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Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
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Kristen Tuff Scott rose to stardom after posting a funny video. The unexpected fame and prominence pushed her to go further in entertainment. She has, however, had her fair share of challenges, including a cancer diagnosis.

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  • Name: Kristen Tuff Scott
  • Birthdate: August 8th 1988
  • Kristen Tuff Scott age: 32 years (as of April 2021)
  • Birthplace: Piggot, Arkansas, United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Height: 5″9
  • Occupation: Social media influencer, horse breaker, reality television star
  • Political affiliation: Republican

Kristen Tuff Scott biography and early life

On August 8th 1988, Kristen was born in the southern area of Piggot, Arkansas, in the United States of America. Information on her parents' names are unknown to the public. Her grandfather named John T Becking participated in World War II for the US Navy.

The social media influencer is well-learned. She got a scholarship to Arkansas State University on account of her musical talents. She graduated from the university in 2014 with a double major bachelors in biology and chemistry. Her initial plans were to go to medical school afterwards, but that was not the case.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
There’s nothing as beautiful as nature in all its glory. Photo: @kristentuffscott
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After abandoning her earlier plan of going to med school, Scott decided to move to Missouri. It is in Missouri where she began her horse-breaking gig. Tuff posts funny videos, music cover clips, and product review clips on her social media pages. She has also participated in a reality television series.

Social media influencing

Tuff's sudden prominence within social media began after she posted a humour-filled video that went viral. She then decided to post more hilarious videos before expanding to post daily videos on her life routine.

She launched her YouTube channel in 2012 and is active on several other social media pages. Currently, her TikTok account has over 200k followers with 1.9 million viewers. Her Facebook page alone has 1.5 million followers. Are there videos of Kristen Tuff Scott singing? Yes. She posts videos of herself singing, her life routine and other hobbies. Her YouTube channel most watched videos are:

The social media influencer also gives product reviews and feedback. She cites that giving the reviews provides her honest thoughts.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
The social media influencer enjoying one of her favourite things to do, singing. Photo: @kristentuffscott
Source: Instagram

Reality television

Tuff participated in the fifth season of CMT's reality television show . Her appearance on the show depicted her as the , coming from a long line of hard-working farmers. Her theme on the show was her love for animals and music. As a reward for participation in the show, all contestants receive $100,000.

Personal life

The social media influencer has publicly shared her sexual orientation as gay. Is Kristen Tuff Scott in a relationship? She chooses to keep this part of her life under wraps; thus, there is not much known of her relationship status. She also states being religious and a pro-life advocate. Does Kristen Tuff Scott son exist? The television personality does not have any child.

Kristen Tuff Scott cancer battle

In 2017, Tuff received a heart-breaking breast cancer diagnosis. Did the Kristen Tuff Scott mastectomy surgery happen? Yes, because of cancer, she had to undergo a double mastectomy surgery. Battling cancer can be overwhelming, but the reality star's healing journey has served as an inspiration to many. She is currently doing fine and living a healthy life.

Even though she underwent the mastectomy to save her life, she still received some retroaction. Some people assumed that she had undergone a sex change, with some even asking, is Kristen Tuff Scott a girl? The whole scenario arose after she posted a shirtless photo. She, however, responded through a video on Facebook explaining the entire scenario confirming that she is a girl.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
The look you get when you get a win at something. Photo: @kristentuffscott
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Kristen Tuff Scott net worth

Being in the public eye can bring you quite some value. Kristen, through her vast followings on social media, has managed to earn through her content creation. As of December 2020, she is of a valued net worth of about $700,000. Quite a fortune!

Latest news

On April 10th 2021, the television personality participated in a night of laughs and music event. The event took place in Huntsville, Alabama, United States of America. The gig featured some of her selected stories and original songs with DJ Slim McGraw on the decks.

