Weight Watchers 7 Day Meal Plan: Basic Plan with FREE Printable

Do you want to easily lose weight with the WW program? This Weight Watchers 7 Day Meal Plan will be a huge help in your weight loss efforts. Be sure to download the free PDF printable to make it easy to follow.

Weight watchers diet plan free download
Get these easy WW meals for 7 days plus a free PDF printable.

This is our Basic 7 day Weight Watchers WW Meal Plan because this is a good plan to follow if you are a Weight Watchers beginner or getting back into WW after some time away from the program.

All the meals are easy to prepare and there are no unusual ingredients.

Weight Watchers 7 Day Meal Plan for 23 Points

Here is a 7 day basic meal plan for WW points to keep you full and satisfied while you drop pounds. This meal plan is approximately 23 points per day. Adjust serving sizes to fit your unique needs or add weekly flex points.

  • All breakfasts are 6 points.
  • All lunches are 5 points.
  • Points for dinners and snacks vary. See below for exact points.

WW Breakfasts

Keep plans simple by eating two breakfast recipes.

Breakfast – Yogurt & Nuts

Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt, Non-Fat, Flavor of Choice – 2 points

Almonds, whole, ¼ cup – 4 points

Banana – 0 points

Breakfast – Ham and Egg Meal Prep Cups

Ham and Egg Breakfast Cups – 2 points each, eat 3, 6 points

1 cup strawberries – 0 points

WW Program Lunches

WW Zero Point Vegetable Soup – 2 cups, 0 points

Weight Watchers Chicken Cobb Salad – 5 points. This salad is one of my favorite Weight Watchers make ahead meals. Get the full recipe with additional meal prep tips here. We recommend making all the salads at once for easy meals this week.

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Weight watchers diet plan free download
A protein-packed meal prep salad.

WW Easy Dinner Recipes

Here are your Weight Watchers dinners for the week. Feel free to mix and match days to suit your schedule. Click on each recipe link and scroll to the recipe box to get a link that takes you to the points in the WW app. We make tracking easy for you.

Monday – WW Turkey Zucchini Burgers – 0 points

Light or low fat hamburger bun – 2 points

G Hughes sugar-free ketchup – 1 points

Mustard and pickles – 0 points

Steamed California mix (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) – 2 cups, 0 points

Tuesday – Taco Soup – 0 points

Salad with light Ranch dressing – 2 T = 2 points

Weight watchers diet plan free download
WW Thai Sheet Pan Chicken

Wednesday – WW Thai Chicken Sheet pan Meal – 6 points

Cooked brown rice – 1/2 cup, 3 points

Thursday – WW Buffalo Turkey Meatballs – 0 points

Baked sweet potato, medium – 2 points

Weight watchers diet plan free download
WW Buffalo Turkey meatballs. Zero point meatballs? Yes, please!

Friday – 2 Ingredient Dough Pepperoni Pizza – 6 points (2 slices)

Steamed broccoli – 2 cups, 0 points

Weight watchers diet plan free download
Salsa chicken can be made with an Instant Pot or oven.

Saturday – Weight Watchers Salsa Chicken – 0 points

A half-cup each cauliflower rice, black beans, corn – 0 points

Additional salsa and non-fat Greek yogurt for topping – 0 points

Sunday – Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil – 9 points

Steamed green beans – 2 cups, 0 points

WW Side Dishes for Dinner

Pick a tasty low point side dish to go with your dinner each night.

  • Steamed, roasted, or baked vegetables – Here is a huge list of vegetable recipes to try.
  • Bacon-wrapped asparagus – 1 pt
  • Easy roasted Brussels sprouts with Sweet Potatoes and Pecans – 6 points
  • Cauliflower rice – 0 points
  • Baked regular or sweet potato, 1 medium
  • Side salad with light or reduced fat Ranch, Ceasar, or Italian dressing – 2-4 points
Weight watchers diet plan free download
Sweet potatoes make a great WW side dish. Japanese sweet potatoes are one of my favorites.

