Lemon Water Before Bed: Easy Health Hack or Enamel Eraser?

Some people swear by certain pre-bedtime rituals. One such habit is drinking lemon water before bed. But is it actually good for you? There might be some health benefits behind the practice, particularly if you drink hot lemon water or warm lemon water before you go to sleep.

Is it Good to Drink Water Before Bed?

Healthline says it’s not necessarily a bad idea to have water before bed, as long as you don’t drink it right before you turn in. The outlet notes that you should drink plenty of water every day to stay hydrated, and getting enough water throughout the day is extremely important.

Some of the benefits of having a glass of water before bedtime include an improved mood from not having a low fluid intake, and the fact that drinking water is a natural way to detox your body of free radicals. This detoxifying effect is a great reason to drink water alone.

“Drinking warm water before bed will keep you hydrated through the night and may help the body to rid itself of unwanted toxins,” the site notes.

However, having it right before you go to sleep can interrupt your sleep cycle, which is obviously no good. To prevent waking up at night, Healthline recommends stopping your water intake two hours before you go to sleep.

What About Lemon Water?

The site does say that adding lemon to your water before bed can make it less bland, and that since lemon contains vitamin C, it might help to boost your immune system while it fights infection.

But overall health benefits of drinking lemon water are not as clear. One 2015 study did find that citrus fruits like lemon have “…active natural metabolites that potentially provide benefits for human health.” Some of those benefits include being an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, reduction of the risk of cancer, and protection for your heart, brain, and nervous systems.

Jantzen claims that hot water specifically breaks down fat deposits in the body and can therefore result in weight loss, so having a glass of warm lemon water every day before bed could potentially help with that. The health benefits of lemon include digestive system improvement as well as relief from constipation. Lemons can also help balance your pH levels since they become alkaline once they’re in the body.

Lemons are also high in folate, potassium, flavonoids, and even a little bit of calcium, so a cup of lemon water could help with your overall health and well-being if you need more of those in your diet.

It does seem like lemon water helps with anyone who’s looking for detoxification solutions or for ways to hydrate throughout the day, since adding fresh lemon juice or lemon to plain water at least makes it a little more exciting to drink. If you’ve got a sore throat, drinking hot lemon water might help soothe it, and daily lemon water consumption can also prevent kidney stones and reduce blood pressure and weight gain. The pectin fiber located in the peel can also be used as a fiber supplement, leading to even better digestive outcomes than lemon water alone.

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Should I Drink It Before Bed?

Trying to drink lemon water before bed might not magically make your sleep better or have sudden wellness side effects, but it couldn’t hurt to try it any more than having some regular water to get more hydration in before you go to sleep. Unfortunately, there are some issues you should watch out for when drinking cold lemon water or hot lemon water before bed. The citric acid in lemons can break down tooth enamel, leading to expensive dental bills, especially if combined with sugar.

While lemon water generally aids digestion, drinking it on an empty stomach before bed can lead to heartburn after you turn in for the night. Water of any kind is also a diuretic, meaning you might need to use the restroom several times at night if you drink too much. Unfortunately, this can lead to a fitful night of sleep.

That being said, having several ounces of water a day is always a good idea, and as long as you don’t drink it immediately before you sleep, having some of that be lemon water before bed is certainly worth a try.

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In my endless scrolling, it became apparent that pretty much every health influencer cites lemon water in their daily habits. These glowy creatures credit the magical elixir with everything from improving skin and digestion to boosting their immune systems and helping their bodies “detox”—whatever that means.

But when we hear of people drinking lemon water to try to reap all the purported benefits, we mostly hear about including the bevvie as part of a morning routine. Between getting out the door for my workout and getting kids, pets, and myself ready for the day, I can’t seem to get it together to add one more thing to my morning routine. But what about nighttime? I set out to learn if there is anything to be gained from flipping the script and drinking lemon water before bed when winding down.

Are there health benefits of drinking lemon water before bed (or any time)?

As Well+Good has previously reported, the benefits of drinking lemon water might be a tad bit overblown. “Contrary to popular belief, many specific claims about the benefits of drinking lemon water aren’t backed by science,” says Megen Erwine, RD for LetsGetChecked.

