The Truth Behind Red Wine Vinegar: Pros & Cons

Red wine vinegar prevents premature aging, fights tumors & cancer cells, protects against inflammation & food poisoning but it also has some cons.

Red wine vinegar has been prevalent in the Mediterranean region for centuries.

Till this date, the Spanish, Italian & French cuisines regard red wine vinegar as a staple item.

Some families still practice the habit of drinking red wine after dinner.

Recent studies have adamantly advocated the various health benefits of red wine vinegar.

Benefits of red wine vinegar

Red wine vinegar is rich in probiotics, polyphenols & acetic acids.

It has gained enormous popularity as a condiment in cooking & as a vinaigrette for salads.

Besides aiding in cooking, it has positive effects on our health.

Red Wine Vinegar’s Nutrition Properties

Red wine vinegar is an aged, fermented wine.

After fermenting for a long time, red wine loses alcoholic properties & turns into vinegar, and becomes sour & high in acidic properties.

Then it is left to age or sometimes bottled for selling. However, the more it ages, the better it tastes.

Over the years, the sharp sour aftertaste becomes tender & subtle.

Also, it becomes expensive over the years. The immediately bottled red wine vinegar is cheap in taste & quality.

However, red wine vinegar contains small amounts of minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium & manganese.

If you ever run out of red wine vinegar in the kitchen, do not worry.

There is plenty of red wine vinegar substitute available like apple cider vinegar, sherry vinegar & balsamic vinegar.

Let’s look at the good & bad properties of red wine vinegar:

Health Benefits of Red Wine Vinegar

1. Prevents Premature Ageing

Aside from being used to make mouthwatering dishes, red wine vinegar contains plenty of health benefits.

It has antioxidants that play a crucial role in eliminating aging signs like blemishes, age spots & wrinkles.

Resveratrol is such an antioxidant that has received enormous praise for reducing symptoms of aging.

Resveratrol is abundantly present in the skin of grapes.

As grapes are the main component in red wine, it contains plenty of these antioxidants.

Although these antioxidants have high potency, the quality of red wine vinegar determines the abundance of resveratrol.

Therefore, red wine vinegar plays a vital role in preventing premature aging.

2. Fights Tumors & Cancer

Red wine vinegar contains an abundant quantity of polyphenols.

These polyphenols have anti-tumor properties against certain types of cancers like leukemia (blood cancer).

These polyphenols & plant antioxidants work effectively against cancer cells.

Recent studies have also found that resveratrol has anti-carcinogen properties.

This property is rare & grapes have these antioxidant properties naturally. Resveratrol impedes the growth of tumor cells.

It can further reverse the growth process of already developed tumor cells in different parts of the body.

That said, red wine vinegar holds enormous potential to be effective against cancer & tumor cell regeneration.

Benefits of red wine vinegar

3. Controls Blood Sugar

Red wine vinegar performs excellently against diabetes & pre-diabetics. It holds many cardiovascular benefits.

For instance, red wine vinegar can reduce triglycerides & fight obesity.

Some main components of red wine vinegar are acetic acids. Acetic acid significantly improves blood sugar regulation.

Also, drinking red wine vinegar can benefit your health by controlling blood sugar levels.

Studies show that regular drinking of red wine vinegar before going to bed can decrease the blood sugar level by up to 6%.

4. Speeds Up Digestion

Vinegar makes the stomach more acidic & thus, provides digestive benefits.

Those who have low stomach acid often suffer from indigestion & heart problems. In such cases, red wine vinegar can help you out.

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Red wine vinegar contains lots of probiotic bacteria.

Drinking red wine vinegar or adding this to your diet will facilitate the growth of healthy gut flora.

These bacteria break down the foods you consume & speed up the digestion process.

However, you need to buy raw & unpasteurized red wine vinegar. The pasteurized ones don’t contain probiotic bacteria.

So, these won’t benefit your health like the unpasteurized ones.

5. Protects From Food Poisoning

You have faced food poisoning at least once in your life. So, you know how much discomfort you will have.

It takes several hours or days to calm down & alleviate pain & discomfort.

In the worst case, you may have to visit the hospital & sometimes these food poisonings can become fatal.

However, the acetic acid of red wine vinegar combats the harmful pathogens such as E-coli & others.

Regular drinking of red wine vinegar can ease the symptoms of food poisoning before you get help.

6. Prevents Inflammation

Resveratrol antioxidant of red wine vinegar does many bodily functions. It helps you fight against inflammation.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, drinking red wine vinegar regularly can ease your pain significantly.

7. Heals Wounds

Depending solely on antibiotics to mitigate the injections & burn injuries can often result in adverse side effects & health issues.

