What Can I Eat With Gestational Diabetes – Fast Food Series – Subway

Sometimes planning fails and you need to be confident about making choices for the gestational diabetes diet while out and about. Here’s how to eat at Subway!

This series continues to be the most popular content on this site so here’s another favorite. Our standard for menu items to make the list will continue to be 30g of carbs, with a little leeway when the carb to protein and fat ratio is well balanced.

Gestational Diabetes Subway

BIG props to the Subway Nutrition Grid for being super user friendly: my favorite thus far. The nutrients are there on the grid for easy viewing; then, you can click on any item and it takes you to that item’s page. There, you can view exactly what comes with the sandwich. AND if you click on the calculator, it’s already loaded with what comes on the sandwich and you click to change the toppings you like while the calculator updates with each click. Superb!


Breakfast is served on flat bread, and the lowest carb breakfast item has 43g carbs! Even though there is plenty of fat and protein to help balance these carbs, you probably shouldn’t chance eating it for breakfast. If you are stopping in for breakfast, eat it without the flat bread. But if you want breakfast for lunch or dinner, you’re good to go!

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Yes; you can eat a sandwich with gestational diabetes, but you have to pack it with macro nutrients!

Ok, let’s get this out of the way. The lowest carb bread they have is the 9-grain wheat bread. It’s made with whole wheat, which is great because that means that your body will process these carbs slowly. So when choosing a bread, get this one! The mini is just 27 carbs, and the 6-inch is 40g carbs. So no matter what sandwich you get, or what bread you get, a 6-inch sandwich will land you at least 40g carbs.

HOWEVER, the meats and toppings sandwich (no pun intended) these carbs with good amounts of fat and protein (which are blood sugar stabilizers). 

If you take a look at the menu you’ll see that the absolute lowest carb bread is the mini Italian at 25g carbs; HOWEVER, this is white bread and will process through your system quickly. So if you’re just getting the mini Italian; go for it! But you should probably stay away from the 6-inch unless you know that you do ok with white bread. 

If all of that got a little jumbled, the takeaway is to order the 9-grain wheat bread.

There are great breads for diabetes outside of Subway.

Toppings & Sauces

Nothing to worry about here. All are under 10g carbs.


All salads are safe! All except two salads are 16g carbs or less. The Meatball Marinara is 27g and the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki is 34g, but both have a substantial amount of protein and fat to keep you safe.

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The lowest carb wrap is the Savory Rotisserie – Style Chicken Caesar with 53g carbs! Crazy how the wraps are more carbs than the bread.

The 50g carb range is a bit extensive if you ask me. After all, gestational diabetes is a carb intolerance.

Soups & Extras

The soups are a good choice, ranging from 15-39g carbs. The one I’d stay away from is the Black Bean Soup because it’s 39g carbs, 12g protein and 10g fat. That’s not a good enough balance to be confident.

Suprisingly, the Loaded Baked Potato Soup is 15g carbs, which made me question the ingredients. But for some reason the site doesn’t link any of the soups to their respective list of ingredients. 

Finally, the cookies are about 30g carbs each, with a couple near the 50’s.

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