Prayers For Loss of a Pet

Prayer for the loss of a catPrayer for the loss of a cat

We pray for many reasons. During times of loss, such as when a beloved pet dies, prayer can offer comfort and help us on the path toward healing.

For some, private prayer offers the best solace. For others, joining with others who shared our pet’s life to offer prayer, provides a valuable shared expression of spirituality.

There are many appropriate prayers for the loss of a pet. We have collected some that we think can offer particular comfort. They can be used for solitary reflection or be incorporated into a ceremony to honor your pet.

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Make Me An Instrument of Thy Peace

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy Peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is darkness, light.
Where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive.
It is in pardoning, that we are pardoned.
And it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

—St. Francis of Assisi (Patron Saint of Animals)

Prayer for the Death of a Pet

O Lord our God, we come before You this day in sadness. (Pet’s name), who brought us so much joy in life, has now died. (His/Her) happy times in our family’s embrace have come to an end. We miss (pet’s name) already.

Help us, O God, to remember the good times with (pet’s name). Remind us to rejoice in the happy times (he/she) brought to our home. Let us be thankful for the good life we were blessed to give to (him/her).

We are grateful to You, God, for creating (pet’s name), for entrusting (him/her) to our care, and for sustaining (him/her) in our love for a measure of time. We understand that all that lives must die. We knew that this day would come. And yet, O God, we would have wanted one more day of play, one more evening of love with (pet’s name).

O God, as we have taken care of (pet’s name) in life, we ask that You watch over (him/her) in death. You entrusted (pet’s name) to our care; now, we give (him/her) back to You. May (pet’s name) find a happy new home in Your loving embrace.

As we remember (pet’s name), may we love each other more dearly. May we care for all Your creatures, for every living thing, as we protected the blessed life of (pet’s name). May (his/her) memory bless our lives with love and caring forever. Amen.

—Rabbi Barry H. Block

Catholic Prayer for the Animals

Heavenly Father, our human ties with our friends of other species is a wonderful and special gift from You. We now ask You to grant our special animal companions your Fatherly care and healing power to take away any suffering they have. Give us, their human friends, a new understanding of our responsibilities to these creatures of yours. They have trust in us as we have trust in You; We are on this earth together to give one another friendship, affection and caring. Take our heartfelt prayers and fill Your ill or suffering animals with healing Light and strength to overcome whatever weakness of body they have. ( Here mention the names of the animals needing prayer ) Your goodness is turned upon every living thing and Your grace flows to all Your creatures. Grant to our special animal companions long and healthy lives. Give them good relationships with and if You see fit to take them from us, help us to understand that they are not gone from us, but only drawing closer to You. Grant our petitions through the intercession of good St. Francis of Assisi, who honored You through all Your creatures.

—Author Unknown 

Prayer for Pets

Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, thank you for having entrusted us with such a loyal friend. Thank you for letting this beautiful animal teach us unselfish love. Thank you for the memories we can recall to brighten our days for the rest of our lives. Finally, in gratitude, we return our cherished companion to you. Amen.

—Author Unknown

A Pet’s Prayer

My people are so precious, Lord;
I know You think so too…
And I believe You put me here
To love them just for You!

They take such gentle care of me
And have such tender hearts…
Please use me, Lord, to comfort them
Whenever teardrops start.

They face a lot of battles
As they live & work each day…
they need me, Lord.
To make them smile
And show them how to play!

The world is full of people.
But sometimes real friends are few…
Please let my love & loyalty
Remind them, Lord, of You.

And when my final moment comes,
Lord, tell them as we part…
I was a made-to-order gift
From Your great, loving heart!

—Hope Harrington Kolb

A Parting Prayer

Dear Lord, please open your gates
And call St. Francis
To come escort this beloved companion
Across the Rainbow Bridge.

Assign her to a place of honor,
For she has been a faithful servant
And has always done her best to please me.

Bless the hands that send her to you,
For they are doing so in love and compassion,
Freeing her from pain and suffering.

Grant me the strength not to dwell on my loss
Help me remember the details of her life
With the love she has shown me
And grant me the courage to honor her
By sharing those memories with others.

