Should I Board My Cat or Leave at Home?

Traveling always requires extra planning and preparation when you have pets in your home. Many cat owners prefer to leave their cats at home when they go on vacation, saving themselves the stress of caring for their pet while also sparing the cat unnecessary stress from traveling and adapting to new environments.

While cat owners can require less hands-on care than dogs or other pets when it comes to leaving them behind, your cat still requires thoughtful planning and consideration of their needs while you’ll be gone. To help you make decisions and plan your cat’s care when you’ll be out of town, we’ve pulled together answers to some common questions cat owners may have as they plan their next vacation.

How much is cat boarding

Should I Board My Cat or Leave at Home?

In most cases, it’s fine to leave your cat at home if the home is secure and safe. The challenge with keeping your cat at home is finding someone to check on your cat regularly—which is a problem you don’t have when you decide to board your cat.

Although they can be more expensive than asking a friend to check on your cat, boarding facilities for cats are safe, reliable environments staffed by professionals. When you board, you can trust that your cat will be properly watered, fed, and cared for.

What Does it Cost to Board a Cat?

The cost for boarding a cat can vary based on your location and the type of boarding service you want, the national average for cat boarding is around $25 per night, with a broader price range between $15 and $45 per night. As you consider whether to board your cat, you might compare this cost to the cost of hiring a cat sitter or someone to visit your home daily.

By comparison, the amount of reliable care your cat receives at a boarder may make this option a better value for what you’re looking for.

How Long Can I Leave My Cat Alone at Home?

A common question among both cat owners and sitters is, “How often should a cat sitter visit?” Assuming your cat has a good supply of food and water, most vets agree that it’s okay to leave your cat home alone for up to 24 hours at a time. Any longer than that, and you should find someone who is able to come check on your cat regularly.

In addition to getting refills on their food and water, it’s also wise to check on your cat’s well-being to make sure they haven’t become injured or sick and haven’t gone missing from your home.

Do Cats Get Lonely When You Go on Vacation?

Like many other animals, cats are social and enjoy the presence of their owner and/or other cats. When you go on vacation and leave your cat alone, it can increase the risk that they’ll become lonely from the isolation—especially if you’re taking a long trip.

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Common signs of cat loneliness include increased sleeping, aggression, destructive behavior, and increased vocalization. You might also discover that your cat is going to the bathroom outside of its litter box. If you notice these behavioral changes, it’s possible your cat is suffering from loneliness, potentially due to a recent vacation you took.

One simple way to prevent loneliness is to find a trusted friend or cat-sitter who will visit your home and give your cat some attention and interaction. Alternatively, a pet boarder may offer regular social interaction that reduces the risk of loneliness. A little social activity can go a long way toward maintaining your cat’s mental health while you’re out of town.

How to Keep Your Cat Happy While You’re Away

A few simple steps can set your cat up for a pleasant, happy experience while you’re on your vacation. In addition to making sure they’re well-supplied with food and water, see if you can find a sitter or someone to check on your cat at least once a day and ideally spend time with your cat to provide interaction that helps them avoid loneliness.

If your cat takes medications, you should also make sure your cat stays up to date with all prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. You can also support their health and happiness by keeping them well-stocked with toys, fresh kitty litter, and safe spaces to hide when they’re scared or unsettled. This may be more likely to happen when you’re away from home and having other people visit to tend to your cat.

Where to Leave a Cat While on Vacations

Unless you have someone you trust to visit your cat or stay in your home, your best option is to find a licensed boarder that has space to accommodate your cat. In this environment, you can at least trust that their physical health needs will be met.

The best way to line up care for your cat during vacations is to plan ahead and give yourself time to find options. From sitter availability to kennel space at local boarders, early planning will maximize your options and help you line up the best possible option for your cat.

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Travel and adventuring with your cat may be a popular trend, but the truth is that not every cat or owner will enjoy going on vacation together. At some point, most cat owners will need to figure out what to do with their precious pets when they go out of town. One option is to board your cat at either a dedicated boarding facility or a veterinary clinic that also boards pets.

The cost of cat boarding may vary based on where you’re located, the facility you use, and any extra services you want your cat to receive during their stay. To help give you an idea of what to expect as you search for boarding options for your cat, we’ve broken out the average cost of boarding in different regions of the country. We’ll also discuss what to expect when boarding your cat.

Cat Boarding Costs: An Overview

A typical cat boarding facility charges a set fee per night for boarding. If you have more than one cat or another pet boarding at the same place, there’s often a reduced fee for the additional animal. Additional fees may be charged for special services.

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The cost of cat boarding may vary not only by region but by other factors as well. If you live in a more rural area with fewer boarding options available, that will likely impact your cost. More densely populated areas like cities usually have a lot more boarding facilities available and the competition will impact the prices.

The cost of cat boarding can be impacted by the overall cost of living in your area. If you live in an area where general costs for most products and services are higher, cat boarding probably will be as well.

How much is cat boarding
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Cost Of Cat Boarding by Region

The following chart gives an estimate of what you can expect the cost of cat boarding to be based on what part of the country you live in. Again, keep in mind these costs will vary based on some of the factors we already discussed.

As you can see, the highest cost of boarding is found in regions of the country with higher costs of living and densely populated cities like New York City and Los Angeles.

These costs reflect the rates of dedicated boarding facilities. If your cat has special health needs, ask your veterinarian if they offer medical boarding services. If they do, expect to pay twice as much or even more per night to have your cat boarded under the watchful eye of their doctor and medical staff.

How much is cat boarding
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Additional Services

In addition to the base boarding fee, many cat boarding facilities offer a range of services and amenities you can add to your pet’s visit for an additional cost. Some possible add-ons and estimated costs are listed below:

Some cat boarding facilities also offer a pet taxi service to pick up and drop off your cat from boarding. Others may charge a higher fee per night for a larger and more luxurious boarding room. For example, if the standard cat room is $35/night, an upgraded room might be $45/night.

What To Expect When Boarding Your Cat

Before boarding your cat, make sure they are in good health, up to date on shots, and free of fleas and other parasites. Reputable boarding facilities should require proof of vaccinations before allowing your pet to board. Make sure the facility has a vet on call or a policy to deal with any accidents or illnesses that might occur while your pet is boarding.

To avoid stomach trouble, it’s usually best if your cat eats their normal diet while boarding. Confirm with the boarding facility that you’re allowed to bring your cat’s own food and treats. And of course, you should bring any medications your cat is taking as well.

How much is cat boarding
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If you want to bring your cat’s bed, toys, or other personal belongings with them to the boarding facility, double-check that the facility allows this. Many boarding facilities may limit the number of personal belongings allowed.

For your peace of mind, you may want to ask for a tour of the boarding facility before making a reservation. This will give you a chance to ask any questions of the staff and view where your cat will be staying.


Leaving our cats can be stressful for both them and us. It can be hard to leave your fur kid in the hands of strangers and in a strange place no less. Because of this, many cat owners choose to make other arrangements for their cats, such as hiring a pet sitter to come to their home. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you and your cat are as comfortable as possible with the arrangement. Then enjoy your trip and prepare to give your cat plenty of attention when you get home to make up for leaving them!

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How much is cat boarding

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How much is cat boarding

Additional $5 for an overnight extension.

Long-Term Boarding Available

How much is cat boardingOur pet resort also offers long-term boarding solutions for owners who’ll be out of town for an extended period. Monthly rates are available upon request, so please contact us for more information.

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