The media personality also has an online website where she sells clothing accessories printed with her trademark logo. Some of the apparel includes tank tops, hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, and caps.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
Time for some shopping! The media personality had to get the best. Photo: @kristentuffscott
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The reality television star has quite a massive following on social media. You can find her social media pages on various platforms such as:

That is all to know about Kristen Tuff Scott, the social media influencer with a courageous spirit. recently published a biography on Alix Bailey. She is a uniquely talented artist, especially on paintings and portraits. Her unique work has been showcased in various galleries. Apart from painting, she has also taken part in acting. She was also married to Louis C.K. Read on to find out more about this talented artist.

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Kristen Tuff Scott is a famous reality TV star and social media influencer. She started gaining fame after she began posting comedic videos on Facebook. Her newfound fame got her a spot on the reality competition Redneck Island in its fifth season. Discover more about her in this Kristen Tuff Scott bio.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
Kristen smiling at the camera. Photo: @kristentuffscott
Source: Instagram

The social media star has continued to entertain her fans on social media, gaining a massive following on various social platforms. Her online fame has also attracted multiple brand sponsorships and promotions. Her Facebook page has over 1.5 million followers, and her other social media accounts are also gaining in popularity. Who is Kristen Tuff Scott?

Profile summary

  • Full name: Kristen Tuff Scott
  • Date of birth: August 8, 1988
  • Age: 32 (as of May 2021)
  • Place of birth: Piggott, AR, US
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous as: Reality TV and social media star
  • Height: 5 ft 9 in
  • Weight: 121 lbs

Kristen Tuff Scott biography

The online star was born on August 8, 1988 in Piggott, Arkansas, United States. She is an American of Scottish background. As of 2021, Kristen Tuff Scott's age is 32.

Kristen was raised together with her three siblings. Even though she has not shared the names of her parents, she often features them on her social media. Her grandpa John T Becking, who died in May 2011, was part of the US Navy during World War II.

Scott's daily life is all about taking care of horses and cows. She is also into diesel trucks and loves spending time with animals, fishing, playing the guitar, and singing. She is from a lineage of farmers who believe in putting in the hard work needed to get desired results.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
Tuff looking lovely. Photo: @kristentuffscott
Source: Instagram


Kristen's musical talents during her high school years earned her a scholarship to Arkansas State University. She wanted to join med school later on, so she took a double major in Biochemistry, graduating in 2014. However, she chose not to continue with her studies after she became involved in comedy.


Kristen Tuff Scott story began when she started posting comedic content on her Facebook account. As her popularity grew, she began exploring other social media platforms, including Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube.

The social media star's growing popularity has attracted a lot of brand collaborations and partnerships. However, she is careful to provide her fans with honest product reviews and even shares when certain products do not work for her.

Kristen was also featured in season 5 of CMT’S reality TV series Redneck Island. Kristen's profile on CMT describes her as the toughest cowgirl who has worked exceptionally hard for all she has. Even though she didn't win the $100k prize, she sure had a great time, and her popularity grew for being in the show.

The reality TV star is also a music artist and standup comedian. In addition, she is a professional horse trainer.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
Kristen on stage. Photo: @kristentuffscott
Source: Instagram

Kristen Tuff Scott net worth

The social media influencer has an estimated net worth of $500k. Her income can be attributed to brand partnerships and sponsorships on social media, merchandise sales, and her work as a horse trainer and reality TV star.

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Kristen Tuff Scott cancer

The social media star suffered from breast cancer in 2017. To curb its spread, she had to go through a mastectomy. People noticed the change in her looks after the surgery, as both of her breasts were completely removed.

People had different things to say about Kristen Tuff Scott surgery when they noticed that she looked different. Some suggested that she may have undergone the procedure because she was transgender. Tuff responded to the rumors in a video on Facebook in December 2017, stating that she had undergone a mastectomy and is not, in fact, trans*.

