My Dog Peed on Couch Cushions! How to Clean Your Urine-Stained Couch

Your dog is your best friend, but sometimes pee happens! 

And when it happens on your couch, you might not be feeling warm and fuzzy about your four-legged friend.

Instead, you’re probably freaking out! My dog peed on the couch! What a disaster!

Don’t panic just yet. There’s no need to start shopping for a new couch. There’s a fast solution available if you prefer here or channel your inner Martha Stewart and make your couch look and smell like it never happened.

Follow the steps here to clean your couch and sit back down to relax once again!

My Dog Peed on the Couch! What Do I Do?

For non-dog people, dog pee on the couch is unthinkable. They wouldn’t even begin to think about how to clean dog urine from the couch. Into the trash, it would go!  You, on the other hand, you love your dog like your child. 

So…when pee happens, you want to clean it and move on with life.

Step 1

With an old rag, blot up as much of the urine as you can. A bunch of paper towels will work too, changing them out as needed. Do not rub. Rubbing it will push it further into the cushion. You do not want that!

If you have a wet/dry vacuum, you can use that as well to clean up the urine. If choosing that option, be sure to empty out the canister to prevent lingering odors.

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Step 2

It’s time to deodorize. This step is important. Using 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water, make a solution. You can put it in a spray bottle (great to have around for other household uses) or just blot it on the spot.

You might be thinking, “How can something as smelly as vinegar deodorize anything?!” Trust me, the vinegar does not leave a smell and it definitely takes odors away.

Apply a decent amount of the vinegar mixture on the spot. With a rag, move it around so that it covers the whole spot/stain. Allow it to dry naturally.

The vinegar will work deep down in the cushion to remove the odor as it dries.

Step 3

Another cleaning product comes into play with the third step of how to clean dog pee off a couch. Baking soda is great at moisture absorption and odor neutralizing.

Kick it up a notch by adding some lavender essential oil.

Depending on how big the spot is, take about a cup of baking soda and add 10 or so drops of the essential oil. Stir to distribute the oil throughout the baking soda. You can use more or less essential oil to your preference.

Let the mixture sit for at least two hours. You can leave it overnight if it makes you feel better.

Vacuum it up and your cushion will be no worse for the wear.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use an all-natural derived solution you also can try Bulldogology’s best couch stain remover to get rid of pet stain and odor. Our stain and odor removal is a naturally derived cleanser that’s both safe and highly effective if you rather make it quick and easy.

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Dog Problems, Dog Solutions

For your own convenience, you can start potty training your puppy as soon as you can, so he or she won’t make a big mess on your house and on your couch cushions.

Now that you’ve read our advice on what to do when you realize the dog peed on the couch, comment below if you have some other helpful tips to add.

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