However, the acetic acid of red wine vinegar contains no adverse side effects.

It can treat the wounds from the strains which have created resistance against antibiotics.

Some bacteria worsen burn wounds. In such cases, using red wine vinegar can prove to be effective.

Cons of Red Wine Vinegar

1. Derails Diet

The hard truth is other than resveratrol; red wine vinegar contains nothing beneficial. It disrupts the body’s natural metabolism order.

One glass of red wine is more than enough if you want to lose weight.

Benefits of red wine vinegar

2. Stress

Although red wine vinegar decreases the cortisol levels of the body, it focuses more on negative thoughts.

Therefore, you become stressed out quickly & to escape from that you drink more.

Skip red wine vinegar if you have had a bad day.

3. Disrupts Sleep

Drinking red wine vinegar can hamper your REM sleep hours, crucial for physical & mental health. Women suffer the most from this.

4. Worsens Certain Conditions

If you have conditions like ADD, depression, anxiety, & migraine pain then avoid drinking red wine vinegar.

Consumption of red wine vinegar can trigger the situation you are under & aggravate it.

Although a glass of red wine or red wine vinegar in cooking won’t affect, the situation gets unsettling depending on your condition.

Final Thoughts

Red wine vinegar has some unique health advisory properties.

However, depending solely on red wine vinegar to improve your health condition is not the right option to consider.

Regular glass or red wine vinegar after dinner works the best.

However, it’s still alcohol, so don’t over drink.

— Update: 10-02-2023 — found an additional article 12 Amazing Red Wine Vinegar Health Benefits from the website for the keyword benefits of red wine vinegar.

Red wine vinegar, as the name suggests, is vinegar that is derived from red wine. The wine is allowed to degrade such that the alcohol turns into vinegar. The vinegar has high acidity levels that can be a good thing when tenderizing meat as well as adding flavor to different dishes. Red wine vinegar is very potent, and you don’t need a lot of it to achieve the desired effect.

While red wine vinegar is excellent for your Kalamata olives, it also has innumerable health benefits. Researchers have their attention on two key ingredients; resveratrol and acetic acid. These two are linked to a wide array of health benefits, like slowing down the aging process, weight loss and stabilizing blood sugar.

How Can You Use Red Wine Vinegar?

There are a number of ways in which red wine vinegar can be used in the kitchen. To begin with, you will need it to cure your olives. You can also use it for tenderizing meat. Add red wine vinegar to salads and dishes for flavor. The vinegar can as well be used as a supplement.

Where to Find Red Wine Vinegar

Your local store should stock some red wine vinegar, and you should be able to find it quite easily. The other way to get some is to make it yourself! Red wine vinegar is used in many cuisines across the world, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a brand you like.

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The process of making your own red wine vinegar is quite simple. If you want to make it yourself, then you would only need three ingredients; water, red wine and mother of vinegar. You can get a mother of vinegar when you purchase unpasteurized vinegar as it is included. Don’t forget that it would take at least a few weeks to finish the process. Plan ahead so that you have your red wine vinegar when you need it.

Looking to make your own red wine vinegar at home? Check out “How To Make Wine At Home” to see how you can also make your own homemade wine.

Health Benefits of Red Wine Vinegar

Slows Down Premature Aging

Resveratrol is one of the most researched antioxidants in medical circles. The antioxidant is found on the skin of grapes. Red wine vinegar contains abundant quantities of the antioxidant. The antioxidant has a high potency and stops oxidative stress, preventing signs of aging such as blemishes, wrinkles, and age spots among many others. You should note, however, that the quality and type of vinegar determines the quantity of anthocyanin. Cabernet Sauvignon produces the best type of red wine vinegar to use for this purpose. Take a look at “Best Grapes for Making Wine” to see what kind of grapes have the highest element for antioxidants.

Potential Anti-Cancer Benefits

The International Journal of Molecular Sciences published a research study conducted by Korean and Vietnamese researchers in which resveratrol is the main subject of interest. This is a naturally occurring phenol that shows potential as an anti-carcinogen. It functions most actively in reversing or slowing down growth for tumors that have already developed in different parts of the body.

Helps Fight Diabetes by Regulating Blood Sugar

Red wine vinegar has a lot of cardiovascular benefits, and its benefit for diabetics and pre-diabetics is yet another. Aside from the fact that it can help in combating obesity and reducing triglycerides, it has a number of other benefits. The vinegar contains acetic acid, which is useful for blood sugar regulation. There are several studies that support the claim. Drinking some red wine vinegar before going to bed reduces your blood sugar by 4-6%. This shows that the vinegar has lasting benefits for blood glucose levels.