Tuff has had two more surgeries to remove her moles, one from her chin and another from her back. Kristen Tuff Scott before surgery had the mole at her back bitten by fish when she was swimming in the river, so in 2020, she decided to have it removed.

Is Kristen Tuff Scott gay?

This question arises among many people who see the social media sensation, as she is often seen dressed as a cowgirl with no much effort into looking feminine. Kristen has shared that she is a gay woman.

Kristen's sexuality has been the subject of discussion among many people because she also claims to be a Republican and religious. However, she has been out and proud for a while now, and she is not bothered by others' opinions.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
Tuff posing for a photo. Photo: @kristentuffscott
Source: Instagram

Is Kristen Tuff Scott married?

So far, there has been no information on Kristen Tuff Scott girlfriend. She prefers to keep her personal life private, and the details of her romantic relationships are unknown. Even so, she has been rumored to have dated a lady known as Missy, but this remains just a rumor because she has not addressed it.

Just in case you thought that there might have been a Kristen Tuff Scott boyfriend somewhere in her life, it seems there hasn't been one. It appears that Scott is currently single and focused on her career.

Body measurements

The social media sensation has hazel eyes and blonde hair. She stands tall at the height of 5 feet and 9 inches, and she weighs around 121 lbs.

Kristen Tuff Scott is asocial media star, comedian and musician. She enjoys the life outdoors on a farm, along with entertaining millions of people around the world. recently published the biography of Claire Abbott. Claire is an up-and-coming musician who accidentally became a social media star. To the shock of thousands of her fans, Abbott quit social media unexpectedly and walked away from the fame she had enjoyed from 2012 to 2017. Where is she and what is she up to now?

Miss Abbott created social media pages to help promote her singing career, but surprisingly, she eventually became known not for her talents or dreams of becoming a musician. She was strong enough to shut all that fame down, took care of her mental health, and then returned to social media to promote her music for good.


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Kristen Tuff Scott (born August 8, 1988) is an American horse-breaker, reality TV star, social media influencer, up-and-coming singer-songwriter, and comedian who gained popularity with her performance on CMT’s RedneckIsland.

These days social media has made it more possible than ever before for people to rise from obscurity to fame instantly. This was the case for Kristen Tuff Scott, who began gaining traction across social media after a video she posted went viral. In the video, Scott phone calls her clients whom she works for as a horse-breaker that she would not be making it to work to train their horses because she has been down with flu.

She goes ahead to tell them that they would not be charged for the day; the comedic undertone with which she passes her message and her client’s reaction made the video a hit across social media.

Scott has utilized this fame to become many things, including a reality TV star and, of course, a social media influencer. Also a songwriter and singer, Scott has leveraged her popularity to promote her music and now has one of her original songs featured in the coveted iTunes chart.

Her comic side has also been explored further, as Scott now performs stand-up comedy on the road and continues to vlog about her daily life experiences to her millions of followers across her active social media platforms. Facebook remains her most successful platform, with over 1.5 million followers.

Kristen Tuff Scott Was Born Into A Family of Farmers

Kristen Tuff Scott, as her looks and dress sense immediately give away, is a farm girl. She was born on August 8, 1988, into a family with a long history of farming. She was born in Piggott, a city in Clay County, Arkansas, with a population of a little over three thousand six hundred (3,600) people. Scott was raised in the city by her parents, who are now divorced and married to other people. Scott’s ancestors are from Scotland. From her social media posts since she came to fame, Scott has revealed that she has two brothers – one older, the other younger; this could likely mean that she is the middle child of the family.

Her parents have long begun building respective families with other people. However, before their split, Scott enjoyed their parentage and was particularly close to her mother, whose identity is unknown to the media. Her father’s identity is also not known. However, one member of her family that she is particularly fond of and speaks about always is her grandfather John T. Becking. He fought in the US Navy during the second world war. Scott’s grandfather was born on June 18, 1922, and passed away on May 11, 2011. He died at a good old age of 89.