WW Snacks

Choose snacks to keep you full and give you energy for your busy day.

  • 1 T peanut butter with celery or apple – 3 points
  • Light string cheese – 1-2 points
  • Vegetables such as grape tomatoes, baby carrots, celery, and sugar snap peas with WW Ranch Dip – zero points
  • Easy Creamy Cauliflower dip with vegetables – zero points
  • Good Thins crackers – 26 pieces, 4 points. Get more low-point WW cheese and cracker ideas here.
  • 5 oz wine – 4 points
  • 1 wedge Laughing cow cheese, 1 apple – 1 point
  • Premier Protein – 2 points. (Try mixing into your coffee, hot or iced.)
  • Quest protein bar – 4-5 points
  • Apples, bananas, strawberries, peaches, plums, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, blue berries – 0 points
  • 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 slices light bread, 2 tsp light mayo – 3 points
  • 1 cup baby carrots, 1 cup grape tomatoes, 2 T hummus – 2 points
  • 3 cups air-popped popcorn with butter-flavored cooking spray – 0 points

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Remember you have your weekly flex points to use if you are still hungry, as well as all the zero point fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins allowed.

WW Desserts

Want to include dessert in your meal plan? I say go for it! As someone who is maintaining a 100 pound weight loss, I regularly eat dessert.

  • WW Banana Soufflé – zero points on all WW color plans, Personal Points may vary.
  • WW banana nice cream – 0 points
  • Copycat Aldi Brownie Batter Hummus – great dip for fruit, 1 point
  • WW Easy Apple Crisp – 2 points, serve with vanilla Halo Top ice cream
  • WW 1 point Cheesecake – 1 point per slice and easy to make many flavor variations like Plain Jane, chocolate, strawberry, and butterscotch.

Frequently Asked Questions about Using a WW Meal Plan

Here are answers to questions we receive most often about Weight Watchers 7 day meal plans.

More WW Meal Plans

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New WW Program

In November of 2022, WW unveiled a new program called Weight Watchers Program.

Food points are the same for all Weight Watchers members except for those on the WW diabetic plan.

For the points for each recipe at The Holy Mess, click the link to be taken to the recipe. In the recipe box, we have a link where you can find your exact points in the WW app.

How to Meal Prep for Weight Watchers

Meal prep on the weekends (or whenever your schedule allows) so that you have the week’s healthy food choices ready to go. When it comes to healthy dinners, I choose meals that are simple to prepare, taste great, and are low in points. Here are even more WW low point dinner ideas for every night of the week.

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Grocery shopping on the weekends (either in stores or order groceries) and do some meal prep so you are ready to go. You’ll be much more likely to stick to the plan and lose weight when you have healthy foods in the house and ready to go.

Here are some foods that work great for WW weekend meal prep.

WW Meal Prep List

  • Hard boil eggs.
  • Chop raw vegetables to serve in salads or raw with dip like ranch dip or fat-free hummus.
  • Wash and chop fruit for snacks and salads.
  • Cook brown rice (I use my Instant Pot).
  • Roast baked potatoes or sweet potatoes.
  • Make a batch of vegetable soup.
  • Make protein bento boxes for the week’s lunches.

How to Lose Weight with a 7 Day Low Point Meal Plan

Print the basic meal plan below, write your grocery list, and plan when you will meal prep and cook.

If you get hungry, use your weekly flex points for additional food, and remember you always have zero point foods available to you.

I realize some people do not want to eat the same breakfast and lunch each day, but I personally don’t mind it because I love to use WW meal prep to keep things simple. If you are looking for similar swaps, check out these posts:

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Weight Watchers 7 Day Meal Plan & Recipes – Basic FREE Printable

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Weight watchers diet plan free download

Be sure to also download our free printable grocery list to make shopping a breeze.

Use this Weight Watchers 7 Day Meal Plan – Basic to lose weight, feel great, and have an amazing W W week. I can’t wait to hear how it works for you.

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