Let her remember me as well
And let her know that I will always love her.
And when it’s my time to pass over into your paradise,
Please allow her to accompany those
Who will bring me home.

Thank you, Lord,
For the gift of her companionship
And for the time we’ve had together.
And thank you, Lord,
For granting me the strength
To give her to you now.

—Brandy Duckworth

Prayer for Lost Pets

Blessed are you, Lord God, for all living creatures you have made. You keep them in your
care and not one of them is lost without you knowing. They glorify you, each in its own
way, and speak to us of your beauty and love. Bless them and keep them from harm.
They unquestionably accept their place in the rhythm of your creation. May we respect
them and cherish them for they are your gift to us; through them may we come to know
you better and praise you, their Creator. Blessed be the love and joy that they bring to
us. Amen.

—Author Unknown

Good-bye Prayer of a Beloved Pet

We gather today joining hearts as we honor the loss of our beloved pet (pet’s name) who made our days and our lives more enjoyable. Someday we hope to meet with you again (pet’s name) in eternity with hugs, kisses, and tears. We miss your daily presence and unending love in our daily lives. Death ends a life but our relationship still lives on in my heart and in my memory of times we spent together. You are now free running the fields where we will meet again. You are restored to complete health. You are in God’s loving care forever. Amen

—Author Unknown

A Prayer for Animals

Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our friends the animals, especially for animals who are suffering;
for any that are hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry; for all that must be put to death.
We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity, and for those who deal with them,
we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words.
Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the merciful.

—Albert Schweitzer

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Pet loss prayers to comfort and console you after the death of your dog or cat. Thoughts of “pet heaven” won’t erase grief, but can bring peace and healing.  

As you pray for peace and healing after your pet’s death, remember the most important prayer you could ever say: Thank you. Thank you for the love, companionship, and loyalty of my dog, my cat, my God.

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“Laurie, I lost my husband a year ago and our dog has never been the same,” writes Elisa on Do Dogs Grieve? How to Help Your Dog Adjust After Loss. “Rufus, our Golden Retriever, had a change in appetite and demeanor after my husband died. I fully believe our dog was grieving my husband’s death – and he is still grieving. Rufus and I hold each other and cry. It may sound odd, to hold your dog while weeping, but it brings me great comfort. I miss my husband very much and am so grateful our dog is seeing me through grief. My only regret is that my pain is probably prolonging the grieving process for my dog. I hope others who are bereaved, especially pet owners whose dogs are grieving loss, are comforted knowing that we will all be together in the end. xoxo Elisa P.S. If you write a blog post that shares comforting prayers after the loss of a pet, I would be grateful.”

I’ve never been a fan of rote or recited prayers. As a writer, I would much rather write my own prayers of grief and lamentations to God in my journal. But words don’t come naturally to every person, and grief makes words and prayers even more difficult. After losing your dog or cat, you may not even how to pray, who to pray to, or what to say. I have a few comforting prayers to share with you, to help you cope after the loss of your beloved animal companion.

Comforting Ideas and Heartfelt Prayers for the Loss of a Pet

God may not erase our grief or pain, but our faith and God’s presence can help us walk through it.

Lord God,

Bring comfort and healing to those who are mourning the deaths of their beloved pets. You know their pain, for you lost your own beloved son. You know the depth of sadness and grief your children feel when they lose a dog or cat who was so dear, near, and special to them. You know the emptiness of a home that no longer has that furry little (or big!) creature; you know the emptiness of a heart that longs for the comforting touch of a beloved cat or dog.

I thank you for the gift of our pets, for the love these creatures give us, for the life that they offer, and for the chance to love them like we love nothing and nobody else on earth.

I pray for comfort, peace, and healing as we let go of the cats and dogs that we loved so dearly.


Prayers for healing from the surprising depth of pain from pet loss

Why is the death of a cat or dog so devastating? Because our pets bring us a depth of companionship and love that nothing else on earth offers.

“Our relationships with dogs can be even more satisfying than our human relationships, if for no other reason than dogs provide us with such unconditional, uncritical positive feedback,” writes Frank McAndrew in Getting Over Rover: Why Our Grief Over a Dog Is So Intense on Psychology Today. “Interacting with dogs makes us feel good, and just looking at them can make us smile. Dog owners score higher on measures of well-being and, on average, they are happier than people who own cats and those who own no pets at all.”