Scott’s Mother Helped Her Overcome Dyslexia

Atypical of natives of Arkansas, Scott, while growing up, learned the act of fishing, hunting, and horse-riding. While Kristen Tuff Scott does not have a sister, she shares what she described as a sisterly bond with her mother. The social media star credits her mother with helping her overcome dyslexia, which she was diagnosed with during her schooling years. The diagnosis came when she was in the first grade and discouraged her from continuing her education. In addition to dyslexia, Scott was also diagnosed with dysgraphia which involves impaired ability to produce legible and automatic letter writing and often numeral writing.

In one of her videos, Scott said that her teachers at school immediately gave up on her and were not ready to put in the work necessary to teach her how to learn and write, but thankfully, her mother came to her rescue. She could not stand her child having learning difficulties. The condition was so bad that no one believed she would make it through to high school, let alone graduate from it. Against all odds, Kristen Tuff Scott graduated from high school and went ahead to college. In high school, Scott explored her musical side, which would prove beneficial as it helped her land a musical scholarship with which she could enroll in college.

At Arkansas State University, Scott studied biology and chemistry (which are considered two of the hardest degrees to get) despite being told that science was not the best fit for her. For the second time in her life, Scott would yet again prove her doubters wrong. She graduated from college in 2014, an achievement she describes as one of her biggest in life.

Scott’s Dropped Out Of Medical School To Train Horses

Kristen Tuff Scott attempted to push her education further by enrolling in medical school to study for a medical degree. However, her artistic side kept pulling on her, and halfway through, she had to heed and drop out to pursue her true passion – music and comedy. The entertainment field requires talent but a lot of fortune; thus, to earn a living, she began working as a horse trainer in Missouri.

To publicize her skills with horses, Scott made her social media public and began posting videos of herself handling horses. It was not long before her humorous side and witty personality brought her fame when the video of her phone-calling her clients to inform them of her absence from work went viral. An appetite for more of her comic abilities saw her followership grow rapidly. Scott would continue posting her vlogs, giving her take on trivial issues while also sharing her love for dogs, fishing, cows, and every other farm-related activity.

How Scott Has Utilized Her Social Media Fame

CMT’s Redneck Island

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
Scott on Redneck Island image source

In 2016, Scott’s social media fame brought her first televised gig. She was called up to be one of 24 contestants on the 5th season of Redneck Island, a reality competition series hosted by Steve Austin and televised on Country Music Television. All contestants are from the South and are dropped on a deserted tropical island to compete for a winner takes all prize of $100,000. In the course of the reality show, friendships, romance, and rivalries are formed while the contestants attempt to navigate physical challenges.

Scott brought her cowgirl persona to the show, describing herself as “the toughest cowgirl in the town.” She also spoke about her background, revealing that she was raised to be a hard worker and be respectable yet a straight talker who should not cringe at an opportunity to make her mind known. Scott was eliminated in the 5th episode of the season that was tagged Battle at the Lake. The season ended on March 31, 2016, with a certain Becky Andrews taking the winning prize for the female contestants and Riley Green of Jacksonville for the male contestants.

Scott would later share her experience on the show with Intellifluence, revealing one of her favorite moments on the show to be the time when she let one of the male contestants named Jordan put makeup on her face while they were both drunk. She revealed that despite not being a makeup expert, she knew the lipstick color Jordan used was too dark to fit her complexion. Scott added that she particularly enjoyed the whiskey-drinking competition with the show’s host Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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Scott finally won; she admitted missing the show and would not mind a second opportunity to compete again for the prize money. Redneck Island does call back former contestants. However, it is highly likely, that this may not be as County Music TV after the 5th season announced that the show had been removed from their program lineup.

Pokemon Go

When Pokemon Go became a viral game in early 2017, Kristen Tuff Scott made a video about that game that equally went viral, garnering her more traction in the process. Scott saw an increased number of visitors to her farm as players were hunting to catch game characters. She eventually got fed up with too many people trooping into her place of work to identify game characters, so she thought she would identify all the characters at her farm and upload it for everyone. However, she soon realized that the modus operandi of the game was quite different.

