fiji Water delivers 1.79 % of the daily suggested calcium intake as recommended by the National Institutes of Health. 

Here are the ingredients of Fiji water; 

  1. 14.7 milligrams of magnesium
  2. 17.9 milligrams of calcium
  3. 4.9 milligrams of potassium
  4. 93.4 milligrams of silica
  5. 17.8 milligrams of sodium
  6. 0.2 milligrams of fluoride
  7. 9.3 milligrams of chloride

Why is Fiji Water Expensive

It is expensive because of the good quality stylish bottle, bottling process as it requires a special type of equipment, nutritional contents as it has no preservatives, sustaining the environment also requires huge amount, distribution and transportation from the island to the respective cities also requires a good share and lastly the people demand. 

Summing Up:

It is very nutritious as it holds minerals and electrolytes. Fiji Water is from Viti Levu in Fiji Islands. The water is very pure but more expensive than regular water. It is free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. 

Don’t be confused before buying it. The quality and purity come with a price. Health-conscious people are more interested in Fiji water as compared to normal water. 

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