The loss of a cat or dog is painful because we are not losing just one pet; we actually experience multiple losses at the same time.  We may be losing our primary companion, a source of unconditional love, a “life witness” who provides security and comfort to us, a best friend, a link to ourselves, and even a part of who we were and are and hope to be. 

The loss of a pet cat or dog dramatically changes your daily life at home and in the neighborhood. Pet loss is even more profound than the loss of most friends and relatives, because of the extreme and sometimes sudden changes in lifestyle and routine.

Prayers for forgiveness and healing

“If I only I would’ve known my dog was that sick, I would have taken him to the veterinarian sooner,” say many readers on Forgiving Yourself After Your Dog’s Death.

Loving pet owners often feel guilt and regret after their dogs or cats die. They tell themselves they could have held on longer, given more mediation, tried one more tactic to avoid death…but the truth is that a dog or cat’s life is finite. There is no value in replaying the “if only” scenarios when you’re coping the loss of a family pet. Instead of looking back at the “if onlys”, focus on saying good-bye to your dog or cat — perhaps with a pet memorial service or a celebration of life. Say prayers that honor your dog or cat’s life and memory, and ask for peace, healing, and self-forgiveness.

Surrender to the natural cycle of life and death, which is what God’s world seems to be founded on.

Will you say goodbye with a memorial service for your dog or cat?

“A pet loss memorial service can be solitary, or friends and family may also gather in farewell,” writes Gary Kowalski in Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet. “Coming to terms with the death may be especially difficult for those who lack the chance to say a personal goodbye.”

Memorials can include a period of silence, a brief time for sharing, a eulogy, reading, prayer. Acknowledge loss and honor your memories. Express hope for the future, with an affirmation of life ahead. Focusing on what Heaven means to you and your pet is a spiritual way to survive pet loss for many mourning pet owners. And pray for comfort and faith as you grieve the loss of your beloved dog or cat.

Are you looking for ways to comfort someone grieving pet loss? Read 8 Pet Sympathy Gifts to Ease the Pain of a Dog or Cat’s Death helpful.

When Your Dog Dies: How to Cope With the Grief of Pet Loss

A prayer for a pet loss memorial service

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the gift of pets. You blessed us with the existence of this dog in our hearts and home for 10 years. You brought this dog to us; You brought life, joy, love, companionship, laughter, and comfort to us through this dog. He loved us unconditionally, and You loved us unconditionally through this pet. Thank you for this experience, this life we had together. Thank You for giving us this gift and blessing. It was a short life, but it was deep.

We lift our beloved pet to You now. We lift her spirit, her heart and soul and dear little body to You. We know You love this pet dearly, and You are watching over us now. We know You care, and Your heart aches just as ours do. We pray for the loss of our pet, and we give You our grief and pain. We bow before you in humble adoration, and we lift our broken hearts to You.

We trust You with a childlike faith, Father, and we know our pet is safe in Your arms. We love you with innocent hearts, and we know You will take good care of our pets now and forevermore.

Until we meet again, our pets rest safely in Your arms and our hearts.


Prayers for grieving and healing at your own pace

Give yourself the gift of rest. You have lots of time to learn how to live without your pet dog or cat. After the shock and grief of pet loss, you may feel exhausted and drained. All you want to do is sleep. This is a normal, natural part of the grieving process. I believe it’s God’s gift to us. Sleep is healing and therapeutic, and can help your body and mind process the pain of losing your pet.

Avoid making major decisions right after your dog or cat dies. You’re emotionally drained, physically exhausted, and perhaps even spiritually dry. Your judgment isn’t the same as it normally is, and you may make a hasty or impulsive decision that you may later regret.

If possible, postpone making any big changes in your life.  This is may not be the time to adopt another pet dog or cat, for instance, nor is it the time to vow that you will never bring another pet into your home because you’re devastated. Allow yourself time to absorb and adjust to the situation. This isn’t the best time to make career changes, relationship decisions, or move to a new city.