Scott would then take to social media to air her frustration about the constant disturbance she got at her workplace from Pokemon players. Many could relate to her frustration; thus, the video went viral, receiving over 25 million views. She would eventually fall in love with the game that brought her existence to the knowledge of people who had not known her hitherto.

Brand Influencing

There is one way that social media stars monetize their fame, and that is by brand influencing. Top social media personalities have made a killing off of this, and Scott can count herself among them. She has utilized her fame to shill for many brands. However, she has explained to her fans that honesty is one of her core values and that she would not trade it for bucks no matter how much. Among products that she has reviewed include beauty products.

Scott does admit that just because a product does not work for her does not mean that she would not work with the company because it could be a perfect fit for another person. In such cases, she gives honest feedback, including reasons why the product was not a fit for her and letting intending customers make up their minds on whether or not they should go ahead with a purchase. Her work as a brand influencer has seen her collaborate with Shopify on her brand website to sell products and services.

Music and Comedy

Music has been Scott’s thing since she was a kid. According to her eponymous website, Scott boasts a stirring discography that has more than 100 original songs. She describes her version of country music as being different from the rest due to the rich and captivating lyricism it embodies, immersing listeners in the depths of a whole different ambient setting. It does have the personal experience storytelling pattern that is synonymous with the genre. She has uploaded the cover of popular songs in the genre by acts like Goerge Strait and Keith Urban on YouTube.

She has released a handful of singles, the most popular being Grandpa, an ode to her late grandfather, a war veteran. She performed the song at his funeral. The song, released in 2015, was re-released under her new label New Country Song. The song peaked at number 10 on iTunes ‘Top Country Song Chart.’ Simultaneously with her music, Scott, who primarily identifies as a comedian on her Instagram page, where she boasts 150k followers, is also actively chasing a career in stand-up comedy. She frequently collaborates with DJ Slim McGraw on comedy tours. In mid-2021, she performed at Off the Hook Comedy Club in Naples, Florida, where ticket prices ranged from $25 – $85.

Merchandise Sales

Merchandise sale is another common money-maker for social media personalities. She makes and sells branded items ranging from hoodies, tees, tank tops, mugs, trucker hats, and more via her eponymous website. She also promotes the same via her social media accounts. It is unknown just how much Scott makes from her numerous social media engagements. However, sources have pegged her net worth at $500,000.

Kristen Tuff Scott Had Breast Surgery To Stop Her Cancer From Spreading

When Kristen Tuff Scott appeared sometime in 2016 to have a reduced chest size, many thought she had become trans due to her sexuality, but this was far from it. Scott had undergone a mastectomy to stop her cancer from spreading. She had been diagnosed in mid-2010, and after the surgery, she spent years in recovery. Scott took her followers through her journey from before she had the surgery. In October 2016, Scott announced via Instagram that he had become cancer-free, alongside a photo of her chest showing that her breast had been completely removed.

The Social Media Star Is Openly Gay

Kristen Tuff Scott is openly gay and describes herself as the only gay republican she has ever encountered. Since coming out, Scott has not shared details of her love life with her fans. There were rumors that she was dating a particular lady known as Missy, but this has never been confirmed.

Scott’s sexuality contrasts with her conservative political views, making her a subject of much criticism, especially when she revealed that she was supporting Donald Trump in his bid for POTUS. She replied to her critics, explaining that there were more important issues in America than whether or not a president supported gay marriage. She added that the Black Lives Matter campaign and the hate meted out to the police were far more important issues.

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Kristen Tuff Scott is a reality star and also a social media influencer. Kristen Tuff Scott is seen influencing many thousands of people on social media.

Did Kristen have Breast Cancer?

