Should You Visit DEATH VALLEY in WINTER? (Helpful Guide + Video)

Death valley things to do in winter
Snow on Telescope Peak | Death Valley in Winter

Winter in Death Valley

The best season to visit Death Valley National Park is Winter. Winter brings cooler, more manageable temperatures to Death Valley, and even some clouds! While December and January can be a bit rainy, February and March are a dream.

This makes winter our favorite season to visit Death Valley.

  • December weather in Death Valley is usually a bit chilly (the coldest month of the year for the park) and can be quite rainy, even to the point of flooding!
  • January weather in Death Valley is a bit cool with some rain showers that move in and out quickly.
  • February weather in Death Valley is wonderful with warmer (but not hot) temperatures and abundant sunshine (with some partly cloudy days) making it one of the best months to visit the park.
  • March weather in Death Valley is great with warm (even hot by the end of the month) temperatures and lots of sun.
WATCH: 4 minute visually stunning journey through Death Valley

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Winter Monthly Temperatures in Death Valley

December66F / 41F
January68F / 41F
February75F / 48F
March84F / 57F

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Winter Activities in Death Valley

Death valley things to do in winter
Death Valley in Winter

Winter is a great season for all sorts of activities in Death Valley National Park as cooler temperatures allow for extended time outdoors with significantly reduced risk of succumbing to the elements. Popular winter activities in Death Valley include:

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  • Snowshoe up to Telescope Peak. It’s pretty cool to be able to say you went snowshoeing in Death Valley!
  • Explore the sand dunes like Eureka Dunes, Mesquite Dunes, Ibex Dunes without melting
  • See the mesmerizing reflections from water pools on the valley floor in Furnace Creek. 
  • Cool off in Lake Manly, a once massive lake that has now completely dried up and can only be experienced occasionally in Winter after heavy rains. 
  • Catch a sunrise at Zabriskie Point (great anytime of year)

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About Death Valley

Death valley things to do in winter
Ibex Dunes | Death Valley National Park

Situated on California’s southeastern border with Nevada, Death Valley National Park spans over 5,000 square miles of otherworldly vistas. The largest national park in the continental United States, Death Valley is a park for superlatives.

Death Valley is the hottest place on earth, the lowest place in North America, and the driest place in the United States. Death Valley is also the largest National Park outside of Alaska.

Death Valley Map

Death Valley Video

In the remote far reaches of the Mojave Desert lies the largest national park in the continental United States. Hidden here in the hottest place on earth is another world full of diverse life and colorful landscapes.

Join us as we take life to the extreme and explore Death Valley. Filmed primarily in 8K.​

Details About Death Valley National Park

  • Location: Furnace Creek, California
  • Established: October 31, 1994
  • Size: 3.37 million acres
  • Native Land: Timbisha Shoshone
  • Visitors: 1,678,660 (2018)

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