Stick to the familiar, and hold tight to God. Continue your spiritual practices – and consider deepening them in this time of grief and loss.

In I Will See You in Heaven, Friar Jack Wintz describes how God has always taken care of His beloved animals – from the Garden of Eden to Noah and the Ark. In this book, you’ll find wisdom, comfort, and the reassuring hope that we will see our cats and dogs and other animals in heaven.

Prayer for the loss of a cat

Friar Jack has been pondering animals and pets in Heaven for years, and he is convinced that God’s loving relationship with creation includes the afterlife. “Our God is a God of overflowing love, goodness, and beauty who is ready to give over everything to those he loves,” says Friar Jack. “Surely the Creator would not suddenly stop loving and caring for the creatures he had put into existence with so much care!”

Prayers for connection with the Holy Spirit of God after a pet dies

You don’t need “prayers for pet loss” to tell God how you feel or receive His comfort and peace. Just open your heart and spirit to Him. The Holy Spirit’s job is to advocate for you, to tell God what you can’t say. Let the Holy Spirit do his job.

But you must do yours. Take time to bow your heart and humble yourself before God. If you’re angry because you lost your pet dog or cat, tell Him. Your prayers don’t have to filled with petitions, praises, or please.

Your prayers just have to be you.

On a practical note, both meditation and prayer have been found to reduce stress, increase feelings of well-being, offer deep relaxation, reduce depression, and increase self-confidence and self-love. You don’t have to be religious or even spiritual to benefit from meditation when you’re mourning the loss of your family pet. Connecting to a higher power such as God, the Universe, or Allah can get you through the worst parts of your grief. Friends, family members, and spouses can be a great source of spiritual strength and comfort – especially if they’re open to praying or meditating with you.

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Prayers for cold noses at the pearly gates

“Hold your pet in your heart, but know that physically they are in another place, a place far superior to the one they left,” writes Gary Kurz in Cold Noses At The Pearly Gates: A Book of Hope for Those Who Have Lost a Pet. “Suffice it to say that your pet is alive and well; and know that I would never say anything of such gravity if I were not absolutely sure of the facts.”

Prayer for the loss of a cat

The death of your beloved pet can be one of the most heartbreaking losses you’ll ever endure. But healing after the loss of a pet dog or cat isn’t only about finding closure through prayers and healing. You also want to know where your best friend has gone.

After the intense, unexpected grief he experienced following the loss of his own companions, animal lover and biblical scholar Gary Kurz set out to prove that there are indeed pets in Paradise. After devoting countless hours of research, he shares his inspiring insights to bring pet lovers a richer understanding of animals and their souls. You’ll finally find answers to common questions about animals and the afterlife –  and in this book you also get a 30-day devotional to help you work through your grief.

How long will the pain of pet loss last? “No one can say how long we will mourn pet loss,” writes Gary Kowalski in Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet. “Grieving may commonly be measured in days or weeks, but it can be months, or even longer. Many people report feeling ‘choked up’ by the memory of a beloved pet years after the animal is gone.”

Prayers for you, for wisdom, faith and comfort

After pet loss, some owners pray for a new dog or cat to love. Other grieving pet owners say they will never own another dog or cat again for as long as they live. What kind of faith and comfort are you praying for?

“A friend of mine, Pam, gave me the greatest advice when I lost my cat,” says Paige on Do You Miss Your Cat More Than You Thought Possible? “She told me to go get another kitten. Her reasoning was that Zoe gave me so much love and happiness in the 13 years she lived with me that it would be a shame to deprive myself of that type of relationship just because Zoe was gone. She was absolutely right. I never replaced Zoe in my heart, but I have opened my heart and home to several other kittens.”

This idea for surviving pet loss doesn’t work for everyone, but it has been helpful for some people.

“Time always brings eventual relief from the pain, and your life will return to normal,” writes Kurz in Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates. “There will be a time when you feel guilty for feeling better, but even that will pass. Nothing will ever take away the sense of absence, but the disabling and relentless grief will subside and eventually disappear. I know it may not seem that way now, but…it has proven true every time.”

Do animals go to heaven?