Kristen Tuff Scott was previously diagnosed with breast cancer. Thus, she had to remove her breast during surgery. However, she is completely fit and fine at the moment. Therefore, she is in her daily routine and is enjoying her life. She is back to her social media career and is having fun with horses and traveling to different places.

Early Life and Childhood

Kristen Tuff Scott has not shared her date of birth with the public yet. However, as per some social media sources, it is announced that her age is 28 years at present. She was born in the USA and she holds an American nationality. She has a beautiful and caring family. Therefore, she has got loving and caring parents. But, we are not aware of her siblings.

Similarly, she was raised to be a respectable southern lady but she’s not afraid to be blunt and speak her mind. She might be browbeating but she makes friends quickly and is ready to win that money. Moreover, she is smart and well-educated. Scott double majored in biochemistry.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer

Kristen Tuff Scott taking a selfie with her parents. Source: Instagram

Professional Life

Scott is the roughest and toughest cowgirl in town. Kristen Tuff Scott comes from a lineage of farmers and hard work, everything she has earned has been a result of blood, sweat, and tears. Moreover, her daily routine involves breaking horses, training horses, fishing, playing guitar, and singing.

She is mostly known for appearing on the reality show named Redneck Island season 5. She is living on a ranch, sharing insights into her daily life. Moreover, as an influencer, she enjoys a reach of close to a million followers who appreciate her product reviews.

Also, she loves diesel trucks, playing guitar and singing, fishing, and spending time with her dogs, horses, and cows. Moreover, she also came into the limelight after the release of the game named Pokémon GO.

She has a self-titled YouTube channel. The channel was officially created on December 13, 2012. Some of the most popular videos are ‘Pokemon…’, ‘Crop dusted a cop….’, ‘Yoga pants!!’, ‘Here she is on all her glory’, ‘Funny Wisdom Teeth Removal’, ‘The only gay republican…? it’s a little longer but sticks with it!’, and many more.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer

Kristen Tuff Scott clicking a picture with her horse. Source: Instagram

Personal Life

Kristen Tuff Scott has not revealed anything about her personal and love life. Therefore, Scott has kept her personal life away from the limelight. However, she might have dated someone earlier but she has never spoken about it. Also, she might be waiting for the right time and the right person to be in a relationship. Moreover, she has kept herself away from the rumors and controversies.

Body Measurements

She is a confident and bold lady. She is tall and has a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 55 kilos. Likewise, she has a fine body figure measuring 34-26-35 inches. Moreover, she wears a bra size of 33C and her shoe size is 6 (US). Further, she has a set of hazel eyes and she has blonde hair.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer

Kristen Tuff Scott clicking a picture. Source: Instagram

Kristen Tuff Scott – Social Media 2022

She Scott is active on some social media platforms. Her Instagram account ‘@kristentuffscott’ has amassed over 147K followers. Her official Facebook page has gathered more than 1.3 million followers. And, her self-titled YouTube channel has accumulated over 34.8K subscribers. Moreover, she is active on Twitter under the username ‘@Kscott_13’. There, she has gained over 4K followers.

Kristen Tuff Scott – Net Worth 2022

This amazing personality might earn a certain amount of money through her profession at the age of 27. She has a net worth of around $700K as of December 2020.

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Kristen tuff scott breast cancer

Popular social media influencer Kristen Tuff Scott has had a fair share of fame, thanks to her uprising singing career. But what really brought her to the limelight was her appearance in the fifth season of Redneck Island.

Although a well-known internet personality now, her situation wasn’t the same some years ago. She was having a hard time, dealing with a lot of stuff, and even had to go through mastectomy/breast surgery.

Kristen Battled Cancer

The Piggott, Arkansas native had to undergo mastectomy, as she was diagnosed with breast cancer during the mid-2010s.

As per Wikipedia, “Mastectomy is the medical term for the surgical removal of one or both breasts, partially or completely. A mastectomy is usually carried out to treat breast cancer.”

