Top 10 Advantages Of Digital Marketing For Small Business

Digital marketing has gained huge popularity among businesses of all types around the world. It has become an important tool to promote a business’s products and services, allowing organizations, large and small, to foster a more personal relationship with their consumers globally. Digital marketing enables companies to deliver content to their customers through personalized and cost-effective communication.

Benefits of digital marketing for small businessesBenefits of digital marketing for small businesses

If you think Digital Marketing is not worth it, you’re wrong!

In a world where multi-channel digital marketing is growing by a whopping 140%, traditional advertising has lost its vigor. Last year, ad spending on Internet outdid advertising on television and cable networks. So, what prompted this upsurge in the use of Digital Marketing? It’s the consumers themselves.

According to research, a phenomenal 72% of consumers are already connecting with brands through their numerous digital marketing channels and activities. Nonetheless, despite the fact that both consumers and entrepreneurs are moving towards digital media, many small businesses have yet to pick up the momentum.

As opposed to what many small business owners believe, digital marketing is not as complex as it appears. Many businesses, even the large ones, have experienced and enjoyed the fruits of digital marketing, and it’s worth investing in this new and innovative domain. Still not convinced? Read these 10 big advantages of digital marketing and change your perception.

1. It Connects You with Your Consumers on the Internet

Gone are the days when people would sift through piles of phone directories or flip through pages of newspapers to find information about a product or service. Today, a staggering 80% of consumers use the Internet to find information on a broad range of products and services.

2. It Generates Higher Conversion Rates

Digital marketing helps you reach out to targeted audiences, generate leads and achieve as much as a 24% surge in conversion rates.

3. It Saves You Money

According to a study, a phenomenal 40% of small business owners are reported to have benefited from digital marketing.

4. It Enables Real-Time Customer Service

According to a report from eMarketer, your business can hugely benefit from this real-time response mechanism offered by digital marketing.

5. It Connects You with the Mobile Consumer

With mobile marketing generating up to 34% of all organic traffic, digital marketing makes it easy for you to tap this enormous market. Mobile technology, according to eMarketer, is also greatly impacting the purchasing behavior of these consumers.

6. It Helps Earn Higher Revenues

Digital marketing is the best tool to drive sales. You can create social media campaigns, refine your audience based on the interest, age group, and country. You can also use Google Adwords, bid on potential keywords, and land your audience on your Amazon landing page to drive sales.

7. It Offers Higher ROI from Your Campaigns

A HubSpot report said that digital marketing can help businesses produce better Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) than traditional marketing or even telemarketing.

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7. It Offers Higher ROI from Your Campaigns

A HubSpot report said that digital marketing can help businesses produce better Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) than traditional marketing or even telemarketing.

8. It Keeps You on Par with Competitors

While it may be draining to keep up with the everchanging trends within your respective industry, doing so is the only way to remain on par with competitors. Digital marketing helps many brands and businesses beef up on their marketing campaigns, using numerous channels available including display, PPC, mobile and social media.

9. It Helps You Compete with Large Organizations

Not only does digital marketing keep you on a par with your competitors, it can also help you compete directly with big brands and large organizations.

10. It Prepares You for a global online ecosystem

According to a report, by 2020, a projected 26 billion gadgets including smartphones, tablets, home appliances, shoes, eyeglasses, and other accessories will be interconnected in a global online ecosystem, which speaks volumes of the significance of digital marketing.

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