Review: Dandy Blend as Coffee Substitute

Benefits of dandy blendA college friend once said, once you get addicted to coffee, you’ll never stop drinking it. I have to say that I’ve found the coffee and caffeine addiction quite powerful. Its health effects certainly aren’t as bad as alcohol’s, but anything that addicts you lowers your level of day-to-day freedom. An inability to start the day without caffeine is weak-minded.

I recently did a 30 day challenge without both caffeine and coffee, however, at the end of the 30 day challenge I started to drink coffee again. I started with one cup and moved to two cups after a few weeks. It crept up. “Steps taken forward and sleepwalking back again,” as the line in the Pink Floyd song High Hopes goes.

One thing that calls me to coffee is that it’s cold this time of year in Wisconsin and I like a hot beverage in the morning and at various points throughout the day. According to Ayurvedic medicine, I’m a Vata / Pitta type and don’t do well with cold. The hot beverage is nice. The other thing, of course, is the caffeine high, and the taste.

Even though my intake is much lower than it was before, I don’t like the idea of having to have coffee in the morning. I don’t like the idea of something that I don’t need exerting an influence over me and controlling my actions. How many Americans are controlled by the bean? Millions!

For those that say, “I can stop any time,” then do it! Do it for a year! See how you’ll hurt your little ego and how hard it will try to get you to have some coffee. It’s even harder if you don’t have something that you can substitute it with. That’s where Dandy Blend comes in.

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My wife had some Dandy Blend in the fridge and she recommended that I give it a try. It’s definitely not coffee, but it is hot and dark and tastes pretty good. Much better than Caffix. Caffix to me is like steeping dirt in water in drinking that. But Dandy Blend has good flavor, especially if you put some cream in there.

I try to keep it simple and just drink the Dandy Blend by itself and that works quite well.

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Health Benefits

Dandy Blend has dandelion root in it. The company is careful not to make any health claims about its product, but dandelion root can help with liver and gallbladder detoxification according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. It can also help with digestion, high blood pressure, and improve heart health. Actually Dandelion has a whole bunch of health benefits–you’d be amazed to note the number of weeds that have surprising medicinal benefits.

Again, the company makes no health claims, but the benefits of dandelion root are widely cited.

Dandy Blend comes in a box with 25 singles, or 14.1 oz and 2 lb. bags. I’m so hardcore about it that I just bought the 2lb. bag. You can see who retails Dandy Blend in your area, or you can purchase from Amazon and get it shipped to your doorBenefits of dandy blend.

If you’re switching from a coffee and caffeine lifestyle to Dandy Blend, I’d switch to black tea for a spell and then make the full switch to Dandy Blend after you are down to one cup of tea per day.

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