The surgery was successful and she had defeated cancer. On October 16, 2016, Kristen took to her Instagram handle for the first time after her surgery to give an update on her condition. She bravely shared a picture that showed her chest following the removal of her breast.

Likewise, she also wrote a caption that read, “I’ve debated on post this photo but I decided to. Don’t wait till tomorrow folks…it may not come! I may lose followers but it’s ok and well worth it if I save one person. #breastcancerawareness #reality.”

Afterward, she continued to raise her voice and aware people of cancer.

Considered Trans after Surgery

Following the removal of her breasts in order to battle breast cancer, many people who were unaware of her journey began to wonder and show concern about her breasts’ disappearance.

This led some to start a talk, questioning if Kristen changed her gender and became a transgender person. After the speculations didn’t stop to end, the ‘Grandpa’ singer decided to address the topic.

In a Facebook video of December 2017, she cleared everyone’s queries as she explained that she went through a mastectomy and had to remove her breasts due to breast cancer.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
Kristen Tuff Scott performing on a stage (Source: Kristen’s Instagram)

In addition to that, she also addressed how people thought that she might be trans. But as she spoke, she dismissed all of the trans rumors.

Personal Life: Is She Dating Anyone?

Although it is cleared that Kristen isn’t trans, it is also very known that she is an openly bisexual person, as she often identifies herself on social media. As a result of her openness, she has been linked to both men and women.

As per eCelebrityMirror, the American comedian was reported to be in a relationship with a lady named Missy, as of 2020. However, as the identity of Kristen’s alleged partner is yet to be disclosed, her love life with Missy remains a mystery.

But an amazing twist came when a remarkable number of sources claimed to see the rumored duo together in the public. However, without any official confirmation and concrete proof, Kristen’s love life with Missy is just another rumor.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
Kristen Tuff Scott enjoying her time in nature (Source: Kristen’s Instagram)

Speaking of rumors, the country singer has been linked to quite a few people before the talks of her relationship with Missy began. It is believed that she was in a romantic relationship with a woman named Marissa.

The two reportedly dated for almost 3 years. However, much like Missy, the details of Marissa are also unknown and no public eyes have seen her either in a picture or in real. Going by that, it surely seems Kristen knows how to keep her personal life a secret.

Other than Missy and Marissa, it was speculated that Kristen was dating a man named Hunter McCarroll. Unlike her other rumored relationships, she had shared pictures with Hunter through her Instagram handle.

But, as she stopped sharing pictures with her, people believed that they had parted ways. Furthermore, the pictures she had shared with her were also gone.

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Kristen Tuff Scott is one of the exemplary figures to many women, who went through several ups and downs before achieving success. Scott is a social media influencer who has over a million followers on Facebook. She mostly uploads comedic clips on her socials.

Besides all the struggles she has done in the entertainment industry, Kristen has gone through a tough health condition as well. The Redneck Island star had to undergo a mastectomy to curb cancer’s spread and had her breasts removed entirely.

Following the surgery, people started raising questions about her sexuality as many of them thought she is trans.  In fact, many people have questioned if Kristen Tuff Scott is a boy or a girl. So, in this article, let’s talk about Kristen Tuff Scott’s professional and personal journey before and after the surgery in detail.

How Old is Kristen Tuff Scott? Her Parents and Siblings

Kristen is 27-year-old. She was born in 1993, in Piggott, Arkansas, a state in the South Central region of the U.S. Talking about her parents, Scott is the daughter of Beth E Scott and Beverly Scott. She has shared a number of loving photos of her mother on Instagram.

Besides, Scott grew up in her hometown along with her three siblings.

What is Her Nationality

Scott is an American by her nationality.

Her College: Is an Arkansas State University Graduate

Kristen Tuff Scott, who says she was an idiot in High School, got a scholarship at Arkansas State University due to her musical potential. She later graduated with a double major in biology and chemistry. Following her graduation, Kristen had an intention to attend med school.