In Biblical Proof Animals Do Go To Heaven, Steven Woodward finally answers the age old question once and for all: “Do pets go to heaven, or did they just die and that’s it?”

Prayer for the loss of a cat

Do animals have spirits? In this book, you’ll discover one perspective about God’s relationship with animals, and how He really feels about them. Woodward shares his divine visions along with scriptural proof, which Jesus reveals and explains to him, concerning God’s entire creation.

Whether you are a pet lover or not, you will gain a greater understanding of the immense love of Jesus, for all of His creation. After reading this testimony, you will look at love and forgiveness in a whole new light. You’ll also have a different perspective on praying after the loss of a pet!

A final prayer for comfort after the loss of a pet dog or cat

I pray for healing from the grief and guilt you feel over the loss of your pet dog or cat. May you find comfort, hope and peace in the knowledge that your pet is resting in peace. Your dog isn’t in pain, your cat’s spirit is at ease. Your beloved dog or cat isn’t here with us in physical form, but is surrounding us in spirit. Forever in our hearts.

I pray for your dog or cat to remain alive and joyful in your heart and soul, and for you to remember your pet with joy and love. May you hold on to the light, life, and love your pet dog or cat brought to your home. May you be free from the shadows, and may your heart, soul and spirit be filled with the peace, joy, and radiance that can only come from the Son.


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Cats are calming, receptive to affection, help release oxytocin in the brain, and, most importantly, bond with you in profound, emotional ways. It’s no wonder that they become like children, and in some cases, often replace a person’s desire for them.  

Jump ahead to these sections::

  • Prayers for a Seriously Ill Cat or Kitten
  • Prayers for a Cat or Kitten Who Had Surgery
  • Prayers for a Cat or Kitten Who Died

Although the dialogue between religions and spirituality is different when dealing with a sick or dying cat, a hopeful prayer and optimistic outlook are much the same. Below, you’ll find several examples to help deliver solace guided by your religious or spiritual needs.

Prayers for a Seriously Ill Cat or Kitten

Prayer for the loss of a cat

When your loved one is seriously ill, you’ll do anything to encourage their renewal of health. The following prayers and mantras may help support the pursuit.

1. “Om Namah Shivaya” from Hindu Shaivism

The purpose of this chant includes purification and blessings. As they are directed to Lord Shiva himself, the benefits include winning over fear, fighting battles, and coming up undefeated. The prayer asks for healing and release from the illness.

2. ‘Untitled” from Christianity

This short prayer brings in the generous characteristics of the Christian God and promotes the goal of hope, peace, and the ability to manage stress:

“May God, who heals the sick, defends the vulnerable, cares for the poor, and liberates all creation from suffering and injustice, bring us all to that peaceable kingdom when all creatures shall live in harmony and all suffering shall be transformed into joy. Amen.”

3. “Om Ami Dewa Hri” from Buddhism

When praying to Amitabha Buddha, this chant recollects the Buddha’s compassion and love. As with other Buddhas, Amitabha calls for healing and protection. Here, the intent of the chant weighs more heavily than the words themselves. 

4. “Untitled” from Christianity

Being the parent of a fur-kitty who is seriously ill is scary. Plus, serious conversations about a loved one can be a lot to take in. The following simple prayer asks for healing, guidance, and support through recovery.

“God of healing, please comfort and strengthen [pet’s name] during his/her illness. Ease his/her fear and pain and guide the vet and all caring for him/her, that he/she may recover fully. Comfort us, too, God, that we may better care for [name of pet] and make decisions that are best for him/her. Amen.”

5. “Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra” from Hinduism

Repeating, “Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam I Urvaruka Bandhanath Mrityormukshiya Mamritat II” provides escape from the fears of death. It’ll work for your little mouser who is currently struggling with a severe illness and needs veterinary care.

Prayers for a Cat or Kitten Who Had Surgery

Prayer for the loss of a cat

Waiting through any surgery is a worrisome time, especially if it’s for your kitten or cat. Below are some prayers that you can recite during and after to help calm any anxieties you may be feeling. If you’re a friend, consider writing one of the prayers in a card, and include it with some thoughtful get well gifts such as a toy mouse or some soft food.