That being said, she certainly doesn’t mean that there are zero benefits to the tart stuff. Lemons are a good source of vitamin C, with one tablespoon providing about 10 mg—and most adults need 75-90 mg of vitamin C per day. “Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and supports the immune system. It plays a role in cardiovascular disease prevention, cancer prevention and treatment, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataract progression, and prevention and treatment of the common cold,” Erwine explains.

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Many of the benefits of lemon water come from the basic hydration factor, which you can achieve with or without the citrus component. Staying hydrated is, after all, a highly integral part of maintaining one’s overall health and longevity.

And that attractive idea of “detox”? Plain ol’ water will do that for you, too. “Increased water consumption can assist the liver and kidneys in removing toxins by increasing urine,” says Erwine. Our bodies don’t need fancy detox mechanisms—they just need to be supported with healthy daily habits that encourage optimal function. Hydration, while perhaps not the flashiest wellness tool, is one of the best things we can do for health.

So is lemon water before bed a good idea?

Given the role of lemon water in a healthy lifestyle, could there be any additional benefits to drinking lemon water before bed? According to Erwine, the answer is… it depends. “Adding lemon water at any time during the day is an easy way to boost water and vitamin C intake,” she says. Beyond that, the advantages to lemon water before bed will depend on the individual. Erwine says that warm lemon water before bed could have a relaxing effect, which could help reduce stress and improve sleep. Additionally, for those who find lemon water to be a satisfying sipper for the evenings, it could serve as a healthier alternative to alcoholic beverages or late night snacks.

On the flip side, drinking fluids right before bed could disrupt sleep by needing to use the bathroom in the middle of the night— so watch how much you imbibe if you want to avoid middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. “For those that suffer from heartburn and GERD, consuming lemon water before going to bed could cause symptoms,” adds Erwine.

Like with anything, listening to your body will serve you well when considering adding lemon water to your nighttime ritual. Try adding a glass or warm or cold lemon water before bed and see how your sleep, digestion, and overall health responds. Perhaps you’ll even discover a new favorite way to wind down for the night.

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— Update: 07-02-2023 — cohaitungchi.com found an additional article A Better Nightcap: Why You Should Drink Lemon Water Before Bed from the website shebdeducation.com for the keyword benefits of lemon water at night.

While some people swear by drinking their lemon water in the morning, others hold off on taking their citrus potion until the evening. Does it make a difference? We’ll explore the many benefits of drinking lemon water at different times of day and what makes this concoction so healthy. We’ll also share our favorite lemon water recipe so you can reap the benefits yourself.

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But First: What Makes Lemons So Powerful?

One of the healthiest fruits on the planet, lemons are full of essential vitamins and minerals. They are a potent source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and fiber. They also contain pectin, a soluble fiber that aids digestion. The terpene limonene can also be found in lemons and it possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-stress properties.

Research says that lemons are teeming with benefits that range from better digestion to more radiant skin. Some evidence shows that lemon water may even strengthen your immune system and soothe symptoms of the common cold.

Why Lemon Water?

More palatable than eating a lemon on its own, lemon water is an easy way to incorporate the benefits of this citrus powerhouse into your diet and hydrate your body at the same time. It’s also low in calories; so if your aim is to lose weight, this drink is a smart choice. But there is an ongoing debate amidst lemon water enthusiasts about when you should be drinking it. The answer depends on your personal health goals.

Benefits of lemon water at night

The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning

From freshening your breath to jumpstarting your metabolism, drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is one of the healthiest things you can do. Before brushing your teeth or having breakfast, start your day with a glass of lemon water and enjoy the following reported benefits:

The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Before Bed

Whether you’re fighting off a cold or struggling with stress, lemon water also makes for a fantastic nighttime elixir. When taken before bed, lemon water works its magic while you sleep so you can wake up feeling and looking more radiant, thanks to its detoxifying properties. Drink lemon water before bed if you hope to enjoy these health benefits:

Try This Easy Lemon Water Recipe

Benefits of lemon water at night

If you’re ready to integrate lemon water into your diet, try this easy recipe:

  • Squeeze fresh lemons (not lemon juice concentrate) into 8 ounces of warm or cold water.
  • Add a little more flavor with a teaspoon of honey or a few sprigs of mint.

If you become fond of drinking lemon water and it becomes a regular habit, consider drinking through a straw to protect your tooth enamel, as lemons are acidic and don’t become alkaline until they are digested. No matter what time of day you decide to drink lemon water, one thing is certain: You’ll be making a healthy choice.

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