Nevertheless, due to some reasons, Kristen decided to close the chapter of her study and started becoming more active on social media and horseriding. She once said in an interview with Intellifluence,

Take a look at the full interview,

Kristen Tuff Scott’s Rise to Stardom

To share her work life with people, Kristen made her social media platforms public and started uploading videos, especially on Facebook. It was when one of her videos went viral, Scoot’s followers on social media handles grew exponentially, garnering thousands of followers in a day.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
Kristen is a social media star.
Source: Instagram

Shortly after the considerable rise in her fan followings, Kristen was approached by several brands to endorse them. However, as per her, she refused many of the offers. She once denied working for vodka brands which she told in an interview. In her words,

Kristen Tuff Scott Diagnosis with Breast Cancer & Mastectomy Surgery

Back in the mid-2010s, Scott was diagnosed with breast cancer and later had to undergo a mastectomy to curb the spread of cancer.

Following the successful operation, Scott opened about cancer for the first time to her social media fans in October 2016, posting a photo that showed her bare chest following the removal. Her caption read,

Kristen Faced Dealt with Transgender Rumors After Mastectomy Surgery

After Kristen had her breasts removed, several people, who weren’t aware of her health condition, started speculating on her sexuality. In the meantime, many of them presumed if Kristen Tuff Scott was trans. After a series of speculations, Kristen addressed the rumors by posting the video on Facebook on 6th December 2017. In the video, Kristen explained,

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
Kristen Tuff Scott after her breast removal.
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Her Moles’ Surgery

The cancer survivor went under the knives again for two more instances to have her moles removed. She removed two moles, one was in her chin and another one was in her back. Talking about the reason behind the removal of her moles, Kristen explained on her Facebook video titled, ‘Update on my surgery,’ posted on May 2020,

Kristen’s Life Post Surgery

The Facebook star is now leading a healthy and heroic life. She shares her adventurous life on her socials. She is pretty into fishing. Some other daily activities are breaking horses, training horses, and playing guitar.

Besides, Scott is an avid animal lover and has a few pet puppies as well.

Is a Cowgirl

Kristen has had an interest in horseriding from an early age and is now an accomplished horse rider. She has mentioned herself as “the funniest cowboy in town” on her Insta bio. As a matter of fact, she also trains horses in the ranch.

Kristen tuff scott breast cancer
Kristen developed a strong passion from childhood.
Source: Instagram

Kristen Tuff Scott on Redneck Island

Scott gained tremendous popularity following her breakout performance in the fifth season of the reality show Redneck Island, the reality-competition series that aired on Country Music Television. Her appearance on the show helped her to amass a decent fan following on her social media profiles.

Her career as a Musician and Comedian

Kristen is a multi-faceted personality, who is quite interested in the musical field besides being a social media influencer. She is a true lyricist who has written more than a hundred original songs. The music lover frequently shares videos of her playing guitar and singing.

For the past several years, Scott has also been hitting comedy stages at night. She shares her favorite stories that mostly portray her relatable experiences.

In addition, Kristen is a YouTuber who created a self-titled channel back in Dec 2012. She has since uploaded a number of her comedic and singing clips.

Is Kristen Tuff Scott Married? Details on Her Sexual Orientation

The social media influencer isn’t married yet. She is gay as far as her sexuality is concerned. Talking about her love life, Kristen has kept it to herself. As of now, Scott doesn’t have a boyfriend neither is dating anyone officially.

In the meantime, several of her fans wonder to know if Kristen does have any children. But, Scott is yet to become a mother.

Net Worth

Kristen has an estimated net worth of $1 million in 2021. She predominantly makes money from her social media endorsement and many other endeavors. She runs a clothing line that includes several unisex items such as a hoodie, cap, and t-shirt.

Scott currently resides in Piggott, Arkansas.


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