The arches you need to see in Arches National Park

Different arches in arches national park

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I’ve written a lot about Arches National Park recently, from the best half day hikes to do there, the best scenic drive, my favourite hike in Arches and a guide to Moab; the town just outside the park. And now I’m writing about it again to share the best arches in Arches National Park. I’m not apologising though as it’s definitely worth visiting (and writing about).

Arches National Park has over 2,000 documented arches (and likely a lot more that haven’t been noted) that range from silver-thin cracks to spans greater than 97 metres. There’s pretty much no way you could see them all; especially as many of them aren’t documented on the park’s map.

Here are the best rock formations, sights and best arches in Arches National Park. Make sure you don’t miss these!

Best arches in Arches National Park (in no particular order)

Double O Arch

The two ‘O’s are stacked on top of each other which makes an impressive looking set of arches!

Different arches in arches national park

Landscape Arch

Most of Landscape Arch collapsed in 1991 leaving this very precarious looking situation.

Different arches in arches national park

Partition Arch

Probably my favourite in the park just for the view through the arch!

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Different arches in arches national park

Navajo Arch

You’ll feel like you’re walking into a cave at Navajo Arch!

Different arches in arches national park

Private Arch

One of the quieter arches we found in Arches National Park was Private Arch. Just like the name suggests it seemed more private than the others.

Different arches in arches national park

Pine Tree Arch

It hasn’t exactly got a pine tree, but it’s still got a nice view through the arch. You’ll find this one at the beginning of the Devil’s Garden Trail.

Different arches in arches national park

Delicate Arch

The most famous arch in the whole of the park. How it’s still standing, I don’t know!

Different arches in arches national park

Double Arch

Here’s an awesome image from reddit of double arch at night. It’s different from Double O arch as the arches are next to each other rather than on top.

Different arches in arches national park



The Windows – North and South

These two are both right next to each other and look pretty much the same. When we visited it was pretty much a window onto the grey sky…

Different arches in arches national park

Best rock formations in Arches National Park

Sheep Rock

Near the park entrance, at just at the end of Park Avenue is Sheep Rock. Can you spot the sheep?

Different arches in arches national park

Balanced Rock

Different arches in arches national park

Along with Delicate Arch, Balanced Rock is probably one of the more famous sights in Arches National Park. Although there are a tonne of balancing rocks all over the park this is perhaps the most impressive.

Dark Angel

At the furthest point on the DEvil’s Garden trail you have the option to go to Dark Angel. You can actually see it from all over the park once you know where it is, but if you’re doing the trail you may as way take the short extra walk.

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Different arches in arches national park

Where to stay near Arches National Park

You’re most likely to be either camping near Arches or staying in a hotel in Moab. Take a look at my guide to Moab if that’s where you’re basing yourself while visiting Arches National Park. Here’s a few suggestions of top hotels near Arches National Park. 

Camping near Arches National Park

If you’re camping in an RV or didn’t manage to get a camping spot at Arches National Park then take a look at Up the Creek campground. It’s a campground in Moab which is within walking distance of the best restaurants and shops in the town. Here you’ll get hot showers, proper toilets and more – luxury camping!

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