6. “Albert Schweitzer’s Offering” from Lutheranism

Schweitzer’s words resonate through troubling physical ailments and events. So, if you’re seeking relief from anxiety or fear for your wee one, you’ll find mercy and compassion flowing through his poetry. Here’s a quick look at that offering.

“We entreat for them all your mercy and pity, and for those who deal with them, we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words. Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the Merciful.”

7. “A Prayer to St. Gertrude, Patron Saint of Cats” from Christianity (Celtic)

St. Gertrude’s became the Patron Saint of Cats in the 1980s, but her history with cats is unknown. By praying to St. Gertrude, you’re asking to alleviate any pain and suffering your kitty is experiencing.

8. “Prayer for Animal Friends” from Unitarian Universalism

Written by a Zen Buddhist practitioner, this prayer seeks to fit anyone’s needs—guided by a search for truth and meaning. Here’s a short excerpt from the prayer:

“Great spirit of life, we pray today for our animal friends, grateful for their companionship and devotion. By our kindness to them, may we be worthy of their love.” 

9. Untitled Franciscan Prayer from Catholicism

You can easily include the following prayer in your daily devotions when seeking help to restore your kitten’s health.

“Heavenly Father, you created all things for your glory and made us stewards of this creature. If it is your will, restore [your pet’s name] to health and strength. Blessed are you, Lord God, and holy is your name forever and ever. Amen.”

10. “Surah At-Tawbah [9:40-49]” from Islam

Cats are revered in Muslim culture because Muhammad loved them and even had a favorite. While there is no specific Du’a for cats, many prayers work to call upon healing and protection for your little feline. Here’s one you can recite: 

“Allah sent down his tranquility upon him and supported him with angels you did not see and made the word of those who disbelieved the lowest, while the word of Allah—that is the highest. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise.”

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Prayers for a Cat or Kitten Who Died

Prayer for the loss of a cat

You weep alone within the remembrances of love and personal surrender to your four-legged confidante; you alone miss your conversations, intrigues, hunts and midnight dances, morning cuddles, or nighttime prayers. Below are a few prayers, mantras, and psalms for healing as you process the grief you feel for your beloved feline. 

11. “Prayer in Memory of a Pet” from Catholicism

“Almighty God, I was fortunate to receive the gift of [pet’s name] from You. Now that [he/she] has left this life, please help me cope with my loss with strength and courage. I know that my beloved companion no longer suffers and will live on in many fond memories. May they be treated with care and respect. As [he/she] has enriched my life, I pray that I may enrich the lives of others. Amen.”

12. “Rainbow Bridge” from Unknown

The poem’s origin is unknown, yet the Rainbow Bridge remains one of the most famous prayers for the loss of a pet. Your loving cat is rejuvenated, healed, and waiting for you to join them. Once you do, “you [both] cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated.”

13. “Om Mani Peme Hung” from Buddhism

Translated, this means, “The Jewel is in the Lotus.” The two primary purposes of this mantra are to release one from anything negative in their karma and achieve enlightenment. The intent of repeating this mantra for your little meowser is to help them achieve a higher rebirth.

Pro-tip: Consider donating in their name so that their life can bring a special meaning to another little cat.

14. “Prayer to Bast and Sekhmet” from Polytheistic

Bast and Sekmet are part of an ancient Egyptian religion where Bast is the goddess of cats, and Sekhmet is the warrior. Ancient Egyptians believed cats were lucky and would bring fortune into a home. Here’s a look at the prayer itself.

“Bast, Sekhmet, we give you back your child. Noble, regal, honorable cat. Watch over her and guide her on her way to the spirit world. May she be blessed in your names and hunt ever after beside you.”

15. “Psalm 36:6-7” from Judaism

Rabbi Offel acknowledges specific boundaries between a traditional memorial liturgy for humans and that for pets. Nonetheless, she suggests the following Psalm for you to use when creating a memorial for your kitty cat to heal and process grief. 

Also, planning a memorial for your companion may help process the grief you’re feeling.

Prayers for Your Cat

It’s normal to have fears and anxiety when your cat isn’t feeling its best or has recently passed. Although small, they play a large part in your daily life, giving and receiving affection. If the feeling becomes overwhelming, try reaching out to an ordained pet minister in your area to help. 

