Master’s in Nutrition Salary: How Much Can You Earn with a Master’s in Nutrition?

Nutrition is an ever-growing sector of the U.S. healthcare industry. The global clinical nutrition market size was valued at $32,495.97 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $51,128.26 million by 2028. This should come as no surprise. Clinical nutrition can be used to improve a patient’s total wellness and prevent disease. It can also be used in a variety of settings, including ambulatory care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation care centers, and more. Nutrition can even be used to address community health issues, both in the greater community and in the context of a corporation or a school. The versatility of Nutrition extends beyond its applications. It also makes it possible for graduates who hold a degree in Nutrition to pursue a varying array of careers. But, how much can you earn with a Master’s in Nutrition? Is there a defined Master’s in Nutrition salary? Read on to learn more!

Salary Statistics for Master’s in Nutrition Graduates

Salary and pay scale are mutable numbers based on a variety of factors. A specific degree can result in a certain level of pay. For example, PayScale calculates that on average, MS in Nutrition graduates can expect to earn an annual salary of $59,000 per year. However, salary is determined by more than a degree. It depends on the job title, level of experience, job location, specialization, employer, and more. An MS in Nutrition can prepare graduates to work as nutritionists, of course, but there is a wide variety of roles that an MS in Nutrition can prepare graduates for. Below are just a few.

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Nutrition Career Paths and their Salaries

As mentioned, a master’s degree in Nutrition can prepare you for an exciting cross-section of careers. Here are a few post-graduation jobs to consider, as well as their salaries.

1. Nutritionist: $63,090 per year

Perhaps the most obvious choice for an MS in Nutrition graduate is a career in Nutrition. Clinical Nutritionists analyze their patients’ diets, medical history, and lifestyles. Using these data points, they advise their patients on how to use nutrition to improve their overall health and wellness. They may also work with a team of nurses and doctors to help patients treat and/or prevent disease through nutrition.

Nutritionists who wish to work in a clinical setting must earn certification. Certification is reliant on an applicant’s completion of a master’s in Nutrition from an accredited university, 1,000 hours of supervised experience, and a passing score on the Board of Certification for Nutrition Specialists’ CNS exam. After these requirements are met, clinicians are able to begin the important work of guiding their patients towards a healthier life, through nutritional intake.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nutritionists can earn $63,090 per year. The top-paying employer in 2020 for nutritionists was outpatient care centers, closely followed by government health agencies and hospitals. Employment in this field is expected to grow by 11% between now and 2030.

2. Business Development Executive: Over $100,000 per year

Though it may seem an unlikely career choice, an MS in Nutrition can prepare you for a career in business. The business of food, that is. A business development executive is tasked with developing the overall growth of a company through increased sales, customer acquisition, and strategy development. In the case of someone who holds a Master’s in Nutrition, this may involve working in any number of nutrition-related businesses including grocery corporations, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, restaurants, hospitality, or private clinics.

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On average, business development executives can expect to make a base salary of $65,511 per year, depending on experience. In some instances, business development professionals can earn more than $100,000 per year. In 2020, the highest paying employers for these positions included healthcare companies, scientific and technical companies, and educational services.

3. Corporate Wellness Professional: $72,916 per year

For graduates interested in combining their nutrition expertise with business acumen, a position as a corporate wellness consultant may be of interest, as well. Corporate wellness professionals work to create and implement wellness programs for their companies or for companies that hire them as consultants. They are regarded as experts in health and nutrition and are called upon to identify and analyze problem areas in a company’s wellness program, fitness plan, and/or catering offerings. They are then tasked with coming up with solutions to these problems. Corporate wellness consultants are frequently certified nutritionists or registered dietitians. Though this isn’t a requirement, this certification can make prospective corporate wellness consultants much more attractive to future employers.

According to Zip Recruiter, the national average salary for a corporate wellness consultant is $72,916 per year. However, the top 3% of consultants have an average annual salary of between $203,000 and $221,500, making this career a lucrative option for those who hold an MS in Nutrition.

Pursuing graduate study is not a decision to be taken lightly. Graduate school can be costly and takes an investment of time, even in the most flexible programs. That’s why, before enrolling in graduate study, it’s important to consider your earning potential when you’ve earned your diploma. This information can greatly impact the direction you take your course of study, the area you decide to specialize in, and even how long or how quickly you’d like to take to finish your degree. The good news is, a master’s degree can increase your earnings by 20%. Plus, the versatility of an MS in Nutrition will set you up for a that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

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