The High Content of Powerful Nutrients

Red wine is not only good for the flavor when you use it as a dressing; it is also packed with loads of healthy nutrients. The list of nutrients includes minerals, trace amounts of iron, vitamins, and potassium. It also contains antioxidants that help deal with cell damage in the body. The antioxidants in the vinegar help combat a lot of cell damage that is brought about by external factors from our environment. In this case, you can think of red wine vinegar as a sort of superfood, given all the essential nutrients you can get from it.

Improves the Numbers For Beneficial Gut Bacteria

Those who like to keep up with the latest probiotics coming out and suggestions for foods with probiotics will love this. Adding red wine vinegar to your diet is one easy way to increase the population of healthy gut flora. These work to speed up the process of digestion by helping break down the foods you consume. However, it is important to note that not all red wine vinegar contains these beneficial bacteria. Pasteurized red wine vinegar has no probiotic benefits. You might want to look specifically for unpasteurized varieties if you are getting the vinegar for this purpose. Check out this bottle of unpasteurized red wine vinegar here.

Can Protect You From Food Poisoning

We have all experienced food poisoning at least once, and you know how uncomfortable it can be. For a mild case, you may only have to deal with a few days or some hours of discomfort before symptoms calm down. An infection severe enough can land you in the hospital and even turn fatal.

One way to reduce your chances of food poisoning is to include red wine vinegar in as many foods as you can. The active ingredient, in this case, is acetic acid, which can fight against pathogens such as e-coli and others that can affect your body negatively. Even if a little vinegar will not fight the bout of food poisoning comprehensively, it will alleviate the symptoms before you can get proper help.

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Can Lessen Inflammation

Resveratrol is responsible for a lot of bodily functions and in this case, it will help you fight inflammation. There is research to show that this can be a good addition to inflammation treatment. This is good news especially for people affected by chronic pain. Aside from NSAIDs and other anti-inflammatory medications, you can use more red wine vinegar for a treatment that has no harrowing side effects.

Cardiovascular Benefits

This is mostly for people who experience heart palpitations. In one study, wine vinegar was mixed with grape juice. According to the study, the specialized drink improved heart rate and mean blood pressure. The drink was proposed as a potential remedy for people who suffer from heart palpitations. The results of the study were, however, acknowledged to be a result of the specialized drink and not attributed to any of the individual drinks used.

Boosts Calcium and Magnesium Intake

These are two of the minerals most people don’t get enough of with a regular diet. Calcium is particularly important for people in their old age due to its potential to increase bone density, thus preventing fractures. Insufficient magnesium intake is a problem even in the United States. Magnesium has a number of functions in the body, including maintaining muscle tissue.

Adding red wine vinegar to meals that have magnesium and calcium makes it easier on your body to absorb them. One way to do this is to consume some red wine vinegar as you take your supplements.

Astringent Qualities

This is a benefit that will make life easier for people who have an acne problem. Red wine vinegar is yet another astringent product you can add to your treatment regime. While there are skincare products with the right balance of additives, most of the marked are riddled with sub-standard products. You can replace harmful skincare products with red wine vinegar! As you get ready to clean up your bathroom vanities of these products, you should know that red wine vinegar can be harsh on sensitive skin due to high acidity levels. It is advised that you apply the vinegar to your face in small amounts. Always do it away from your eyes.

Used to Treat Wounds

Acetic acid is an alternative that can be used to treat infections caused by strains that have formed a resistance against antibiotics. Red wine vinegar is especially effective for a strain of bacteria known as P.aeruginosa, which can worsen burn wounds. We have become over-dependent on antibiotics and this has come with its own health problems. More research on acetic acid is set to change the trend and renew efforts to keep these pathogens controlled.

Potential to Fight Acid Reflux

You may already know that vinegar helps with heartburn. Though this is widely believed to be a remedy that works, there is no real evidence to support it. Even so, there is anecdotal evidence to support the use.

Some people have not seen any results from red wine vinegar to alleviate heartburn. Others swear by the use of red wine vinegar to calm acid reflux on a regular basis. This is one you can try for yourself as some instances have to do with alternative medicinal solutions that include red wine vinegar.

Red wine vinegar has many impressive properties, even though some occur in small amounts. Now that you know just what help red wine vinegar has to offer, we hope you get yourself a bottle. Savor it with all types of exotic recipes and let it improve your health even as you enjoy new ways of preparing foods.

Thank you for reading with us! Let us know in the comments below if you have ever used Red Wine Vinegar and what for. Also be sure to check other helpful wine articles like “9 Wines That Taste Like Juice“, “The Most Popular Sweet Wines“, or “Beginner Wines that You Need to Try“.

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