And if there’s ever a question of finances, consider purchasing some pet insurance so that you’ll always be able to help them when they need it.


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Grief over a cat can be so difficult, and we are so sorry you are going through this. Cats become part of your family and their absence is a daily reminder of one of life’s most certain realities, death.  The reality of the loss of your cat is a reminder to us that something is wrong with this world.

In the very beginning when God created the world it was perfect and good. Adam and Eve lived with the animals in perfect harmony while being in the presence of God. Then sin entered the world, and death with it. Death will come for us and our pets.

As we pray for the loss of our cats and grieve we must remember the truth that we live in a broken world. Our grief does not need to end there though because Christ has come to defeat death.

As you process and pray over the loss of your cat we hope that you can find hope in God’s promises. We hope these prayers help you grieve and process the loss of your cat.

Short Prayer For Loss Of Cat

God, I’m grieving right now because I have lost my cat. My cat was like family to me and I miss her terribly.

Please give me the strength to continue to live for you as I process this grief. Give me hope that this pain will not last forever. And I pray for peace because I know you are a sovereign God and in control of everything.

I pray these things, in Jesus’s name, Amen.

Prayer For A Euthanized Cat

God, you are mighty. You give life and you give it abundantly. Your love for me is perfect and I thank you for my life and my cat’s life.

I loved my cat, and she knew that because she loved me back in return. I pray my love for her was done in a way that glorified you, God. You are the creator of all things, even my cat.

God, be with me today as I have to put my cat down. Thank you for the vet who has cared for my cat so well. Thank you that I will be with my cat in her last moments.

Making tough decisions for my cat was very difficult. I pray that all my decisions are always led by you, help me to seek you in all that I do.

Lord, I don’t know why her life ended in so much pain, but I know you are good. When I’m tempted to only think of the events of this day and the decisions I made, help me to instead think of you, and your goodness. I pray all of this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer For Grieving The Loss Of A Cat

God, I loved my cat. My heart feels like it is breaking. Thank you for being a God who cares about me so much that you care even now when I’ve lost my cat.

It seems like the time I had with her was too short. Help me to trust in your sovereignty and control to know that the amount of time I had with my cat was perfect in your plan. Give me peace in this truth as I grieve my cat.

God, you know what is best for me, and in that knowledge you allowed me to love and be loved by my cat. Thank you for giving me good gifts.

God, when I’m tempted to shut down and only grieve my cat help me to remember this truth, that the greatest gift you have ever given me is your son. Thank you for giving him up so that I may receive the gift of eternal life.

God, when this grief springs up on me, and I am caught off guard, I pray that I will quickly remember your goodness and promises to me. Help me to grieve in a way that honors you. I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thankful Prayers, Because My Cat Taught Me About God’s Grace

God, I want to thank you for the time I had with my cat. It is not easy to think about and the pain of her death seems to clobber me at unexpected moments. But as I think back on my cat’s life I realize it has taught me more about your grace. And because of that, I want to thank you.

God, my cat taught me about your common grace. I loved my cat and in return she loved me. This relationship was a gift from you. It was not something I deserved but her life was a beautiful season in my life where I got to experience a relationship with another one of your creations.

God, my cat reminded me that death is imminent. You give life and you will take it away. You are the author of everything and sovereign over it all.

God, thank you for allowing my cat to also teach me that while things on this earth will fade away, you are always with me.

Thank you, God for being a firm foundation in my life. When it feels like the grief of losing my cat is about to overtake me I know that I can rest in you. I pray this prayer of thanksgiving in praise in your name, Amen.

Closing Thoughts

As we grieve our pets, dogs, cats, or any pet we tend to wonder if we will one day see our pets again in heaven. The Bible doesn’t speak about these things. But the Bible does speak clearly about God being good, loving, and faithful. These are the truths we can cling to when we are grieving over the loss of our cat or anyone we love.

I hope that these prayers helped guide you as you process your grief and that they have guided you to peace that can only be found in Christ. 

If there are any specific prayers about your cat we can be praying for please let us know in the comments below.


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